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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

New Theme should be up SooN!

thanks to vanessa i almost have a new theme made. i am trying to fix a few codes such as the fonts and the tables before i put it up. im amazed how people master them and make their sites look so good. I try but im bad at memorizing codes and plus i dont have alot of time on my hand. even if i did, i am very slow. you know..i dont mind if anybody wanted to teach me any tricks and codes. ^__^ so the theme is for valentines day, it girly, cute, and pink!

So about school, since science fair is done we dont have alot of homework, it seems like it. But im not complaining. Oh yeah we are bowling in P.E. class! I scored a 66 today, thats a sucky score. lol well it was like my first time without bummpers, SO HAH! its great cuz our school is right by the lanes. Its like a five minute walk, pretty convenient. If only some one would drive us there! lol I shouldnt sound that lazy cuz track is going to start. this year we have to earn our spot on the team and there are try outs??!! that so lame! there only taking like 20 girls that means u have to be really good :( no fun. well i have to go sorry if i cant get to ur sites today! hope your week goes good everyone! ~jeeba



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Thursday, February 2, 2006

do u know what day it is? hint hint groundhogs day! well ok thats not so important but what it is is that today is my birthday! Yupp I turned fourteen "the big one four"! lol half the people on otaku are older than me! its a good thing i get advice and comments from bigger people. well this year I am not having a party. but i get tons of money, so thats always good! okay so im in a happy mood right now cus im trying to step aside my science fair..which is due tomorrw! *gulp* i cant wait til its over, no more stress about it ever again! So yeah my school day was boring as usual. Since its my bday my family will probably take me to a fancy dinner tonight. if not ill just chill with my friends on the weekend. whats cooler than that eh? Vanessa might go see the movie: When A Stranger Calls. Well today will be spent pretty much doing science fair, wish me luck! ^___^ Look you guys our fabulous Yen made me a birthday card, thanks i love it!  wish i knew how to make them! Its so cute! 

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

uh i havent been on otaku for some time. sorry for that! thanks for commenting tho. ill try my hardest to get to yalls but lately ive been stuck with science fair >_< and homework. Its due in less than a week, so thats all i am doing saturday and sunday. yeah i should get busy. Um yup thats pretty much it. Lifes boring there needs to be something randomly exciting happening. I hope everybodys weekend if full of fun unlike mine. ^____^ cya ~Jiba

EDIT: I just found out that its the chinese new year! so I made a little Card!i tried making a new theme, but thats taking up too much of my time. well laters! Image hosting by Photobucket

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

OMG its the weekend! well i dont know about u but im thinking of having some fun. shh ill push my science fair aside, nobody will know. okay anyways im thinking of going to the movies to watch Narnia or shopping with peoples! my parents said they would give me alot of money for my b-day which is feb 2 (groundhogs day) since this year i am not celebrating with so many friends. once u invite some one person in a group and someone is excluded i feel really bad >_< so thats y im not having one. i make it up to them by buying gifts for them at christmas time or soemthing like that. i usually have them at the bowling alley. its great fun. well yep so i will spend my money on clothes and cds and dvds and such, im so happy!

sorry if i didnt get to peoples websites the last few days too hung up on homework and school. atleast i have three pages of my review of lit don theres an accomplishment. u know how people have random questions these days?well heres mine: What is your favorite shopping store? mines personally is hollister, even though there clothes are expensive. well off to some otaku websites. cya <3 jiba

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

hey peoples! today is wednesday and that means were back to school :( so yeah since its the beginning of second semester, we have new classes which was for me, P.E. i used to have art class. more than half the people are from choir! well so yeah whats cool is that our school has ddr! im not the greatest tho, but i wouldnt mind competeing. I decided to finish this book the "the outsiders" that hour so yes it was really boring. i read the book in two days lol. im not a book worm if thats what ur thinking. its that i never got to it because i was preparing for finals, so i did really bad on the quiz o_0 Oh well! so i wonder when we get our report cards i know i have an A in language arts and today i found that i have A- in science. Im so anxious! i doubt that i have an A in math tho >_< oh good news! i have to do a review of lit for science fair and i just found out that since its a rough draft, it doesnt have to be seven pages! horray only 3! by the way there double spaced but yea I already have 2 done! ^____^ I worked extra hard yesterday though i was distracted cus of the illini game and american idol try outs. wow there was this really scary hobo guy with out shoes that was jumping up and down and screaming that sang an original of his own, that made it. I guess you could compare him to a primate prty weird. it was so bad and since simon paula abdul and randy guy were so tired they just let him go and gave him a pass to hollywood! hmm we will just have to see how he will sing. if you didnt watch its on tonight too! so that was my day im glad becasuse i dont have much homework! well cya laters jeebbba

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

hey everybody thanks for 8 comments yesterday! Im so happy that i met some new people, more like expert otakurs, i just never had the chance to visit. Most of you know them lilanimelover and her twin chibi-san rinoasquall4ever click on their names, if you havent visited. At first i was confused who was which, so you might find that i posted u having a twin for a sister. i bet ur like what are u talking about yeah i dont know either lol. well anyways there all nice people so visit! ^_____^

alright so shall we get to my day? well i was talking about going to watch a movie yah? well today me Vanessa and our other friend nancy went to watch memoirs of a geisha. it was really good. im glad vanessa read the book, she would help me understand what was happening. I would ask her "whats happening" like every five minutes, i hope that didnt bother her! but anyways it was great! I give it an B+ for critics, though i still like the harry potter and the GOF movie better. i recommend you watch the movie.

this is the man that the girl falls in love with. she went through all those troublesome years to get him back. its so cute but creepy cuz the guy is like 20 years older than her!

EDIT:Memoirs of a Geisha
In the years before World War II, a Japanese child is torn from her penniless family to work as a geisha house. Despite a treacherous rival who nearly breaks her spirit, the girl blossoms into the legendary geisha Sayuri. Beautiful and accomplished, Sayuri captivates the most powerful men of her day, but is haunted by her secret love for the one man beyond her reach.

By the way i didnt write that, its from yahoo. click the name of the movie and u can go check out some pics. well thats how bored i was so i had to type that much. well laters, jiba

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

hey so let me tell you about my week. well first of all im super happy that the finals are over. my studying paid off cus they all seemed very easy. i better not get my hopes up cus i usually end up getting a horrible grade lol.

well ok the algebra two was the most hardest test. It was over everything we hadd learned so far. i know i missed like five already >_<

friday was the history test which was fairly easy, considering i was one of the first ones done. then in science the balloon powered cart me and my friend nancy built got 2nd place for our classroom. it traveled like 4.5 meters. others built theirs way different, but ours was the fastest ^__^ yay at least we get an A on it.

well yep and then on friday me bebopinutrigun188 and nancy were suppose to go watch chronicles of narnia or memoiors of a geisha but didnt get to it. maybe today well watch it. then i can post something about the movies. well I have a four day weekend, yes. butt! i have to write my seven page review of literature for my science project by friday, it really sucks! hopefully ill be able to get out of the house.

well laters, jiba. I've been to like 5 different peoples sites everyday and they never reply!! if you arent one of those people thanks for ur comments. jibaaa

EDIT: hey should i come up with a new theme? can u give me any ideas?

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

hey i think i visited like three people last night. lol well thats because i realized that for some reason they dont highlight in blue of who updated at 11 oclock. maybe its because im in the central time er whatever. but yeah it was like that late on a school night. i was to lazy to comment.

anyways today were celebrating eid or when prophet abraham sacraficed a lamb for his son beause he heard in a dream that he was supposed to do that from god. so now im hanging out with peoples and stuff who are at our house and eating food.

yesterday i pretty much did all my homework. ^_^ proud of myself, so i can have it easy to study for the finals. today we took the language arts and literature test, i say were super easy. but tomorrow were taking it on algebra 2, which sucks really bad. eww i dont want to go study. well atleast i finished all my homework at school. ill try to get to peoples websites today. yay yesterday i had 5 comments. im feel o so great cus i dont have many people commenting, help me find some friends lol. well ttyl i heart u jiba!

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

hey yesterday me and my friend nancy finished our balloon power cart thingy. wow it was a bummer how it took so long though. we finally figured out why it wasnt working, because the ballooon didnt have enough energy since we kept on blowing it up so many times and releasing the air. well glad i have that project off my shoulders. oh yeah then i actually got to my science fair project which is due february 3rd. so yeah i dont have much time. im testing which food molds the fasterst depending on where its located. pretty easy but its kinda disgusting lol. well i have to leave and study for some finals ewww lol. byes comment me <3 jeeba

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

today is friday our week was shortened because of winter break. yesterday i stayed up till 11 doin a book report. im really sleepy at the moments so if im not happy in the mood that is y. my friend nancy came to work on this science balloon cart we are assigned. its really lame and it didnt turn out right, we spent like three hours on it. mrs. duke our teacher is like retarded, she knows that the finals are next week and she gives us a project due that week. ugh i hate her. i have homework ick. im really mad right now cus some on my friends decided to go to the movies with out me. but yeah im bored as hell. save me im me on my aim screename Jeeba92!

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