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Sunday, June 4, 2006

colorful language in here....though i think there is in EVERY post o_e
*slumps on desk* Goa...im not feeling so great today ~.~ mom woke me up by yelling and i went straight to teh doctors within 15 minutes of waking up D: and i was gaging within 5 minutes of waking up o_e'

anywho, the doc said i have bronchitis(sp?) AGAIN! and i also have Pharangitis(sp?)~! god...i just had bronchitis(sp?) a few months ago Dx and i dont know what the hell Pharangitis(sp?) is!

Oy...*stares at big spider crawling across desk*...
spid-y: *crawls on mouse*
me: o.o you look like a brown/white black widdow~
spid-y: *turns around and crawls a keyboard*
me: :D im gonna name you Phillip!!
spid-y: *runs behind monitor*
me: D: NO~ PHILLIP! T_T COME BACK~~ *sob*
(yes that really just happen)

since i felt to sick today, im gonna fix site tomorrow..if i feel any better ^^'

oh, guess what...you know my cousin sarah? the one i talk about alot(sometimes..) teh sluttly one? well we think shes pregnant 0_0 and last night, her boyfriend dumped her Dx hes fucking 23 years old and he's screwing a 15 year old! wtf!
me:...*looks at mom*..isnt that against the law?
mom: what?
me: isnt screwing a minor against the law?
mom: yes...o.o wait a second...thats probably what that rape count/thing against him
me: no duh~
mom: but yes, it is...he could go to jail for it
me: oh really? ...give me the phone..
mom: why? o.o
me: because..*thinks 'if he goes to jail he might get butt raped or something >) i would totally enjoy seeing him so torchered (from memories ect..you know what i mean.. and maybe become mentally un-stable or something? )'*

sadly, i didnt know what number to call to turn him in and if i did, my aunt would have gotten in trouble too... -.-

*phone rings*...*ignores*...*phone stops*...okay what else..ummm...i dont think i have anything else to report~ :D *phone rings again*...i swear to god..i am going to one day rip that damn ting out of the wall and burn it till theres nothing left o_e


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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Time: 11:58pm
Current Mood:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Listening To: Him - Wings of a Butterfly

well...im bored out of my mind...my head has been hurting for a whole WEEK STRIAGHT! non-stop head ache T_T its not right dude...*rubs head* and my ears hurt...so does my chest...its hard to breath~ i feel like im gonna throw-up v_v my throat hurts too D: ...im complaining to much today o_e

ah wellz, im going to the doc at 9am tomorrow...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*points* dude xDDDD wtf!

well....i dont have much to report...moms yelling at me...brother is being a total jerk too..

oh yeah~ new theme(im not done yet, i cant remember teh other codes at teh moment so im gonna work on it tomorrow :D)...i <3 Envy...*hides on bunk bed and knocks down ladder* even though i think hes a bit of a man whore *shifty eyes*...*gets attacked by Rabid Envy fan girls* OMFG HELP!!
you: ...
you:...*tips toes off*...
me: YOUR EVIL!! Dx *stab* *stab* *death*

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*magically comes back to life* o.o weird...though true xD my dad used to be very careful about what he said to me because once he said something (that actually wasnt that bad)and i wouldnt talk to him or look at him for over a week xDDD lol

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

sup pplz~

been a while since i last update, ne? o___e well~~ not much has happen...been on Gaia to much lately >>'' its sad Dx i need to cut down xDD

dude~~ someone tried to steal my aunts purse when she was at teh store~
aunt: *looking at something*..*hears cart moving* Logan get off the cart...*turns around* OMG~~! *screams* SOME STOLE MY PURSE!! MOTHER @#$%ERS!
her husband- MEL SHUT UP~ O_O
ppl- *staring*
aunt- shut up...SHUT UP?! SOME STOLE MY DAMN PURSE...AND MY CART~!!...wait...why teh hell would they take the cart? o.0 *runs around looking for cart for 20 minutes*
CART~~ 3 rows, turn a right and another row down~~
hasband- *pulls cart back and lets go*
CART~~starts rolling off~~
husband- see thats probably what happen
aunt-yeah right~~ the cart SOMEHOW went down 3 rows and made a right than another row, and somehow opened up my purse, yeah real smart john~

thankfully~ she was poor at the time and had NO money~~ v_v so nothing was stolen

in other news.....okay there is no other news >>' i was really sick this past week though :D

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::1:: In some cases
::2:: ~~Blue~~
::3:: 5'6 last time i checked (last year o_e)

now i go~~ my leg ish asleep o____e .......*punches it*....crap~

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

dude, i was watching Mahoromatic again today and i was all "HOLY GOD THAT TEACHERS DIRTY! DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY~~!" like dude, shes like 30 years old and coming onto her student...WTF xDDD than my mom walks in while im watching it on well...a dirty part on the 2nd episode i think .______.
mom- WTF~!
me- *rewinds it while shes not looking* uhh....its not what u think .__. she just ummm...she just walked in while he was in the bath see :D *plays* see~~its just like Ranma 1/2
mom- ohh~~...thought you were watching anime porno or something
mom- *leaves*
me- *waits a few minutes and closes door*.....woo...that was close ._.'

perverted Animes are so funny xD

and earlier my mom,gma and I were sitting in teh living room and my mom and gma were watching Larry King Live or something
me-.....you know what....Sarah's boyfriend has HUGE ears....did you notice how the stick out *holds ears out just like his*
mom- ._.'
gma- ....your dad has the biggest Dick i've ever seen barbara
me- *chokes on spit* O_______________O w....t....f
mom- 0_______0
gma- what?
me-.....how did THAT come up.....
gma- i feel bad for grace(his new wife)...she probably wants to hide under the bed when she sees him coming...
me and mom- 0______________0..........*bust up laughing*
gma- what .___.
me- dude~!!! XDDDD OMGWTF~!!!
*few minutes later*
me-........i cant believe you said that grandma....
gma- what...? o_o
me- .____. wow....just wow

*5 minutes later*
*aunt comes in*
me- *whispers* oh just great -3-
aunt- *sits down* :D
*everythings all silent*
me-.......did you notice that sarahs boyfriend has big ears?....
aunt- .___. your mean rachael..
me- what? its true :D
aunt- *walks over and grabs my ears*
me- o_e what ARE you doing...
mom- its no use..she has tiny ears -_-''
aunt- -.-' *sighs and sits back down*...
me-...so did you notice? :D (his ears i mean)
mom- it doesnt matter what his ears look like, what matters is his personality
me- yeah, and his personality is: power hungry, jackass, a smart-ass, *goes down list* over all, his a total jerk :D and i dont like him
aunt- god rachael~~
me- what? its true and you know it -3-
pplz- .....
me- ...anywho...HIS EARS ARE HUGE!! 0_0
pplz- .___.'
me- seriously~~ thats the first thing i see when he enters the room~!! (no joke)
aunt- your just plain mean...
me- thank you :D


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Thursday, May 18, 2006

w00t~~ i update!! PH34R M3H!! >D

okay, i just got back from teh store ~.~ was gone for HOURS T___T and we only got FOOD DX how could food take THAT long to get?!! T_T

dude~! *nibbles on pocky* YAY CHOCOLATE!! erm...as i was saying, last night i was looking around on teh net for something to get Rachel and Jess (their b-days just past but i couldn't get them anything..soo...YAY FOR LATE BDAY PRESENTS! >>')and i found these FMA ear-rings(which i want!), FMA ring(which was totally awesome and i want it T_T) and a FMA braclet(i didnt really like it..)
me- OxO OMG!! I MUST GET THAT FOR RACHEL!!(ring and ear-ring) AND THAT FOR JESS!(ring) *starts breathing fast* and one for me! XD (ring and ear-ring)
*clicks braclet to see how much it is*
BRACLET: $500.00
me- HOLY CRAP!!! IS THAT 2 ZEROS?!! O_________O'' uhh....well it is really think and pure silver ._.
*clicks ring*
me- that cant be alot of money right...*ish talking to myself*
RING: $180.00
me- O_____O ALMOST 200?!! NO WAY!! x______x well...i guess it is really REALLY nice....and pure silver
*clicks earring*
EAR-RING: $80.00
me-*starts twitching* well at least its not THAT bad right...? o_e *notices that they all say 'LIMITED EDITION'* O.O ohhhhhh~~ maybe THATS why they so much o____e

$500?!! HOLY GOD!! THATS LIKE....INSANE!! *faints*...*crys* i only have 30 asof today T_T

this morning i was trying to get my bro up -.- and failed horribly
me- *after pulling off his blankets and poking at him ect* MICHAEL! *grabs his feet* GET UP!!
bro- *snoring*
me- *growls and starts pulling him off bed slowly* UP!!
bro- *still sleeping*
mom- dont hurt him o_0
me- GAH~! WAKE UP~~~~! *trips on phone cord*..*thinks oh...shit...
bro- *goes flying off bed(cuz i hadn't let go) mmnm...owww....
mom- *can still she his chin and hands on bed* (was lying in bed with him) MICHAEL!! O__O
me- o_____________o opps..
bro- my ribs....*crawls back up in bed*
mom- are u okay?!
bro- it hurts....my chest...and ribs...
me- .____.'*mumbles* sorry
mom- oh ._. i thought u just pulled him off
me- oh yeah, i tryed to riped him right off the bed and kill him DX
bro- *sleeping again*
me- .____. look at that~! asleep already! DX

uhh...lol ^^' anywhom not much happen today

i gotta get Kira a present too xD w00t!

[+1+] do you know what 'w00t' means?

me- yes, I'll tell you tomorrow, yes!! XD i wanna see if anyone knows

oh and dude~ i lost 6 GB signings again T_T

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Friday, May 12, 2006

T____T *sniffle**sniffle* dude...i just watched AIR again...and teh ending is so sad to me D:
voice- are you crying?!
me- OF COURSE NOT!! ;w;
voice- *looks over and sees im not* *sigh* and here i thought you finally broke
me- o.O Oi?? anywho....IT'S SO SAD!!!! T________T *sobs silently in head* though i got a bit confused on the last 10 seconds o_0'

anywho!! last night..i saw this picture of barney on the net and it scared me so i ran out of the room!!!
voice- o.O' uhhhh...
me- *throws arms up* W000000000t!!!!!!! *watches AIR episode 3* o_e *twitch**twitch*

*starts breathing real fast*

voice- you sound like a hamster or soemthing o.O
me- ._.'.....*starts breathing fast again*....*starts singing the AIR opening theme* VoV/)

in other news, not much happen again today....

dude o.O yesterday i forgot to tell ya'z something...watch this vid first...

*waits* okay, done? you know the song on it...at school yesterday a bunch of kids were singing it(had a radio with it playing and everything)it was hella funny....but wrong at the same time xD lol

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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

o.O bout yesterdays post- actually, no...that dream i had wasnt scary just a bit weird

anywho..not much happen today..did make-up testing ect

in science i got teh pleasure to sort through BIRD SEED :D no aint that fun *words tainted with sarcasm* .......GOD DAMN, IT WAS BORING AS HELL!! *starts twitching*

in math, i was a hour late due to all teh state testing i had to make up, when i walked in and gave my teacher my pass he told me to sit anywhere
me- *nods and walks to the seat nearest to teh back*
boy a row in front of where i sat- o.o wow sexy
me- *starts twitching*
girl next to him- O________O'
me- *slowly turns head to guy*
guy- *grins(a creepy/perverted grin)*
me- *mouth twitches into a grin that had 'I-am-going-to-kill-you' writen all over it* *flips him off and sits down* -_-++

yeah, i get pissy if anyone says something like that o___e;

I like this xDDD
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

well not much happen today

i had a weird dream last night...my dad killed me...o.0 he shot me like 7 times
-near heart, right arm, left shoulder, above right hip, thigh, rib area...and he kicked my in teh tummy...you wouldnt believe how much blood i was coughing up...and though it was just a dream...it felt like i could ACTUALLY fell it...(being kicked and shot) o.O; lol

i forgot my book for AR(reading) today...so my teacher dicided that she was all of a sudden that she was gonna start giving Detention to anyone who didnt have a book (...today of all days.) -.-+
teacher- Rachael, get out your book and read!
me- forgot it at home
teacher- well than i GUESS im gonna have to give you a detention...your staying after school for 45 minutes
me- no im not
teacher- oh yes you are
me- Ha! i dont think thats gonna be happening anytime soon
teacher- a hour detention now
me- I'm NOT going
teacher- your gonna get saturday school at this rate
me- do you HONESTLY think that IM gonna waste MY time on a saturday HERE of all places? *laughs* thats funny

in english, i saw ellie again..somehow Irish came up
me- i alwayz thought that irish people were short..
ellie- they are
me- im not short............am i? o.O
ellie-OxO your irish?!
me- yeah o.O over 50% actually...
ellie- do you have german in you?
me- yeah ._. and dutch and a bunch of other stuff
ellie-thats why your not short!
me- but my dad was frikkin TALL!
ellie- well he wasnt full blooded irish than
me-yeah he was...my whole dads side of teh family had those damn accents too o_O;

than my teacher brought up dead bodies
me-god, HAVE YOU EVER SMELLED ONE OF THOSE THINGS?!!~ they smell SO god damn bad!!
ellie- and how do you know that?
me-i've seen one o.o
ellie-OxO WHAT?!
me- what?
ellie- how?!
me- i found my dad dead o.O
ellie- O________O you WHAT?!
me- found.my.father.DEAD.
ellie- O_____________O sorry..
me- o.O its fine...?
kid behide us- goth
ellie- who the FUCK just called me gothic?!! im not a FUCKING goth!! stop FUCKING saying that GOD DAMNIT!!
me- o.o do ppl call you taht alot or something?
ellie- yeah ._.
me- O.e my whole class kept calling me goth teh other day..
me- I DO NOT!
ellie- yes you do
me- naw uh D:
ellie- you have that cute tinkbell nose
me- *wiggles nose*
ellie- blonde hair
me- *Looks at hair*
ellie- and blue eyes! not to mention how your white as can be
me-....i no like tinkerbell....T___T
voice in head-see how cruel fate is


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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

okay, well i added some pplz buttons...if yours ISN'T there please leave its URL in a comment or PM it to me...if you do not like teh one thats up, also PM or leave teh one you DO want in a comment (like Kira..i doubt she'll like teh one thats up >>;)

anywho..not much happen today...*thinks* i went to teh store with my aunt AGAIN~! D: EVERYDAY i go some where with her
aunt- hey, if it weren't for me, you'd be stuck at home ALL.DAY.LONG
me- for your infromation, i LIKE staying home D: what i do NOT like is going to teh store ~.~

well now...wasnt that a short post...okay i go now


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Monday, May 8, 2006

[note...colorful langauge in post]

KUSO~~~!! tomorrow(monday) ish gonna suck for me~ D:

now why...? (u:...)...well i'll tell u anyway~ tomorrow teh road infront of my -hella crappy- place at 7AM D: so im gonna have to get up BEFORE 6am to get ready for school(NO ONE SHOULD BE UP THAT EARLY~), than hurry and get to my aunts house before the start working...and i gotta sit there till 10:30am, and she doesnt run teh air so it'll be like 90 degrees in her place(THATS TOO HOT DUDE~) THAN i gotta walk to school and be torchered by my teachers and my classmates will be whispering to each other how im qoute goth,a poser(trying to be goth, NOT TURE~), weird, dont like me ect..though i LOVE it when ppl say they dont like me or my weird or something else! i find it rather amusing!
other self- she feeds off it like some wild beast!
me- *hold rubber knife up* *growls*
other self- see~ shes INSANE
me- *laughs* >w< HOW FUN!! *giggles and claps like a lil baby would*
you- o_0; ohhh-ka~y....

kuso...my head hurts x.x i keep hitting my head on teh friggin ceiling *sweat*

du~de...i just remembered something....about my dad,he dead for those of you who dont know... DONT ANYONE DARE FEEL BAD FOR ME!! *evil twinkle in eyes*, anywho i remembered about how he would do all mad-man like if anyone said something to him~XD
like one time some guy(gang dude i think) walked donw our street(he did daily i guess) and my dad looked over at him and teh guy said something and called my dad a 'white boy...my dad was like a fucking snake on water(i qoute my grandma when i say that) and started beating him up o.0 he knocked out a bunch of his teeth~ SWEET! and another time he had gotten put in jail for something (missing a court date i think) and these 5 guys were about to try and frikkin SCREW him O___O yes, i mean screw him, fuck him into teh bed-springs(other self- nicely worded) and he punched teh biggest one square in teh month and totally woped their asses~ *thinks* o.o u know what..he also went all mad-man like on his bro, cuz my uncle was staying wif us and came home drunk and woke us up at 3am yelling at my dad bout something (also called my dad some things i think)and my dad knocked my uncles 4 front teeth out OxO uncle went 2(or more) YEARS without any front teech O_o he than got fake ones put in....

...god damn....you'd never know my dad could move than fast though...he was a little over weight thats why...

okay..i go now


I changed my music for today to a song i love alot right now >>;

new theme >> ..again
Imma gonna put a chat box,friends buttons/links, club buttons/links, ect up when i get up tomorrow(or right now if my mother lets me stay on com a lil longer)

now, thank you and good night! *bows*

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