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Friday, May 5, 2006

dream o_e

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i had weird dream last night...and im not gonna bore you with it xD

even though i find Envy(FMA) a whore, he's still one of my fave anime characters D:

i cna't dicide on what my next theme will be o_e...and since my com refuses to let me download and kind of graphic programs..i gonna have to want till i get photoshop ~.~

theres absolutly nothing to do here!! D: im bored out of my mind T.T


This scares me o_e
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this made me laugh
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Thursday, May 4, 2006

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god damn...whats up with the ppl at my school?! i walked into class yesterday and they all looked at me funny
one kid: woah...look at that choker! O.O
other: thats hot
me: o_e *twitches*
another: dude shes so goth
me: -.-;
other: really? you think? o.o
someone: poser
me: -_-++ bitch
guy who sits next to me: OxO WOAH!! Tight choker
me: *just nods*

for the first hour of class ppl kept staring and whispering about me ._.;; than my phone started ringing during class
me: *slowly turns to bag* beep beep...beep be- *hits the hang up button*
teacher: *comes over and takes phone*
me: HEY~!
teacher: you can get it after class *throws in desk and locks it*
me: bitch -.-
---After Class--
me: give me my damn phone now
teacher: no
me: excuse me
teacher: your gonna have to get it from the office *takes off -went to lunch-
me: THATS REDICULUS!! *stomps off to go home yelling 'GOD DAMNIT!!!'*-was only there for a hour-

than i get home and my mom starts screaming at me cuz i didnt answer my phone
me: my teacher took it ._.
mom: what
me: you called during class and when i hung it up she ran over and grabed it
me: i know ._.
mom: *calls school screaming*
me: *stays home for the rest of the day* -3-


and today my g-mas dog chewed the walls up (theres actually huge chuncks missing now) and chewed up my g-mas make-up OxO (it cost alot)
g-ma: o...m...g...CHICO!
dog: *runs like hell*
me: oh chi~co...*giggles chasing after dog*
dog: *is scared to death of me*
me: *tourchers dog*
me: Mwahaha ahaha ahahaha~! *actually laughs like that* *kepts on doing what i was doing*
mom: *yells at me*
me: -3- fine, fine *lets dog go*
dog: *hides under bed*
me: ... *walks off humming*

i like this ._.
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xDDDD i < 3 this!
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now i go


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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

i know alot of you already knew that how plague thing, but the ppl out here are complete morons ~.~;

okay...im at my grandma's place...AGAIN D: im missing my state testing ~.~ last year i didnt do it and this year i miss half of it D: im so gonna fail again >_>;;

dude~~...my cousin met this guy at the store, knew him for less than a minute, gave him her phone number AND adress before even knowing his name, age, or anything...shes gonna get her and her mother killed one of these days -_-+ well anywho, i went over too her house last night and that guy was over...she was all spread out ontop of him kissing him acting like a complete whore! o_0 she hasnt even known him for 24 hours!!!! then she gets on my case saying 'i hope you don't start cutting yourself' and 'remember when we were little and we'd alwayz get into fights?'
me:yeah what about it...?
her: they'd alwayz end with me either ending it or your mother ripping us apart *giggles and huggles on the guy*
me: woah woah woah..back up a sec...did you just say YOU kicked MY ass?
her: well duh
me: *laughs* your joking right? you were such a weakling, and still are.
her: ...
me: you'd back down half the time too, i mean you wont go to school cuz your afraid someones gonna kick your ass or something
her: ... *starts talking to guy*
me: -.-; ...

god everytime I come over and she has someone over (mostly when its a guy) she alwayz trys to put me down, its really starting to get on my nerves...what the hell...why does she bug me?!
aunt: next time she says something tell her 'shut the hell up, fucking slut'
me: have (though what i said sounded much worse)
aunt: did it help
me: yup...for about 2 hours
me: im the type that will leave you alone as long as you dont touch me v_v

god...if she does that again(cousin trying to put me down) i swear i'm might break her nose...its getting old...


[+1+] Ever broken some elses bone(s)?

[+2+] Do you like animals?

[+3+] Do you like People?

[+4+] Dog or Rabbit(Bunny)?

[+5+] Do you have beanie babies?

[+6+] if so, how many? do you have a fave? what one?

--My Answers--
[1] yes

[2] only my fat boy, buttercup(dog)......and bunnies o_e ( i dunno why though...they just so cute and cuddlly...and fluffly(well some) T3T )

[3] a select few...most i dont..you guys, i like xD

[4] Bunny o_e i want 2 mini bunnies but my mom wont let me

[5] yes >_>; (dad used to buy me them alot)

[6] i lost count at 30 something i cant remember since they're still packed (and have been for years) yes, my dragons and big fat elephant ._.;; what...?

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Time: 11:o5pm
Current Mood: okay/happy
Listening to: Boom Boom Boom Boom


okay...not much going on today

dude...i seriously think that the ppl at my school see me as some psyco goth XDDD

i asked a friends friend something:
me: you know that song that all the little kids sing...*starts singing it* Ring a round the rosie, pockets full of posie, ashes, ashes we all fall DOWN!
person: yeah
me: do you know what it means?
person: no
me: *starts going in a circle around them* it refers to the Black Plague...over 25 million dead bodies...and we're all are going to fall.down.DEAD. *giggles*
person: your one sick fuck you know.
me: *stops circling around them* *chuckles* yes, ya like it, ne? *giggles slightly and spins around*

[insert evil laughter] how fun yes? hehe

I just got back from my aunts house, my cousin said "you looked like a complete goth...if only you had black here" and "don't go Emo okay...Emos scare me"
mom- whats emo? o.o
cousin-...you dont wanna know
me- Emo means emotional -.-
cousin- well that anit you...and emos cut themselves
mom- you have issues sarah!
cousin- she looks like one though
me- *grins*
mom- she looks cute
me- *stops* *thinks CUTE?!!
cousin- ...

okay..I'll be going now


PS I'd visit you guys, but my mouse isnt working o_e had to use damn Keyboard alone to get here...which was quite annoying...yay for having this on my Favorites list

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Monday, May 1, 2006

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okay, first off...about yesterdays post--

Kawaii Presea~~i luv ghosts to D: i know i 'shouldnt' but when someone tells me to do something, i do just the opposite >_>;; oooh~ Possibly overshadow someone and come to kill me, you say..? sw33t >D *ish temped even more now*[laughs evilly/weirdly]

EdWillSoS~~ i <3 haunted houses! do you? OwO yup, my family ish cursed v_v; so your the lil person that keeps breathing on me..and pulling on my curtains~! ...


okay in other news...uhh...oh~! I got to talk to Edo today! and yesterday! (on Com of course) that reminds me...i wanna call Rachel(chibi Hiei) and Sarah(m. armstrong) *goes for phone but realizes its 10:36pm here*...ugh! its like....12 there! i cant call them after 9..or something *they parents* DAMNIT ALL! ._.;; fine! ...I'll call tomorrow~! *Mwahaha*


.....RAWR~PH34R M3H!!....

okay i stop now

Oi,i got draged to teh store AGAIN by my aunt D: lucky we were only gone for *thinks* wait...4 hours D: yesterday it was 6 or more -3-; goa...

DUDE! guys at school keep asking me if i do drugs~!! DX GAH!
one guy: O.O woah...do u do drugs...?
me: no why...do i remind u of your mother or something...(he was black, no offence i was in a mood)
me: Pesh, whatever *glares*

other time:
guy: do you do crack?
me: ... *throws right arm up clenching hand into fist* YAY CRACK!! ... *i dont do crack or anything~~*

-.-++ WTF! do i ACT like im on crack or something? *is serious* do i? o.0 just because i have bags under my eyes dont mean anything D: IM A SICKLY PERSON WHO DOESNT SLEEP!

This made me laugh :D

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I dunno why...but i LOVE the look on Envy's face in this pic!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...envys a whore =O

[+1+] Has anyone ever asked you if you were REALLY a Boy/or girl? weather on net or real life (whatever u may be)

My Answer: YES! D: what BASTURDS!

[+2+] Do you like See's candy?

My Answer: its ok

[+3+] Ever play...BBI? *couldnt think of anything else*

my Anser: no T.T but i wanna


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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Time: 1o:57 pm
Current Mood: okay
Listening To: Kissy Kissy

okay...i think my house is haunted o_e Im dead ass serious....me, my mom and bro have been seeing crap since we moved in...like last night i was sitting on my moms bed in the back room, it was around 8-10pm not sure, and i got a weird feeling up my spine. i looked at the hall and there was this little boy around 5 or 7 with brown-ish hair wearing a blue/white striped t-shirt and lil brown shorts walking down it, than he stoped turned around and stared at me for a second than walked into the kicthen
me: o.0 what in the hell....*stares for a second* ... *turns on TV putting on anime*

and something keeps running pass me when im in teh hall
*feels water hit me* o.o wtf...*feels it hit me again* *looks around* mother..?
mom: *throwing holy water around* Ba-Ba!! FAT BOY! -the dog-
me: o.0 uh-huh....

dude, my mom and grandma thinks that our family is cursed ._.
me: ah just flipping great D: im even more d0~0med than i was earlier =.='
aunt: if you see the little boy again...tell him "you can go...go home...to the other side"
me: o.0 uh-huh...that sounds NOTHING like me...should say 'get the HELL outta here, f00~!!'

*curtain rips off* *heart skips a beat* HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!!1!11 *looks around* OxO *feels breathing on shoulder* o_e *twitch* okay...im leaving now...(that really JUST happen)

see ya next post....?


ps...new song ._.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

fianl fantasy
O...M...G...O_____O FINAL FANTASY ADVENT CHILDERN PWNZ MY SOUL!!!!! I <3 IT SO MUCH!! *drools* i saw it teh day it came out but forgot to post about it ._.;;

anywho....well...erm...*thinks* not much going on ._. uh...*thinks harder* OH! i ate a chocolate mousse cake today :L it was so good *starts drooling* ...*wipes mouth* now where was i...oh yeah...it was go~~od...very very good

dude...i Miss Edo-kun T.T
you: whos that?
other self: oh ye of little faith~ dear Ed--
me:*smacks other self* will you shut-up...?
other self: *growls*
me: well rawr rawr to you to ~.~ okay as i was SAYING~~Edo-kun ish my onii-san(big bro) on teh net! :D havent heard from him in months T.T -his com no work- how cruel fate is...(you: *gives me a what-the-hell look*
me: uhhh....ye~ah

okay I'm done, i'll visit you guys tomorrow if i can, cuz i gotta go to bed-well get off com- and i gotta go to school tomorrow than my grandparents are coming over, so that's gonna take a few hours of my time D: i'll try to visit some of you before i go to school though, and MAYBE when i come home for lunch if i have time k


[+1+] whats your fave movie?


[+2+] Favorite game?

my answer: DOA

[+3+] Does any one say you act like a anime characteR?

my answer: yah

[+4+] if so who?

my answer: Naruto T.T



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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I reached my old goal of being in teh top 500 ._.;; its 400 and something *doesn't remember* woopty flipp'n do -_-

in other news, school~....was boring...we had testing today and when i went in to teh office to check in *i start at a different time than everyone else* teh lady told me to go to Mr.Yohes classand i went than i was told to go to Mrs. Talor so i go THAN they tell me to go to Miss. Stevens class, whom i hate(shes a totally b****)


in English,when i went in *i was 5 minutes or more late* everyone looks over and starts laughing
me: o.0 wtf
ppl: XDDD OMG!! LOOK ITS THAT CHICK WHO KICKED JAYQONS*i dunno how u spell his name but thats how it sounds* ASS!!
other ppl: hey..isn't that teh girl who beat up jayqon?
me: -_-+ *thinks: by god...i thought they would have forgotten that by now* *sighs*
teacher: hey krystal!! how are you?
me: its rachael, thank you very much! D:
teacher: oh yeah! ok, you can sit in one of the seats in teh back
me: *nods and walks over to the seat nearest to teh back* *see jayqon staring*...*glares*
Ryoko: RACHAEL!!!
me: O.O HEY! *is sitting right behide her* *starts talking non-stop wit her*
guy next to me: *whispers to friend* hey...those to girl are lesbains *points at me and friend* *is serious*
me: -_-+++ *slowly turns head* excuse me...? what did you just SAY?!!!
guy: O_O nothing..i was pointing at my friend
me: you dont actually think im THAT stupid DO you?!
guy: uhhh
me: mother fucking moron *goes back to talking wif Ryoko*
guy: o.0?

and in Social Studies i saw my old friend Ellie! :D *we werent that good of friends but friends none the less* she wrote a note to me asking what was up and how i was doing ect ect ect..
me: ok i guess...you?
her: PERFECT...thou i totally got blew (yeah, those were her exact words, one reason why i was confused)
me: what?o.0
her: i got caught shoplifting with over 40 bucks worth of shit
me: well that sucks ass
teacher: *bends over his huge speaker thingy* "well that sucks ass..." could yoou use some nicer language next time?
me: of course! :D *says all cheery*
friend: oh im sorry, that was me!
teacher: oh! bad words eh..? XD just like you. try to cut back ok?
her: K!
me: o.o wtf just happen
voice in head: seems like she just covered for you
me: ~.~ she didnt need to though
teacher: i love this girl! shes my fave student..dont tell her thou *is talking about ellie*
her: *whisper* dont worry, i wont tell me *winks*
me: o.0...? *whispers to self* i dont like it when things like this happen to me -_-+ -having ppl stick up for me-
guy next to me: are you my mommy? *talking to me*
me: -_-++++
girl behide me: *pokes me* if he bugs you, ell me...I'll take care of him!
me: *grins a lil and nods*
girl: O.O you have such pretty eyes
me: o.0 *thinks thats the second time somes said that to me today* thanks...?
girl: *smiles*

now that im done boring you guys, I'll go!

~Pride:ish bored out of mind::

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Monday, April 24, 2006

   uh huh
well not much going on here today...dude...when my mother saw my theme (she walked by com while i was on me site-i NEVER show it to her, never ever-)
mom: it sure does look like it is!
me: NO~! its a girl asleep on a guys lap and this guy ish putting his jacky on her D:
mom: ri~ght -_- *says like she doesn't believe me*
me: you have issues ~.~

dude teh other day my mom was talking about how my aunt was crying over my cousin saying she was BI
me: whats the big deal...
mom: SHES BI!!
me: your point...
mom: shes in shock...kinda like how i was in shock to find out that my daughter likes gay anime
me: excuse me..what? o.0
mom: you heard me
me: what are you talking about?

I just think that EdxRoy ish funny thats all D: whats wrong with that?!!

okay i gotta go...my moms yelling at me cause its pass 1:30am and im Suposed to be in bed v_v;;

*leaves while singing Hagane no Kokoro*


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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Change of theme
okay, as you can see...I CHANGED MY THEME~! ...i need a different song though >_>; lol what cha think?

well...last night my aunt called crying..wanna know why..? well I'm gonna tell ya weither u wanna or not ^^; okay back to what i was saying, my aunt called crying because my cousin(sarah) told her that she was Bi v_v -she is- and when my mom told me i was all:
me: what? she didnt know...?
mom: o.o YOU KNEW?!
me: it as pretty odvious -3-; i can't believe YOU or MELINDA couldn't tell...
bro: i know..
mom: and you don't care?
bro: its her own business
mom: yeah

well thats all i can think of..see my days are so boring ~.~;

ok i goes now


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