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Thursday, July 28, 2005

if u come here and the place is completely white its cause im tryin 2 get my wallpaper workin.
^-^ bye

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   -Furious Waving- HELLO THERE!!! ^-^
Whad everyone!!! my mom's keeps naggin me 'bout school! man, i hate school!! the only reason that i consiter goin is 2 talk 2 me friends! but i could do that over the phone couldnt i. i rarely ever talk on the phone cause well i dont like 2. man im hungry! bye 4 now guys! ^-^
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

   Hiya everyone!
whats up! well 2 days as boring as usual. *sigh* my mom wants 2 take pictures 2day. i hate takin pictures, there so lame! my GB is pretty low as u can c but its my frist day so its okay i guess. nobody has helped me out with my wallpaper problem as u can also tell! well i'm gonna go on a hunt 2 find the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, L8r! ^-^ Oh, and don't 4get 2 sign the GB when u leave k! ^-^
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   its not fair....
man i gotta get the FMA movie!!! i just got a credit card or whatever u wanna call it and i put all the money i saved up in it! and i only saved that money inorder 2 get the movie!!! if anyone knows how i can get it plz tell me, k!!! ^-^
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