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Friday, May 5, 2006

hello everybody! i hope you guys are doing good. this week has been good i guess. School seemed to go by slowly maybe its because of all the track meets which make me super tired. BlA im now having thoughts of quitting track. I dont even know why i joined. The whole team sucks pretty much since theres not enough people to be put in the races. But i need to stay fit, thats the main reason why i joined and also because I dont have anything better to do at my house. But seriously im nowhere near good at running. But im not gonna spend time ranting on about track, because there wouldnt be any point. We only have a few more meets until the track season is over. So might as well stay on the team. I just brought that up because sooner or later theres not going to be anyone to hang with at practice and meets.

Maybe im just complaining that today was one of the hardest practices ever. gRr Mr. Flohr is evil!!! He was mad today because we did awful at our last meet, so he decided to take out his anger on us. You cant expect people to do good at events that they have never ran before. So he decides to make this Friday one of the hardest practices ever. He forced everybody to run under 4 minutes for the half mile. And because two girls didnt make it he made us run another 2 laps. Then he made us run 1/4 of mile or one lap under 2 minutes. It was so fffing hard. BLAA i hate track. Mr. flohr is planning to put me in the sectionals, psh yeah right as if. Pushing us so hard at practice wont do us any good, not like im magically going to impove on my time, not going to happen lol

well other than that, schools been pretty boring. I have many projects to finish up over the weekend. And im too tired to get to it. If i dont get to ur sites today, ill promise to visit some other time. Right now im going to go relax my legs are aching in pain from running today. ttyl najibah loves you!!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Hello everybody! I haven’t been here at the otaku for so long. I’m not surprised that i got 4 comments on my last post. I seem to be very lazy and busy these days. One word to describe me right now is tired. My week pretty much consisted of homework and tiring track meets.

Yesterday we ran against Chatham Middle School. So many people came, I didnt know any of them at all. My friend Ashtyn knew all these people from her gymnastics or something. There were a few good runners,  not to mention hot guys, or maybe it seems that way since the boys at our school are ugly. But anyway some of the Chatham people got better times than the best people on our team!! Which tells how well we are going to do in sectionals and state, that is if we qualify for it. I still dont know if we won the meet lol. Well anyway Franklin did an awesome overall.

And you want to know my times...ok me and my friend Katie sort of skipped the 1600 because we thought there were two heats for it like the other track meets, but I guess not. so we ended up missing our events. That’s too bad for the team not that i wanted to run. So we decided to make that up by running the 800.. which we later found out  was the other event that we were already supposed to run in. lol so yeah that was pretty easy, I ran the half mile in 3:22! Wohoo I have improved 10 seconds. I also threw the discuss. I was kind of upset that my farthest throw was like 30 feet! Lol

Yesterday was a half day so Vanessa invited me to go to the mall with her. We went shopping for her confirmation dress. We pretty much spent 3 hours roaming around for the dress. We even went to the massaging chairs! Which im never going to do again because it felt like it was stabbing us, i suggest that you go to a real massaging place lol. Later we went to the arcade but I never got to play DDR because these two guys who purposely went in front of us, they knew that we were going to play after we left to get vanessas credit card. So we stayed there for like 10 minutes and watched them show off their dancing. Pshh i could do so much better lol. But then I had to go home because my parents decided to get all mad at me because I didn’t inform them about going somewhere after school. Now they think im irresponsible. BLAh I don’t know if I grounded but he was like are to never go anywhere without or permission again UgHGH

well anyway just thought Id let you know about my week so far. Tomorrow there is another track meet so wish me luck! Hopefully I can get better times. well talk to u laters love ~jiba

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

i usually dont post on school days since i know that you guys are busy. so ill make this post quick and easy for you to comment^__^

i came back from the city track meet. yes i said cityy even though weve had only 2 since the others were cancelled. Anyway i would have arrived home earlier but i didnt have a ride so i ended having to stay like three hours more even after I finished my events. so i rode the activity bus :p and there was no one to talk to well there were these girls who sang more like screamed the entire ride lol. BUt so glad we had no homework or atleast its not due until monday, i think.

anyway the city meet went good, hopefully franklin won because i wasnt paying attention lol. Me and my friends were joking around most of the time. julia kept on shouting at guys they knew from the other schools about how liz had secret crushes on them, after awhile it had reached to like every other guy and then some dirty thoughts...But seriously some of them were pretty fine. I hadnt realized this how hot this guy was from our school. his name is *Noah* sighh. thats the good thing about track them hot guys ^_^;; then bankole stole parris favorite hat so they had a little fight. Too bad Parris doesnt run like that in his events lol. but it was pretty funny!

My events were the 1600 or the mile. I ran it under in 7:50 and placed 9th. i didnt improve at all from the invitational xP i feel so unaccomplsihed. Well atleast i had a great smile when i finsihed! I think i was supposed to run the half mile also...not like i would be able to beat them, they are majorly fast! Im like nowhere compared to their speed and talents xD If only that was me placing first....lol

Schools going by slowly and i just want it to come to an end. the homework and projects i just cant handle so much work when we have track practice like everyday! BLAH but tomorrow there is the school talent show! Im not cool enough to be in it...alot of my friends are going to be singing, dancing, or playing some sort of music. They better make it interesting and good! But im definately going to it, probably with nessa, i know im not going to stay home this weekend! well happy friday everyone lol. its past my bedtime i have to get to sleep. well talkto yall laters much love~jiba

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hello everyone^^ its about time Najibah posted on her otaku right? I’m sorry if you have been visiting me, while I haven’t been updating! Thought id quick post before i go to the Jefferson invite. I hate waking up early!! saturday is my day to rest and  sleep in. ok well im feeling nervous though i doubt ill be running in alot of events. my legs are out of shape cuz i didnt run yesterday. When i get back ill go in to detail about my week back from spring break and the track invitational.

ok well I was about to post in the morning but i completley forgot to click the add post button! but atleast nobody went on the computer and crossed off the box. well okay this week went by slowly but yet fast...We had a track meet against lincolm on wednesday and it didnt rain!!  it was about to though cuz half of the sky was sunny and the other was cloudy and dark, pretty spectacular. well my events were the 800 or half mile. I placed like 8th out of 15 in 3:35 sucked compared to my friends, they beat me by like 20 seconds! BLAA well this was my first meet so im hoping to improve.

Thursday we pretty much had the whole 8th grade go to the bowling alley across the street in reward of taking the state tests. I sort of lost Vanessa in the crowd so we ended up getting different lanes. After a while i got tired of hanging with the lame group and sarahs laughing...shes so weird xP So i decided to hang out with other peoples and that got boring too. But I cant complain because we got to skip our last 2 classes. Later that night we went to the Beta club ceremony where the leaders presented their speeches and the students were recognized for their good citizenship and volunteering for the community. 

Then Friday was awesommme. After school I decided to hang with my friend Kate because I didnt have track practice. We planned to go to the mall but instead we walked to her house. We rode bikes to the park and sad hi to strangers and later had pizza yummm. I brought back my childhood memories, good times!

And as for today i attended the invite and ran in the 1600 or the mile. I placed 5th with a time of 7:35! i paced myself so i could race the girl infront of me on my last lap! I could barely breath when i finished! after i had calmed down me and my friends just hanged around then i had to go. But Franklin definately won the invitation! They will read out the top runners monday morning over the intercom and maybe ill hear my name!! lol well i have to be going now. I have to get started on my ffiing projects. So Im going to be very busy this sunday..Oh and we have softball practice tommorw. Haha these days ive been so active. Wow i better end this post its getting really long. well talk to you laters love ~jiba

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I would have posted last night but it was getting too late and i was falling asleep by that time^^ Well I ended up having to cancel plans with nessa in watching scary movie 4. But im glad she got to watch it with a whole bunch of other people at our school, more like 20 people! Sounds like it would have been really fun. But my parents didnt let me go because my aunt called and invited us for a potluck since it was the Bangladesh (the country my parents are from which i can speak) new year!

The party couldnt have been any more boring. thats all you ever hear from me these days right? yeah but really there wasnt much to do but talk to some bangali friends, none of them were the same age as me. I sort of had my own circle lol. But i did enjoy the food! it was delicious like usual. I overloaded on the sweets and deserts. But you cant blame me, too good to resist!

Today is saturday and i have no plans as of right now. Im not planning to go outside with any one since there isnt anything to do. But I really want to watch that movie since everybody was like it was really great but i cant ask nessa to come to watch it again just for me. Ill probably just order a movie on paperview. They have some good choices lately under 5 bucks and since we had dvr i can record it and watch it over as many times, awesome!

Other than that spring break is almost over. ive really been unproductive. But i finished 3 layouts atleast now i dont have to worry about my themes for the next months or so! For once im looking forward to going to school did i just say that?! Yup well talk to yall later and happy early easter!! ttyl ~jiba

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Friday, April 14, 2006

After yesterdays comments Ive changed my mind about my layout. Maybe it was just me trying to be a perfectionist, Im never satisfied with my layouts. Thanks I really needed your opinions. I got a total of 9 comments and you know how to appreciate my works ^___^ Well since you guys love it so much i might be keeping it up longer than i had planned. As for Nessa, shes still working on her kingdom hearts 2 theme. We kind of had a competiton to see who could make a better layout and like usual she beat me xD check her tester website to see for your self!

As for my other layout i worked on over spring break, I finally finished it. Heres a preview, i got the thumbnail idea from Dany, I hope she doesnt mind. There arent any images besides the pictures from the brushes. I sort of played around and filtered different parts. It completely fits spring, with the flowers and butterflies. Anyway i just thought Id inform you on the next theme. =)

As for todays plans...My friends invited me to go watch Scary Movie 4 with them. I think its going to be funny, in the creepy way XD We havent figured out what time and whos coming so we'll have to see. But you bet Im going, time to hang out with my friends. Its spring break and i havent had any fun ;___; well ttyl~jiba

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

HEY nAjIbaHs back! well as you can see i finally have the layout up. I spent the most time on this theme than any other one. Maybe because I figured out the whole mapping. I had to play around with codes and numbers until i got it to fit the buttons, so id rather like you not asking, its too complicated! Soooo what are your thoughts about it?

Personally im not very pleased with it. A bit too dark, I painted stars and points on the cloud background to fill up the space and to bring out the picture. And It still doesnt have that professional look to it. feels somewhat unorganized since i dont have any of your links to ur sites and things. I think im gonna stick with the navigation tables and such, they have more links and its way easier! So this layout might not be up on my website for too long as you can see from my rambling on how im not satisfied with it. I might switch it with another layout I have been working on over Spring Break. I added 5 new songs based on the theme. Including Frou Frou!! Please speak your mind about my Kingdom Hearts 2 layout ok lol thanks?!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Its about time jiba updated right? yeah im not too happy with the commenting on myotaku lately. i only had 3 on my last post ;__; i think i might know why though. Its because i add posts right before the otaku starts a new day which is around 11pm. but anyway i couldn't blame you cuz i havent been visiting your sites either. But i will try my best now that its spring break!!

yes *throws confetti in the air* its something to be happy about but see its getting boring and its only the 2nd day, not counting the weekend. It sucks when you cant get out of the house because i have no rides! I pretty much spend the day watching tv and playing video games and after awhile that gets boring too. so then i switch to the computer and work on my theme. which i have almost finished. Me and Nessa chatted yesterday about our new layouts and its going to be based on Kingdom Hearts since the second one came out. So keep an eye out for it! I know how much you will love it.  

Not alot has happened since last week. school kinda went by slowly. i even fell asleep in my classes, and the teachers didnt even mind lol. i guess my body cant take the workout from track, so I easily get tired. lol We run over 4 miles each day! and to some people its as easy like that. I swear theyre like machines! But all that hard work was pointless cuz the track meet on thursday was cancelled. The one time i actually wanted to run in my events but of course the ffing weather had to ruined it, it randomly started to rain! the weathers a bitch lol just 3 weeks ago it was snowing and currently its bright and sunny!

So yeah my days are really uneventful. saturday me and Nessa went shopping. and she got to spend her cornucopia of bday money! She bought this cd called jack's mannequin, you should buy their album, they rock! And I bought myself new shirts from illister and wetseal. One of them had these two characters of a popcorn bag and a soda. and the quote was "better together" its more of a shirt you would wear at the movies lol but it was too cute to resist! well yeah im going to stop rambling on and boring you guys so i will go now. talk to u laters! lots of love!~jiba

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Sunday, April 2, 2006

hello everyone! i thought i should post since i havent in a long time. i usually dont come to otaku unless something interesting is going on with my life. yeah so friday was the spring dance i think. Vanessa invited me so i decided to go because i didnt have anything better to do. So when we arrived we saw that no one was there. just annoying 6th graders and random 8th graders. pretty sucky dance. So we decided to ditch the school to go to the mall near by with Liz and Mada!! wohoo and then we found that two of our other friends, Liz and Maggie were there aswell! haha great minds think alike. So yeah as we walked to burlington coat factory and out of nowehere this siren went off near a store. it was so freaking loud! how hilarious that we panicked and screamed! anyway afterwards we headed back to the school. good times!

Then Saturday there was an engagement in Chicago. i was really prepared because they told me this just after i woke up. Blah so i kinda speed packed because we were staying at a hotel!! the driving was pretty boring but i finished alot of my homework! then we dressed up and went to the party. there were so many people there! I had to introduce myself to like an endless line of people. And im not the person who likes to meet new people. But it was great, we talked about traditions and hanged around for sometime and i really enjoyed the food!! lol i cant wait till the actual marriage, its going to be tons of fun!

Today we had to wake up real early to get the breakfast at the hotel. then we packed our stuff and went shopping. the one reason why i love chicago. though i didnt buy alot of clothes. we just kinda visited and checked out the stores and malls. Then my parents went grocery shopping and we finally went home. We came upon a tornado. Luckily it didnt destroy anything this time. but it was ffing scary yet sweet! so dark and we saw the cyclone, but it was raining like crazy! UGH I hate home, its such a boring place and the same old people. lol but i still love my friends. I just like getting out of the small town...Springfield. I dont want to go back to school. WAHH :'( lol well i have to go now talk to yalls laters!!~jiba   

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Today was an early dismissal so we got out of school at 1:30. At first i was feeling sick and wanted to go home so I owuldn have to run track. But i take that back because today was actually fun! we did our stretches and form running and stuff like normal and then it just randomly starts snowing! I would compare it to like dip and dots size snow! ^__^

So the 7th and 6th graders got to go inside because the had to get their uniforms so we 8th graders had to run in the snow! all we were doing was goofying off/running. too bad mr. flohr wasnt timing us, hahahhaha but we did run alot today a total of 2 miles! But every lap we would reach the far side of the field and hang around.

Laura, molly, and I were throwing snow at each other while other people were making snow angels and some people purposely fell in the mud. it was great, the coach was like you 8th graders kno better than that, the younger students are supposed to look up to you! it was hilarious! everybody was all dirty and sick looking, it was awesome.

so track practice was good but school is blah like always. Our history teacher assigned us a new project with the timeline magazine and math i have no clue how to graph hyperbolas, parabola, conic crap! so im just going to leave that up to another time. well thats it for my day. TOday is Friday! wohoooo i need plans, hopefully me and Vanessa can hang today. well ttyl Jiba out!

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