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Monday, March 20, 2006

hello! i thought id post, its been too long! i only post when there somethings interesting going on wth my life. and yet nothing has happened since the tornado. ok guess i can post about the weather? its supposedly going to snow like [blizzard] sometime around 10. i am anticipating because i dont want to go to school tommorow. so used to school being off from last week. and right now it doesnt seem like anything is going to happen. but i have to be optimistic!

did i ever mention that i made the track team?! you should congradulate me even though every 8th grader made it who tried out because the limit of 20 didnt show up. i am still not in shape, hahahaha. Today i went to see if i could jump the hurdles. and of course just when i nailed it, mr. flohr tells us to stop, he didnt even see if i did it right. which means hurdles is not going to be my event...or maybe i am running long distance? who knows! but ya i made the team!

anyway i want to rant to fill up the black space on my layout. What to talk about, new layout? yes i am intending on making one for april. any ideas? have any wallpapers you suggest? speaking of wallpapers i submited 4 and over 200 downloads is the status, sweet!! now if only that many people visited me. well i am going to take my leave! leave me comments to make me feel loved!~jiba

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Huge news! I am sick as it is with the stomach flu. BLA ive never had it before, but it makes you want to throw up like every ten minutes and stomach aches EWW!!

Anyway most of you wont be reading this until you get back from school. well last night this disastrous tornado came into springfield. I cant remember the last time that it was sooo severe. Its really random and unexpected.

It happened to thunder on Saturday too but not like it affected anything. Then around 7 oclock On Sunday lightening striked, a mixture of house damaging hail/rain winds which caused the power outlet to go off, so we had no electricity. It lasted till like 2 am.

I might be exaggerating but it was serious enough to talk about. Some groceries and stores have been damaged, street signals broke, and poeple have died. Luckily our neighborhood was no affected. I am so greatful that i was with my family at the time.

Currently its a little gusty and strong winds so school is cancelled! ^____^ But I was going to skip anyway because im sick, which sucks. Maybe I shall not go to school tommorow? I think thats the plan well anyway, just thought id fill you in with something exciting. my lifes pretty dull. well laters everyone and take care!~jiba out!

EDIT: i forgot to mention that today is


15th birthday!

(click on their names) you might also know them as the twins. Go Congrats them! I made a card for them. What do you think?

CLicKto SEe tHe CaRd

I was bored so i made my first wallpaper!
First Wallpaper

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

i am going to make this quick and short. i feel like such a horrible otaku friend because i havent posted or commented for like a week! sorry peoples. A little busy and lazy on my part. With track and homework, it really takes up my energy for the rest of the day. BUt tommorows the last day of tryouts! so running practice should get easier soon.

Tho today sucked more than ever! I was already coming down with a headche/fever. and if you kno me, i never want to take risks of skipping practice. bUt that was a mistake, my stomach started hurting all of the sudden and i felt like barfing because i exceed the limits of pushing myself. AND they took names today GRRR >_< i barely could keep pace with others. Today was just BLAH! thats how i can put it. cross your fingers and wish me luck for tommorow cuz i really want to make the team! laters, oh by the way the comments are back in the top right corner. for some reason when i put music it does that, too tired to fix that so ttyls and remember najibah loves you if she doesnt get to your websites^___^

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Hey everyone today was a half day, so we only had periods 1-3! I wish school days only lasted till 11am everyday. But thats not reality :P Well nothing new except I played around with the layout again. I cant fix the "comment" and "archives" underneath the post. So if you are wondering where it went, its at the top left corner :-] Another thing i am trying to work on is the music player, for some reason it doesnt show up, grr! We have no homework for today but many projects, gah the teachers these days! >:( Idk why i am inside its a really nice outside, so im going to run for track tomorrow. My feet are in pain as I speak. Mr. Flohr said running will only cure that! AHH! lol I dont know how that works! Lets just hope I can walk tommorow. takl to u laters~jiba

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Jiba is really glad that you like the new theme. :) I guess all that work payed off, but im still not done. i wont be getting to it until later this weekend cuz of track and homework. well anyhow today was tryouts for track! Hardly anyone showed up, this year is going to be boring. i was nowhere close to being in shape. I cant even remember the last time I ran. lol ya but surprisingly it wasnt so bad. All we did was the continuous 20 minute running and warmups. It was a fairly easy day considering mr. flohr talked more than 30 minutes, lol. We'll have to see till thursday, my legs will probably be aching in pain by then lol. UGH i wish tryouts were only one day. well i have to get to my homework.~jiba

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

I finally got to my new layout! Many hours of work, AND its not completely finished yet. :P Im a beginner with photoshop so i played around with brushes and learned from tutorials to get it just right. I hope you like it! Its based on the game Final Fantasy VIII, the characters are Squall and Rinoa! I found all this great music so i had to put it on my site, ill later do that! Special thanks to Teri for fixing a few things!  *huggles* Now you should see her new theme, it is amazing! well this week went by fast, too busy with school XP. And Monday i tryout for track. Crap im nowhere close to being in shape. lol i wonder how thats going to turn out, just wish me luck. Well i have to go do homework now, GRR!! The teachers keep on giving us work they need to know that we have better to do with our lives!!~jiba 

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

just a quick post cuz i have to get to my homework =P. not much having in my life right now. Today we have to go to school to pick up our science fair projects. Wish me luck cuz i really want a good grade. i spent so much time experimenting and such and before the day it was due i stayed uptil 1 am >_< i looked like a zombie when i arrived at school, but so did other people lol. Yep next monday is try outs for track. now thats awkward, i guess the coach is looking for competetive and serious runners. W/E wish me luck and hopefully i will have my physical turned in time, long story. ^__^;; yup so its almost March, which means its time for a theme change. But i dont have any ideas and wallpaper. do u guys have any suggestions? I want it to be based on spring or st. patricks day. idk ill have to see. OH yea i downloaded photoshop for free, im still a beginner so my designing sucks, its so complicated!! anyways talk to you laters! ~jiba

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hola! I would have posted sooner but myo was having some server difficulties! Grr Im not patient! ok I’ll start off about the convention mmk? It was the most fun I had in awhile, we partied but I got pretty tired of talking and hanging out. It was basically the same as last year. The 8th graders have a hotel room to theirselves. YES! I shared a room with vanessa, nancy, liz, and erin kind of. =) yup then later at like 7:45 we attended the lame convention. beta club administrators gave their speeches. Then we elected new beta club president, the campaigns were awful…no offense lol, it was a total waste of time. Id rather spend that time taking pictures of people=)  they eventually got pissed cuz I took the camera everywhere…OCOME ON. Sucks cuz they all turned out blurry, I swear I wasn’t shaking!


Then the bad luck…...first we get locked out because we go to the vending machines to get ice and all of us forget that we need our keys. OH &Nancy was in spandex AHHAHAHHAHA I still laugh at that. =] Anyway Mrs. Johnson was surprised cuz were considered  “the brightest students”. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but of course there has to be gay neighbors complaining on us. “Exuse me sir, Is this a hotel you are running? Whats happening? I mean this is ridiculous! Ridiculous!”  said the crazy feller. >:o We weren’t even making any noise. luckily the manger guy came and opened it for us. Then Mrs. Johnson went around and taped the doors cuz we arent allowed to leave after 11 pm. Around 12pm mrs. Johnson suddenly knockes on our door and we open it. Then she goes “pack your bags, your tape is undone, call ur parents now!” now we never touched the door…she was considerate cuz nancy the perfect straight a angel student that she is would be the last person to get in trouble. So she believed us and we could stay for good! Thank you J


Later Parris who is Vanessas boyfriend pranked us. It was unexpected but well planned because we were already afraid as it was. But the entire night was of phone calls! Shhesh I had no idea how much my friends talked! But there would literally be a phone call every 5 minutes. Me and and nancy couldn’t sleep. the most was like an hour. Everybody in the other rooms were still awake too. Yup then the next day me liz and nancy woke up at 6 and went to the work out room. Then we chilled with some friends in the hottub and talked and stuff. Then ate breakfast got ready and attended the rest of the convention. Franklin won the talent show cuz of the clayton kid who played a really hard violin piece. DamN he was good! Like a professional there was a standing obayssion. Yes and then franklin won like five other awards and Nancy won the math competition award. Horray get into the falcon spirit!


Later we walked to arbys for lunch and headed on home. I immediately fell asleep when I came back. Well that was a really long post. So Ill leave it at that. You don’t have to read this whole post. Just comment me!! and I will love you. Today is Friday and I did nothing after school. People invited me to go to the movie “Date movie”. I decided not to cuz Vanessa wasn’t coming and plus too many random people and guys were going. So Ill have to see what happens tomorrow.  Well that’s it for my week. One more important thing! Today or 2/17/06 is my love Vanessa or Bebopinutirgun188 14th Birthday! I want you to wish her a big happy birthday! Alrighty ill try to get to your sites everybody!~Jiba

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Horray Im glad you like the new theme. Honestly it didnt take much time! About thirty minutes, I just plugged in links. It turned out really pink! I mean its not a bad color but too much of it might make you sick! lol alright anyways yesterday was fun. My friends gave me a ride to the valentines dance. Like usual i didnt have a date, not that i want one! So i just danced with them. I usually dont go to the dances cuz they are lame and play same old songs and ones that you cant dance to. :p But it was great fun, cuz i hanged with the coolest person in world Vanessaaa!!! yup yup so that was my friday. On to the plans for the weekend! Saturday or today I might go to a birthday party for these two girls. Its snowing continusly its like already five inches?? i might not be able to go :( I dont know what i am to do on Sunday. then monday we have no school but since i am in the beta club, there is a convention i am going to attend.  its really boring when they give the speeches in the auditorium but the talents shows are pretty exciting. No but this year we get to stay in the hotel over night! And then we are allowed to swim. its going to be a partayy! im sharing a room with four people including vanessa. Aint it sweet? heck yes!! nothings gonna bring me down! i deserve something fun cuz it was just my bday last week. yup yup well talk to yall laters!!!


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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


2006-02-08 18:05:54

Get hungry, pink, sweet and be ready for the new theme! I should have it up by today : -) If you dont like girly things you probably might not enjoy it. But I just had to put it up because of Valentines Day. I will be changing it afterwards. I usually just make a new theme each month. Um nothing new has happened at school. Tho we got our "Explore Tests" back. Which supposedly determines your future career, but not really : - ( And it turned out, what i wanted to be as my choices of which they prefered to take for colledge. I dont even what to think of that right now cuz i am only in the 8th grade!  The composition or the total you could get was a possible 25. I got 20 if i can remember right. other smarty pants got like 22 23 so i scored ok. it showed which subjects you are good at. And i did the best in math? o_O which is awkward cuz i suck at algebra 2! Well that pretty much sums up my day. Off to my homework! X-( have a good day!

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