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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Let's discuss my problems.
Now I like to think I'm a pretty agreeable person and I also think that in this country we have a few smart people and a whole bunch of stupid ones, can we agree on this? okay. Anyhow, I am just a little tired of people telling me that they will always vote republican because democrates are economicaly irresponsible. I'm only going to say this once so listen you brain dead mother fuckers out there who voted Bush, Republicans are not economicallly responsible. In Iraq we have nine billion dollars lost, not mispent, gone. Come on, I mean at least when Sadam stole money from the taxpayers he ended up with a nice mansion to show off for it. Now don't think those republican asssholes are the only ones who are going ot catch crap on this, that's right I'm looking a you John Kerry and the democratic party. Listen, if these losers are ever going to win another election there going to have to step up to the plate and pick up a spine and start taking shots at the republicans. These brain dead pansies need to put themselves out there and take a swing at the Bush administration. I mean, in this country it's like one party, the republicans, have the monopoly on all anger. To be a republican is to walk around all day madder the Paula Abdul with a fist full of vicaden and nothing to wash it down with. On that note, what does it mean to be a democrat. I just feel that ever since Micheal Dukakis was asked how he'd feel if his wife was raped and he said "Whatever" I feel that the democratic party is the party that speaks softly and carries massachusettes. What we need is a channel for republican anger, other then fox news. And democrats need to learn to drive some anger. During the 2004 election George Bush called John Kerry a flip floper, a war criminal and a traitor and he got so upset he almost fell off his wind surfer. Come on people, wake up and take a good look around you. we haven't had a descent presidential canidate almost thirty years and forty since we had a reliable president. The people need to wake up in this country and become more aware of what our government is doing. They need to stop trusting the stupid media nd look into the matter themselves. I can't understand why people are so uninterested in the issues that may effec the rest of your life, but they have to know who won the MTV music video awards. What the Hell is wrong with kids today? Did you know that a recent survey revealed that half of all high school students think that newspapers shouldn't be able to print without goverment approval, and that one fifth of all high school students believe people shouldn't be able to publicly express unpopular opinions. Okay, now I know, as scary as this is, that some of you might actually think this way and all I have say to you is, try paying attention to that crazy document that was written by those crazy hippies back in the 17 hundreds called the american constitution. This document stated that is is our freedom of press to print articles eithout the goverment looking over our shoulders. And our freedom of speech means I can say whatever I want and if you don't mind I think I'd like to keep that right. Since i was not exactly onboard with the whole bush administration thing I guess I have some unpopular opinions and if you don't mind I'd like to keep them and say them out loud for all the world to hear. because let me tell you something if I just came out hear and only said Bush approved talking points that would be neither news nor entertaining, that my friends is Fox news.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

News from Florida
I gotta tell ya man, I heard something and this is fucking incredible. Get this there was this old guy driving down the highway, for those of you who know the area I live in it was US 19 headed to the sunshine expressway. anyway, this guys about 93 getting ready to turn 94 in about a month right. He's going down the road, at the same time just south of an intersection this guy starts crossing the street, now I know that isn't the best idea but stick with me. anyway, thsi old coot slams into this poor guy with enough force to actually sever this guys right leg clear off. It was later found 300 feet away from where he was hit, but wait it gets better. this guys head went through the windsheild and his body flipped over the top and landed on the roof of the car snapping the guys neck. Now I know yo think this is just me being morbid, but the real sick part is that this old fart didn't realize he had hit this guy until he reached the expressway three miles down the road, and only then because the toll booth guy stopped him and called the cops. This old huyy was so out of his mind that he could slam into this guy doing at least 70 and not notice. And if you don't believe me look into it yourself. And If you don't I'm sure you'll here about it where ever you live soon enough. Now that is just un-Fucking-Believeable.
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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   A day at the beach
Now for those of yuo who don't pay attention, I live in florida and I spend a lot of time at clearwater beach. Now there are two sections of any area like this, theres the two blocks that are all prepy, you know where all the stores and boardwalk and that crap are and then the next eight blocks are like crack head hell so you know I hanging around the first two blocks right. So I'm minding my business when this kid, probably only a year younger then myself, and he comes up to me and he says "hey can I get a couple bucks from you man" Now the kids obviously young at heart and I can appreciatate that. He seemed like a good kid so I decided to take the time out of my busy day to LECTURE this mother fucker. Paint the picture, he is sitting on the curb I am standing so I hover over him sermonizing from the mount, index finger acussing, and I say "Son, are you in any way handicapped, not missing any digits, you got all twenty of them right" and he looks at me with these wide eyes "No I... I'm not physically disabbled" "So your not physically diabled. Well how about this, are you in anyway mentally short. Were you hit to many times on the head with a frying pan as a child. Can you not put a sentence together." He stumbles for a minute "No, in fact some people tell me I'm quite elequant when I speak." "Okay, obviously more so then our president. So tell me this son, why don't you go get A JOB!!!" You see this is my problem because I've been working since I was nine. Every morning I would wake in the morning, middle finger erect, angry, horny and judgemental. I would get up and have, for breakfast, three yards of dental floss, a 7 UP and snikers bar and I'd go out and move crap and carry crap and park crak and chop crap for an appaulingly low amount of money. So youknow what I do, I reach into my pocket and I pull out a roll of twentys and I say "Is this what you want?" He stumbles again "Well I ... I don't really need that mu... " "Answer the damn question, and be honest at least be that, do you want this money in my hand?" He stumbles his words yet again "Yes I .... I would" and I look at him and I say "You know what son, I'm going to give you this wad of money" as I say this I put it backin my pocket "When you can get up and take it out of my pocket." He stares at me for a moment "I..I ...I don't know..." " are you deaf or stupid I said mug me mother fucker, at least then I'd respect you. That a grown teenage kid can't make his own money is digusting you little shit, now it if you want it take it from me." The kid proceeds to get up and pulls out his CELL PHONE and calls his buddy ten feet away at the next corner and says "Listen this guy coming, it's not worth it just let him go". I swear to god that's a true story.
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All right listen up and I'll tell you about my weekend. I case none of you know theres a little amusement park here in the Tampa Bay area called Busch Gardens and every year for the of october they hold and event called Howl-O-Scream. Now I'm sure some of you are thinking 'we've all been in haunted houses before, big deal' Yes it is my little uneducated friend. This event is extreme let me tell you. I've been all over the place, trust me any thing you may have at your home town that's on a similar form, yeah not as intense as this. You don't know fear til you had a 210 pure muscle drill instructor yell at your ass for three hours each and every morning for 9 weeks, but I digress. This place has been voted the horrifying haunted houses in the country 4 years in a row. if you don't believe me, please come tell me that a guy dressed like a clown coverd in blood telling you he wants to eat my jewels from the other side of prison bars as he jumps on them like a monkey, isn't a scary thing to have to see and hear. Listen you can tell me I'm full of full of crap and all that pleasantness, but in the end you are here for my opinon and it's the only one that counts.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hey I'm new, incase you weren't sure. Some of you may know me by the name Starwind on the OB. I am here to let you who care know about my life (Just so you know, it sucks). I have douts as to whether or not someone cares. But it's here for all my friends from the OB who aren't constantly on a bender. Today I had to sit through another day in day of Algebra 2 ,and which to note I suck at, My teacher seems obsessed with the idea that I can do better. It sucked to have to be there, but I got to do PT today and had some fun (PT= Pyhsical Training) I know it sounds weird, but when your in the army, you learn love those kind of things. That's all I have say about my first day, but for those who bother to stop by keep coming. I leave in July 11 for basic training then I'll be gone for 6 months. just thought you'd want to know.
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