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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well, thanks for the 22 comments yesterday!! ^___^ I feel so appreicated, XP Today was a still continous of two days before... I woke up by three people... my dad, mom and sister. XP I played some basketball and soccer in the light rain and there's a orangeish cat outside of the house just there, never leaving. Really freaky... 0_0 Well, I have to go to bed now!! You guys must love commenting now since the posts are shorter!! XP

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Well, I'd like to apologize to everyone since I didn't get to much sites at all except for some people that commented on my site yesterday and a few others. It was a very busy day. I honestly don't feel like posting about it since it was just one of those odd happy, sad, exciting, destroying, mad, glad days. Yeah, alot happened yesterday!! So much, that if I wrote it all, I'd be the longest post that I've ever typed and I know not alot of people like reading long posts. XP Well, not much to comment about, but I'm pretty sure I'll get around to more commenting today!! ^_^

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Well, I just watched FMA a few minutes ago and I'm starting to like it. I got kinda lost while watching it though -_- I still can't believe how many comments I get a day now!! XP I made a few more e-cards today. Today I learned to cook meat and rice. ^^ My sister still thinks I suck at cooking though =P My morning was a headache though.

I went to bed at 4:30am since I couldn't fall asleep. ^^"" My sister woke me up at 10am since she and our dad were gonig to fix her computer. I went back to sleep. My mom came in at eleven to wake me up. My sister and da left at 11:15. At 11:20, I went to my mom's bed to sleep. At 12:30, she was talking so loud on the phone so I woke up. At 12:45, my sister came in with her fixed computer and lunch. I was so tired I didn't even feel like eating. My dad got some surround sound speakers for his computer... great!! More loud music!! XD It looked very gloomy today, but didn't rain... Weather here sucks!! When my dad started to clear out my sister's computer (he only went to get the software) her computer had 650 VIRUSES!!! 0_0 That's alot!! And great news, I'm getting PHOTOSHOP 7.0 IN A FEW DAYS!! HAZAH!!! ^_______^ That's a great thing. I can finally make great e-cards and better wallpapers!! Also, my fanfic got 100 hits in two days, wow!! I forgot to edit stuff on the site and my freewebs due to the fanfic update. Sorry about that!! ^^""

Thanks for the comments!! Back to HaloScan!!

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Well, thanks for the 22 comments yesterday!! =D I'm happy about that. I may have to just switch to HaloScan completly since the way to view the post number isn't working with me!! XP Alot of people love the song!! Thanks for that too!! Now begining the post... I woke up very late this morning at about noon and my mom was mad ^^"" I had to do some chores and eat some lunch. When I was emptying the cereal into the cereal box, I got the cereal box prize which was a Pirates of the Carribean Light-up skull!! ^^ Not that great of a deal, but something free is always good is my book!! =P

I ended up adding a new chapter to my fanfic. ^^ Usually it takes a week for my chapters to show up, lol. Also, I added two more friends buttons and adding more today. I need to update my freewebs though -_- Today was a pretty slow day on MyO though, for me anyways. Now that the weekend is coming, some people tend to not post, hum. I also made a few more e-cards which I need to upload ^^"" I was donig some random math in my head and I won't be a Otaku Legend until November 2007!!! >.< You have to post more than 200 comments and be a member for 18 months. Crap! Well, at least I'll have plenty of time to comment on works. As for the working on layout, I didn't even get to open it today!! XP

Thanks again for the comments yesterday!!

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Friday, July 7, 2006

Well, comments worked yesterday!! ^^ Today may be a problem since the view source isn't worknig on my computer. Long story... -_- Sorry if I didn't get to some sites yesterday, it was a pretty slow day on MyO anways. No one seemed to have a problem with the layout!! ^_^ I got around to making a few more e-cards today... need to make a wall though. Also, I started to work on another layout, but don't worry, this one will be up for the next two weeks or I'll try to keep it like that... -_-

I made a new DBZ story on fanfiction!! Well, more of a chapter... Read it if you want, alot of people already viewed it and I'm surprised at that!! ^^ Well, this is a short post for today. Yes, today was boring!! Anyways, I hope you can comment now!! Sorry guys, but I'm using HaloScan because the MyO ones aren't worknig today...

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

*Warning Mabye Long Post*
Well, what do you think of the new layout!! ^_^ I worked my hardest on this one and edited alot. If anything looks bad such as hard too see or read, please pm me!! I tested this one on two screen resolutions and they look great on both!! And, it's it's not too girly!! ^_^ Also, when you comment, please state something you like about the layout instea of just putting "Awesome layout" thanks!! The new clubs I've joined are on the right and I've edited my friends buttons by adding a few!! And about the music, I'll probabbly add that later on it the day, too lazy to add it now, XP

Well, I got around to commenting on a few sites and then I stopped because my teeth were hurting me so much. I do apologize to that, but I thank the people who commented on mine!! Very appreciated!! ^__^ The cleaning appt. was easy and quick and in about a few years when my braces are off, I'll have to bleach them. I've never heard of a bleaching process of teeth before, XP. I also got my braces tighten afterwards so that hurt alot and it's still hurting. I could barely eat dinner last night because of the pressure and tension. I could only eat ice cream and that'll probabbly be the only thing to eat for a few days, crap.

Well, I can definately say we had some major fireworks. Did you hear that North Korea shot a test missel and it's supposed to hit somewhere on the west side of the US? I hope it dosen't though. America is always at war with some country though. -_- Happy Birthday to Goethe Bush!! Did you know my uncle has the same birthday as him and he dislikes him?? Thats odd!! Anyways, thanks to the people who commented yesteraday on my post I hope the comments show!!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Well, I'm back!! Actually I got back a few hours ago, but I didn't feel like posting. I'll get to most or all of your sites right now and by midnight or noon tomorrow the layout'll be up!! I'm so proud of myself on this one, since I learned more about making a layout!! ^_^ The music choice will offically be Hero By Nickelback!! I was shocked at the outcome though. =P As for the dentist, I had my teeth cleaned and in a few years after my braces are done, I'll bleach them or something to clean my inner teeth. XP Now, the braces are really putting on the tension in my mouth though. Well, thats all ofr now, too much tension in my mouth...
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Tuesday, July 4, 2006


About my day... well, the layout is offically complete!! ^__^ I also joined two more clubs and those will be up on the new theme. I won't add them now since it's hard editing layouts once there already up. I figured out how to get MyO comments on that one so that won't be a problem!! ^^ I made a ton of e-cards today and a wallpaper, if you could check them out, that'll be great!! I'll probabbly make some more today. I've got my e-card and wallpaper lust back!! I woke up late today, so I eat direct lunch. I had chicken!! YUM! ^_^ My sister's friends came over and they played Monopoly for three hours... -_- I ended up playing in the end for two hours... XP I also played my sister's friend twice and I lost once and won once!! ^_^ For those of you who voted yesterday, the final songs are Papercut and Hit The Floor by Linkin Park, Hero By Nickelback and Nemo by Nightwish. Please vote for one favorite song out of these. THANKS!!

Today's Plans: Well, we may or may not have a BBQ since my dad's neck is hurting him alot today. We have alot of fireworks too and we may not be able to get to that if his neck is not better, =( Some neightbors are already starting out their fireworks. Oh Boy!! As for July 5th, I may not get around to posting since I'll be at the dentist most of the day. I have a cleaning at 2:30, braces at 3:30 (lasting two hours) and at 5:30, my teeth will be hurting alot since whenever they tighten the braces, they hurt alot more!!

Anyways, thanks for the comments and see you later!! ^_^

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Monday, July 3, 2006

Well, yesterday was a slow day on MyO!! Only ten comments XP!! Plus, hardly anyone updated and already two of my friends updated!! Sundays are the day of rest!! My e-cards didn't sky rocket like I hope they would. No one comented on them or sent them!!! =( My wallpapers werea better hit though, they were at least downloaded twenty times a piece!! ^_^ That's nothing compared to some of my friends with 500 downloads!! Well, today was also a pretty boring day for me too.

I woke up late and eat some candy for breakfast. I finally finished my MidSummertime Layout coming on July 6th!! ^_^ It took up most of my day!! For this one, I edited alot on from headers to fonts!! Also, I tested this one on MyO format and it dosen't show MyO comments so I'll have to use HaloScan comments. Some people can't comment on my site because of that and I was wondering why?? It's the same thing except you type in your name (or MyO name) and comment... When I finished that, I had pizza for lunch (I was in the middle of both). I played chess with my dada nd won and I played my sister and won!! I have to beat my mom and I'll be the best in the house. ^_^ Now, for my new site, I'll add some music to it (hence the header on top "Long Post").
Please vote between these ones in pairings: (Ex. 1. Papercut, 2. Cold, etc.)

Round 1:

Papercut By Linkin Park -OR- Overrated By Three Days Grace

Round 2:

Cold By Crossfade -OR- Hit The Floor By Linkin Park

Round 3:

Hero By Nickelback -OR- Bodies By Drowning Pool

Round 4:

Nemo By Nightwish -OR- I Can't Be Cool By Ilaria Graziano

Thanks for commenting and voting if you did!!

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

WELL, today was uuumm.... eh, a bit of everything!! Well, I made some more e-cards and they uploaded. Man, like twenty differnet people made e-cards today!! Seez!! Elvesatemyramen you were right about people making more works over summer!! And the wallpaper section, XP, so many people. Well, on July 5th, I'm cleaning my teeth and the dentist is gonna adjust my braces. Something's been bugging my two lower right teeth. Whenever I eat something cold on it, it just feels so cold. I'll check that out, I hope it's just two teeth that need cleaning and not another extraction or cavatity or root canal -_- Yeah, I've have almost everything done on my teeth within six years of my life. XP For those of you who voted in my iPod question thing, thanks, but I'm still thinking about which one to get... I'm working on the layout that coming up on July 6th. I'd Mid-Summertime Breeze, don't worry, it's not girly!! ^_^ I'm having a hard time with the headers and cursors, XP Today I was trying to make some more e-cards and walls which I'll probabbly get around to in a few minutes...

In other news, last night, there was a lizard in my sister's room. She really hates lizards so she wanted to sleep in my mom and dad's bed or for my dad to get it for her. They all couldn't fit so I ended up opening up the sofa bed for her and my mom. She wanted my mom to slepp on the same bed with her, so she did. The bed was so comfy though, I almost feel asleep on it. ^^ The bed is still out because we were really lazy today and did'nt want to close it up, XP In the afternoon, we watched the SPACE SHUTTLE LAUNCH. I guess today wasn't it's day to soar. Mabye htis afternoon it'll be able to fly!! ^_^ Whoops, I think this looks like a long post agan, my bad, ^^"". Anyways, thanks for the comments yesterday!!

Also, my friend VARKS is back!! YEAH!!

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