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Sunday, August 7, 2005


On Friday I was pretty bored and went online to find backgrounds which I found. Im like changing the theme everyday but thats okay. Then later I playes more of the F-Zero game and we kept on beating each other with my brother But I still beat was better at it then he was. Later we payed Mario Double Dash its tons of fun. You get to place items such as bananas and mushrooms while driving. Ill put up a background for that tomorrow If I can find one. At night we invited our cousins to jin us for dinner. We did that then we went to the mall to watch the sisterhood of the traveling pants. Somebody told me that it was a good movie so we watched it and it actually was. You prolly already saw it. And we came back home and they wanted to sleep so we did so. We woke up had breakfast and dropped them off at our other cousins cuz they were to return some clothes at Abercrombie. Then later we arrived to Champaigne for the marraige party. I hung out with some banglali peoples and played pin pong for long time. And yeah had yummy dinner. Then we came back at late night and thats it.

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Friday, August 5, 2005

would you play F-Zero with me would ya?

Wednesday me and my cousins from Wyoming hang out by going to the Lincoln Museum and Old State capitol building. We showed them around the area and after that we went to this restaurant place called Garden and In or something in downtown to eat guess what I got some vegetable soup and some chicken salad YummY and tasty. I ate double of what I should have eaten but I was hungry from the walking. Then we went to Baskin Robbins and I got a coffee smoothie with chocolate turtles. Then later they came to swim for a number of hours. While doing that we listen to the radio Pon De Replay and then we have an inside joke about the song Chariot instead Carrot lol. We weren’t keeping track of time and then our other cousins told us we could have dinner. After dinner we went and played Nintendo game cube F-Zero. F-Zero is quite fun and the cars go by quick., we couldn’t end all the playing. So I decided to bring out the cards and we played spoons and speed signs and other stuff. Then we went down stairs to watch television or Ntv which is the Bangladeshi channel. It shows Bangladesh news movies dramas and more. Then it was time to go sad cry. But they are still here in Springfield and today we are hanging out again yay! They are staying at our other cuz house in the mean time. Saturday we will go to champagne for a marriage reunion for one day. Its going to be fun I can tell. We are going to wear special dresses jewelry and maybe even eat rice with chicken and beef and soup like normal at other parties.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Hi I havent written in a while. The heat is crazy and I wanted to sleep but decided to cool down by swimming in the pool and Im like drenched. My brother gave me bruise says he unintentionly pushed me and I slipped in the pool. Really annoying.

Shh im suppose to be eating lunch but my brother is apologizing by letting me play this game F-Zero. He bought it for 10 cus he has his drivers licesnce and he drove to this cheap game store. Its like a futuristic game where these vehicles go over one thousand miles flying and crashing strange. The main character is called Captain Falcon or Blue Falcon. Im better at it then him though lol. cya laters!

look link is swimming


Zelda is posing

Comment plz! Is it me or is the shout out box not working on websites today?

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I got it to work!

I thought that you had to have a gif bkground but I would find jpgs and I fixed that by putting it in the post styles area. That means Ill can do more changing the backgrounds woohoo! Wondering who this person is its link from Zelda dood! I want that really badly cuz its improved in graphics and stuff my brother says. Anways today all did was xanga and otaku and im bored. Im gonna go cya around. Well heres a pic

Hes about to attack a monster! AHHH lolz

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We fixed the computer and its running properly. Last time I posted was when I went to St. Louis at our cuz. My brother drove us both times. When the party was over we got to the hotel Ramada Inn. I swam for like thirty minutes Then later changed my clothes and fell asleep in bed. While we were there we went to this store Glorbal Market. It carries items from many countries it pretty cool and had yummy foods. Like the cofee and the berry milk too. Then we went to shopping I bought some blue shoes and Ill wear them to school. For lunch we had KFC biscuits and colsla. Then we went to the hotel got our stuff and came back in Springfield!

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

St. Louis!

Oh my gosh Im hanging with my cuz shes 14. Instead of Quincy my brother drove us to St. Louis! Its a dwat* cant spell these other familys are here too but I dont know them. Were playing this game called ludoo while im typing and eating rich choclate cake yummy.

I got to some peoples web sites Friday sorry if I didnt get to yours. The computer wasnt cooperating and my brother trully gets annoyed that Im online for so long. I regret ill be aloud using the computer for while. My parents are saying we waste alot of our time on pc and they blame me for messing it up. Im like so what, why care! Great oh well gotta go cya laters!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Sorry if I didnt get to your sites, my email and the online service starts up like just after you log on and freezes. So I am on my bros and playing games. On Saturday my brother drove us for Quincy. It looks nice but Springfields prettier, I say. Yum eating rice crispys. Ive exercised on the bicycles and Im going to go walk outside with mom. Gotta go luv yous!

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Hello everybody

Hi thursday went to the theater. It was Danielles birthday and we watched Herbie fully loaded. Umm it was so so movie. Hey It want as good as I thought it would be. Lindsay Lohan is cool actress. Danielle she got some nice presents. Right now Im watching tv totally bored. After that I played some games in the arcade section. I met Bernice so kind. Ah those good times at Iles. Im going to go now cya around.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hi there

Ive been offline for say 3 days wow go me! The DSL wasnt working and the mouse kept on freezing.

Saturday I went to a surprise going away party for Molly. Shes left sadly. Its going to be so weird. I luv her soo much! We went swimming in the freezing cool, played games good times. Question why her?! The presents were a hand written poem, pictures frame, and bag. Some nice stuff.

On Sunday just sat and watched tv and I think I fell asleep. Oh gross I was eating a bag of chips and then like 10 minutes after I saw ants in it. I know how ants taste like yuck. I took a walk at night time too.

So it was my brothers b-day yesterday and we celebrated by going to Magic Kitchen cuz he was born in Japan and we wanted to make the scence oriental. I got him Soul Calibur 2 and he likes it cuz hes plays alots he like hooked. I also baked a cake a decorated it. I hope he enjoyed his day when he turned 16. Well laters!

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Thursday, July 7, 2005


Alright I didnt do much in the morning like usual. Just got on the computer and started going to web pages and tried to find a new layout for my xanga, lots of fun. And I watched some tv and movie the terminal. Its about this guy that gets lost at an airport. Then around five I just realized I had a softball game. So I got ready for that. We versed purple storm our 6th grade teacher coached that team. We lost wohoo go us! Im getting better I hit one like the last game too.

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