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Friday, December 8, 2006

Yesh xD

I'm alive

Sorry if I worried anyone o3o;;

But yeah.
teh reason I Dissappered was cause my password got changed

We just decorated teh tree ._.;;
And I must say... I Look like I've Fxcked a Pixy/Fairy =_=;;
To much Glitter~
And put some presents under it.

And I noticed something.
Outta all teh 40-something things, theres only 2 things for me.
None for bro.
And none for my mom

All teh others are for my aunts family.
Logan, Sara, Candace, and Melinda

Me while putting everything under tree:: -30 presents in- Omfg! :D One for me! x333 ..Oh wait. ._. that says FROM Rachael >> not For Rachael
=_=;; Lame~~~

Not kewl~

Oh yeah!
Did yeww know, I Got a new com a few months ago!
I Luff it xD
It shiney

Oh and I Got A HUGE desk for it :D
And A new Bed Frame
But No bed

I'm at grammys btw
So Layout will be up later tonight or tomorrow

Cause Bill [[grandpa]] wouldn't let me on com today

I Do lil Avatar first


So chyeah


I ♥ this girl.
She's New here
So Visit and add her!
And be nice :O

Button made by me xD

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Omfg! O_O! I'm NOT Dead!


||Does victory dance||

i'm back!

Turns out Alice changed my Pw =_=;;

Lil Bish~

Point is.. IM Not Dead o_o!!!

How've yeww guys been while i was away?!~
Its been 7 months!!
Ignore the site =-=
I Editing new layout thingy xD!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

dude ; _ ; i was just downloading Detective conan (okay a lil while ago but thats besides the point...) and...and...i came out from my brothers room and my moms at my com...she closed my downloads T-T do you realize how long that had taken me to find?! *cries* and it was almost done too
me- 0_____0
mom- o.o what...
me- IIE~~~!!!!(no) T-T
mom- *says something*
me- ; w ;
mom- O_O DONT CRY!
me-...im not crying *T^T*
mom- i didnt know!
me- when pages are up...not touchy them ;_;
mom- i didnt know you were downloading D:
me- you coulda asked if they were important *T______T*
--minutes later--
me- *sitting on counter drawing* ;w;
mom- *stares*...i feel so bad DDD:
me- o.o oi?
mom- *hugs me*
me- o_e wha~
mom- *says something like 'sorry' (i dunno i cant remeber '')*

dude....earlier today....i was jumping around in teh kitchen trying to catch a fly(with my hands)..my mom was all like 'wtf are you doing?! o.O;' and i was all jumping up and down swating at flies :D it was fun~~...i almost caught it...but mom asked me something and when i was answering it flew by (i saw it) -.-''

well i got nothing else to report



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Friday, June 16, 2006

david(some bad stuff in there)/DC
yes yes, i got bored with Envy so i was gonna change it but my damn program refuse to work ; _ ; so i just throw up this~ don't really like it, but i was watching a Wolfs Rain vid at teh time and had just downloaded Gravity(from Wolfs Rain)

well not much happen today...went to my aunts about 2 hours ago...and David was there...the bastard that i wanna *beeeeeeep* *twitches* needless to say...i hate him...oh! you might not remember him huh~ hes my cousins ex-boyfriend who raped a 12 year old..and hes 23! o_e also teh guy who got my cousin pregnent. well anywho he was over there telling sarah(my cousin) and her mother that he wanted sarah to get a abor...abor...how teh heck to you spell that?! you know, when teh doctors take teh baby out of ya and KILL it o_e yeah, that~(abortion was it?) they pretty much told him to go f^ck himself v_v and he kept knocking on teh door, (actually barged in once) agruing with them. teh whole time i was standing behide/next to teh door watching his everymove(i dont trust him) *mumbers* he DARES try anything and i swear to GOD i will kick.his.fucking.ass. hes teh type that would probably get one of his friends to jump her to make sure she wouldnt/COULDNT have the baby....if he does anything to my goddamn cousin i wont hesitate to *this content was to violent to show to the kiddies -yours truely, Ra's alter* *grins like a psycho bitch, giggling* well, enough of that now ^-^

i just got done watching DETECTIVE CONAN...AGAIN! *Mwahahah!!!* yesh yesh...i luv teh show T-T
me while watching episode 188-192- ; _ ; *cheers* YAYY SHINICHI(or Jimmy for teh english version, whatever)!!! WH00T WH00T!!
mom- o_O wtf are you doing
me-...*says in squeaky voice* watching-the-most-superest-awesomest-show-ever!!! *squeals*
mom- wha-nvmd o_o *leaves*
me- *watches her go*......YAYY!! *sqeauls again*


yeah ._. im weird... mwaha?

wellz...i watched a bunch of other animes today...but im to lazy to name 'em...so instead~~...*trails off seeing snickers bar*....0_0 *drools*...

*motions you out* ok...leave me to eat *stares at snickers* 8L

*runs away with snickers in hand** MWAHAH!!

*snickers* found that a few months back..i love it xDDD

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June 13 2006
Time Posted - 11 something PM
Current Mood - Bored/Lazy
Listening To - Happy Cosmos

well today...*thinks* oh! today around *thinks* I'd say 1..maybe 2-ish (pm) we smelled burning...so my mother called up teh parks Office and they sent someone down...after hunting for...about 45 minutes we found the problem...you know the socket thingys...where you plug crap into...wellz one of the ones in the back bedroom was burned to a crisp..and the thing is...that thing hasnt been used since we bought the place (back in november, we didnt move in till feb. 17 though) but the thing had JUST burned within the last 24 hours...the wall itself was burned..the metal around teh socket was actually melted o.o i was like 'Hoe shit O.O' than my mom was all cusing saying 'WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GOD DAMN HOUSE?!!' because this has happened 1 other plug and a light (on teh roof) caught on fire not long ago o_e yesh, it actually did just blow up in flames i was all ' O.O WTFOMGBBQ~! Go get teh marshmallows! '...than i thought 'but..what if that things letting out like...toxic crap...i cant BBQ anything wif it T-T how cruel!!' *nibbles on Marshmellows*...these things give me a headache o.o (seriously, they do...ever since i was lil)

other than that...not much happen today...was on Gaiaonline again today D: and MySpace (changing theme-ish too)

oh, changed my song again :D i wub it ._.'' lol?

oh and btw, those 6 essays i did a few days back, some were short (about a page long was teh shortest some) but most of them were long xD i remember Ash(i pretty sure it was you o.o) asking about it...

okay i gotta go, my mom wants me off...

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday, June 11 2006

Time Posted - 9:21pm (californa time)
Current Mood - Crappy
Listening To - My World - SR71

hi ._. last night...i accidently swallow poisenious Lead D: some of you already knew that (cause you might have read EdWillSoS's last post....*was talking to her when it happen*) okay first off, NO i did'nt do it on purpose!! -3-'

in other news..i broke the garbage disposal ._.'' see..this is what happen...ok, after i went to teh store..okay more like got dragged but thats besides teh point....i unlocked teh door right..(teh back door with is in teh kichen) and i came running by the sink(heading for my room) and teh keys went flying out of my hand, landed in teh garbage disposal
me- crap >__< *looks around to see if anyone saw* good no one around~ *goes to turn on light but accidently flips teh garbage disposal switch(there right next to each other)* AH CRAP! O_O
and so keys got jamed, mom ripped keys out, BUT part of teh key ring holder thingy broke off and killed teh garbage disposer D: ...lucky, we have a extra one in the closet...thee garbage disposal i broken had been acting up a few weeks back but my grandpa looked at it and fixed it up i guess ^^'' lol...?

well...for a few days now i've been thinking of changing my theme...it doesn't amuse me at all..-.-'' so im debating on what the new ones gonna be...

I cant wait till high school! I can dye my hair blue and those damn schools cant do a damn thing about it (my middle school fliped and was gonna sespend me till i dyed it a natural color -.-) woohoo~~ i wanna dye it electric blue/silver still but my mother is still freaking over that -.-'

well i have nothing else to report...oh~ i changed my music AGAIN as you can see v_v

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Friday, June 9, 2006

Thrusday, June 8,2006
Time- 9:15pm
Current Mood - Paranoid...still
Listening To- I think Im paranoid

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

hi....okay..school today...was odd...2 guys asked me out o_e
one guy- *asks me out*
me- *glares/growls*
another guy- *asks me out*
me- *just glares and walks away*

and than in AR:
me- *off in my own little world*
some guy- psst...hey, rachael
me- *looks over*
him- *points at me than him*
me- PH34R M3H...and my lil..thingy...FOR I MADE HIM *mwahaha* *eye brow raises thinking 'ohh HELL no...'*
him- *starts acting like hes banging someone*
me- *shots him a death glare trying to contain myself for strangling his ass right there*
his friend- o.0 i think...thats supposed to be....you (teh one hes 'banging')
me- *shots him a evil glare and turns around*..*back in own little world this time picturing self killing the guy in the most painful way possible*
someone- o.o whys she grining so insanely...
guy- cuz she has the hots for me
me- ...*stands up*...
guy- o.o
me- *inhales trying to clam self* *thinks ' you can kill him after school...just sit down...and relax...'*...*does so*...

again...PH34R M3H...and my thingy...FOR I MADE HIM TOO! i..cant believe...that happen...and yes, he was dead ass serious...

well...the whole time i was at school(besides AR *twitch*) i was on teh computers :D teacher had me typing stuff up, in scince, i typed up 6 essays o_e took a hour but i got it all done :D lol

and..I THINK BOB AND HIS FRIENDS HEARD ME TALKING ABOUT THEM LAST NIGHT!!! yay last night..after i posted (about a hour or so later) my mom was on teh phone with her friend, and she went into teh bathroom to brush her teeth and she said she felt something crawling on her foot but she just brushed it off thinking she was imagening it and when she was done she looked over and saw one of bobs friends crawling into the tub yay..again...i made him xD their after me..i just know it...last night i sleeped with Pride doll again, by me
me- get away, bob, you evil thing you again..me *holds pride doll up infront of face*
pride- :x
me- come any closer and prides gonna kick your ass!! *whispers* and break dances like theres no tomorrow, though thats besides the point...
pride- *just lays there limp in my hands*
me-..DONT JUST SIT THERE!!..FINE, SCREW YOU TOO!! *flips on tv*

*looks around for any evil bobs*..what?!! I DONT WANT A FRIKKIN GAPING WHOLE IN MEH~!!!...wouldnt you be paranoid if u found a bob on you desk and more near it (which is in your room)...

;____; okay...im done..

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

spidey spidey

Wensday June 7, 2006
Time- 11:30pm

Current Mood- okay

Listening To- Moments (Acoustic Piano Version)

'Ello again pplz~

okay well i gotta go to school tomorrow ._. because i gotta return all my books and get me friends number...if i have her classes today...i hate my school..its so annoying...

*eats homemade pudding* mm....a lil to chocolaty but it still full of sweet yummy goodness~~

i found 2 more friend(spiders) yesterday :D one was like a yellowish/tan color and the other was brown..i named the yellowish one...can u gues...PRIDE xDD and the brown on bob x3 ..my mom made me get rid of them though T.T how cruel..all because they were brown recluse(sp) -.- *googles it* o______0 ew... thats one nasty bite...
...bite...bad...(provide by jess) ..im gonna miss Pride,bob, and phillip...but not that much...i think its a good think i was forced to get rid of them o__e ...oh god..i found my spiders on and near my desk(my room) IM D00MED!!! Ph34r m4h awesome..thingy for i made him!! *starts running in circles freaking*

my house is crawling with them, theres over 8 of them on the front porch steps ;w; *is totally paranoid now*..*picks up pudding*...*makes sure there aint no long stick like things stick out of it* o___e

okay..im gonna go now...

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

stabed hand o_e

YAY~ Pplz like my theme xDD least it aint TOTAL Crap i guess ^^''

well not much happen today..didnt go to school...again...
me last night- mom~~ when you getting me up tomorrow?
mom- i dunno...when ever i get up i guess...
me- o.o what about school...?
mom- i dont think im gonna take you back...theres only 2 weeks left anyway..
me- ...0_G but i havent been there since last.....no..*thinks*..*counts* 3 weeks agos o_e
mom- and..?
mom- well u have to take your books back...could alwayz jsut drop those off though

o___e lol~~

i still cant find my little friend...Phillip T___T hes gone *sobs* damn >__<

uhhh...i accidently stabed my hand today D: i was..uh...chopping...stuff up..yeah...
voice in head-... by 'chopping STUFF up' you mean. stabing a mold infested peice of wood?
me-...yeah...about that... ._.'

okay...i got nothing else to report

sand dragon 19: true...i havent seen anyone do a YURI theme before..so if you really wanna see one....one day...one day soon..i will do a yuri theme xD and it will be awesome...lol! XDD

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Monday, June 5, 2006

June 5, 2006

ello....okay, as you can see i fixed my site, its still crap i know...i ALMOST did a Yaoi theme for a se cond there o___e EdxEnvy...i'll do that one day...after a Naruto theme, and a few others...i just realizes that alot of my themes have been FMA 0.0 lol

well...im still sick...dont feel as bad today, though i've had a headache non-stop im fine :D

not much happen i guess...grandparents went home today...saw my cousin, who has dyed her hair yet again ._. now its brown-ish

uhh...okay...i cant think of anything else to say... i want my scanner T.T

..Phillip went missing again...you know Phillip...my spider....the one i found last night xD lol

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