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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

oki, my com wouldn't let me comment on most of your guy's sites D: Like Chibi-Chibs, my com kept shuting down when i tried to visit T.T

oh, i changed my music again today *has changed it everyday since i put up new theme* >_>;

now i dont know if ALL of you understood why i didn't/can't join that thingy (g-mas buiness thing) its only cuz I'd have to travel and my mother cant drive now because her eye-sight has gotten so bad v_v and when she does all the things going by so fast make her really dizzy.

well i didnt go to school today (tuesday) i woke up and it was 1pm X_X
me: o.o wtf..
mom: *sitting on couch watching tv*
me: why didnt i go to school today...?
mom: i didn't feel like waking u up and taking u
me: ri~~ght...*goes back and jumps in bed trying to go back to sleep* -.-zZz *but mom comes in and kicks me outta bed* T_T

well i g2g now...im watching Inuyasha episode 160 XD



i try to visit u all today, k

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YAY FOR 2K HITS!! (be nice, i draw that on paint with a crappy mouse that im not used to D: first time drawing with it >_>;; )

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time: 11 something
Current Mood: Happy-crap-
Listening To: I like to move it -dances-

uh...okay not much going on yet again D:

ok i dont remember if i told you but, my g-pa came over the other day. when he was over, he was talking about his wife's, Grace, business. and how teh young kids(highschool) got in it and now their(g-pa,grace, ect) profits have doubled! he was telling my mom that I should get into it, i COULD make like 5,000 a month (me: O______O HOLY GOD!!...*whispers* do u know what i could do with that kind of money *imagens* :L sw3~3t) BUT it cost 500-600 to get started...and that i'd have to work on it and travel D: so it out for me...my mom doesnt like driving ~.~;

oh and he's giving me PhotoShop 7.0 and/or 5.0 x_x; he said he has another com that he MIGHT give to me OxO mines crappy not to mention super old...a frikkin 98 or older D:

uh...OH! and im gonna be going out of town tomorrow after school :O i should be able to update still >_>

oki i go now. Gonna go to ppl who have updated right now and tomorrow if i can k *hopefully it'll let me comment today D:*

~Pride::feels like randomly attacking ppl::


*tackles all u pplz* >D


FMA Chibi OAV Episode >D *YAY, it subtitled* Spoilers if u havent seen FMA movie v_v


oh yeah, how was your easter?

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Ello again

well today was quite boring

i woke up before 6am!! WTF?! SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT THERE DUDE!!

in other news i-..uh...i dont remember

oh last night my cousin were over and theyoungest (ust turned 4) kept runing around screaming
me: SHUT UP LOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: ...
logan:*stares* .......GO BACK TO WORK!!
me: *eye twitches*
voice: now now, you dont wanna curpted a innocent child now
me: .....*thinks 'riiiiight'* SHOVE IT CHILD!!!
logan: I NOT CHILD , I LOGAN!!
me: moron -_-++ your a child pipsqueak
logan: no i not
me: yes u r
logan: no
me: YES!
logan: ._. *pulls hat down a little* no i not
me: GAH~~~! YES U R!! NOW QUIET!! *stomps off*

well i'm not feeling good so im gonna go

oh but you know how my ear-ring ripped my ear ect..? i cant put a ear-ring backk in cuz the hole closed up while teh rip was healing D: AND theres no scar T.T no fair man!! and my mom said she doesnt want me getting my ear periced up there anymore Q_Q lifes so unfair


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Sunday, April 16, 2006

oh shit o.o *some colorful language*
Time: 11:39pm
Current Mood: bored/happy
Listening To: So Sick

ok i just got back from the movies, my bro, cousin and I saw Scary Movie 4. my g-ma dicided at the last minute not to come ~_~ shoulda known but anywho, before the movie started my cousin kept rocking back about forth in the chair making it squeak really loud right. than i moved a lil trying to get comfy and she said "ugh,... god rach not so hard..."
me: O_O wtf.....oh DUDE!!
cousin: *pulls out her walet* oh i got this picture of a really hot naked chick look!
me: O_O i really think your Bi..
cousin: XD *pulls out pic* aint she hot
me: o_o sorry...dont swing that way
cousin: i'd so rape her
me: uhhh
cousin: GET A FUCKING STRAP-ON AND *makes moaning sounds*
me: O_____O *shocked*

the whole time we were there these 3 mexicans (no offence dude v_v) kept staring. when the movie was over the same 3 guys were standing a few feet behide us staring and whispering. than when my g-pa pulled up to pick us up a blue truck with a mexican in it pulled up. when my cousin got in the car all teh guys were staring and waved at her so she waved back ans whispered to me "why teh HELL were they staring and why r they WAVING?!"

we pulled up to my cousins house and droped her off right after we left the same blue truck pulled up out-side they'er house flashing they're lights and honking then took off. my aunt fliped cuz my cousin kept screaming and called us. than called back cuz they came back again and started throwing crap at herhouse. and my mom and g-ma got pissed off. v_v
mom: thats it we're coming over!!
g-ma: god that girl is gonna get hers AND her mother's throut slit ... GET THE KEYS!
mom: i got my tazer
me: swe~et...can i come?
mom: NO~! lock teh doors and stay-here!
me: ah man D:

so yeah...i dunno what has happen since than v_v oh! my cousin almost got kid-napped the other day to -_- fucking dip-shit...they first started asking her if she was alone and where she lived and what school she went to
g-ma: shit, when they asked you what school u went to u should of said "SCHOOL?! i don't go to school! IM A 40 YEAR OLD MIGET GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!" *my cousins really short(short-er than Ed :D)*

ok im outty, they back


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Friday, April 14, 2006


well, i gots a new theme! I still need to fix it a bit, and think of a title thingy but other than that its ok. oh, and the Comment thing is under all the 'ABOUT'...i cant seem to fix it T___T so do u like it?

anywho not much happen today. My grandma said that theres gonna be 40 thousand gays coming into Palm Springs this weekend XoX wow, thats ALOT of ppl huh...i we were supossed to leave town this weekend to. My g-ma lives in Palm Springs (and i over at her house) >_>;

oh! my g-ma and bro are watching 'The Grugde' right now. why? because when it first came out my g-ma didnt like scary movies and my bro forgot to about it. the reason their watching it now is because me, my bro and my g-ma are gonna go see Scary Movie 4 tomorrow :D (friday) my g-pa wont go and i dont know about my mom -_-; i say its not scary, the things eye r a little creey though...

person: *says something that i no like*
me: *looks up at them giving them a look*
person: O_O plz dont look at me like that
me: and WHY not..
person: because u remind me of that creepy girl from the grugde...
me: ~.~;
cousins firend: yeah, HEY! if you dye your hair YOU'D LOOK JUST LIKE HER!! your already really pale *naturally* O_O creepy
me: D: heeeey

--End flashback--


other than that, nothing really happen today.


DUDE! D: i read Jess's Post today and SOMEONES GETTING HER BBI!! O_O FRIKKIN LUCKY!!!!

well i gotta go




Why am i still here...?

*static-y noises*
*jumps up and scares g-ma* >D


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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Grandma's place
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Current Mood: does hungry count?
Listening To: teh Jaws theme XD

Imma at me g-mas D: oh well

dude, i talked to Ryoko again today and she was saying something about a job.
me: job? o.o
Ryoko:yeah..i didn't tell you i had a job?!
me: NO~~!! O_O
Ryoko:yeah, my friends dad makes games and he wants ME, ME!!! to make the characters!!! O_O
me: O_____O U LUCKY SON OF A-*stops self*.....
Ryoko: I KNOW!! x3
me: D: how awesome!
Ryoko: yeah...you know those doodles i kinda took from you...
me: you mean those hella shitty 2 minute doodles i did in AR(reading) teh other day?
Ryoko: yeah..
me: yeah, what about them?
Ryoko: i showed them to him..
me: o.o the game maker dude?
me: *cuts in* HA!!! >D MWAHAHAH!!
Ryoko: *cuts in* "to bad."
me: *stops* ._. whats that supposed to mean?
me: -_-+ your curel....
Ryoko: *laughs evilly*
me: -_-+ *low growl*
Ryoko: *stops*
me: like.....duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude...
Ryoko: DUDE!!
both: *act like morons*

Oh and last night me and my mom went over to my aunts house and my mom was having a sugar thing and like wanted a tiny piece of candy
Sarah: i would give u some of mine, but charlotte ate it all (which is true, i was her eating it)
other cousin: i dont know where mine is....
::Few minutes later of arguing::
Aunt: *tells my mom where candace hid her candy*
candace(other cousin): MOM!! YOU FRIKKIN RETARD!! WHY'D YOU TELL HER?!!?!?!?!!
Aunt: *in her own lil world*
mom: why didnt YOU tell me,candace?!
candace(i dont know how to spell her name): because i don't want any one to have ANY!
mom: god your greedy!!
me: its just one tiny piece of chocolate, candace!
candace: *freaks out yelling calling her mother a 'retard' and throws pillows*
Sarah: GOD FUCKING JEWISH(sp???) BITCH!!! -their sisters btw-
me: shes jewish? o.o
Sarah: yeah
me: *looks away* i never knew that...wait...if she is WHY THE HELL DOES HER FAMILY CELIBRATE CHRISTMAS AND EASTER?!?!?!!!!
mom: cause their fucking stupid v_v
me: got a point..you know its sad
mom: what?
me: we seem to hate the little family we have
mom: i know *sighs*
me: though i dont really care, there all bitches (both man and women) v_v

*throw right arm up* now i goes~~!!

Chugoku-jinko: yeah, i think there will be a 3rd KH >D!

sand dragon 19: oh. *grins evilly* (u:o.O?)

[1] How many scars do u have?
[2] Do you have a small family?
[3] Edward Elric or Pride!Ed?

My Answers:
[1] at LEAST 20
[2] yes
[3] Pride!Ed *holds spork up to anyone who says 'pride!ed'*


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*still can't get enough of that avi* XD

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Current Mood: okay
Listening To: Gone To Young

Image hosting by Photobucket

dude, today my friend Ryoko called(from school) and she was watching gravation(sp?) while she was on the bus, and at the part of teh end of the frist episode the two guys kiss in the elivator(no, i cant spell)all the ppl on the bus were all...:
Ryoko(friend): thats not a girl...thats a guy ._.
all the ppl: *screams* OMG!!!!1!11 *scream more*
me: O.O .... *busts up laughing*

you know, this is sad! i wanna change my theme AGAIN!!! D: i can't stand keeping a theme more than a week!!!! i like this theme to ToT

I think im gonna change my theme in a few days >_>

dude..i saw the KH2 secret ending last week and it was like..."....w...t...f....o_o" o.o it kinda confused. on just KH it was like "omg...WOAH!!!! O_O FRIKKIN COOLIE!!" me!! D:

Now for pics:

O_O W.T.F.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Oh yeah..dance girl >D

Image hosting by Photobucket

(from KH2 secret ending) when i was this part i REALLY was "o.o....wtf?!"

Image hosting by Photobucket

i liked this part D:

Image hosting by Photobucket


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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Research'n time >D
Goa..i forgot that i had a reseacher report to do D: well since i can do it on anything i want to...IM GONNA DO IT ON THE 'HISTORY OF ANIME'!!!! (:< what....the teacher said she'd PERFER it to be about history of some sort....AND IT IS!! *evil laughter* now THIS well be easy...and a lil fun. Plus I'll learn more v.v i know NOTHING about animes history
mom: does anime even have a history
me: OF COURSE IT DOES! everything has a past to it right v_v thats all history really is.

anywho..um...nothing really new here...my mother has been a bitch today...and my brothers a total ASS!

I've been watch Ranma 1/2 alot lately ._. odd...but its funny!! lol

now im gonna go listen(aka have radio on full blast while zoning) for crawling so-on-and-so-forth

BUT I WANT U TO WATCH THIS!!! I love you Jess (in a friend way)!!! XDD

*dies from laughter*


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Sunday, April 9, 2006

short posty
well i still sick, nor do i care

well today, my cousin came over. my g-ma gave them there easter baskets gets earlier every year dont it. >_>

my older cousin, Sarah, didnt come over for din-din so she came and got hers about 2 hours later. when she came over and opened her card me and my other cousin, her half sister, noticed something pinned to the side
me; u see that
cousin: o.o yes..
me: money
cousin: yup...he~y...we didnt get money
me: thats cuz we got a bunch of candy v_v
cousin: but still D:
Sarah: ooooo o.o
me: *looks over and sees note to*
me: Ohohoho *snickers*
g-ma/mom: ~.~ u to are hopeless (me and other cousin)
-ppl leave whiling yelling 'dont u dare look in teh basket-
me/cousin both: *look at each other* letz open it *grins*
cousin: u open the basket D: (basket had a stupid bow-tie on it)
me: fine by me *opens it*
Cousin: *goes to grab card but stops*...
me: ~.~ what now..
cousin: *pulls hand out* u get it D:
me: geez *pulls card out*
cousin: :D open it
me: why am I doing everything -.-
me: *opens it*
cousin: how much is in there
me: *looks* looks like a $50 or more...*heard g-ma saying something about $100 earlier though* *shrugs*
cousin: oh?
me: *nods and pulls card back, tieing basket back up*
cousin: ....
me: -3- *hears mom coming* ...
cousin: act casual!
me: >_> oH! look! gu~~m
cousin: wat bout it?
me; u can use the box/package as a whistle :D
cousin: O.O really
mom: what were u two talking about in here?
cousin: rach was saying that u can use some gum box as a whistle~ o.o
mom: yeah, what about it?
cousin: uh
mom: u didnt know o.o?!!!
cousin: no ._.
mom: O_O woah...

well nuffin new happen today, i'll be going


This vid haunts me D:

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

I SICK...AGAIN!!! i can't believe this..okay i CAN but thats beside the point!!!

My head feels like its gonna explode any second! i cant swallow, i cant stop coughing, *sniffles* AND I KEEP SNIFFING!! *sniff* GA~~H!!!

but YAY! i have a fever!!! :D

dude, last night i went to turn off the lamp (it was like 3 or 4am) and when i did it went all picth black and i was all "OMG!! IM BLI~~~ND!!!!" than i realized my eyes were closed!!! like Jess said...i had a retard moment D:...a really bad one at that...im serious! i really did that, no lie!!!

*sings yatta* ITS SO EASY! HAPPY GO LUCKY!!!!

*sings and dances* YATTA!! >D

*looks around*...some has entered my room...i can sense it *hears footstep* SEE~~~!!!!!

aunt: LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT FOR MY FAVORITE NIECE!!*holds something up*
me: *turns around* O________O OMG!!! POCKY!!! W000000T!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aunt: *laughs and hands it to me*
me: *drools*
*aunt leaves room*


now if you guys will excuse me, im gonna go dunk my head in the sink for the 3rd time in the last 30 minutes! what...i like dunking my head in ice cold water! :D

*leaves while singing the mortal kombat theme* MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

~yours turely
Pride::going insane::

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