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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Farewell guys...

I'm leaving... k, thanks, bai!

no, wait, hold it...

I'm just going to take a leave of absence... Good Friday's coming up and since I got no work, and probably will observe the event or something, I won't be around and back on Monday...

Well, take care everyone!

Be safe.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Lengthy Vacations are Fun

April gave us a taste of the first long holidays of the year, and 7th and 8th just became stuck between two “long weekends”.

The 6th was declared as a holiday, in lieu of the 9th,which is already a holiday, and the 9th and 10th, which are observed for the holy week. The two extended the weekend. :D

Now I am at work, and it feels a bit troublesome. I mean, two days in between long days-off… =_= Oh, well… Yeah, and we got a meeting, too, so I am sort of not in much working mood…

I bought my video card last Friday, and was I glad to be able to have access to 3D games again. My old video card must have had some trouble with XP Service Pack 2 or something, for when I upgraded, all my 3D games were garbled… I may not have the latest games, but it sure has been a while. I missed playing them. The last few months that I had no 3D powah (especially those running on Direct X 3D) I fed my boredom with tons of Anime. This weekend, I played my stocked games, and placed Anime on hold… Well, except for the Clannad Movie and the FMA: Conqueror of Shamballa…

Speaking of those two, Clannad was alright. Shin was right in telling me that it would not help clarify anything from the series… Well, if it did, maybe a bit. It was a different version of the series, at least, with some of the characters from the series not having an appearance. Did anyone observe that they use tables and chairs here, compared to the series?

Anyway, the FMA surprised me… I did not expect it to be a continuation of the FMA animation.

Yeah, playing games distorted my sense of time, and I feel terribly sleepy… instead of having some rest, I ended up staying up late, either playing games, or reading a book. I returned to reading the Green Mile, which I placed on hold for a long time… It’s a good thing I still remember the story after I continued…

Well, that’s all for now.

I’ll leave you a picture of Tomoyo asking about PASTAAAAAAAA~

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I had to do it sometime...

If you observed my intro, you'll most likely conclude that I have joined MAL... :D

I saw Timechaser's pimped-up profile and decided to join.

Man, I never realized that I had watched so many anime... I even enlisted the help of my sister to recall them. Unfortunately, I don't know how many episodes I have seen (which would make me look insane if I had did it years ago on pen and paper, by the way), and I am not so sure if I had actually "completed" the series. All I know is that most of them I have "finished." Well, I'll most likely re-watch them... So, I guess a list at this point will help...

Now I can't make "The List" an excuse to where I place stuff to watch... for people can now stalk me on MAL and say "You should add it to your 'To watch list, then!'" (^_^') heh...

Well, since I have a tendency to marathon stuff, rather than cycle series around - the list will show the updates...

In my last post I mentioned that Sherr will be streaming (here) the Gurren Lagann from SyFy (a cable channel in the US) for the TTGL Chats... Unfortunately, my internet is a slow worm, and despite all of that, the stream was choppy... I ended up searching for a dubbed version uploaded already and waited for it to load. Awful.

Watched Origin: Spirits of the Past last night. It was alright, I guess. Interesting story, but I felt the story seemed to be too quickly done. But, hey, it's a one-hour movie... what else can I expect? XD

Oh, almost forgot, I uploaded my first Fan-Comic... Thanks to those who already commented on it. :D

Well, that's all for now. No April fools from me... See you around!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upgrade Time...

Since I lack the monies to acquire a laptop at the moment, I decided to put some teeth back into my ancient PC before it becomes near impossible to acquire parts...

And it seemed my timing was just right...

My PC is old... practically five years old. You are probably thinking that it would be best if I upgrade to a brand new unit, but I lack the monies... XD

I know that in a few more years time upgrade parts would be near impossible to find. At the moment, I was lucky to be able to find stores that carry RAM and video card that supports the board. A couple of months later, and I would have been stuck with nothing to upgrade with...

I decided to upgrade the memory first, to 1G. Next month, when I get more money, I'll get the video card, then if I got more to spare, I'll hit the memory up to another gigabyte. Hopefully, this will make my computer close to par to current systems. Now all I need to do is clean up some disk space, and I'll be able to play some games that I have kept in storage because my video card went insane when XP service pack 2 was installed...

I have also learned more technical stuff about computer memory. Not only do you have to consider the memory capacity, but also its speed. I did an experiment where I combined one of my old memory and the new one. Instead of getting faster, it made it a tad slower than having only the 1Gig installed...

Well, that's all for now...

Oh, I almost forgot, Sherr suggested that she'll broadcast via a site the SyFy Gurren Lagann next time. I think this is awesome. It means less problems for people like me who got no SyFy, to search for streams, but also, enable us to join the insanity of making fun of Ads. XD

And now... Adam's common complaint to everyone at the chats... XD

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Talk About Bad Luck

Yesterday was awful... I had a series of unfortunate events.

It all started with me accidentally dropping my ipod outdoors. Now it's all scratched up where it used to be black and shiny. Awful... Now I'll probably have to get one of those things to make it look presentable. At least the screen survived and it still works. And it's not even a year yet... =_=

Then my scheduled activity for the day got messed up... then stress levels at home seemed to run high...blah.

Good thing it did not carry over to the next day. Despite my alarm clock not working and I overslept a bit, I manged to reach the office with a minute to spare.


Well, I'm alive... that's good, right?

See you around!

Lesson today from Instructor Dojo:

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Monday, March 23, 2009


Hey, everyone!

Let me see, where should I go with this post...

Last Saturday became the last day of classes for the semester. We had an exam - which, even though I was not able to prepare for, seemed like I will be able to pass it. It was all this opinion stuff, such as "Why do you think that the SWOT Matrix is most adopted..." That sort of stuff. What I answered to that question? It was because it was easier, then threw in some random stuff... to make it longer. XD

After submitting the take home exam for business ethics, which at first seemed like a big pain... I was reminded by my classmates that it was now over!

I'm having second thoughts if I'll be able to enroll for summer class. The schedule is daily, Monday to Saturday, 5:30-8:30. Nothing wrong with the schedule, you say? Yeah, except I arrive at the city at 6:30... Perfect... I'll be late almost everyday, except Saturday. If only they set on the the weekends, you know?

Also, my sister, ichi_haze, graduated Nursing on the Sunday. :D

And since I am linking portfolios, I have invited a close friend of mine, Miss Jean to the O. It seems that making life posts is not her thing, though... Oh, well, at least the name got reserved... XD

See you around!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lots of Interesting News

"Good news, everyone!"[/Futurama's Farnsworth]

Strangely, I thought of the above line as I typed up the title...

Now, where should I start...

Getting Featured
Thanks to Kastom, for letting me know about this, and giving me enough time to screencap it... :D

I don't know if my other works got featured on the front page, but this definitely is the first one that I actually saw.


Getting Cloned
Recently at the chats, I was able to create a powerful clone! :D

I usually get stuck with weak ones. Adam gave me some temporary gold (temp. MOD) and since it was a slow night, I decided to have some fun with some clone abuse.

I created a clone and after the second attempt - due to a really weak clone, which I promptly warned for being too weak, I got this!

Cool! :D

After creating the clone, freezing it, (with Japan86 also creating a clone for me to freeze because I don't go about freezing, nor warning for no reason real members - just to experience the freezing herself), I promptly booted it out of the chats before I logged-off.

Other News?
Hahaha, since I have used the news bits format, I just had to do this this way...

Nothing up much, just had two new e-cards. More like spur of the moment for the last one. It's for St. Patrick's, at least... Well, it was a try... =_=

I started watching the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya. It's a silly mini-series. Good to clear the stress a bit, I guess. It runs for a few minutes, so a little youtubing could give you some laughs. Best if you have watched the anime first, though.

Nothing much, I guess...

So, see you around!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have a post!

Wow... I've been gone for quite some time... and I also have not been able to keep in touch with most of you... =_=

I could blame the chat for distracting me... since I sometimes drop by in there... but I can't because even in the chats I am not paying attention... XD

What's been up? I'm afraid there's nothing much.

We went to my grandma's last weekend. It was fun. I had a great time talking to the people over at her house, too. They got a pair of white kittens... really cute. One has a pair of eyes where one was blue and the other was dark green. Cool, huh?

And I also subscribed to my friends over at the chats. Why I haven't done this before is beyond me... I might have forgotten. Sorry about that, my friends... I'll probably get shot at for this one... XD

Well, see you around!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

My name came from where?

Interesting random chat log...

A little dissection of my nickname... I bet Shishou will be laughing at this, since she calls me "Nomz" a lot...

Darrk: jomz, your name makes me think of jaws and "nom nom nom"

areemus: lol

areemus laughing now

jomz Jaws + nom, nom nom = Jomz? Cool. ^_^

areemus: lol

jomz notes it down.

jomz thanks, Darrk.

Darrk: jomz: haha, there you go, i have found the origin to your name

Darrk: sharks and eating

areemus: lol

jomz hahaha, yes. It's a good idea. :D

Darrk: :P

areemus: man im only laughing now :)

Well, there you go... :D

I'll probably post something later on.

That's all for now. See you around!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

You know what...

I tend to not disclose information (about myself, about stuff I see, etc...). I have learned in the past that the best way is to just keep your mouth shut.

Recently, though, people have been expecting that I should tell them stuff that they believe they should know directly from me, rather than from other people - really against what I have learned...

Well, I tried it, and it really backfired on me. Now the truth got bended and distorted, and I am left wondering...

It just affirmed my beliefs - don't tell others unless they ask. There will be less trouble and problems that way.

Makes me want to trust people more, you know? [/sarcasm]


In other less depressing news, I beat the virus with the new tools. Cool, eh?

Also, I got my first thread on OB... It started out as a reply to a really old thread, but Indi told me that since it was a general topic and was really old, I could start a new one. She then went and created the new thread and transferred the replies. It's about Introducing People to Anime.

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