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Saturday, May 27, 2006

hey there!! how are you guys doing? i thought id post because I'm super bored. After many hours of watching the laguna beach marathon i decided to get online. i love that show, so much drama in the orange county! Im such a huge fan of kristen lol. The new series which premeires soon is called the Hills staring LC. I did manage to get to your sites in between that time on the lap top though horray =D But my computer keeps on freezing and shutting down =(

Anyway my days been boring. Ive been pretty much just laying around and relaxing since we dont have school monday! Today officially feels like the beginning of summer. My friend Kate went to her job today at the pool. Im so in the mood to going swimming. its like the perfect day, its over 90 degrees outside! A swim in the pool would be so refreshening. I want to go swimming so badly right now!

And my layout! Im glad you guys like it so much. But im already getting tired of it XP I like how it turned out but not the colors. I should have realized this before telling Dany to fix up the codes. But im not going to change it for another week or so cuz otherwise id feel bad about Danys work going to waste. well anyways im gonna go even though im still bored! well ttyl~jiba

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Hellloooo! How are you all doing? I miss the otaku, and I know how much you guys have missed meÖI didnít get any comments on my new layout, you don't know how much time it took me to make the graphics ;__; you betsa comment. Anyway I think the layout is perfect for the season. It actually feels like summer. The weathers been so†unpredictable. Just yesterday it was storming and today its gotten up to 90!! Holy shit I have a feeling this summer is going to be hot. Anyways most of the credit goes to Dany. She made it seem as though I did all the work but it was actually her, since my codes were kinda messed up. So thanks Dany I really appreciate it, lots of love to ya!

UmMm yahhh we have only 12days of school left if you include weekends.†Today was a half day so we only had hours 1-3 and we have Monday off for memorials day awesomeeee! Then the rest of the weeks are for intense studying for finals eww xP they might even take away our last day when we get to sign year books, for finals!! So thats why a few people came up with a petition and got people tosign it, more like the whole school, they ended up with like three sheets. Dang thats alot†of people! Its kinda good because they wouldnt be able to get in trouble when they have so many people. Hopefully this works.

I'll write about my week since Iím super bored. Monday started off tiring because I stayed awake til like 2 am finishing up my time magazine. Iím so glad that we have our many projects over with. Lol this week was a feast because in literature we got pizza parties and pot lucks because thatís how much our teacher loves us. brownies, soda, chips, pizza, masachole, cake, baked artachoke, salsa, cupcakes just hearing it makes you go hungry. I overloaded on the yummy goodness =D

Other than that this week was very boring.I had two tests that didn't go very well. Thenthe most interesting thing would have to be this renuinon thing that I went to on Thursday. It was like a gathering for the students who went to Iles school. It was a chance to renew friendships and such. Iím glad I went because I got to see so many of my old friends! It was great

Well im off to go visit your sites! love~Jiba

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Heylo you guys! how are you all doing? good i hope! well i wanted to post so that you guys could see my new layout. awesome right? I fell in love with this cute picture of this little girl with the sunflower and since schools almost out and summer is very close, i just had to make this layout. Isnt it just adorable? I used the same basic codes as my last layout but had troubles with the background. If anybody knows how to fix that, please tell me! also the alighnment of my tables is wrong xP the post section is too much at the bottom, i dont know how to fix it. I tried so many times changing the numbers but it didnt work. So please if you know how to fix it Private message me and youll be loved! okay i have to be going now too much time on the computer. This layout took about 2 hours in total, wow im so talented! okay well ttyl much love~jiba

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Friday, May 19, 2006

AHHHHHH!!!! I dont know why but I feel like screaming. Well anyway im back after a hectic week of school. Right now I'm just so fed up with all the work. UGH the teachers are trying to kill us with these projects. Its coming to over 7 projects this past month. Then I have to finish the time magazine which is due this monday. Shit i just feel like giving up. This weekend i have to revise all my articles and type 10 articles and make coverpage and rest of the stuff. Doubt ill be able to finish. But I'm definately not going to start my homework on Friday. I really need a break from all this work!!

So about my week? just tons of homework and school. Thursday was honors night. Only people who had the certain grade average were invited. It honored students with awards and recognizing them for hard work and like student of the years and stuff. Couldnt have been any more boring. I should have just stayed home. I got the usual certificate for making honor roll. Pretty much everybody got more than one award besides me. :P My friend Nancy got like 5 awards, it wasnt too surprsising since shes like super genius. Even Vanessa won student of the year for Band! Congradulations for her that was like the only exciting part.

Well yeah I think im going to go now. I will be busy though because of the projects. I promise Ill visit sometime today or tommorw. well ttyl much love~jiba

Its time for a theme change. For some reason im getting tired of the flowers and greeness. Well i searched for layouts today and I found that many of the websites have premade layouts. like aetherality.net now its up to you to choose which one should be put up on my site. personally i like this one http://www.aethereality.net/layouts/preview/95/
and this blue one http://www.aethereality.net/layouts/preview/93/
then i found this hk2 layout on anime rain http://animerain.com/layouts/tables/shattered/home.html"

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

HEYYYY!! i just got back from sectionals!! I had to wake up at 5 am. It was so freaking cold with the strong winds and rain! They still made us run in this weather. I wore like three layers of clothes and yet I was still freezing my ass off. After I post im going to put on some nice warm clothes. Well I ran the 1600 and got a time of 7:50 lol!! I tried to set my personal record but by my fourth lap i was way too tired and couldnt feel anything so i just ran real slow. but i sprinted the last few meters and caught up to this girl but lost by like three seconds. GRrwrl but i didnt care that much because if i did good theyd make me run in state hah neverr!! I didnt expect these meets to be soo long. seriously its already been like 6 hours and they werent even finished with the guys events. Speaking of guys dang there were soooo many hot athletic guys there!! *sigh* if only they went to our school! yeah anyways i pretty much stayed their for my friends. They did really good and many qualified for states! Horray for them! Well i have to be going now. Im tired and really cold, i think im going to take a nap! well ttyl and ive sen that many of you have posted. so ill make sure to comment today. Im going to be really busy this weekend because I have like three projects all due monday! SHITTT well ttyl love jiba~

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Friday, May 12, 2006

hello again how are you all doing? good i hope! anyway just got back from the dance and since I actually did something interesting, i thought Id post about it. Yup so i went to my schools last dance, and did it suck! The people that we usually hang out werent there. Me and Vanessa think that they had thir own party and didnt invite us because like nobody showed up. So it was really boring and lame!

It was pretty funny watching people dance though. Most of them were just playing around, but then some were serious lol. And they made it so that everybody could see you at this dance. They like let people dance on the stadium, but you had to pay. I dont see why, only fools would do such a thing. lol they were like making bussiness by getting people to dance. And then theyd call people because they were chosen favorite couple. Sophie and Ross were the first to be called up, it was too cute!! Vanessa and Parris danced together, aww just hearing their names makes me feel all tingly inside!! lol yeah they even made all the 8th graders dance with each other. Me and Vanessa were in the back so that nobody could see us. I really cant dance! People try to teach me but it doesnt work lol.

But they actually played good music like Panic At The Disco. I coulndt help but sing to it. I love that band!! Then thed play random songs like the chicken dance and the macarina xD I needed help in remembering how to do that. Dancing is so hard!!!

Besides that me and Vanessa just sat and watched people because it was so boring. We had our own little group. grR even though it was boring, it was much better than staying home and doing homework which i have to get to soon...shit i have like 3 projects due monday!!! And then tommorow i have to wake up early for the sectionals track meet. I have to get there at 6:45 BLA i hate running so much, i dont know how bad its going to be tommorow. well i have to go now, its najibahs bedtime! ttyl love ~jiba

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

hello again! i didnt get any comments for the last two days. i suppose not many people visit on weekdays or is it because i ahevnt been a good friend and not commenting your sites? well either way sorry for not visitng. I doubt ill get comments today but i dont care. I just felt that I should post again.

I just got back from our last official track meet. Weve been having some shitty weather. It was ffing raining yesterday at the softball game and now its extremely windy. Which made it it really hard to run in! And because I stayed there for the whole meet, im still freezing and really numb! Im just going to go cuddle myself in warm blankets after this post.

Well anyway I ran the 1600 like usual. With the time of 7:58. Its pretty good for running in this windy and cold weather. And today Mr. flohr made sure that I was going to be running in the sectionals. GRRrROAWl I so didnt want to run for this event. I suck so much!!! And we have to wake up real early like 5 am because it starts at 6:30 am. Im probably going to fall asleep when running because its so early lol. BLAH i really wanted to sleep in saturday. oh well I can only hope to improve my time by 2 minutes in the last two days lol. well im going to go ttyl laters~jiba

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Im going to post again though i didnt get any comments yesterday. This is going to be a short post because i have to start on my homework.

Yesterday we had a track meet in Taylorville. Mr. Flohr made me run the 1600 again. What a surprise, i got a 7:52 and didnt improve at all on my time wohoo! Well anyways i dont care about my times anymore because this is our last week of track. Only the sectionals and state runners will have track next week. So tommorw is going to be my last official track meet. SO excited, ill try to set my personal record. Hopefully mr. flohr wont put me in the sectionals.

Anyways the main reason why i posted was becasue we had our first softball game today. well currently it is pouring down rain! They purposley made us play in they rain to their advantage. The empire was so crazy. Molly made many strikes and they didnt call it. UGHH Im really mad right now! They made like 10 runs and we got out only 3. But since it started to rain really hard afterwards they called it off and are rescheduling. lol hopefully we wll do better anyways i better be going, i have tons of projects aand homework to get to. well ttyl love ~jiba

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Monday, May 8, 2006

hello everyone! I thought I should post because I am terribly bored. I cant find anything to do to keep myself occupied. There is absolutely nobody online on my aim buddylist! And Ive already finished my homework at school. Though we got new projects which I havent started on, but they are mostly due my the end of the week or the next. Id rather wait till the last day to do that crap. I cant stand all the work they are giving us! Today in Language Arts we got a new project where we have to write our own mystery, that has to be like 5 pages long! UGHH projects after more projects! bLA

Today was a pretty good. In P.E. we picked our teams for soccer. My team pretty much sucked cuz none us can play soccer. Well anyway we had to play the hardest team with these guys, who were so much better than us. You could tell that they were purposely played easy with us. We tried so hard to get 3 goals, they totally beat us by like 15 lol! Thats how awesome our soccer team is!!

Third hour literature we watched the rock raps. zour group did a mix with the song Grillz. Our song was too ghetto for people to like lol. But i looked like such a dork singing the chorus. We even put on some bling by using aluminum foil, you aint as fresh as im iz lol. But the other raps were so hilarious. The dancing made me laugh the most. It was pretty funny because its not everyday you see people act and look so ghetto lol. My last ours were boring like usual, nothing exciting happened.

Then we had track practice. Today was my officialy last practice because the next weeks are for sectionals and state. So i pushed myself really hard today. Tommorrow theres going to be a track meet in Tayloreville. Luckily i am not going to be running because they are only taking the top two runners for each event. I AM SO HAPPY!! But today Mr. Flohr came up to be and said that I was going to be running the mile in the sections. I dont think that is going to happen when there are so many other great runners that get better times than me, but he was like "you deserve to be in sectionals". lol well i dont know how thats going to work out but yeah. My post is getting way to long. Well talk to you laters love ~jiba

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Saturday, May 6, 2006

hello everybody! if you havent knoticed yet, I finally put up the new layout. I couldnt make up my mind on changing the theme because not many people have seen my KH2 layout. owell its their fault for not visiting. Anyway I worked on this over Spring break along with some other layouts. And I decided to put this one up since it fits the Spring time. You might have seen these pictures because I just basically used photoshop brushes to create an image. I just really loved the peacefulness with the butterflies and flowers. There are a few things i need to fix such as the background. The only problem is that i cant align it to the picture. but on internet explorer when you click links it fixes it almost lol. But im telling you, the archieves is not pretty, its like one post on top of another lol. Well do you like it, hate it? id love to see some comments!

As for school, I still have to finish up my language arts project and do some of that history project. I already told you that im going to be busy this weekend, so sorry if i cant visit. Today i managed to get to most of you who have updated. Well anyways i will talk to you latesr love ~jiba

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