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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Was that an Otakulypse?

Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a while... so, here I am...

So, I finally went and posted a plug of the AAMR over at the Watercooler, sporting a spiffy new banner made by Nehz'...

And I think I caused the Otakulypse with that Ad...

I got the image some time earlier, and I thought of something that I should write about... I've done some writing for a company's ad, though a world is very different...

I got a write-up done, and I clicked the "Add Post" button.

It took a few moments before the next page displayed.

What? Page cannot be displayed?

I checked other sites, and they were working well. MyO was also down. :O It's an otakulypse!

OK, so it's not much of an otakulypse as the last time... I managed to slip past the problem and entered the chat. It was some server issue of the site, and since the chat was on a different server, it was not down.

Whew, I thought it was just my end of the Internet... and that post killed The O... ^_^

Bah, it's raining a lot these days... The cool weather is appreciated, but not the excessive wetness of it. It's so troublesome

Well, see you around!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rant Alert!

Don't you just hate it when people accuses you of knowing something when you said you did not, even though you really do not...

What do people think of me? Am I a walking Google? I don't think so... If I know something, I gladly share them to anyone who asks... If I don't know anything, I tell them I don't. Then, I'd either ask our good friend Google about it - provided I have access to the internet, then should Google have an answer, that is when I give my reply.

Did that gave me an impression that I am a know-it-all? Heck, I don't even want to be labeled as such. It just so happens that I know where to dig my answers, that's all.


Seriously folks, I don't have the answers to everything.

Someone asked me recently regarding certain WAP applications in their mobile phone. It was not connecting, even though WAP was enabled. All of the applications gave some sort of error message.

It also bugged me that I could not get a solution. I gave up on it. Every now and then, I would be pestered about it... That I should do something about it. "I don't know what to do..." was my constant reply.

It may have given me the image that I am holding out valuable info for every time I got questioned, I get annoyed already...

Geez... how am I supposed to know? I barely use the WAP browser in my phone (due to cost reasons) and I have never used any WAP applications before.


Anyway, on to more cheerier side, Ace, congratulations on your promotion! You should take that promotion and party with it! :D

I am also contemplating on promoting the Anime Review World in the Watercooler. It already have wonderful content in it. We got anime and manga in there already.

I need to get my act together and get my review started!

Well, see you around. :D

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Back from the land of the thick pile of paper!

The weekend was not a bad one. I had to take home some paper work that needs to be finished, but I ended up just partially completing it for I ended up watching some Anime... Stupid anime distracting me... XD

Good thing I was able to finish everything on Monday... Whew.

I'm a bit disappointed by this: Dattebayo to Stop Fansubbing Naruto. Now, I am not for, nor against fansubbing in general. Besides, the main reason they're stopping is that they don't want to compete with the licensing company's streaming which will be released a week after the air in Japan (If I remember it correctly).

Unfortunately for me, who surf the net on lunch breaks at work, and on occasional "stress de-loading". Watching streaming content is a big N-O for me. That's why I prefer the torrents, quietly downloading in the background, after which I watch them at home. Plus the fact that AVI's or other better quality videos provide good raw material for wallpapers and other works... ^^

Well, let's see where this little turn of events will lead.

See you around!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Play TAG!

I have recently learned the use of the tags in the world posts thanks to Des' suggestion in the Anime and Manga Review World...

At first, I thought the tags were meant as a way for a search function to locate our posts... I tried using them earlier with that thought in mind... When I found out that world posts do not appear in searches, I gave up in using them altogether..,

Recently, though, it helped organize the AAMR into a more coherent site. With the use of tags, it can filter out what specific content you are going to be viewing. For example, each entry have tags on whether it's TV, Movie, OAV or Manga. I placed a link at the intro page using those tags. Now, if a visitor would want an update on Mangas, he/she just needs to click the link, and all Manga related posts will appear.

I don't know if I'll be able to use that same concept in my own personal world. I just thought of sharing this info to you guys so you could put it to some good use.

See you around!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ah, A Wonderful Start

First off, I'd like to say that I am quite happy with the turn-out of events with the Anime and Manga Review world. We got a great crew aboard, and contents are getting submitted.

There are two reviews over there from Ace and Shin. If you haven't seen them yet, I suggest you guys hop on over there later. I'm happy that a lot of people are seeing the potential of that world. So, if you need new anime or manga ideas, or simply want to spread the word on something you have read or watched, that's the place to go.

As for me, I'm not so sure what I'll review... Probably I'll give Clannad a shot, since I think it's a great series to watch.

Now, on to some life updates... for the past two days I had experienced trouble with my sleep. Although I have already slept for some time already at night, when I feel that deep sleep will finally hit me on the head, my alarm will start yelling... What the - ? Yeah... It would seem that I have only been sleeping lightly for the past hours, and just when I was off to deep slumber land, it's time to wake up...

Hmm... although I was already a bit rested, it does not really make me feel all that refreshed. I was like a walking, grumpy zombie those days...

Last night, I thought why not drink a glass of warm milk? Maybe it will help me sleep better? Well, I don't know if I actually slept better, but at least I did not have that frustrated feeling of the alarm waking me up just when I was about to snooze away. Hey, I even woke up before the alarm went off.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

New World Concept

First off, let me say that I'm not very good at organizing a "Guest Posting World." However, I do have an idea on a good world concept... which I hope does not fail miserably...

I want to create an Anime and Manga Review world. Basically, it's a place to share what anime or manga you either are watching or reading, or have already watched or read, and your thoughts on it. Is it good? Should others read or watch it as well? Or should they stay the hell away from it like the bubonic plague.

I know some great guys in this site who could be awesome contributors. Heck, most of my current anime and manga selections came from them. I am enjoying them, so I thought why not share?

I already created the world, to reserve the name. I wanted to use the abbreviation AMR for the URL, though someone has already taken it, and it's a private world, to boot. So I had to go with AAMR... Anyway, if you want this project to float and continue, and do want to join the contributors, comment, drag your friends in. I hope to have at least five (5) guestposters in this one. I have a few names off the top of my head, and I hope they are alright with the idea, and at least have the time for it. I'll try to approach them with it, and see what will happen.

I am not aiming for a daily update on this world, at least just a weekly, if not a monthly content update.

I know I can't do this alone. Anyone care to lend a hand? Thanks.

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Weekend Updates

I had both a fun and tiring weekend.

Friday, we attended this fund raising diner-show sponsored by my aunt's high school batch '66. My aunt is in Texas, and since she was a sponsor for the event, we used the complimentary tickets. It was ok, I guess. Most of the music were old. Some were fun to watch. One of the performers pulled some sort of impersonating comedy act. They experienced some technical difficulties, though managed to pull it off to the end.

Saturday was the start of my classes. I found out that most (2 out of 3) were tutorial classes. The fist one I was the only on present. My prof, after waiting some time, instead of dismissing me, used the remaining time to give an overview of the subject. It involved telling a lot of stories that involves strategic management - including stuff in his personal life. A bit awkward, but enlightening...

The second class got some people, though the Sunday class, I was the only one who came again. I was informed that we are only two in that class...

My days got confused when classes started again. I thought my Saturday was a Friday and Sunday was a Saturday. By Monday, I feel like a walking zombie...

See you around!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Blogger's Block

It's something we encounter every now and then... Sometimes we can get over it by randomly tossing out ideas as we type, sometimes we don't...

Either way, I'm trying to make an update while my head says "It's no use, buddy. Something is jamming the highway!"

Probably the main reason for my block is the lack of any interesting events. Yeah, my life is filled with adventure in every corner... [/sarcasm] I blame Shin... It's all Shin's fault!

At least electricity is back to normal - which means we have air conditioning back. cool. well, not really. My little corner is a bit far from the AC unit. At least I have a fan above my head. It gives me a headache if I use too much, though.

Yeah, nothing much. I guess I just chipped the block in the highway...

See you around!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ah, I managed to finish the monthly report that I have taken over - one month late... *grumbles*

Oh, well, I managed to dig up some prior errors and done some fixes to them, and without much break, I am now preparing the documents for the next month's report (due very soon). Hurray. If I don't move my butt, it will probably be late, again. Hey, I'm just taking over the work here, you know?

Finally got back to the chat, though I was not concentrating much.

And we have news that electricity over here will normalize tomorrow. I hope that's the final bit... I really hate going home at night while I look forward to some watching or gaming to see candles burning... At least we're lucky enough to have electricity every now and then. Some folks are not lucky enough to have any at all in these "power fail" times.

See you around!

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Friday, November 7, 2008

When Power gets the Fail

Hello everyone!

Apparently our national power company got a dose of failsauce the other day. The plant that supplies power to our province got some technical problems causing us to loose electricity. I heard it was due to their 100KV transformer exploding. I donít know how big the explosion was, though itís probably just small Ė it must be some electrical engineering thing. Though, yes, transformers do explode with some sort of boom when they have problemsÖ

It happened just the other night. They did some tweaking with the power and now we have partial electricity Ė low voltage with some fluctuations, though at least we have some light tonight. I donít know if itíll be cut off tomorrow because they are prioritizing city centers, and not the residential areas during peak hours. Hopefully, power will be fully restored by Tuesday.

Anyway, the entire day turned out a bit unproductive. Well, only a bit, since I was not able to finish my scheduled task since I need a computer. I was able to print out some reports though, by using the UPS, though ended up using it all up as soon as I finished printing the pages.

At least our manager noticed that we really need to get our standby generator fixed (we had one, which I did not knew previously, although broken). Hurray.

Anyway, I donít think Iíll be able to visit anyone today. Iím terribly tired and sleepy. Donít worry; Iíll visit those who updated soon.

Oh, there are kittens running around on our roof! Itís too noisy. Theyíre cute though, but a bit shy to us over hereÖ Hopefully theyíll get used to humans soon. And no, theyíre not ours.

HmmÖ I seem to be surrounded by failing things recentlyÖ We need more WinSauce! Anybody got one?

Alright, see you around! ^-^

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