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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Well, for starters, yesterday I got 25 comments!!! ^_^ I feel so popular, lol. I also made more e-cards yesterday and I offically have 219 e-cards!! ^_^ I'll stop updating wallpapers for a while since they aren't my specialty. I also got 500 hits and I offically sent and have 100 messages in my inbox. You know that Message Quota: 100 of 250, that's me!! Well in other news sorry about the short post yesterday, I was just really tried. I ended up waking up at 11am and getting ready to go out. My dad finally came back!!!!! I was really surprise though since he took a cab back home and we thought due to customs and immigration stuff like that he'd be back at 7pm, but he came at 5pm. He brought me some great sovenirs!! Let's start from the beginning:
A bag of travel goods from the Virgin Atlantic Airlines, some GREAT AWESOME Cadbury London chocolate (he made a plane change stop in London), A trolley bus sharpener and pen, a London City t-shirt (which I'm still wearing), and some great jewerly!!! He didn't finishing unpacking yet so that'll be on today's agenda.
I watched that Angelina Jolin broadcast on CNN just now about her mission about the poor people in Africa and her daughter. I saw some of the previews of the kids in Africa, it's so sad. They have poor living conditions and many with no parents. I'll try to help them in about six years when I can fly and own a credit card!! Although, this was supposed to be about her true, not adopted daughter, I didn't get to see any pictures of her daughter, only of her adopted ones. Anyways, midnight and I'm sleeply. Comments please!!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well, I'm very sleeply tomorrow and sorry if I didn't get to some sites. Really sleppy, =P. My dad is coming today at about four so I have to get some rest and wake up before 11am today. I got 21 comments yesterday, thanks, the most ever!!! ^_^ Today I was cleanning up my room and the kitchen. Sorry that this psot is so short today, getting to some sites now. Comments please!!!
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Well, LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!! ^_^ Took me a few times to change the savings to MyO format since some of the times, the codes would double-space and not work. If some of the pics above aren't working, just right-click and clcik show picture, I gurantee it'll show if needed!! ^_^ As for my e-cards and wallpapers, I didn't get to make any today!! T_T Comments on the lower left as always!! ^_^ Like the nav bar and the Ayane theme!! I need to chang my avi, working on that... now!! =P Watching Fresh-Prince though!!!! Some people have been pm'ing me about the layout and I appreicate the comments and all, but NO LAYOUT REQUESTS!! CHECK THE CREDITS!! READ THE FIRST RULE!! XP In other news, I'll probabbly won't be able to get around to comment on everyone's site since my dad is coming back and I'll have some last minute cleaning my room to do and on his way back he'll be stopping in three cities, not sure what, and he'll call from there. Also, he's brining bakc a ton of gifts!! ^_^ He's coming on Tuesday, but the plane already left and since this is a long, three way, connecting international flight and all of that stuff, he'll arrive on Tuesday. =P I hate long flgihts like that, never a decent bathroom. I was on that once, but I don't remember anything since I was six months old. My mom said I cried for 8 hours straight for the plane ride across the Atlantic though. Anyways, thanks for the comments yesterday and I'm hoping more more today since I've got two new friends!!! You know who you are!!
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well, today was very productive day!!! ^_^ Tomorrow will be the last day I'll be able to post at midnight and a few other dates, but you'll hear about them later. Happy Father's Day!! My sister made a few cards for my dad and I need to work on mine, she can draw better than me!! -_- I went to bed at four and woke up at two. My sister was annoyed since she had to do my chores, but I ended up doing more chores overrall, XP. I made 12 e-cards today and two wallpapers!! Finally, I havent updated my walls since June 7th!! I finished the Ayane layout and it'll be up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow!!! Since Fresh-Prince of Bel-Air isn't on right now, it's the Cosby Show XP. I don't like it that much so I watched FullMetal Alchemist, not bad. I'm starting to like it!! Well, as for my HTML help site, I've offically finsihed it, adding little tweeks to it, here and there. I'm almost finished on my mini fanfic. Anything under 1000 words for me in considered small, =P. I've got to go to bed in a few since I took some Benedryl because I was sneezing today. Thanks for the comments yesterday!! Comments please!!
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Well today was a much better day than yesterday!! I fell asleep at about four or five and woke up at noon. I got around to commenting on all of your sites and got 19 comments yesterday!! ^^ Alot more people visited my Freewebs HTML Help Site. I barely got any lunch today, but that's another lnog story. The Ayane layout was all fixed and everything with the codes, pictures and aligning and when I put it into my post styles for a quick check and then, all of the HTML gets mixed up and doubled-spaced meaning after one part of a code, it has a space between the other section. XP I'll work on that later. I had pizza again for dinner!! It was great!!! ^_^ I also made more e-cards today and a wallpaper!! I haven't made one of those since 666!!! I'll upload some now and others later. I also started a new fanfic, not another six chapter one, but a one chapter short one, should be done in a few days. My dad is coming back on the 19th which is three days. I probabbly won't be able to post at midnight since he likes me to go to bed early. =P Well, that's all for now folks (lol)!! Comments please!!
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Friday, June 16, 2006

Well yesterday I only got eight comments since I got to some sites pretty late, =P. Sorry about that. I went to bed at 4 in the morning and at 9am, my grandpa starts to MOW THE GRASS BY MY ROOM!!!! >.< I was very PISSED OFF!!! I ended up sleeping in my mom's room until 1:30pm. XP My sister's report card came in the mail and I think she got all A's and B's. I didn't get mine yet. I ate some great lunch. I finally finished my freewebs site, click here to see it. If you want to see a code for anything else (except for the layout), pm me!! I put different ways of diabling right-clicking, link hover codes, no nav bars code, font styles code, table and post box code, bullets, marquee and a bunch of other stuff. ^^ I also finished my Dead Ayane layout and it'll be up in a few days. Div coding and HTML can get confusing at times. I finally made a few e-cards today and I'll upload them later. In the afternoon, my mom started to teach me to drive a car or more like start the engine. My grandparents (still the same grandpa that moved the lawn) just kept on asking us where we were going and stuff like that. I respect them, but get a life!! That happens almost everyday, I mean can you sleep, or do something else?? For dinner, my mom tried this Chicken delviery place and the chicken tasted great!! We've gonna order from there again!! I just finished watching Taxi with my mom and it was hilarious!! I laughed so hard, I almost cried. Before that, I watched the DBZ Saiyaman Saga from Netflix. Well, that's all for now!! Comments please!!
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Well, thanks for the votes yesterday. I'll be putting up the new Dark Ayane theme in a few days or weeks... I'm trying to get it done!! If anyone needs HTML help, click here. I updated it alot today, I added the codes for tables/boxes, music, no nav bars, ways to stop right-clicking and highlights, different types of cursors and different kinds of link hovers. Whew!! I plan on adding more codes later on today. I've got to get to bed before two today since my mom needs me up earlier than my usualy 1pm... XD. I haven't gotten around to making any new fanfics or greetings/wallpapers in a while. Need to work on that, clean my room, make a fanfic, edit my freewebs, comment on all of my friends and watch tv. A busy day ahead!! Yesterday, I started to clean my room, not much progress though. My sister's computer is still infected with the virus so she was on mine for a hour, =/ My grandma wants to go to New York for a week and I want to go, but my mom won't let me go alone without her. I agree, I'll miss my mom and also since my dad's coming back and he needs to pay the bills, the cash is strapped. There goes my vacation, mabye we'll go somewhere after my dad is settled after coming back from Pakistan. =| Well, comments please and thanks for the comments yesterday!!
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hello people!! Got to all sites today!! ^_^ My freewebs got more updated. If you want some basic HTML help, click here. I got to updating it today!! Finished most basic HTML codes. Working on more advanced ones like tables, post boxes, music codes, no nav bars, stuff like that!! I couldn't log into my fanfiction today because there were too many people logged on, XP. That never happened before. I went to bed again at five in the morning. I went to bed that late because I was talking to my mom, she says I'll do great in college, =P. I woke up though at 11am. I only made one e-card today and if anyone has noticed, I added alot more fanlistings today. Feel free to take any!! I made a few of them though since I found the picture, but with no text. I had rice and curry for lunch and one whole box of pizza for dinnner!! *YUMMY!!!* Domino's pizza rocks!!!! Bad news is that my sister, raisha, her computer got a huge virus and she lost all of her files. She's better at HTML than me (in some areas) so she lost all of her videos, blogs, avatars, icons, greetings, wallpapers, and alot more of that stuff. She's really mad and sad right now. My dad will complain and fix it when he comes back from Pakistan. ^^ Mine's also been slowing done, so I'll have to be careful about that!! I'm starting another new layout, but I won't change this one for a while!! Which should be the new layout, Nostalgic brown or Dark Ayane from Dead or alive? Please vote!! Thanks!! ^_^
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well, today was alot more livlier than Sunday. I got two gb signings and got 18 comments!! Thanks!!! Also, I've got alot more visits which is also a major plus!!! ^_^ Do you like the new feature on the top, the Fan Of: section, with the buttons on top!! ^^ Please, fi you have any buttons like that for Pokemon, DBZ, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu-Gi-Oh or Shaman King, please pm me the URL!! Feel free to take any of those since it took me a whiel to find them on photobucket. In other news, I got a FREEWEBS!! It's a HTML Help site. I'm trying to finish it up, but so far is only on really basic HTML link link buttons and stuff like that. I can't even get the Guestbook up and running yet. If anyone knows how, please pm me!!! If you want to check it out, click here. Don't laugh at it because it looks bad, I just got it today!!! ^_^ If you want any reccomendations on it though, like what should be on it, leave it in your comment. Anyone who has a freewebs, when you are logged in on it, do you get pop-ups from targetsaver or something like that because it seems that happens when I login on my computer. Hope it's not another virus!! XP

Other news - The hurricane is almost gone off of Florida and it hit Tampa. Hope the peopel in that area are okay. It was Tropcail Storm Alberto. O, I went to bed last night at 5 and woke up at 1 in the afternoon. I'm gonna change that tonight, or try to!! I didn't make any e-cards or wallpapers today since I was busy with my freewebs and I checked up on my fanfic. It's almost got 700 hits!! ^_^ If you're bored and want to read it, click on the My Fanfic's link above in the Nav area. It's on DBZ, for a head's up. My computer seems to be mean to me today. >.< Oh well, hope today get's better!! Comment please, since there is alot to comment about today!!! ^^

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Hi people. Yesterday was a slow day since barely anyone updated and I got only 4 comments and the other previous day I got 16... =P In weather news for the day, the wing of the tropcial depression hit Miami and it rained all day with no sunlight. The west side of Florida is under strm watch and it may turn into a hurricane. Yesterday I went to bed at 5am and woke up at 1pm. Really late, but it was also rainy and I tend to sleep in on rainy days. I ate four Recess today so I was a bit hyper, but in general, it was a really boring day!!! The interent was a bit up and down today, but it's getting better. I had Chinese for dinner and I love peppersteak!!! It's my most favortie Chiese food!!! ^^

About the few chages, you like it? The tables on top with the site rules nad friends buttons. If you wan me to add yours, pm me!!! I'm also taking some minor HTML help. I'll continue that for the rest of the summer. ^^ My fanfic got 650 hits and five reviews!!! ^^ Well that's all f the news for the day (or yesterday!!!) Hope I get more comments today than yesterday!!!

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