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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wow, I got a World Rank!

Adam just released a new feature to us... well, actually got us to beta-test. More like check it out.

If you guys have not noticed it yet... oh, by now, I hope you do... there's a ranking in our worlds now. Here.

I'm amazed that my main world is doing fairly well. How did your world go? I saw mine in the 7th page... Not bad... not bad at all.

Thanks everyone for visiting! ^^

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update... update...

Well, I haven't been updating for a while... blame my lazy bones. I don't really feel like updating much. Anyway...

The final exams are on their way. I just had an exam for one of my subjects last Sunday. I was not expecting a "discuss this topic" type of exam. I thought it would be a computation kind. I was expecting that. Bah! I did not read the theories. Actually, I did not study for it. The advantage of taking up a master's degree in a related field is that there are some subjects that would serve as a review for previously taken subjects.

It just so happen that this subject was a few topics in our board subject. It was hammered in my brain until I was bored with it. I was speaking more of the computations... So the exam took me by surprise. I had to think of very related stuff or something to those terms that were not too familiar to me. I'll pass... at least... hehehe... ^^

Now, I need to device a questionnaire for my research subject... I'm sort of stuck.

Well, see you around.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

What does not kill you... will probably hurt a lot!

Don't mind the title... I was just contemplating on some troubles I have right now - with my "really old" printer dying out on me, just when I was saving for a laptop... Bummer. I was planning to buy a new printer some time after I have a new laptop. I need the laptop more than the printer at that time - for school presentations and also to serve as an upgrade to the computer equipment at home. This will probably set me back some more... dang...

Anyway, I got my first fanword approved! Wohoo! Thanks to Shinmaru who edited it, it is now in the Books of Moe World. I have made some works in the past, though none of them have made it to the front page - or at least have made it to the front page with me noticing... hehehe...

Weekend classes was boring, and I am slowly losing my motivation to attend. It's almost the end of the semester so, although it is troublesome, I have to pull myself together. The trouble with this one though is that the finals are just around the corner.

Man, this is annoying. I offered my skills to make a front cover for our company's annual report. I did not want to make the layout and stuff for the other parts, even though I can, because my work at the moment is loaded.

After I finished the cover, because I want it to be cool-looking, and probably have something added to my portfolio - hehehe... The person in-charge asked me to edit some pictures. Then later, after I did, she next asked me to lay the pictures out on a page... WTF? Then later, more images were sent to me for "fixing" and then the day was up and most of the stuff I need to finish was not done. *Shakes fist* It would have been cool if I was actually paid for my services, but no... freeloaders...

This made me feel better, anyway. ^_^

See you around!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tagged yet again...

I was tagged by the Nehz', and since I feel like I have to answer...


[*]What's your full name?
It's a name I use... NEXT! ^_^

[*]What's your favorite color?

[*]What do you hate most?
I hate lots of stuff...

[*]What do you love most?
There are some stuff I love...

[*]What are your favorite creatures?
Creatures? I'd toss in the dragon

[*]Do you watch cartoons?
Anime - - though I watch some american animations... rarely, though.

[*]What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
I can neither confirm nor deny that information... hehehe

[*]Wow, you're pretty stupid...
Bite me...

[*]Which one of your characters do you like most?
I can't decide yet... I like them all... ^_^

[*]Which one would you trash?
I can trash everyone... probably... I haven't decided yet... again...

[*]What would you do if someone stole your work?
*Stares sharply*

[*]What are your views on online dating?
I got nothing on this one... though having someone in real life is better...

[*]What kind of people do you like?
Insanely fun people...

[*]Would you still be nice to a boring deviant or otakuian?
As long as that person is not a pain in the butt... sure.

[*]What would you do if someone flamed you?
I don't know yet... maybe just report them and let them live their miserable life.

---I skipped the character bit... so I guess I lost my tagging privileges...

See you around!

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My hands are all Blistered up now...

It's not easy as it looks in Harvest Moon...

My hands are all hurting and some parts are sort of watery inside and blistered... they're going to be calloused in a while...

My father was out yesterday morning. One of his friends told me that there are some students performing a community extension service today. They will be giving out free vitamins for the cows.

Since dad was out, I had no choice but to be the one to head out. We only have a few cows grazing in a field that it somewhere behind our house. I don't even know exactly which is ours, so I had to ask around.

I managed to identify all four of them. The task of pulling them to a tree so the injections could be done is a bit hard. Mainly because they don't recognize me. The cows probably thought I was a thief or something... hehehe...

Anyway, the two bulls were the biggest pain in the butt. The younger one was just stubborn and didn't want to move. It took a lot of pulling on my part to make him follow me. Though he would suddenly stop walking and just resisted... Then, I'll have to pull again to encourage it to move...

The last bull, being a bit older, got a lot of fight in him. He didn't want to be pulled around, every time I would come close, he'll snort and lower his head. Apparently, the veterinary students also know how to do some rodeo thing, so they tied up the bull with a few ropes and forced it to lie down. It wasn't an easy task. It took a lot of time. I myself suffered from a rope burn on my left hand when I was pulling it and it suddenly ran away. I tried to let go of the rope but I was not fast enough. A small patch of skin got torn. Owww...

Anyway, the other two, which was a calf and its mother, was easier. However, I don't know why, but it seems the students were very eager to go cow wrangling or something, because they went and made the calf to lie down on its back. It would have been easier and less traumatizing for the little thing if they just tied it to the nearby pole...

Well, anyway, that's done. I was pretty exhausted from all the pulling and guiding the cows, and also my hands are a bit painful. There are some sore spots and some scratches on my arm.

I haven't done this type of job in a while. Was it fun? Sort of...

Let's just say that you shouldn't be fooled by Harvest Moon when it comes to animal husbandry, OK?

See you around!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Nothing much...

My posting have been slowly going downhill lately, eh?

Well, anyway, not much going on worth posting about anyway...

At least I got a new art uploaded. Thanks to everyone who commented/hugged/favorited it. If you haven't seen it yet - here:

I hope I can manage another new art soon, eh?

See you around!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Biten off more than I can chew...

I have been looking forward to a weekend without classes. I was looking forward to it so much that I thought that I could actually make use of the entire 24 hours...

I got lots of stuff to do - read tons of manga, watch some movies, play hours of games, draw, relax, eat... those sort of stuff...

Reality sets in to me that those stuff I had planned are more of a one-week to a month vacation types - not your weekend stuff.

I guess I had my weekend booked for a long time that I forgot... hehehe...

Oh, well, I'm sure I can take them in bite-sized pieces along the way...

See you around!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Festival, festival...

One of the fun stuff to watch during the fiesta are the street parades and dances.

Last night, after work, we went and watched one.

I came late because, apart from I work far, the traffic was hell. One of the advantages of not having a car is that you can get out a mile away from your destination and just walk all the way there... which is much more faster and less stressful than staying in all that traffic.

Anyway, it was fun to watch. Seeing all those people dancing their elaborate steps and figures in their colorful costumes. However, watching was another story. It's crowded and hard to see. Good thing I'm taller than the ones in front... I can somehow see from my location - even though I was late, you know.

Oh, I managed to got in the celebrity chat. Aside from that, I got to toss in some questions - even the first one to boot. It was a bit boring than your normal insane chat. You have to wait for someone to toss in a question, or for the guest to type his answer. It's very quiet at most times. It's alright, though, as I can multitask. I got disconnected only once, too.

Well, anyway... that's all for now. See you around!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I got a cold...

Hi guys! Well, in case you are wondering, I managed to leave the office at 3PM and made it in time to see the procession half-way. And yes, it involves that procession where there are hordes of people, as shown in the images of the site link I showed in my previous post and below. Don't worry, I was just watching in a safe distance. I don't want to get squished. There's just something very epic about it that I can't describe.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's the closing of the fiesta by a fluvial procession. It mainly means no weekend classes, and food!

In other news, I attended a seminar last Saturday. Unfortunately, my seat was right in front of the air conditioner. I was blasted with cold air the entire event. I would go out every once and a while to get warm.

I got a cold now, so I guess that's the consequence of sitting in that spot, eh?

Yeah, lots of fluids and stuff.

Well, see you around!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm bored...

Well, I'm always bored... but anyway...

I really miss working in my home city... Working some 40 or so kilometers away is so annoying, specially when the people back at home have local holidays, and I'm the only one that needs to head to work. Bleh...

Today is the start of the Peņafranciafiesta, one of the grandest celebrations in Bicol. A procession, one of the highlights of the event, will be this afternoon. People over there have the half day off to either attend or watch the said procession. However, since we are very far away from the city (around an hour of travel) and our office have made no announcements, we will probably be allowed to go out at three... which means the only event I might reach is the mass after the procession.

It makes me feel more like an outsider in the city rather than an actual resident of the place...

Well, see you around!

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