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Monday, September 5, 2005

Labor Day

Im very angry at you people! Im not that much loved cus only two commented! NE ways today is Labor Day so we didnt have school! I dont even know why we celebrate it or waht its about. Something to honor people who work or represent america? Anyhow for lunch my friend Liz W invited me to go have lunch at Jins Chillis or something with most of our friends Molly, Vanessa, David, Ben, Maggie, Katy, and Erin. It was super yumme and tasted even better with crackers. Then we decided to go to stores near by. Me, Molly, Maggie, and Erin went to Burlington coat factory and I got these cute pink earings. Next we went to the dollar tree!!! Cheap things and it was so funny Maggies dad was there too coincidently but he didnt knotice. I bought these really neat items. They were this bouncy ball, glow in the dark light sticks, which im wearing around my neck right now, and a bird parrot towl. Then it was time to go but my dad took like 20 minutes. I asked him why it took that much time but he said that he looked in the dollar tree cus he couldnt find me by the store because thats what i told him that we'd be near by. But dood I would assume that he turned around and checked the mall area before checking the store. But anyways today was fabulous and some crazy cool fun. See ya tomorrow! peace

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Hmm Last time I posted was first day of school. But today is Sunday and I finished my hw and stuff but im terribly bored. Heres my schedule: Language Arts, Art, Literature, Lunch, History, Science, and Algebra. I knoticed that i dont have the same classes as alot of people. Last year Liz S. my friend did but she doesnt have art this year it sucks. I sit by Kate D., Katie F., and Alia. Anyhow I can tell this year isnt going to be as fun with the homewrk and crap. But I made a promise that Im going to pull up those grades if I fail, to the parents. They toartally are going to screw up my life If I dont listen to them. They said they're more strickt this year to me and I wont be able to chill with my friends. "Listen to your parents children". I really attempt to do my best in school and it aint my fault i make dumb flaws and errors. Atleast I make an efffort and I bet im not the only one, it involves other kids too they prolly have the same situation. But the teachers have given us two projects. They werent hard but yet we have more shit to deal with, turns out. Which makes me so mad. Think about how much wrk we'll have in high school and in colledge. Im starting to sound like my friend Nancy so conscious aware of how things now is going to effect my future and all. Im going to have to see what happens next. Im very pleased to hear we dont have school monday. I aint very excited though! Ahh I forgot to tell you my otaku aniversary was thursday. Its been one year since Ive joined here and I made many super friends! So congrats me so I feel loved Xox0xoX Jeeba

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Monday, August 29, 2005

What day is it today?

Hey today was the first day of 8th grade. I wasnt so excited to wake up at 6:30 and catch my bus even though i didnt get to it cus the bus driver was uhm thirty mintues late even going back to drop us. When I got home my brother had already arrived and hes in high school and they get out later then we do. They should atleast train the guy the route before they send him off to pick students for their first day.

Anyways the teachers are pretty nice I have to say. And what was sweet is that we have a teacher from sixth grade teaching us again for 8th grade same thing for our 7th grade science teacher but shes kind of strange even with her clothes and things. Im definately going to despise the homework and projects specially the science fair.

My friend Nancy has already started hers over the summer but what she doesnt realize is what if the teacher doesnt accept it? But I have more classes with her and shes like totally smart which is grand! Im glad we dont have homework today though. I wish to change the schedules so I can be more with my friends but whats done is done cant change it.

Yesterday I spent time with family and we watched Madagascar and this Bangali movie and that was boring but I wanted to go to open house and rather talk to my friends. They were also showing the VMAS but i didnt get to see it maybe theyll sshow reruns of it. But I heard greenday took 7 moonman. Thats awesome cus they are one of my fav bands. Okay Ive written alot and im gonna go but I cant wait till tomorrow.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Well i woke up at 7 am today and that is probably the most earliest time to wake up in a while. But I gotta get used to it because I have to get up and six to cathc my bus. But there was a special reason today because I had a dentist appointment. I think I have another on Friday cus they still need to finish. But that definitly is gonna ruin my perfect attnendance record so well see. The room that they put me in had these sharpy tools and pointy things that used to poke at pples teeth lol and they filled this white mold to cover up the beginning of the gaps and cavities. After I was done I heard more bad news which was I couldnt have any food for an hour which stinked cus I was hungarian!

To spend up time we went to the shoe carnvial and they had this deal where you buy one get the second half off so I bought some converse and clogs yay! Oh Thursday I went to office max and did the supply shopping and now Im sad cus it was just so awesome having to find clothes and such and I still dont understand why we had to end the fun today whiel i just tried on and see if I fit in to different outfits and shoes. But nooo so now Im doing absically nothing but owell im set for school.

Today two of my dads sisters are coming to visit to Illinois from new York. Tomorrow they are staying over at our house and theres a party on Saturday by some bangali familes and lucikly the aunts will go too so we can have dinner so its like a reunion. Which means the pool party im not going to get to but maybe we can go to colony west or sumthing give me a call and explain to me what I should do cus I have no idea and I am terribly bord.

Oh yeah I changed the theme and got to the 400 hundth visit already yay for me!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hey ummm what to talk about? 4 days till school!! wohoot!! I cannot wait. I need to go shopping for the supplies! And tommorrow I have a dentist appointment so that will be fun.
Today and yesterday I got on aim and talked to some peoples such as Alex, Molly, and Mandy (chibioni). And i like learned different websites from them pretty funny. This post im going to have like 4 links so check them out. Alex showed me this

Its like neopets i guess i can compare to that but with teenager favorite stuff such as movies and celebrities and you can invite kids to your crib and talk to them online at the same time and personlize things quite fun. Then with Molly we just talked about cross country and whether i should join it and layouts for the xanga. With mandy I learned this Limewire thing and you can download free music.
I have shine on-ryan cabrera, dirty little secret-all american rejects, pon de replay-rhianna, and dont lie-black eye peas on it. Umm I think today im going to work on a new layout before school starts. If i can get to it well laters!Don't Click Here

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hey I didnt update for the party and that turned out sucky, at least for me. Dood I was so freaking bored you dont even know. The only kid was a nine year old and what we did was play games. But that eventually got annoying so I got on the pc and looked for stuff to put on my sites and I found some music and downloaded free games from here

Then yesterday I just tried to clean the pool as much because I was thinking to invite people over. But I dont think thats going to work out because my parents are at their jobs on the weekdays and the weekend has already past almost. And I bet that people are going to go to the state fair today cus its the last day which I havent gone but owell. Alright so we have to see.

Anyways later on the day I signed on aim and talked to peoples and one of them was Liz and Molly (The one that moved to Wisconsin) and they were playing pool. Oh dear I miss her.

Then atlast my mom called me go shopping. We went to JC penny they had a special sale so we roamed around the isles and ppicked out some outfits and I bought 2 pairs of shirts, a pair of jeans and some cheap showes for 8 dollars. I found some converse that were 20 bucks but my luck they didnt have my size. Blah I guess Ill have to check the lady foot locker or something, they might have them. But I still need school supplies such as folders pencils notebooks and etc. Well cya peacce!

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Hey whatsup? Yesterday I was experimenting lol no not science but with the computers html and codes and I got it a new look. Cool huh what do you think? The theme is Peach and Daisy from Mario Kart Double Dash. It so much fun! Its two people on a kart and they switch partners to throw items and equipments! Super Kawaii lol Gwence Stafani! I put some new music to it and I actually like the piano song. Listen to it okay cool!

Im thinking before schools starts I should invite some of my close friends before we close the pool. I only swam in it like 5 times this summer. Vanessa what do you think? comment pleaseeeeeeee

Today some of my family members are coming to have dinner. Oh my gosh we have such a big family and I dont know who is what like you know aunts and uncles. Some of them are like married and have children and their considered my sisters cus thats how old my dads brothers and sisters are. So its confusing.

Anyways I dont know what to do maybe play some cards...even though theres no one my age to talk to. Well we'll see soon. So cyas!

Peach would like to say come on people comment and Ill have my four hundreth visit yay thats a lot!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hey alright to start off Iím getting more people commenting yay! Today I woke up at eight oclock in the morning. Which is very early for me! Actually my dad was speaking to me about that theres a new worm thatís infecting computers all over the U.S. so hes telling me not to use it that much and I wont cuz we just fixed this one.

Wednesday some ppl came to our house and we had a little tea party I suppose. At the same time they came I think they were showing the Teen Choice Awards and I missed some of that and it was hosted by Hillary Duff and the European jiggalo guy. Hmm what else? I didnít get to shopping yet I really need to though cus the days are going by quickly. Cant wait till school starts!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Thank you 2 peoples commented yesterday! And ive kept my promise so heres the treat Ive made you! Theres are for Bebopinutrigun188 and Magnus Lensherr! Dont they look appetizing?!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hmm still havent gotten to the shopping for school. Im looking forward in getting clothes and shoes. And I just put some music on this site even it might sound a little gay and perky. You can ignore it by pressing the stop button. Ah I just saw the tv screen and they have this movie the cave and Red eyed with Rachel Mcdams from Mean girls. I wonder when they come out.

Oh speaking of movies on Sunday we went to our cousins house for dinner cuz they had guests over and we joined them. We saw Star Wars and Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. I hadnt seen that so we decided to. There were little kids in that room so it was a bad idea and later the parents came and yelled at us for that. And I didnt get to finish it. ;_; lol o well i guess later we'll see. What to do what to do?

Its time for theme change soon. It has been like 4 days since ive had this up.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Hmm what to talk about Im totally bored. A very uneventful day like usually. I cant think of what to type. Well i got a new background its luigi hes about to swing at the golf ball. I tried looking for one for Double Dash but they didnt have that many good ones.

AHHH schools starting in less than 3 weeks and I so stoked! Nervous feeling in my tummy I cant wait to see peoples and how much theve change. Im going to be the only whos looks the same. While others are like taller and cut their hair and all that stuff.

Ive heard 8th was going to be horibly hard I hope not. Other wise ill be stuck with so much homework and projects. And Im wondering if I should do track. hmm so many choices and things to do. Schedules and lockers bells seats principle teachers! crazy cool fun!

comment and ill make you some sort of food-cookies you name it OkaY?!!

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