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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

   hum didi hum

yeah, well... I'm still here... though it may not seem like it ^_^" I check up on the new fan art everyday... so... yeah. There's not much to talk about though...

All I've been doing lately is working and working my the costumes for Otakon... In 9 days!! Ahhh! Must... finish... costumes...
I know I've said this already, but I'll say it again as a reminder ^_^" I'm going as Ten-ten from Naruto and my friend's going as Sakura from Naruto... We're going to have lots of fun being NINJA!! LOL

Well... I pretty much made my friend's entire costume.. Though I made her cut the fabric since I don't like to, LOL... I don't mind making it though, and she even said she'd pay me ^_^" The other day though I accidently made a cut on part of the dress!! WAHH!! I feel horrible about it and I have to think of a good way to fix it -_-"

But I'm pretty much done the Sakura outfit, and I finished my Ten-ten shirt last night... though I need to do some touch ups on both of them. I still have to make the pouches for both of us (both the one on their leg and the tan one they carry on the back of their pants)... as well as make the shoes... We bought sandals that I'm gonna paint and cover in fabric to make them NINJA SHOES!! lol...

Since I've been so busy, I haven't drawn much.. other than my manga, which I've been working on a lot lately... It's a long process though, especially when your poor like me and don't have the right tools!! Wah! LOL...

And I've been reading a lot of manga lately too!! My friend let me borrow them (Since I'm poor!) I read the second DNAngel today, the first one yesterday... And I read Kill Me Kiss Me 1 yesterday (or was that the day before?) And Eerie Queerie 1 the day before that... And then last week sometime I read Demon Diary 1 and Crescent Moon 1... And I love them all!! It's no fair cuz I don't have the money to buy them!! LOL... I'm saving up for Otakon ^_^ But my friend got Crescent Moon 2, Kill Me Kiss Me 2, and Eerie Queerie 2... so I get to read them soon!! But I want more DNAngel!! And Saiyuki!! *sulks in pathetic poor-ness*

Damn, I can whip through graphic novels so quickly nowadays... It's like I start them and... whoop... I'm done ^_^"

Anyway... sorry I haven't been posting much! Busy, busy!! Well... see you guys later :)

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