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Friday, April 7, 2006

very short post...

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Time: 11:50pm
Current Mood: okay
Listening To: So Sick ~by Ne-Yo

Sup again ppl...okay not much happen today...

*thinks* uhh....yeah..nothing happen O_O

my mom made me clean the house ect but nothing new happen x_x dang...my lifes getting more boring with each passing day, crap XP

okay well HOW BOUT SOME PICS?! YAY OR NAY? (you: NAY!! NAAAAY!!!) ._. well heres some pics...WEATHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!

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to true....

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aw, aint he just adorible?!!! (you: NAY!)

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wtf XD

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aw...x3 (you: dipshit) -3-;;

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

wellz...I've been on MySpace to much today >_>;; lol

i gots a new friend the other day, shes really nice yet very sad v_v shes 15, her real parents died a long time ago and she was adopted. the ppl who adopted her abuse her daily[and more....if you know what i mean]. poor girl...its sad

I've been feeling really happy today...and i dont like it!! X_X i dont like being happy, i LIKE being sad ect!! may sound weird but i do! *eye twitches*.....WH00000T!!! *twitch* sorry, had to w00t XD lol GAH! i dont like this!!

ok what else...OH! my bro beat KH2 a few days ago x_x I CAN FINALLY PLAY IT NOW!!! YAY!! w00t w00t!! *dances*...*stops* ...*grabs head* GAH! *hits self over and over again*

uhh....i....umm....eh..heh....ye~ah..*thinks*...I GOT NOTHING!! :D

okay, i g2g...my mother ish TRYING to get me in bed, like im going to bed...its only 12:47am -3-; yes late to some but when your a night owl like me...well yeah u get it

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Monday, April 3, 2006

yo, imma at my cousins right now

a little why ago i was sitting in here(com room) blairing "wow, i can get sexual too' while she was in the other room on the phone and she came in saying 'wtf r u listening to' right as it was saying 'i called her on the phone and she touched herself...'
sara:..she touched herself? o.o
me: thats what i said when i first heard it XDD *turns it up even more*
sara: *tells guy on phone* HEY LISTEN TO WHAT MY COUSIN IS LISTENING TO *puts phone up to speaker*
Kyle-guy on phone-: o.o ask her what song is this?! *sara asks*
me:wow i can get sexual too
sara: yah, got sexual to
sara:o.o dont be a bitch
me: STUF
sara: i love you to!
me: I H-uhhh...what
sara: XDDDD *laughs*
me: -_-;;;

my grandparents went home today, i almost got stuck going over there for 9 days~!!!
me: NU~~!!! I just got some time off school and you want me to go over THERE?! i want some PEACE
mom: fine were going on thursday
me: -_- ugh!

i dunno why, but this made me laugh so hard ._. it was made really good!

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Sunday, April 2, 2006


Current Mood: happy
Time Posted: 12:05am
Listening To: Passion

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well I just got back from the movies a lil while ago, had to go see Ice Age 2 -_-; it was ok though..i laughed my ass off XDDD I LOVE THAT WEIRD LIL THINGY!! the thing thats alwayz after the nut XD lol

i went with my bro and cousin! dude, the whole time we were at my house(before we went)my cousin was talking about this guy brandon and when we pulled up to the movies he was standing out there..she started saying who she wanted to rape him
bro: sara...wouldnt it be hard for a GIRL to rape a GUY?...
sara: yah...can't rape the willing
me: that made no sense o_O; (guy not willing)
sara: yes it does, Im willing
me: he isnt
me: why not just dry hump him to death -_-;;
sara: O.O good idea!!
me: OxO;;....

and when the movie finished she was saying how she was gonna pee her pants XDDD than she started back on about brandon
Sara: good i hope we see brandon before we leave...
me: *is staring aside* O___o
sara: I swear he is MINE next year >D
me:*pulls her hair*...O_O *stares* uhh..
sara: i know im obsessed ._.
me: not that.. *points next to us*
sara: *looks over and sees brandon staring at her giving her a what-in-the-hell look*
sara: 0o0/) AH CRAP!!! *grabs me and runs*
me: *almost doubles over from laughing*
sara: STFU!!
me: *trys to stop* but u know that was funny -^.^-sara: i know but that doesnt mean you have to laugh..
me: yes it does
sara: ._. *drags me into the bathrooms*

-after we come out-
me: *still laughing at sara*
sara: ._.;; i hope hes not out here *looks around* good no sight of him
me: hes in the bathroom *has serious face*
sara: o.o and how do you know that?
me: *wiggles fingers in air making ghost like nosies* Im psychic, I can see the past persent and future!!
sara: O___O YOU SERIOUS?!!
me: o.o nope *points and some ppl behide us* over heard it :D
sara: -.-;
*brandon comes out of bathroom which was right next to us*
sara: O_O *whispers* crap *jumps behide me and hides*
me: o.o uhhh..hel~lo!!

oh earlier today my aunt came over and said:
aunt: i was at the store today and saw this and dicided to get it for my favorite niece!!
me: *in shock* -thinks she must be mad! she hasnt gotten me anything since i was 6 which was a barbie doll(yes,sadly like almost all girls, i used to like barbies....I am ashamed *silent sobs*)
aunt: here *hands me bag*
me: O.O *slowly takes it*...*looks at her than bag* *opens it* ooooooh 0.0 purdy!!!! *ish a purdy/awesome shirt(yes i was happy about that even though i hate getting close i liked this, she has a similar taste in clothing as me -skulls, black, ect-) THANK YOU! x3!
mom: wow, she sure is happy huh
aunt: O___O damn, didnt expect that (lol)

well i gotta go *salutes*


PS i changed the song!! i love it XD you?

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Kingdom Hearts

'Sup again guys

got got really tired of dear old lacus (theme got old) so i changed it to my old(that has now come back from the dead) obsession! yah, very simple layout(if you wanna call it that) YAY KH!! my bro got KH2 3 days ago was it..*thinks* the 28th or 29th...i dont remember ._.;

anywho my grandparents came over yet again for the weekend...oh dude, the other day i was on the phone with Rachel-chan and my mom wanted me to go out and watch Chicken Little with her and Mike(my bro), of course i said 'no, i didnt want to'. well anyways her and my bro kept getting on the phone while i was talking saying to come out and watch it ect, and when my mother went to get on it(for the 5th time) and tell me, me and rach were talking about how weird she was O.O because she hates FMA and yet she loves Chrno Crusade, Chrno= demonic-ness,dark,ect FMA=not Demonic-ness, ect..O.O wtf is up with my mom anyway...but yah my mom didnt seem to care she laughed and said it was cute and adorible...dude...wtf...cute?! ADORIBLE?!! IS SHE MAD!!! O_O

well I'm gonna stop now, Lemma know how ya like the new look k!


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vitali, Chrno Cursade, and disturbing post to some

man, i just got back from my cousins place and i had a blast!! but first, i wanna say, MY MOTHER LOVES CHRNO CRUSADE!!! O_O OMFG!! THE WORLD MUST BE ENDING!!! and...MY BRO BOUGHT THE LAST VOLUME OF CHRNO CRUSADE!!! I gotta wait till tomorrow to watch it though T.T okay now back to my cousin, her and this guy named Vitali(russain perv) were going out for a while and during this time he was fucking around with this other girl, but anyway when i went over she was on myspace and she dicided that she wanted to post a few(like 9) Bullietines about him...some were really stupid, perverted, and just plain weird...
::ONE OF EM(cousin wrote, not me...)::
said suffin like*
Title~ this guy sucks ass in bed and has a needle dick
*pic of vitali*
his name is vitali and hes one fucking dumb russian

and yes, i do mean a POINTED DICK!!!!
His dicks pink and purple and circumsiezd funny *she goes on discribing but i dont think u guys wanna hear the rest*(me: O_O to much info thank you....) lol I'm serious, its not a joke

Pay back's a bitch fucker

Title: lol I JUST FOUND OUT!
I just found out why vitalis dick is pink and purple, its cause he chokes on his chicken every night, its rosey and her five friends lol! handjob

His penis is so pointed and skinny I can do my homework with it!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Pencil dick

XDDD my mother is the one who said why it was like that
me: you seem to be enjoying your self mother
mom: itsfun to do this XD
aunt: come on guys, the computer need to go off
mom: BUT WERE HAVING FUN!! (plz note that my mothers the older sister)

now i g2g, my moms being a nag... >_>;

W000T! it morning now and i gotta go to school soon, it 9:59, so i must be at school in 27 minutes!!...i hun-gee....*grabs a apple* ~.~ why am i posting(editing?)....? erm.....uhhh...yah....riiiiight..*offers apple*
also...KH2...Must...get..*twitches* HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE INTRO!! IT AWESOME XDDD

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Monday, March 27, 2006


whats up?! btw, no my ear has not gotten any better and I'm oddly enough Happy about that, ye isay HAPPY!! XD why you may ask....I have NO idea!! lol *pokes at it*...theres a nice big scab on it now..*goes and rips it off* oh goody..its bleeding now *says sarcasticly* -_- great now my head phones are killing my ear

anywho...uhhhh.....*has brain-dead look*...umm..OH YEAH! My bro bought Chrno Crusade vol.4 and 5 today!!! TIS WAS AWESOME!! ONLY 2 MORE DISCS TO GO!!! AND THATS THAT!! IT'LL BE OVER!! T___T i guess all great things must come to a end *sits in corner and sobs*

AH WELL!!! I have a strange urge to run around in circle screaming random things like a totally moron! V.V had this urge all day...*eye twitches* and I've been twitching today...*jumps up*....*looks around*...*shifts eyes* AHHHHHH!!! *jumps up and down,shaking head* uhhhh.....erm...like dude...*slowly pokes self in eye* =.O
voice in head: you are a complete moron -_-
me: *slowly turns head while twitching like mad*
voice: OwO i take that back...your just plain crazy
me: ~.~ not my fault, its in my gens!!!

uhhhh..like...OMG!!! MY FEET R LIKE.....NUUUUMB!!! I CANT FEEL MY FEET!!! *shifts eyes*...*sings butterfly swing mix* dude...my bro was being a total jerk today and he asked me to help him with something and when i asked what he needed me to do he just pointed and started screaming and yelling totally freaking out calling me a bunch of names and said i was a useless u-know-what
mom: *walks in right as i yell that* RACHAEL!!! STOP THAT!!!
bro: *says some smart-ass remark*
me: SHUT-UP JACKASS!! *stomps off*

I'd like to say sorry for not visiting you guys!I try but my sweet little fucking hella crapy com wont stop being a complete bitch ^-^+ and its really pissing me off!!! and when it did let me visit you guys today my mother offers me up to go to the stupid store with my aunt even though i repeatedly said that i didnt want to go...

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[2]~~ yupperz, i learned when i was 3!! 0inster evil laughter here]
[3]~~ yup
[4]~~ no, not really
[5]~~ "Love...Its the fastest way to suicide"


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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Okay, quick post cuz it's past 1am here and my mothers anggin me to get off -_-

anywho, on thursday my bady cousin through a toy at my ear and it caught my ear-ring and it felt like it tore the thing off! luckly it didnt..though that night, my ear was KILLING me, and i was to lazy to deal with it, when i woke up that morning to brush my teeth and what not there was BLOOD all over my ear 030 my ear HAD indeed riped! XD
me: O.O holy....WTFOMGBBQ?!?!?!!!!1!11 *trys to get earring off but it locked on* >.o *walks out* uhh...yo mom..
mom: wha-WTH!! O_O
me: erm..ya..my ear-ring wont com off dude
mom: what'd you do?!
me: nothing..woke up and it was like this ._.
mom: *trys to get ear ring off* uhh..MIKE!! GET ME THE PLYERS!!
me: O_O;; oh god...im d00med...

XD we ended up having to go back to the place i had the earring put it at cuz theres a certain way to get it off...
lady: O_O how did this happen?!
me: you got me...wake up and BOOM, there it was ._.
lady: *after getting earring off* omg...is that your skin hanging off there?
me: nope...meat :D
mom: i think thats gonna become a scar!
me: WOOHOO!!! YAY!!! >D
mom and aunt: *stares*
me:..what..i like scars ._.;

u know the chrono crusade DVDS i bought..well i trade my bro my 3 chrono cursade DVDs for his Ranma 1/2 set T.T i got depressed afterwards ._.
bro: yah but just look at it...it u trade you'll have 3 box sets! >D
me: but ranma is just funny while-
bro: no, ranma is REALLY funny-
me: ok, REALLY funny, while chrono here is funny AND totally Awesome! not to mention DARK!!!
bro: yah but ranma cost 150 bucks and YOU'LL HAVE 3 BOX SETS!! IT'LL LOOK AWESOME (which indeed it does)
me:...uhh...*looks at chrono than ranma..than back at chrono*...AH! I CANT CHOSE!! T_T

ok i g2g



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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Current Mood: A-Okay
Listening To: Follow Me
Time: o9:45

Sup Al-*phone rings*...*glares at it*...okay back to what i was saying, what up

Not Much here, my grandma left this morning, oh! last night my g-ma was on the phone with my aunt and i heard her say "oh yeah, tell sarah i left something under the pig thats on the hutch, and come get it tomorrow"
me: Ohoho...*tip toes over to the glass pig and picks it up* heheh *runs into kitchen*
mom/grandma: what are you doing? o.o
me: nothing, hey grandma, do you have a pen...?
grandma: yah, its in my purse why
me: no reason *runs back to the pig and takes whats under and replaces it with something else*..*walks off*
mom: what did you just do?
me: nothing
mom: mother, go see what your granddaughter is doing.
grandma: *gets up and goes to piggy* huh..*sees note* o.o
-Rachael <3
grandma: *laughs* get your butt back here and give me taht money
me: *sighs* -3-; *waddles back over and puts money back*

when my cousin came over we(me and my bro) had her watch chrono crusade and the frist episode of Golden Boy XD she seems to like Chrono Crusade, she keep screaming during it though x_x and saying "OMFG" ,"WTF WAS THAT?!!!", "O_O that....was gross..." and "OMFG HES HOT!!!...why do they have to make anime characters so hot?!"

okay i cant think of anything else
My Stats-by god-:
Hits: 1839
Popularity Ranking: 551
GB signings: 284

Now for vid that made me laugh my ass off! Jess showed it to me XD


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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time Posted: 1o:o4
Listening To: Yubiwa (The Ring) EscaFlowne Movie Version ~Vocal - Maaya Sakamoto
Current Mood: crapy

'Sup guys!

okay well, i had fun watching Chrono Crusade! While me and my bro were watching the last episode of disc 3 I accidently broke his stress ball -shifts eyes- what...-gives you sweet like look and replys innocently- i didn't mean it, i swear. I wasn't paying much attention.
Bro: *gives me weird look* O_o uhh...you bit it didnt you...
bro: you have the tendency to bite and chew on things...
me: you got a point
bro: *stares blanky*
me: I DIDNT BITE IT!!! *yells*

uhh..what else happen today...nothing...mom went to doctors
Grandparents car broke down(jump happen to break down in front of our house)
Grandparents saying the night yet again
Ppl annoy me
Teh usual

okay im out


OMFG! *points at figure behide you* TIS ISH TEH RING GIRL >D
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