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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yo yoyo! what up dude!

not much here, just got back from the mall! I finally spent some of my b-day/christmas money o_o i spend over 60 bucks o.O a lil over like 40 bucks left >D

i bought 2 chrono crusade DVDS and Tsubasa vol. 8 manga. lol all the damn alarms in the mall kept going off on me ._.;; lol and some lil beotch kept blaming me for something saying i knocked a bunch of crap off the shelfs -_-; my mom was acting all freaked out, like she was gonna ring the girls neck for trying to blame me...the girl worked there...but i DID go and rip some of their huge signs that hang on the roof off -shifts eyes- what...?

I talked to Kira(EdWillSos) on AIM and she got me hooked on a song O_O why i like it so much...you got me XDDDD lol

ok i gotta go, my bro wont stop nagging me to come and watch Chrono Cursade ._.;;



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Monday, March 20, 2006

yah.......short post btw

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Time posted: 9:1o pm
Current Mood: Image hosting by Photobucket Slightly Amused


well I'm at my grandparents house right now, i don't think I'll beable to visit you guys today, I'll try though! oh and yah, as you probable have noticed, i changed my Backgrounds,Post pic and lil about piccy @x@

anywho, not much really happen today...yet again ._. but for so reason i feel like laughing my ass off and go run back and forth for no aprent reason xD

*thinks* erm...hmm...uhh...oh! *holds hand up*......wait give me minute...*rub forehead*...ehhhh....nope i got nothing ._.;

BTW, the FONT on my site...does it look like erm...'chiller'?? (the font chiller) cuz it does on my g-pas x_x lol

and no one realized i said my last name on my post the other day XDDD BWAHAHAH!

This made me laugh ._.
Image hosting by Photobucket

so did this ._.
Image hosting by Photobucket

this to...
Image hosting by Photobucket

when i saw this a LONG time ago i was "O__o wtf.....*laughs*" and i mean a LOOONG time ago, back when i first came here
Image hosting by Photobucket

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

>_> bored...
goa...I'm bored out of my mind! You guys bored? so...anything good happen in your lives? i woulda just went to your guys site and read your guys posts, but i cant get to half of your guys sites ;w; its just not right man!

I realized something just now...i blurted out my last name on my last post 0_0 yes, I didn't want pplz to know cuz if they did it would be easy to find me. and the pplz im talking about are weird creepy pplz, like Envy the palm tree >D (me: Envy you creepy man-women ._. *gets attacked by Envy fangirls* AHHH!! HELP! *twitches*

oh, we had my baby cousin b-day party today...quiet boring though....

umm...what else happen today....nothing really...

and with that i say good-bye



wow...11 comments and its only like 12... O_O; lol XD okay well anyway im going to my grandparents place shortly so yah,

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

still to lazy to name...some colorful language in here...just to let those of you who hate it know ^^;
yo...change theme yet again >_> Lacus theme now...what....?

dude, and my teachers call me 'Pride' and 'Pride Davis' XDDD wh000t!!!

girl: just to let ya know, im the top FMA fan here
me: not anymore...
girl: and Edward Elric and Wrath are mine.
me: i hate wrath...
girl: WHY?!
me: he's a waste of life...he should die horrible and gory death >D
girl: oh
me: and btw, Pride!Ed ish mine
girl: pride...ed...? huh...?
me: yes, Pride!Ed...*pulls out a piccy* him!
girl: oh...hes mine than!
me: Bitch Plz.
girl: he is..
me: you don't even know who the hell he is
girl: i don't care, hes still mine
me: oh no he aint -3-
girl: he has Ed's body and soul.....SO HES MINE!!
girl: o.o ok. now back to the subject of me being the top FMA fan...
me: your not anymore
girl: I STARTED BEFORE U! *talkn bout starting at the school* when was the first time u started here...?
me: the beinging of last year
girl:...oh...nvmd than
me: *grins*
girl: fine than...have you seen every episode?!
me: yup
girl: do you own the episodes in japanese
me: yupperz, got those years ago
girl: Cds
me: well duh
girl: shirts
me: yup *pulls jacket off and shows her the FMA shirt i wearing*
girl: *gasps* I NEED THAT SHIRT!!
me: HA!
me: sadly, my mom trashed them
girl: HA!
me: FMA mints?
girl: o.o no
me: *flashes off my FMA mints* FMA engery drink
girl: no ._.
me: HA! i do >D
girl: i'll buy them off u
me: HELL NO! now...back to the pride!Ed problem
girl: hes mine
me: *growls* do you have Pride cosplay?! pride plushie?! Pride ordament?!(sp??)
girl: no, no and no ._.
me: HA!!

we ended up being late for class, cuz we kept going...when we dicided to go and not be any later than we were she screamed "I THINK I FOUND MY SELF A NEW BEST BUD!!!!! XD *throws arms up*" and no, i don't REALLY think Pride!Ed's mine btw

anywho..nothing else going on here....

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Friday, March 17, 2006

[to lazy to think of title]
ello again -3-

got rid of that layout...after i put it up, i couldnt get to my site X0 and after i took it off i COULD get to me site >_>

ok not much here....

my lil cousin ish sicky...and his b-day is tomorrow...AND TODAY [the 16] WAS JESS'S B-DAY :3 wh00t!

I was talking to teh girl next to me about FOOD the for over a hour >_>; [class wa 1 hour and 45 minutes long] a hour of food....yah we were both starving....
me: when i get home im making country fried steak *drools*
Lisa(girl): OMG...That like..sounds so frikning good!!!
me: *in my own lil world* Im gonna make 4..no 5...no 4..NO 5 steaks and eat them all..my bro aint getting any :L
Lisa: 0.0
Lisa: PIGGY!!!!!
me: >D HA!
Lisa: and your so tiny o_o
me: i know..i really im surprised i am o_o
lisa/me: o_o.....*busts up laughing*

than someway or another the conversation about kids came up and other crap (im gonna write some down to kill you all wif boredom >D)

lisa: im NEVER having kids..all they do is cry and crap everywhere...
me: i aint ever having a kid! if i do, put me in a insane ppl place -_-
Lisa: same reason?
me: *nods* yup...they never shutup
lisa: yah..and when they get older their all like "....duuuuude....*has stupid expression on*"
me: i know o.o
Lisa: and than like they turn into these weird teenager things O_O;; *is serious*
me: I KNOW!! 0_0.....wait...you realize u and i ARE teenager-things right...
Lisa: *looks at me weird* o_o *twitch* ...o...m...g...
me: o.0?
Lisa: *says something about where the thing of the something was signed and when[history crap]* >D
me: 0_0 you knew that off the top of your head..?
Lisa: yup..*whispers* i just got out of social studies
me: i never would have remembered that ._.
lisa: im like...sooooo smart *gives me a braindead look*
me:....XDDDD WTF
Lisa: winning face huh >D

ok im done now...

ja ne'

Its me, yet not me in a way *alot is true thought* ._.

What's your inner power? (Girls only sorry. Beautiful anime pictures, lengthy results)

Understanding- Your inner power is Understanding! Lifes many mysteries have become your ultimate goal to work out. You are neither a good or bad person, just very neutral, very stable. You look down on nothing or anyone, merely observe their point of view and make no judgments. You can be seen as very shadowy and uncertain in what you believe in to an outsider, but this isnt always true. You simply dont flaunt your views around. You have a few, close friends who rely on you, and love you for the way your never scorn for the way they live their lives. You are very caring and would make a great mother, seeing you always try to help those who come to you for your aid. You are extremely hard to anger, and yet when you are, your forgiveness is hard to gain. You are loyal, secretive, very quiet and often impassive, with few able to break around the wall that you built to protect yourself. Not everyone acknowledges you even exist, but you dont really care. As long as you have your close friends by your side, you are right to go. Although they might not voice it, many people long to have your ability to accept change as well as what cant be changed. Dont ever let others bring you down, because you are truly special, and those who have the courage to venture passed your walls of silence will only regret not having tried to befriend you sooner. Boy/Girl who will sweep you off your feet: The mysterious boy/girl. The one who no one knows much about. You are attracted to him/her by the secrecy around him/her, and he/she loves how stable and unjudging you are. Your stone/jewel: Sapphire Your power: Life. The ability to bring those who have died back to life, as well as bring life back into those who have lost all hope. Your element: Lunar A quote that applies to you: "Do not be 'against' anything. Being 'against' weakens you. Be 'for' what you want. Being 'for' empowers you."
Take this quiz!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

i WOULD be at school right now but that damned Mr.Pressly is being slow as hell... ~_~ i was there for 2 hours untill he finally sent me home cuz he cant get me my classes -3-

I just realized that i CAN'T put blue in my hair cuz of that damned place!!!
*NO mohawks
*Spikes no longer than 2"
X_X DAMN THEM! I would have it done anyway(even though they say no) but my mother ~_~ .....
also i didn't know that shirts cant go 4 inches or more below your waist *gonk* bad for me i guess *sweat* I remember last time i went there, ALL my pants were dirty or in the washer so i had to wear a friggin SKIRT and they do teh stupid fing er check(when the skirt has to be as long or longer than your finger tips) and mine was ike 5 inches or more to short *laughs* that skirt was 9 inches or more above my knees x-x kinda like Kagomes-from Inu Yasha- skirt but shorter XoX teh horror of it...

Ok i got nothin' else to report so im outty!

but first, a vid my bros friend made >:D

now i go

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Monday, March 6, 2006

As much as I liked my old theme, I changed it...It was up for to long *gonk* time for a change, yes...?

but glad to see you guys liked the layout :D

anywho...not much here...My aunt has been over here for a few hours...her son wouldnt leave me alone XO GAH! and she was talking about how earlier today my cousin said that her sisters boyfriends brother was cute(which btw is butt ass ugly) and my aunt says He'd just want to get in her pants (to ture, fucking russian pervert!) and if anyone ever tryed to force themselves on her she'd be screwed up for the rest of her life because of her personality. than she goes on to say that she just like Rachael(me), shes innocent, sweet-((me:*thinks "if only you knew *evil grin*"))

me:what you saying that if anyone forced themselves on ME i'd be even more screwed up than i already am?
Aunt: yes
Me: your joking...If anyone tryed to force themselves on me and actually succeded, the next time i saw them i'd bash their heads in with a frikkin bat!!!!!
aunt: jezz rach O_O
me:what -3- its true...*conversation goes on just like that but doesnt want you guys to die of bored from reading this crap*

oh and I am/did change i few songs on the lil thingy there *points up* Give it a few minutes to load if it takes a while k I like that song Breathing, say anything and i hurt you *low growl* .....~~^o^~~....boogie boogie....

also thanks for the comments yesterday! Been a while since i got 14 comments ^o_o^

ok im outty


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Sunday, March 5, 2006

my aunt backed out of taking me toget my hair cut X_X she does that all the time though, not surprising....she probably didnt take me cuz she wasnt getting paid for it --; *shes very greedy* i gotta wait 2 weeks now X0 DAMN YOU MELINDA!!!

but anywho..LISTEN TO TEH MUSIC...some of the songs there I HATE! but some are good >:D lol

Oki, i gotta go...my moms kicking me off...ITS NOT EVEN 10 YET *gonk* its cuz my grandparents are over -_-;

ok byes

Question of the night:do you like your name?
my answer: HECK NO!! -_-p


I liked this vid so Im putting it up 0x0 *like it cuz BBI duh XD*

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Friday, March 3, 2006

*ninja like*

ok nothing going on really...I'm gonna start school on monday...i think ._.;;

I just got back from my aunts house, she got a picture of me *gonk* and i looked qoute "evil" in it *grins*

aunt: Damn Rachael!!! can't you EVER smile?!
me: -3-; ...why..
aunt: You look like fucking 'Wensday" from "the Adams Family"!!!..a lil more mean though ._.
me: hehehe *grins*

Oh! I'm gonna finally cut my hair tomorrow..Its down to my waist*almost* so im gonna cut it about 3 inches or so under my shoulders and dye the ends blue...(so blonde with blue ends) i wanted it all electric blue, ends siler, and the tips black X3 lol.. my mom said "HELL NO!!!" though ~_~

my cousins coming over tommoro and my mom wants me to go to the mall with her, my other cousins and aunt...to have pictures taken (me:..no...) and than go to the movies...(me: what movie
mom: i think they wanna see 'Pink Panther'
me: o.o no way in HELL am I going!!!) ~_~

ok i gotta go x_x my mother doesn't want me on teh com past 12am (and its 12:36am XD) lol


PS Im gonna change my theme with the code Scars gave me x3

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

IM BACK!!! *rejoices* HEYLO!! Whats up all?!! *looks at TV* look...Dragon Ball Z XD lol

anyhow...not much here...last night my aunts best friend came over...her names Robin, she just had a kid and brought him over cuz my mom wanted to see him *gonk* his names alex...he's a cute baby though XD lol after i went home she told my mom how i was sweet and easy-going *gonk* wtf...lol

oh, my bro FINALLY hooked up his sound system XD tis ish awesome...lol

ok i g2g ~_~


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