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Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't get burned by your lucky star...

Hello everyone!

So, I spent most of my spare time in the weekend watching Lucky Star... Oh, and in case you're wondering, I got the title from a song by GooGoo Dolls with the same title...

Anyway, it's a fun series to watch. It got its good times, as well as some 'meh' times. Probably because I don't get the reference much... At least I got a good screencap out of it which will be very useful in the chats... XD

Hahaha, I already used it. :P I'll find more opportunities to use it in the future as well.

I have been seriously thinking of opening a micro-business (I say micro for it seems to be smaller than a small business). I'm still doing some research on what to do. I'll probably have a franchise of some food stuff and aim for the basic necessity.

I'm choosing for one with a cheap franchise fee (which won't involve millions of pesos). There is this really cheap one which is a few thousands, but something in me is doubtful about it's quality as a franchiser. It gives me the feeling of the small fee as a sort of bait... I don't know... But if you want a small business, this might go.

There's this one - which is four times as much (!) as the other, but it got a professional looking site, with detailed computations and stuff. They even got images of their business registrations... More reputable, don't you think?

Now, as a business graduate, I know the theory behind this stuff. I'm doing my computations on how feasible it might be... I'm not even decided on the product yet... But I see some potential in the new mall that opened.

One thing is certain, though... I'll be using my laptop fund. If all goes well, I'll be able to earn it back. If not... T_T

This things sure are tough to decide on, eh?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I got infected with skype today...

As much as I wanted to join the Skype party, I can't do much... Rodents ate the wire for my headset's mic. ><

I have a headset with mic at home but it makes a sort of buzzing sound and the quality is not too good. I'll try it one of these days... maybe... hahaha...

Although I think I'll need to speak in a lower tone of voice else people think I'm talking to myself now... > >

Well, see you around!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

I need a title?

Hello everyone... I know I haven't been making much posts lately, so I thought I better remedy this...

Recently, chat events are getting low on people... The last FMA chat almost had little attendance, and the East of Eden chat only had me and Ryo. The Eden chat was cool, though. We johnnied it up nicely. It would have been fun if the others were around, but I know they had other stuff to do.

I started reading Beck, and I am getting interested enough to watch the Anime. I know SG will be happy to hear this! hahaha... Maybe I'll try to acquire the real manga sometime... I don't know...

Also, wow, Kastom can do flips and tumbles? O_O Man, I wish I could do a decent hand stand without falling on my back... I tried it once and it hurt... Guess I'm not much of an acrobat, huh?

Last night at home, haze was on-line using the dial-up. I did a little convincing to make her create a world and be active in the site again. I also tried to make her join the chat last night, but dial-up is a pain and it did not agree with the chat. Too bad, though, for I saw Kastom... It must have been day for him or something...

Oh, almost forgot, I found a link that used "manga" for mangoes... only one "g"... now I really am confused. I think I am used to using the single g spelling, rather than the double g one... like how barangay can also be baranggay... you just need to be more consistent with it...

Anyway, nothing much here... See you next time!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey, look! Mangoes.

A new mall opened sometime last week, and when we gave it a visit, guess where we first went to? Yeah, the bookstore.

I was looking forward to this bookstore that has different branches nationwide. Of course, I want to know if they have manga. My sister went there before me and told me that they did in fact have manga. So I searched and found them. Not much of a display, though. It was in a shelf occupying the two bottom rows, among the graphic novels. Some of the titles that I saw were Escaflowne, School Rumble, Nodame Cantabile, Dragon Eyes, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad and Slayers, which I found to be some light novel. Some were fairly cheap, while the other famous titles were a bit expensive. I'll probably acquire some for my shelves some time soon.

The mall was small compared to other branches, but it is the largest in the city so far. I am a bit surprised to see that more than 50% of the shops are food shops. XD

I introduced my sister to Yugi-Oh: The Abridged Series, and she was not impressed. I ribbed her that it must be because she likes Yugi-Oh and hates seeing it made fun of. She did like a few episodes of the DBZ Abridged, specially Picollo using MySpace... XD

And wow, I got first place in the Caption Battle last week? O_O I thank my time in hanging around in the chats and everyone in there. Yeah, you people messed with my mind. XD

My Sparkling card also made it to the front page. Thanks, Nehz! I would not have seen it if you did not gave me the heads-up.

Well, that's all for now. See you around!

Edit of Note: mangga means mango over here, with the extra G. Thanks Mask. :P

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Making up titles is tough!

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted in a while... nothing much from my side though. Hmm... Weather seems to be a bit better. It will rain, then get a little sun. At least the second storm missed us and is now in the ocean.

(You know, when someone speaks of the weather, you can sometimes assume he got nothing to talk about, right? XD)

Anyway, I'm thinking of racking my brain for a title. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to make up a title? Ok, ok, I want something that might bait people to read it...

Anyway, I'll be out for the weekend again. I hope I get some sun... I'll be hunting for an external hard drive. I'll probably get the small Maxtor one, but I forgot what specifically it was so I could research on it... I hope it at least got some sort of security. I need more disk space. XD

See you around!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where did my summer go?

Man, it sucked...

I could have sworn that I felt that summer went down the drain last week, and the weekend made it feel like it was the middle of the rainy season... I mean, it's supposed to be warm and sunny - but we got a storm blowing and a signal no. 1 to boot.

Well, it was not that bad... I mean, it did felt a bit cool. Though it rained. I don't like it when it rains a lot. So, not much was accomplished for outdoor stuff. I was not even able to check out the new mall that opened.

Oh, well, at least I managed to create some fiction. I got the idea while trying to doze off in the afternoon. I got the idea, sleep took a hike and I typed away on the keyboard.

I wonder if I can submit it here? I don't have a title yet. That's how I work, I guess... I can finish something and have no title 'til the very end.

It's an inspiring - well, I hope it will be inspiring, short story about aiming for your dreams. I have just done some editing on it, and maybe I can finish it later. I hope a title hits me soon... If SG sends it through, cool. If not, hey, you can check it at my world. :D

Hey, look, sunshine! Hahaha... the storm just left our area and it feels like summer again. Cool- err, I mean hot or warm. XD

See you around!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Day, Hurray!

Last day of work today,
Hep hep, hurray!

Ehem... Anyway, yeah...

Labor day tomorrow, and today is the last day of work... Finally! I have been looking forward for the weekend, simply because I could use some R&R.

This week was fun, though I was loaded with work. It was, however simple data encoding - well, more like data transfer, stuff, and those kind of work can be multi-tasked! :D

I got booted out of the FMA chats by a mod because I was still in the room way after the chat had ended. Unknown to that person, I was away from the keyboard and was taking too much time. I was talking to someone... No problem though. I was just shocked. I thought someone might have used my PC and pissed off a mod. (I typed that in the chat as pissed of a mod - a lot on hilarity ensued. XD )

I started two Anime this week, Samurai 7 and .hack//roots. I am rewatching Samurai 7 because I had skipped a lot of episodes when it aired on TV due to school. I decided to check .hack//roots because of Miss A's constant Shino stuff. I actually mistook Haseo as Shino because most of the images that were posted got both of them in the pics. _'

I have also jumped into the deep ocean known as the Detective Conan Manga. I mean, dude, I have to read 600 plus of chapters to be updated... :O I'll take this one easy... hahaha...

I also learned that due to Golden Week, there will be no jump - hence no One Piece... Boo... The suspense is killing me...

Next week though, we'll be having another week-long seminar. And I haven't even recovered from the other one yet... I still got a few trickling backlogs left... Gah... And I'll be missing the weekly Anime Chats... *shakes fist at the seminar* I better stock up on Z's and caffeine, eh?

Well, that's all for now. I hope this long summary of the week did not intimidate you. XD

Here's something from the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya to inspire you.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Man, I had one hell of a week...

Since last week we had some seminar stuff, my work piled up on me...

I'm the type of person who likes to finish stuff early so I can relax when the deadline is near... Or have some extra time for some finishing touches, so I do not enjoy having to rush things... It does not mean that I can't though... I met my deadline yesterday, and hopefully, I can finish the rest today...

I also found out that Erzengel Weiss is going to be visiting the Philippines, and might possibly do some sight-seeing in our city... Oh, snap, I got to hide! XD

Seriously, though, I'm not too good at these meet-up things - unlike a some guy we know. Aside from that, whenever relatives from abroad go home, I just let the adults do the planning, and I'm just in it for the fun. I'm not much of a social person and suck at small talk, but it does not mean that I can't. Well, if they do make it, I might drag in my Ichi-haze and Miss Jean to cover my behind. The more, the merrier, you know?

Now, let's just hope that this will be before June. Since I was not able to enroll this summer, I'll be heavily loaded next semester so I can graduate next year. Geez, 15 units in one semester! That will be 9 units on a Saturday, and 6 on the Sunday, or the other way around... I have to do it that way so I can just have my Thesis writing on the second semester and join the Graduation Ceremony. Yeah, I am shaking my fists at the lame schedule this summer. They should have just made it to weekend classes...

I am in despair! The thought of a whole-day week-end class has left me in despair!

In other less depressing news, I made third place in the Caption Battle last week. That's a first time I made it in there...

Well, see you around!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

What day you say?

(Late repost-- original End of the Worlds post made on 04/17/09)

Man, was I relieved to find out what day today is when I woke up... I actually thought it was still a Thursday...

I have been hanging out with too many people from the past.

This week had been sort of a tiring one. We had this 3-day training workshop seminar. Now, I do welcome the chance to enhance my knowledge at work... But I can't help but feel sleepy during the 6-8 hour talk. At least the food was good...

I learned -- some stuff... XD

That also explains for my disappearance from the site - making me miss a lot of site events -like the TTGL chat... :<

Anyway, like I said, I was very relieved that the weekend is just a sleep away... Good for catching some Z's, you know?

Manga and Anime Update:

* I have finally caught up with the FMA manga. :D
* Watching the new FMA animation, and liking it.
* And started Eden of the East, maybe will watch it later or tomorrow.
* The One Piece Manga is doing well. And here I was thinking that all would have been lost...

Here's an image of Ed and Al fearing the sparkles... and it's source... hahaha

That's all for now! See you around!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back! :D

Thanks, everyone for the great comments.

Except on the Friday - which was a solemn day for us, I had a great weekend.

Saturday, we had our annual reunion with my Father's side of the family. My, there were lots of kids! I don't mingle with the people that much... Since my two first cousins (who I have been treating as brothers) were not around, I just sat by the stairs, observing them while I listen to music. Every now and then, I'll be handed the camera for an aerial shot...

Sunday, the graduates of the above group were treated to lunch. It, of course, included the family members. Man, there were lots of food, and I seem to have overeaten... Fasting? What's that? Hahaha, at least it was not on the Friday, or it would have been frowned upon.

In any case, I seemed to have a good rest - even though I feel terribly sluggish and lazy now that I'm back at work...

Anyway, I know some of you might still read this on the Easter, so Happy Easter! :D

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