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Friday, July 21, 2006

Yesterday's Day

I managed to get to all of my friends site that updated before 10pm. I woke up early and I was very grouchy about that!! >.> As for the new layout I'm trying to make by myself, it not going that well. XP I messed up the codes.. >.< I found a Naruto layout though, so if my bad HTML one isn't working, I'll use that one. ^^ I had to go to bed at ten yesterday because today I had to get up at seven AM.

Today So Far...

Well, so far, I had to wake up early because my mom was gonig somewhere to get some card (not a greeting card =P) with my sister and dad. My mom dropped me off at my grandma's house and I just slept there for a few hours until 10:45 when my mom came to get me. My grandpa wasn't there because he was at some training for a job. I'm glad he got one!! Plus, it's not like he needs it, he's got social security and saves all his money, but he's bored and wants a job. Now, I just arived back from her house and it's 11am. It feels earlier to me... Anyways, for those who forgot, comments are on the bottom lower left!! XD

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The New Layout

TA DA!!! THE NEW LAYOUT!!! YOU CAN HIGHLIGHT, but I've disabled right-clicking by making the page refresh. ^^ All of the links open in a new window and look above a header, so I can divide my post. Comments are on the bottom-lower-left, MyO ones Just incase some people have a hard time finding it!! =P So, what, your honest opinion about this layout!! I took me a while to get the information in, but everything was pretty easy. I'm gonna try to make my own layout, but then again, I'll see how much I get done. I got my codes differently this time, from inkenyo, the scrollbar's and boxes around links!! ^_^

In Other News

My day was... erum, like this. I woke up at nine in the morning and was very grouchy since I went to bed at three or four... can't remember. We went out and came back. Commented and noticed that somegirl and midnight shadow are leaving for a while. =( After I commented, I made a few more e-cards and wallpapers which I need to submit ^^;; Also, I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith and a DBZ DVD!! =D I learned how to cook chicken and rice. My sister pretended to die after eating it, XD Well, that's about all for today!!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well, today was a productive day!! ^_^ I finally got the layout done and added more friends buttons!! ^^ As for reading the book, I'll get that done later on in the day. About The Layout: I blocked highlighting and right-clicking, but then all the links open in a new window anways =P For a hint on the song, it's Linkin Park!! ^^ I also made some more e-cards and a few wallpapers. I can't believe summer's almost over for me!! I DON'T WANT IT TO END!! But, there is a good side. In Florida, there's always hurricanes!! Some people asked me yesterday if I lived in St. Louis, I don't, I live in SOuth Florida, the hurricane part of the Great States!! XD I helped my mom today with some work for her job (she's a realtor). I know how to almost find and sell homes, XP My morning was bad though. I woke up too late, so that's why my mom ended up doing the work on the computer. It was looking very rainy today, but didn't rain at all. This post is sorta short because I've got to wake up early tommorow. >.>

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Well, today was a productive day. I finally got 100 guestbook enteries!!! ^__^ Also, my pop.ranking is in the #1800's!! ^^ I finally made more than 300 e-cards and I've already submitted some more. ^_^ I woke up late today about noon. My mom and sister and I got into a fight, I forgave both of them, but still, my sister is getting annoying! I also went into the backyard to pick some fruits. ^^ The cat was still there, but it was far away sitting down sleeping so I wasn't distracted by it. There was a gerat custard apple there, it was the size of my fist!! As for the new layout, it'll be up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because I need to catch up on my summer reading. I haven't read any books yet -_-. Did anyone read I Am The Chesse ? So far, I found the book boring. I hope I finish it fast since I've got another one to read too, The Witch Of The Blackbird Pond. I hope that one's more interesting.

Did you guys hear about the heat stroke, man, it was hot here today!! WOW!! In St. Louis, it was very hot. As for the war in the middle east, it's so sad. I hope it blows over fast!!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Today was... =/ good, bad. I got to everyone's site or so I think, I do apologize if I didn't get to some sites because I didn't log in until just now. I woke up late, prefect for me and did my chores. I got around to commenting early today. At four, I heard some weird noises coming from the roof and from my window and I was freaking out. I told my mom and she thought it was the cat and my sister thought it was the neighbors. In the end, we came to a conclusion that it was the neighbors. My great-grandma came over for dinner today. We live in the same house, but the grandparents live in the efficeny part. I also got around to finally finsihing the layout with music, rules, friends, headers, navigation, stuff like that. It'll be up in a few days!! ^^

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well, it seems that for the last fdew days, MyO's been a bit slow lately... I went to bed at three int he morning and woke up at nine to see my dad off!! Huh?? Yes, I needed to be awake while he was leaving for the airport... I was like, ugh since I was tired. I didn't get back that much sleep and I got ready for my great grans' arival. When she came, she thought I was my dad's wife!! I was like, no, no, no, no, there's my mom because I'm tall for my age. She thought my sister was me, my mom was me and I was my dad's wife, but she figured it out in the end. Man, she walked so slow though. Like a snail!! She brought back some great gifts!! ^^ Some chocolate!! She brought me these clothes that I thought were small for me, but they fit. I had realized that I hadn't wore a skirt in five years. O_O Yes, I was never a skirt fan, I've always loved jeans. ^___^

The new layout is done and there's a song on it!! ^^ I hope you all enjoy it, the new layout will probabbly be up in a few days since I need to test in on MyO format. I don't want all of my hard HTML work going down the drawin due to the layout not worknig on MyO!! XP

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well, today was a pretty productive day. Don't worry, I'll keep it normal length. XP I woek up ywo by my loud sister at noon. I didn't eat that much today since I was giving my gums a break and now I'm straved!!! XP I finally finished my new layout, I'll give you a hint on the theme of it, Nebular Abstract Version 10.0 10.0 coming with the name and it also being my 10th layout!! Not a layout like these, but theme like my previous ones from my previous sites and I'm surprised I still remembered that. =P
I'm still waiting for MyO to upload all of those e-cards to the server, I doubt 25 e-cards were submitted and only 2 made it out --__-- I also started to work on another different layout. Yes, during summer, when I have alot of free time, I tend to make layouts because during the school year, I've barely got anytime to comment or post daily. Plus, I'm takin two high-school courses to make things better, Earth Space Science and Algebra Math!! XD I got my summer reading books and they are by far the most odded names books I've read (or reading).
In other news, tomorrow I'll probabbly be on and off the computer since my GREAT GRANDMOTHER on my dad's side is coming from India. Man, she's 80 and still alive!! XP I've never met her, but I hope she's nice... O, and I didn't get to some sites because I was out alot so I apologize for that!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Well, today was a slow day on MyO. XP Not that many people updated as they usually do. As for my day the good and bad.

[rant] I got 99 guestbook enteries and #1990 in popularity ranking!! ^^ Soon I'll be up to all of my friends in the Top 500. XP I also made 299 e-cards!! So close to 300!! I also posted about 210 comments on works!! ^^ [/rant]

Well, after that, I checked up on my HTML help site. I edited it a bit and I've got 5 gb enteries. Yes, that's not alot, but I start from the bottm and work my way up. XD I also cleared out my PM Box. I deleted like 30 pm's or something like that. I only keep pm's with codes, rules, links and stuff like that. The orange cat didn't come around today, thank GOD!!! I've had a phoeba (sp) of cats since I was little. I had a bad experience with them. The kittens, no, big tigers such as tigers and lions, no, but grown house cats YES!! Today also my gums in my mouth were hurting alot today. I put some medication on it and it got better. I hate growing pains... XP Right now, my dad is listening to some weird music... >.> It's starting to annoy me, but it's preparation for loud college roomates!! XXXDDDD Thanks for the comments yesterday!!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well, today was an interesting day.

[rant] I went to bed at 3:30-3:45am, somewhere in that area and I had a dream to wake up at 8am. So I woke up and there was this strange noise in my room and all of the things using electricity (clock, etc.) were off. The lights were off in some parts of the house so I ended up waking uo my parents and the circuts blew. I'm used to sleeping with a fan and God, I was so hot!! I went to bed at 10am and woke up at eleven when the lights were on again. [/rant]

I offically woke up at noon to get some offical sleep. I had chinese for lunch. I got around to commenting and making some more e-cards and so far only two e-cards are shown in my gnome... XP Click here to the e-card that describes me!! ^^ It's also really funny! =P I also got the new chapter up on my fanfic. Hazah!! It didn't get viewed by anyone yet though... -_- Happy late 2 Year Anniversary to Sw33tz (Dany) and Bebopinutrigun188 (Vanessa). Thanks for the comments yesterday!!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Well, sorry I didn't get to some sites since I don't check my comments someitmes after ten in the night... =P Today was a bit odd... The crazy orange cat is still outside the door. It left for a few hours since my mom chased it out. Most animals do that, =D It was also raining alot today anyways so it was mainly not here. I was watching Medea's Family Reunion!! It rocks!! ^___^ It was funny, sad and my family's large and protective like that too. XP I submitted like twenty e-cards a few days ago and it still isn't showing... -_- back to the old-fashioned ways. Did everyone hear about the bombing in Mumbai India? Muslim's and Hindu's are so alike and yet they still fight so much. Considering I'm from that region, war's increased over the years... Well, in good news, the internet is almost back to it's regular self and I got back to working on chapter three for my newest fanfic!! =) Well, I'm tired now. Night, night!!

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