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Friday, July 1, 2005

Whats crackin?

Hmm whats been happening with me? Not much. We got Need For Speed Underground 2 for the PC and my brother plays it all day not leting me. Dude I want to go watch a movie really badly. Choices: Batman, Herbie Fully Loaded, Bewitched, The Perfect Man, War of the Worlds, Dark Waters that looks scairy. What should I go watch? I think Im going to have a theme for fourth of July.

I just visited Shannys and shes holding the Summer Fun drawing contest. I wish to join but I cant submit stuff cus I dont have a scanner. If you do I would surely participate. This is the site where it has all the rules.

Today is my friends Bebopinutrigun188s otaku anniversary! Woohoo for her!

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Monday, June 27, 2005


I woke up in the morning at 9:30 grabbed some food. Got online and I drew a clown Tell me if you like it!^^


Well to keep you in nothing is different. I think it was on thursday we had mexican food. Yummy I had this beef casedilla and some chips with this hot sauce, delicious! Other than that summer is boring. All I do at home is either watch tv or movies play sports or go swimming in the pool. My brothers practicing for his license and the other day he drove us on the highway. fun fun fun!

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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Went to my softball game and I got hit on my left arm. I literly cant move it and you know what sucks? My right arm had been hurting since last week. Ugh...so enough of my complaining. We finally got to our pool. Its really dirty inside and I can tell its going to take along time to clean it. I got a letter from Liz Smith today. Aww I feel horrible for her she says its all muddy and no fun there. Shes like SAVE ME! Ill write to her! Off I go cyas!

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Thursday, June 16, 2005


I just joined this club isnt it cute?!

PM PandaYoshi to join!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What to do?

I havent posted in a while. I worked on my xanga, tell me if you like it. www.xanga.com/Jeebsters222
Im really bored. I wanna chill out with some friends but cant both my parents are at work. Im home alone doing simply nothing. We need to open our pool its already freakin summer! Though theres some things in there and im just lazy. I ran yesterday around our neighborhood cus our softball game was cancelled. Ugh save me! Our tv is broken also. I turned it on and this pop up came saying that its doing a test for 45 minutes but weve waited for like 2 days so its been like 1000 minutes. I dont know what to do, really bored!

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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Yesterday morning I woke up early and went to my softball game at 10. Wow surprisingly we lost and you can tell that my coaches arent proud of me. Blah when I got home I came to find that our internet service doesnt work. So I was in a bad mood and my head was hurting. But that all left me when I went to Liz Woodruffs bday party. I managed to find a swimming suit even though it was big. I had a blast there. We went swimming and like all of my friends there were even some cool boys but they would always hit me in the head. They kept on jumping of the diving board while at the same time tied to make some shots. I tried once but I totally sucked. Then there was this rainbow floaty thingy and Mada, Vanessa, and I were having so much fun cus like if you flipt it over, in the middle theres this round area where it doesnt reach the surface of the water and if you put your head there you can breath. So yeah it seemed safe but everytime I tried it, Ted or Mada would hit me in the head. party poopers! Inside there was tons of yummy food! Oh my gosh Liz got some really awesome presents. They were all like monkey stuff. So yeah Saturday was really fun. I have softball practice but I wanna stay home and work on some websites.

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

Summer has began!

Well school ended on Friday. Thursday is when we got our yearbooks. I got as many people to sign even at the 1 hour and 30 minutes lunch break. Me and my friends just sat down in the field and talked. Aww I still had that weird feeling in my stomache. Then Friday we had like 10 minutes for an hour so we had like 90 minutes of school. Then when I came home I was really buisy was packing for Florida.

So then we left on Saturday and it was so tight. The first thing I saw were the palm trees and of course the temperature, I was sweating like crazy. Then after we arrived we went to familys house and I went fishing! When I came back home I smelt like a dead person, it was really gross. After I took a shower we went to the mall. I bought some new clothes with my money I got from ppl. Then I just hanged out with some other cousins and played "Need for speed underground 2". Then at night we left for the hotel. Next day we went to this mansion. I forgot to tell you, all these ppl are so rich. Okay so the days we stayed there we went swimming and played ping pong, basketball, and soccer. Another day I joined their neighbors to play paintball shooting. It was more of a boy thing but I was bored. My mom got really mad at me tho. Next day when I woke up I realized I had a cold. My nose was running and my throat was dry. On Monday we went to this other cousins house. I made friends with a 17 year old girl Sabrina. It sucks cus i left her s/c at her house. Her younger brother is so adorable or hot shh i didnt say that. All the houses we would go to they would make us food like rice, kabobs, and other country foods. On Tuesday we went to the beach. It was so beautiful we saw the Atlantic ocean I think. I was waering long pants and they got soaked as I was hunting for valuable items such as shells. I took many pictures and got attacked by a seagull! I was mad why we couldnt stay for more like a month. Well good times there and cant wait to do sumthing. I ate soo much food, I think I should excercise to take that fat off. Cya laters!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

So sad!

We only have two more days of school. This sucks! At the same time I dont want it to end and do. See school is the only place I see my friends. But then again I really want to go to Florida. Ugh but Im gonna miss too many people! History we took our test and I totally did so bad. Math we got our test back and I got a C, great! Science we finished up our test and hopefully I did okay. Literature I finished up my extended response and watched Castaway. 5th hour we graded our tests and I did really bad on the grammer one eek! 6th was boring I just talked with some of my friends and watched my other frend Molly draw Scar! WAHAHA anyways UGH I have a weird feeling in my stomachE!

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Friday, May 27, 2005

oh my gosh so sorry for not updating!

Last week I didnt update cus I got stuck all this homework and projects. I stayed up till 1 doing one. Then the same week I had a lit project. Okay well schools almost out and Im starting to feel depressed. So many ppl are moving. Like today Immanuel this kid that my friends are friends with is leaving for California. Even though I didnt really kno him he was prolly cool. I heard he did a back flip. Natasha and Liz got all these gifts for him and you could tell he was afraid of us. lol Its okay but Im sure well miss him. Ugh this sucks.

So today was a half day. In history we just took some notes on Civil war. Math we fiished our final and even though i thought it was easy i prolly got them all wrong. Mr. Knoefle called up natasha and said that some of the answers were wrong and it was prolly cus I told her my answers. Blah oh well. In science we just reviewed for our final. Monday and Tuesday was fun cus we would blast a tennis ball from a soda bottle with air pressure some how. At the same time we could see ppl in 3rd hour gym. It was tons of fun. Okay well im really bored...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Hey do u like my video player thingy? Avril Lavigne rocks my socks! Today we have a softball game and we are playing against ppl from school. Im excited but there prolly gonna beat us cus they have like 8th graders on their teams! Today started off weird. We usually read from the book or study maps or sumthing. But today Mr. Pool decided to have us write down all the mechanical things we use in a day. We spent the whole time doing that. Math we learned Case 5 of factoring. Science we did notes. Literature we did the played called Brians song. Language Arts we did some more verb excercise. P.E. or 6th hour we went to the cafeteria for telling us stff about honors night. I cant wait I have this weird feeling for SuMmer! Soon I am gonna be an 8th grader!

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