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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When technology fails

we love them...[/sarcasm]

Yeah, right! Who loves it when equipment fails, huh? I don't want failsauce all over them - even if it's A1 Sauce -"more sauce, same fail"...

Yesterday, I found the joystick of my phone not functioning. Bummer... It was just the joystick, everything else was fine. I tried figuring out a way to work the thing without the stick. Some areas can be accessed without it, though some -such as scrolling down, was an epic fail.

So, yeah, got the bloody thing repaired. They replaced a part and now it's working fine... For how long, though, I don't know. Oh well, at least it was cheaper than getting a new phone...

Just a note to self, and to everyone else - phones with joysticks are not a very pretty thing to have in the long run. Either they break off, or they just fail working.

See you around!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

So, it's November...

Halloween's over. I almost forgot that one of the Diners here have their annual gimmick during Halloween - Shocktober. I would have completely forgotten had I not seen a guy walking around in a Fastfood joint dressed as some sort of Aswang(Philippine monster.) He looked like some orange horned and winged creature.

If I had remembered it, I would have wandered around the streets earlier and had the chance to see what other costumes they had made and showcased. Unfortunately, I passed by late and it was already over... Bummer.

So, All Soul's Day was a peaceful one. I spent the time in our ancestral gravesite this year, unlike last year, where I was over in one of those lawn-type cemeteries.

The huge difference is that it is more solemn, and the light is mainly from the candles. My cousins, aunt and grandmother (more like my father's aunt) was there. We just sat on the bench of the above-ground grave and talk and ate. It seems like a picnic at the cemetery, huh? Yeah...

I'm not too fond of garden-type cemeteries during this season. They don't seem to be designed for masses of people visiting the graves. It gets too crowded and there is no place to pass. You sometimes end up "passing though" other people's spots. Where as the old cemeteries have some small pathway along the center between graves.

It's a good way to remember our dearly departed, at least once a year.

I came home exhausted. This was due to the fact that I slept late and woke up too early due to the ruckus.

Oh, I'm a total failure at flower arrangements. The only thing I was able to help in was sticking in the leaves and stuff in the arranged flowers. No trimming or special tricks up my sleeves.

How was your Halloween? Good haul?

See you around!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, I may be early to greet everyone else... but anyway...

Tomorrow we will be heading off to the cemeteries. It's not a Halloween thing. It is more of an All Saint's/Soul's Day.

It's a day to remember our dearly departed. I don't know of your beliefs regarding such stuff, so I'll just leave it at that. Though at least take a few moments to remember those that have left this world/life before us.

Alright, see you around!

Enjoy your Halloweens, OK?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taking over people's stuff...

It bites!

So, my co-worker is out for she had a baby... Her work - since we are in the same department and profession, got passed on to me.

It would have been alright if I did not need to go tracing the previous month's report and try to reconstruct it so I could make this month's report "correct."

It's not originally not my line of work - those kinds of reporting... I can do it, though I need more time to study how it's done.

And now, one of my subordinates keep getting absent because she is "not feeling well." It would have been fine if her reports were already done... Except they are not, and that is the only portion that needs to be filled. I would do it myself if I can only find the bloody source of her reports - which can not be found anywhere. Could it be inside this locked cabinet that belongs to her? Darn it.

Well, I figured I should recruit more help in finishing this for it's starting to be urgently needed.

My Graphic Worm Entry at the Otaku Boards

See you around!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fight the Power!

Finally got to finish Gurren Lagann... It was an awesome series with some silliness and tragedy on the side. The characters were well developed and the viewer can somehow find a way to relate to their struggles. I find the twenty-seven episodes a bit short, however it's good that the series did not drag the story out. Even if you are not into mecha animation, you will most likely enjoy the series.

I was able to watch this kid's costume contest in our mall last Saturday. Nothing awesome about their costumes... Mostly bought masks and clothes. Was it fun to watch? Eh... not really. It was kids, afterall. ^ ^

Weekend mornings for me really feel tiring. It's like the tiredness of the entire week due to waking up really early catches up to me and gives me a huge blow. I was supposed to attend to some matters early Saturday morning. Well, not as early as when I wake up for work... However, when I was able to wake up, I was shocked to see that I was already late. Isn't it often true that when we think that we have to wake up early, it happens? It failed on me that day. My head must be on weekend mode - a.k.a. "wake up late" mode. ^^

Well, see you around. I need to go find some Gurren Laggan music.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can't think of a title...

So, I joined Otaku Boards (OB). I still don't know what to do over there yet. However, when Beth (SunfallE) learned of it, she chained me to the boards during one of the chat sessions... XD

Man, my internet must really hate me for some reason. During late nights (for you guys) it keeps on randomly disconnecting me. Yesterday's session seemed to be the worst so far. I would reconnect, then after a few short minutes, and while I am typing something, it would just go blank with the words "disconnected." I feel a bit embarrassed that every reconnect, the Mask and Shishou would welcome me... ~_~

I think I'll be implementing a "three-disconnect" rule on myself from this time forward. Should I get disconnected continuously within five minutes, on my third disconnect, I would wait for a while before returning... Or probably not return for that day. So, yeah...

On another side note, my inner grammar police got ticked off when I saw in one to be submitted report the word "coz" to substitute the word because. I was very tempted to correct it, though held my mouth. I know that person hates getting corrected... *sighs*

My works seems to be getting great feed backs. Thank you everyone.

See you around!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today is one of my most productive days here in The Otaku.

I actually was able to submit two works! A wallpaper (Kamina: The Burning Flame of a Man's Spirit), and a fan word (The House Next Door). Excellent!

I was first annoyed with the title of my wallpaper, for the system kept cutting it. It must be too long...

And to clear things up, I don't think I have mentioned that I was working on a wallpaper for over a month! Did I really? I hope I did not confuse you guys... I meant I haven't done a wallpaper in months. When I was finally able to get a concept going - I actually tested it on my monitor... I felt like something was missing. I thought of placing some quote from Kamina that will fit the wallpaper, though I could not get one.

Although it may seem that I have deviated from my previous style of posting some sort of message in each wallpaper, I have actually included one. It's not very visible though because I can't see a good spot for it in the entire composition, so I thought I would just place it in the very bottom.

Yeah, nothing much, I guess... Chat room insanity and multiple disconnections keep getting to me.

Well, see you around!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, I decided to bite the bullet and just clicked the "submit for publication button" on my short story entry. I don't know if it will make to at least the fan words section...

Getting randomly disconnected at the chat can be really annoying. I think it has something to do with my network or IP... either way, it is a big pain.

I have also partially completed a wallpaper! Yeah, I can hear you guys groaning. After countless months, I have the motivation to get working on it. I meant partially for although the wallpaper is in itself already completed, there is still something about it that seems missing to me... Maybe I'll add the finishing touches later and get it uploaded tomorrow.

Um... Nothing to post much today. I have a stupid headache and I am currently loaded with work. Very troublesome...

Well, see you around!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

I got myself an entry!

Hello everyone! I know I haven't updated in a while... So here's some stuff that happened.

Last Saturday was our finals! Whee. Well, more of a "whee" for the few week break. The final exam in statistics was a strange one. It was more of a practical application type, where we had to answer in an essay type. We were to answer based on our own made-up thesis. Luckily, our research class had that sort of activity. I had just recently made one the other day, too. It was fairly easy to make up a main and 4 specific problems to research and also some methods that have to be done. I think i did not get the practical application of the statistics in that research work, for I was just babbling stuff... yeah.. anyway...

I have also finished my short story, which I will submit to the 2008 otaku Halloween Writer's Jam. It's a fiction entry, so I hope I have a chance.

Oh, I have added a new quote at my introduction, care of the Bossman.

See you around!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Technical matters...

I have been thinking... I'll be buying a new printer some time and I don't know if I'll go for the plain inkjet printer or the 3-in-one kind with the scanner/copier.

What worries me is that most of the printers available in the market are most likely the "disposable" type. They won't last that long and when they do kick the bucket, they might really be gone for good - or repairs will not be possible... If I go and buy the 3-in-1 type, which is more expensive, and ends up breaking down on me if it happens to fall in the "disposable" category, then the scanner will also fail, right? That makes the entire stuff a big pile of junk. If that will be the case, it would be better to just buy them separately (or just use the scanner in the office ^^)

What do you guys think? Thanks.

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