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Friday, January 6, 2006

today is friday our week was shortened because of winter break. yesterday i stayed up till 11 doin a book report. im really sleepy at the moments so if im not happy in the mood that is y. my friend nancy came to work on this science cart ballon thingy we are assaigned. its really lame it didnt turn out and we spent like three hours on it. mrs. duke is like retarded she knows that the finals are next week and she gives us a prject due that week. ugh i hate her. i have homewirk ick. im really mad right now cus some on my friends decided to go to the movies with out me. excuse will i go piss lol. jk but yeah im bored as hell. save me im me on my aim screename Jeeba92!

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Newyear of 2006

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I have a new layout!! yes of course it has to be a harry potter theme. Im like obsessed ever since i watched the new movie the the goblet of fire it was great me and vanessa bebopinutrigun188 had a little chat about celebrity crushes. Yes this was at like 12 pm! buts that okay cus its winterbreak! we still have 6 more days. I cant wait til 2006!!

My christmas i thought was going to be boring as usual. but it wasnt for once cus we hanged out with older family we watched movies and stuff such as batman begins and this one movie with the indian guy from harold and kumar. i didnt get too many presents though. I hope you guys had fun holidays!

Yesterday me and some people went to the mall. they are slow bumbs and did i mention stalkers? lol yeah they were following these two guys i suppose they went to their school bfore, for like 10 minutes! whatever. I bought a cute gold sequin purse, very cheap! its glamoursly glam yes. well comment please!!

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Sunday, December 18, 2005


I was gonna copy and paste the entry from my xanga but then i realized i have to info you more on the otaku well anways yeah i bet ur confused.

Friday I to this girl Taylor Averys 13th bday! Shes such a big girl! She got so many gifts i was so jealous! Well thats what u get for inviting like the whole 8th grade not really but ya. She had like 5 hollister giftcards each worth 20 bucks and some perfume and my friend liz's doll dresser it had fabric it wasso creative! We watched movies, danced, played games, ate food, put make up on guys, and chilled. It was pretty awesome maybe ill post some pictures!

todays sunday and i have plan to meet with some of my friends for a history play, its pretty lame. whatever ill write about it if its interesting. I chnged the layout like three weeksa ago but i didnt write anything new well cya
COMMENT!!! please? loves <3 jiba

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Its December already! Its close to the time of the holidays! thanks magnus lensher u are the only one who left a comment. I feel unloved but w/e.

Well we had Thanksgiving in November...I found that i knew many people when i was like six years. Great Turkey Family Time & playing gamecube games! I enjoyed that.

Today there was a school dance but i skipped it, there usually so lame and play horrible music. Another reason why i havent been in otaku cus my computers had some hard times going through mental cases idk! Ive been buisy with science fair h/w and life lol.

The next big thing thats coming is for volleyball tryouts *crosses fingers* i hope ill make it on the team! well catch ya later loves <3najibah

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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Well i think its probably been two months since ive updated this website. I owe an apology to the people who signed my guestbook and comented. Promise to do my best to get to you otakurs. Its cus of school man it sucks so much hw. Weve already done one project for history.

Last friday we had our westwatd expansion project. We came to school looking all pioneerish. Out group had 5ths graders dig with their hands in rocks and water. They duty was to search for the rocks painted in gold and silver. Pretty boring after having to speak 10 times to 3 schools. But whatever it was really fun. Especialy the food i ate so much!

Then Saturday I went to a hockey game with Vanessa or bebopinutrigun188. We went to see one of our friends Zack. They lost both games sadly. I dont know they suppose to be dragons, there to beat others butts man! Then after like the first day of the ext week i came home with a headache and found out i was sick. So I stayed home and recovered and healed over two days.

Yesterday was the Beta club dance i really wanted to go to the haunted hay rack ride if it was open. Turned out i just went to meet up with my friend Molly. Who moved to wisconsin. So glad she came back to visit. Yeah they better call to hang out. They dance was alright. They played like no songs that i liked.BUt it was something to do then stay at home.

I have sooo much homework!! Oh new layout for the otaku. It doesnt look as awesome as the others but it for hALLoWeeN! HAha me and some friends mightbe ghetto fabulous gangsters. Dont ask its an inside joke. Well see ya laterrrrrrrrss! <3

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

SCHOOL is driving me crazy! But Hoora! We have a 3 day weekend. Im doing sooo bad with my gardes. Me and Molly one of my friends might decide to drop down a level. Because woah im a bit slow in learning new things. But whats sad is that its only like a review of waht we did last year. I have like the worst grade ive EVER had!

Hmm i miss Mr. Knoefle, wow thats a weird though. The other day he came to visit us it lit. I asked if he would do a cart wheel just for the heck of it. That day was full of fun because we spoke about random topics lol.

Hmm yeah Me and my friends might go watch a movie this week. Dude did I tell you I watch the exorsicm of emily rose? Probably did but its so strange that we laughed through. GO SEE IT! hmm i couldnt think of anything to type and look at how much ive written! well byes

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Uh hmm im doing really bad with my otaku and visiting. As u can see Ive been goen for more than a week prolly. But its cus of school. Like the past three days we had so many pages due, it wasnt even funny. I forgot to turn in another and hopefully lizs computer is fixed now. Yeah but the projects made me stay up til early morning!

Ummm Im wanting to change the layout again. I wanted to post because I was lauging about how I almost got a detention today. U heard me right. I was for demonstrating to Grant random kdi how long my tongue was. Causing like the whole class to stare at me. And of course behind me was Mrs. Duke and she was like "do u want to go to the office?" I was like no "Then dont stick out your tongue". I dont know its just my random self. so yeah Im going go thanks for 5 comments though.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Oh my gosh omg! I love you all. I just realized how i hadnt visited and updated the otaku for such a while. Sorry i apologize. So schools been pretty normal. I have a few classes with my friends so its sucks. idk how Im gonna make it this year. Its extremely boring and harsh. We have so much crap to do. My favorite hour is art or language arts. Were sketching chairs and before we drew a person upside down lol. We called it gay cus he was crossing his feet. Yesterday was sweet. Vanessa and Molly, two of my bestest friends went to watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose. But we were like bothering the whole theather cus of our laughing and noises we made. But it was so strange through the scary parts we enjoyed it. I think im going to watch it again lol. Well off to my studying im like failing in math. Im going to have to do my best with all the junk and homework we have. Love always Jiba comment, please?!

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hey its like ten pm and im posting! Well friday was a blast. Alex Kozars surprise party turned out superb! Thats really nice of Tay to hold it for her. I would be so jealous she invited like 15 people. She got some sweet presents too. It was so much fun i cant even explain. We played the "no" game as usual i sucked butt at it. Im just not talanted. Alriight so ehm we did something with a lysol bottle. Something happend ill just tell you. We ate some yummy food the watermelon was so tasty. The "apple sauce" prolly heard of it in school rumors and such but yeah i was bout to eat it. I didnt know it was decoration lol Julia! We did karoke and played sardeens or how you spell it. It was problem for me though cus i thought I got poison ivy and i couldnt stop itching so we decided to go bk inside plus it was so dark we would get lost sorry guys but ashtyn agreed too.

Um yeah then on Saturday I was invited to go to liz w house but of course theres dinner planed with family. This time its my dads brothers wife who came. But anyhow i was so bored like usual. We watched a banglai movie which was terrible cus i didnt understand most of it. It was pose to be funny so like when they laughed i joined them but didnt know what the heck for.

Today is september 11th, talking a moment of silence for world trade center and pentagon. alright so i just woke up late and started on hw and science. Totally awesome day eh? Just a few minutes I was on aim but im so tired good night. Peace Oh do you like the layout? I decided to change it cus i had the other up for like ever. Oh yeah Vanessa made me this for my one year anniversary. The card is so fabulous! Thanx girl your the best!

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