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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Since we only had 2 days of school this week i still feel like its summer. im not going to get used to waking up at 6 oclock in the morning and just the weekend. today i was so tired i woke up at 9am. i dont know if im ready for school again!

i finally have the new layout up. it based on luna lovegood from harry potter. i like the background wallpaper shes such a funny character. but i dont know what to do for the post box. i dont like the color pink is just gross lol? i dont why. tell me what you think about it. i think im going to get bored of it real soon. lol i can never chose a layout that i like to keep for a long time. well i have to go. thanks for commenting!! JIBA

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Friday, August 24, 2007

hey peoples well school has offically started for me .I did enjoy coming back. but im going to get tired by next week. so far weve only had two days. i kind of like my classes. but i have to wake up to spanish. here is my schedule: Spanish
Cons Ed
i have art like last year 6th hour but i dont have the same teacher! and i chose her. it totally sucks im going to miss people who were in my art class. it was pretty much my funnest hour. but now all the seniors are gone..that were cool. now i have these two other girls. you guys wont know but their names are Becky and Miranda there both whores lol but dont tell them i said that...im not so excited for that part. the teachers suck..luck me it had to be for spanish and chemistry. they bore me to death. the chemisty lady didnt even know what time the class would be over and she has written it on her board. she asked us where it was and she was standing right under it. lololo. theres this really annoying kid i know from art that sits behind me and bothered me so much today. well i have to go. im going to be changing this layout i dont like all the pink. does anybody think i should do a harry potter one? except nikki of course ^_^

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

good bye summer hello school and homework projecsts, boring teachers and what ever else that sounds awful. one of my friends went back to school last friday and shes already sick of it lol

and tomorrow i also am going back to school. 10th grader! in a way im kind of excited to see my friends again and the new people classes schedules and stuff. that doesnt sound soooooo bad.

OH yeah today i got my bag i order online from the store 21. i absolutely love it. thers a pic of the eiffel tower on it. and blue and white stripes. i wish i could show u the pic but tey dont have it up anymore.

so yea summers kind of getting boring too. well wish me luck. i gotta go ttyl JIBA

hellokitty is so cute im going to try getting every sanario character up!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

wow you would definately not like this theme if you dont like pink and girly!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

last time i updated it said i had 17 days left until school starts now i have 1 but i dont count today. So i go back on this thursday!

yesterday i went with vanessa to go see harry potter 5. we planned to go see it when she came back so i didnt watch it yet. we havent seen each other since last summer! gosh i wore heels and i still came short to her. i think im never going to grow.(im like 5'1").

the movie wasnt as good as i hoped it to be. not too many funny parts. i had alot of coffee yesteraday and couldnt sleep so almost fell asleep at the theaters. lolol personally my favs was 2nd and 4th one. Which movie is your fav?

im going to be working on a new layout its based on hello kitty.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

im gonna update. thanks guys i worked hard on them layouts. yeah xanga was cool in the 7th grade but i checked back on it, the icons, free music, and blogrings and it struck me why did i ever delete my account. so i had to get a new one. i got it for pics (FOTOGRAPHEE) but then i started making lays and icons. now i have subcribers and i did two requests and 2 contests. hopefully they win.
ugh schools gonna start in like 17 days. i really have to stop counting days lol. i hope u like the new layout. its based on hairspray. well gotta enjoy the rest of my summer..cya

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Im just a little bored

for the past week ive been making alot of layouts. not myotaku particular. xanga. i just miss it why did so many go to myspace? and then now its facebook

tell me what u think of the lay

if you want to see more click here


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Monday, July 9, 2007

quick update.

i went to chicago on the 26th of june. i have not been here for a while. so i guess ill update. i went with my dad because he had a ceminar. my dad gets to stay at fancy hotels as he travels and luckily since it was summer i could go for free. we stayed at the palmer house hilton. which is the biggest and one of the best hotels in america. :) it was exciting. the hotel is over a hundred years and like john f kennedy and some other presidents did campaigns there its really pretty. there are like 23 floors. and the hotel is located in the heart of down town chicago. so attractions are just a few miles away. i went to the millenium park which opened a few years ago. its great they spent like a billion dollars for it. here are some pics. we bought a new camera there but not a memory card because were to cheap since we have one at home. so i could take like 7 pics. it sucked. this ones not mine but this is 'the bean'
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i went to the fountain too i dont know the name. this man drew a pic of me there which seemed for ever.

walking to millenium park

millenium park. (not mine) [the fountains with the faces shoot water and water comes pouring down. everyday ppl go there in their swimming suits and take a shower.] i didnt want to return to the hotel wet, it would be kinda bad.

when i would get bored i could just walk to stores like forever 21 claires payless wetseal old navy. i didn't buy much tho. urban outfitters had a place for some books they were really whacky subjects. like 100 things to do bfore u die. and others i cant remember. i spent a lot of time just looking through the books.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

summer break has offically started

well atleast it has been since june 30th since i was exempted from my finals. some other schools that are not 186 had no choice. all you had to do was have good grades for you third and fourth quarter like no ds or fs and a certain grade point average. missed no less than four days and have no less than 2 detentions or inhouse, suspensions, etc. i was so glad or other wise school would have ended just yesterday and that would have totally sucked.

lets try and summerize my last days. well it dragged on. we had a litter school fight. nothing too extreme just a little fries and chocolate milk
got some seniors. there so immature. it wasnt funny. our table was far back from the main area. but there was people throwing stuff behind us. it almost got someone. this annoying kid piff threw a soda bottle and it hit a random person. she like fell to the floor. he hid and i was trying to control my laugh. it wasnt that bad no serious injuries. hahah

i went to my brothers graduation on june 2nd. i thought it would be the longest 60 minutes ever. but guess not. we sat in the back and could barely see my brother when he recieved his diploma. so i grabbed my camera and went up close when they started calling out names. surprisingly they went backwards. which is convient because our last name
is Zaman which begins with a Z. it went really fast. i knew alot of people graduating. i was kinda sad cuz three of my senior friends werent going to be in my art class and they are like the life of the party in that class. they make laugh every time i stop by their table. we got some pics. hey if u have a facebook tell me and ill add you. ^___^

yup well dontt wanna write too much cuz i dont think anyones gonna read this. but i bet were all so excited for summer break!! cya and watch out for a new layout ~jiba

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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Saturday, April 7, 2007

peterpan lol

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