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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Byes ; _ ;

ok my internet is being turned off tonight at midnight [a lil less than 3 hours from now] I'm moving in 3 days[2 days on feb.15] so yah ;_; i'm gonna miss j00 guys T^T...my mom says that we should get internet back soon though...i dunno how long that will be..she says that we might get internet back within days that we move or a few months...just depends...

i MIGHT change my theme tonight...depends on if i feel like throwing together one in 5 minutes -3- [would take 5 minutes to put one together is what im saying] i feel like a Pride theme..yes, yes i know..im obsessed XD

I've been listening to a anime radio station alot this week...Jess should it to me ._.;; See! Looky Looky!!

erm...well thats all i got...eh....well i guess thats it....bye-byes ;_; *waves*


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Saturday, February 11, 2006


okay going to lunch with my teacher wasnt bad at all..i actually had fun O_O;; lol! and btw it was my MOTHER who sugested us going, not my teacher...and my teacher is a girl just to make sure everyone knows....my mom PROBABLY wouldnt have asked if it WAS a GUY -3-;

like a hour after i got back from eatin with meh teacher...my mom made me go to Coco's and tryed to get me to eat there....[me:...DUDE, I JUST ATE!! ...and god that root beer float was GOOD!!] i dicided to order a large hot chocolate with lotza wipe-cream...it made me sick though ~_~

after we went there me and my bro took off to EB GAMES, i found out that Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming out MARCH 31st! i WAS gonna preorder it BUT im moving T_T but i did get a Pretear DVD! i saw teh frist episode and there were a few parts that i laughed my ass of at! XDD lol so yah

THAN my mother made me go to target with her! she had me get 3 tops[like the one im wearing but different colors] and something else...i just cant remember what it was ._.;;

after that we went to HollyWood Video and got 4 or 5 movies there....

and thats all i did today ._.

so how r youz?


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Friday, February 10, 2006

NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ME!!! eh...well i have tomorrow [friday] BUT instead of doing actually SCHOOLING me and mah teacher r going out to eat! a lil awkward but its better than hw! im not complaining...after friday, i no go to school untill i move...*silent sobs* I HATE TEH SCHOOL IM GONNA BE GOING TO T___T *sniff* ....*puts on waka laka* ^w^ --this song see, to cheer me up o_o;--

and yes, the FMA movie was good...coulda used more fighting though...but over all it was good...

nuffin really going on here though...my mom had surgery yesterday though ._. other than that i got nothin to report...soo...




..:::I LOVE THIS SONG!:::..

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

well...nuffin new here....i went to hemet yet again this weekend...most boring time of my life ~_~....lol!

umm..oh i FINALLY got my butt up and watched my FMA movie...i cant believe ppl thought that was depressing!!!! DEPRESSING MY ASS!! i just wish there as more fighting -3-

i also saw flightplan this weekend...i kinda liked that one -_-

my aunt made me go to Wally World with her on saturday because her daughter wouldnt go with her X| she kept seeing things she liked but the last time she was there her daughter saw them and was saying how 'there not in style' and 'thats for youger ppl NOT ppl ur age' ect...and my aunt was saying 'man i like this'
aunt: but sarah said that it was ugly
me:...melinda...sarah thinks everything that doesnt show off her ass, expose alot of skin, and isnt REALLY short is ugly -_- IF U LIKE IT GET IT!! WHO CARES WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS! *puts teh stuff in cart*
aunt: Your right! see, thats what i love about u Rachael
me: HA!! *stupid grin* *snickers*

..i want Ed's shoes!!!! and his pants....shirt....coat...IM NOT CRAZY, FO! *twitches* they awesome!! ...dont look at me like that!!! ....*sings waka laka*
Waka Laka's a thing to play forever
Just to be together (Just to be together)
Waka Laka's a place to be forever
Waka Laka love and fantasy

(Waka... Waka... Waka...)

See Waka Laka when you need a flight of fantasy(fantasy)
Ecstasy (ecstasy)
Rhapsody (rhapsody)
See Waka Laka when you want a love so tenderness (tenderness)
Waka Laka make you fly

See Waka Laka when you're going to feel so sad and blue,
Just for you, never blue
See Waka Laka and a funny bunny'll free your life
Now it's Waka Laka time

I wanna live (I wanna live)
A brand new day (A brand new day)
Go far away (Go far away)
To Waka Laka place
A Waka time (A Waka time)
To feel so fine (To feel so fine)
A Waka Laka flight

Waka Laka's a thing to play forever
Just to be together (Just to be together)
Waka Laka's so magical and tender
Musical and wonder fantasy

Waka Laka's a never ending story
Glory, glory, glory (Glory, glory, glory)
Waka Laka's a place to be forever
Waka Laka love and,
Waka Laka love and,
Waka Laka love and fantasy

i like this ^^;

btw,i stoped the music for today ^^


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Thursday, February 2, 2006

guess what all!!! remember how i told yaz about my friend who was attack, beaten, poisoned than fell into a coma! and her kidneys started failing because of the poison!!!!!! well...I have good news. The poison has left her body and her kidneys and lungs have resumed their normal operation, although she still remains unconscious shes doing better!! X3 YAY! *does happy dance* w00t w00t!

my mom ish gonna need to have surgery on her eyes though ;_; if she doesnt she gonna go blind =.=; not good ._. sooo shes gonna have the first surgery done on V-Day than she gonna go have the second done a week later! so wish her luck mmkay!!!!!! OR I'LL SEND EVIL MONKEYS TO U HOUSE!!!! >:D BWAHAHAHAH!! ok not really but evil monkeys r awesome man XD

well i gotza go! sayonara


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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

im so bored ~_~

dude...i was on gaia and was talking to a lesbain girl ((I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST BI/GAY/LES PPL K!!!)) and i said i was bored and she than said "you wouldn't be if i was there *purrs*" and liked tryed to get all touchy feely ON THE NET!! wanted ME to CYBER with HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! O__________O *le gasp* ITS WORSE THAN MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!! THE WORSE PART IS...SHE GLOMPED ME!!!!!!!! T~T *sobs fill the room*

ok well other than that and some guy online asked me out nothing really going on today. i still havent watched my FMA movie...why i do not know...i think its cuz its depressing ;_;....

dude...i talk to much here XDDDD

ok i go...cuz im reading a fanfic >:3 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! O_O WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! I HEAR BBS ON TV!!!!!!!! *blairs music to drown it out* X|


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Sunday, January 29, 2006

*goes all ninja-ish*

ok weeeeeeeeeeell...MY FMA MOVIE FINALLY CAME!!! X3 WEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm gonna make a copy and sent it to Jess! *shifts eyes* erm...yah! :D i'm gonna watch it tomorrow ._.;; -yah, i still havent watched it O_O;-

i still havent done meh projects! XD i'll work on them tomorrow(sunday) YAY~!

well...im bored out of my mind -_-

i show u piccy a friend on GAIA did! X3

bet ya cant guess which one ish me!!!! GUESS!!!! *gives u 5 minutes* ok, i teh one saying "MUST....POKE...." -aka EDO- BWAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHHAHA AHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ..............*shifts eyes*....riiiiiiiight....

ok i go =O!



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Friday, January 27, 2006

T_T friend
Fullmetal Inu ish moving to hawaii!!!!! T______T NOOOOOHOHOHOOOOOO!!! M.Armstrong said that Inu wont be able to get on MyO anymore when she does ;_; It's not fair! Shes the 4th friend i have/had that i wont be able to talk to anymore!! *sobs*

i have 3 projects due on monday, and i have no school tomorrow...tomorrow ish project day ;_; and im moving in a week T_T

oh but Chibi Hiei got me a Crossfade CD!!! X3 I LOVE IT!!! THANK U!! *listens to it* *sings cold*

yah, not much here! oh plz stop by Scars Of Sorrow's MyO!!! Shes new!!!! THANK U X3

i gotta go



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Thursday, January 26, 2006


glad u guys like me theme :D i put a chat box up top *points at like intro* it that thing ^-^;

nothing really going on here, i dont think i should have drank that hot coco, ice cream, and cookies x_x gah i think im gonna be sick...

but yah not much here...well my mom just came over to me going on about how some girl on MySpace was killed, some guy on there founf out where she lived and went over and raped than killed her -_-

*takes her leave*


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

   GAH!! oh and new theme ._.

well not much going on here....new theme, i got a lil tired of my old one ^-^'

yesterday i found out that one of my friends was attacked and beaten, now shes in a coma a week ago((i wasnt online and than when i did get on i got a EMAIL from her brother telling me this)). -no lie- shes taken a turn for the worse. Her kidneys have shut down and she had to be put on a resperator. the doctors have given her only a 10% survival chance.

well i gotta go, my moms yelling at me


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