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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Well, I get to post at midnight, that hasn't happened since last week. Actually, my neighbors are having a loud party next door with the music so I'm a bit cranky right now. Well, they do have a life, can't blame them for that. :P A lot of people asked if I was in high school? No, I'm in the 8th grade and I'm taking two high school courses, Algebra and Earth Space Science.

I woke up early yesterday sicne my body was used to it from waking up at that time from school. >.> That was annoying for me. I had pizza for lunch!!! ^^ I also made a few more e-cards and they are funny! Well, some of them I need to see which ones uploaded yet. =/ Other than that, I started to work on my other layout. It's coming out with a few problems, but I should be able to handle it. Wow, a short post as compared to yesterday!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm back!!! ^____^ I do apologize for not posting in a long time, this entire week to be exact. Alot of things happened so far. My schedule is:
1st Period - Algebra 1
2nd Period -Yearbook
3rd Period - Lanuage Arts III
4th Period - Earth Space Science
5th Period -Office Aid in Main Office
6th Period -US History
That's my main schedule. I'm taking two high school credited classes, Algebra and Earth Space. I should've been in Geometry but I had to be in Algebra last year and I wasn't in it last year because my stupid 6th grade math teacher didn't put me in it!! >.> Sorry about that. My math teacher is pretty cool this year and I'm on the yearbook!!! ^____^ I applied for the layouting ediior and business manager. Lanuage Arts is well, verbs, nouns, conjuctions, all that stuff. Earth Space is pretty cool, we get our textbooks on a CD-ROM!! Wow!! No more heavy books!!

Office Aid is also really cool. I get to work in the office, deliver top secret papers, sign out students and stuff like that. My coolest teacher so far is my US History teacher which wasn't mad when I left early two days in a row. I had to do that because Wednesday, I had a high fever and Thursday, I went to the doctors in the afternoon instead of missing the entire school day.

I've got two projects due on Monday, a Mandala and something else, can't remember :P and I had three tests yesterday!! 0__0 Yes, alot. I was gonna post and comment since I logged into MyO alot of times, but not alot of people would get to my site anyway if I posted at 10pm so I didn't bother. I made some e-cards though, fom a while back, just never got around to uploading them before school. Other than that, I'm working on a new layout, probabbly won't be up for a few weeks, let's see now this school week goes by!! I'll be sure to comment and sorry about the long post!! ^_^

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well for starters, I'd to apologiz for not posting yesterday, it was just a real busy day and I don't wanna talk about it. Long story, probabbly make it the longest post ever :P I logged in yesterday and got around to gb enteries, pm's and commenting on works, sorry about not visiting sites though ^^;; Today I'll be sure to comment sites. Tomorrow, I begin school, oh the joy. XP I look forward to the new year though. I'll try to update daily during the week, but homework and projects and tests can cause alot of research time on the computer instead of free time. >.> I also got around to making a new layout, although the graphics are from puppyinuyasha311/inuyasha311 so I'm waiting on her ok before using them. I'm also trying to make some more e-cards and wallpapers today. So far, nada! =P Well, that's all for now!
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Friday, August 11, 2006

I didn't plan on posting now, but hey, I'm here! Thanks for the comments about the trip yesterday!! ^___^ Today was a =/ day. My sister was sick today so that was a problem and my cousin, uncle and auntie are going back to Belize today =( I'll miss them, beating them at Domino's and what not. School starts on Monday, not looking forward to it. I report to the science lab at my homeroom, not bad since I love science, but that science teacher has always been a bit odd to me for some reason.

I went to my sister's middle school orientation today for her and her school is great!! ^_^ She's going to a different middle school for some reason, it's the magnet school there. It's like my classes except with the word "magnet" in the application. I went school shopping for clothes today [I go to a uniform school] >.> The lines were so long today, me and my dad waited for like an hour before we got to the register, people there are so slow.

Well, other than that, alot of my friends made wallpapers today, like seven of you so I got around to some commenting!! If you can, please check out this funny, Inuyasha e-card. Click here to view it. Also, congrats to Elvesatemyramen for being on the Top 5 and posting 1000 comments!! ^_________^ She is also a great artist and a great friend!! ^^ That's all for now!!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hi guys, for starts, I'd like to apologize for not posting a real post since 08.06.06 Yes, my dad took us on a trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida since the 7th and we just came back yesterday.

Main Points About My Trip

  • The ride to and from Cocoa Beach was three hours each way >.> Not that happy about it, though I had my iPod with me so I listened to music and fell asleep on the way
  • We stayed at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront Resort We had a two room room where there was a door between the rooms, so I had my own room with my sister! =D Not sharing with the parents, YEAH! ^_^
  • We went to the beach one night and I got totally soaked in water!! ^^ One thing I don't like about the beaches though, too much sand... ^^;;;
  • We had room service hehehe It was so much fun!
  • There was a fitness center there and went on the treadmill runing 5 miles! XP
  • The day we left we had to wake up super early and that's why I didn't post yesterday, too tired

    The box below is a full summary with pictures of the vacation, you can skip it if you want to.
    We left on the 7th at noon. We took the highway route and on the way, there was this HUGE accident on the other side. What I mean is that on the other lane going in the opposite direction. Traffic was backed up for three miles!! O_O There was a major car accident and a helicopter and cops had to come. People behind that incident were stuck in there cars in the hot Florida heat and most of them just came out of their cars and laid on top on their cars or on the cars and some even on the concrete. XP Here's a few pic's about it. Clcik on the thumbnails for a bigger image.

    At the hotel, the rooms were great!! ^__^ Here's a picture of the beds, I got a queen one all to myself! This picture is of the gym and the gameroom to the left And here are just some random pictures of the road and stuff like that, I couldn't make the pictures better since it's hard to get a good picture when your dad is driving at 70 mph
    Taco Bell And LongJohn Slivers [I never see that in Miami] -
    A Big Fire happened in that areato cause that much smoke, no wonder there's a hole in the Ozone -
    A Picture of a Palm Tree :P

    Thanks for reading everything!! ^__^ I'll be sure to get around to commenting today!! ^^

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  • Tuesday, August 8, 2006

    Hiya Quick Post
    I'm back or almost. My dad and mom took me and my sister to a surprise trip to Cocoa Beach! ^^ Not that much of a surprise and I'm updating on my dad's laptop. The internet connection sucks. I'll write more later, can't now.

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    Sunday, August 6, 2006

    Today wasn't that eventful. =/ Not alot of people updated as usual. I woke up late today ^^;; I noticed that my throat feels alot better when I take Claritin. I used to take it before during the third grade, but I stopped taking it during the year because I felt fine. *shrugs* I'm glad it's not a presciption anyomre, but it's expensive, 5 of 5 mg pills for $5!! That's really expensive. I had a little bit of eggs for breakfast (or lunchish) and some chciken and rice. I never eat egg yolks that much, too much cholesterol.

    I managed to make some e-cards today! Some real funny, I hope they uplaoad soon. My iPod rocks so far!! I'm getting so used to it, yes, I'm weird :P I didn't play Domino's today since they left to go to some arena, not sure which or if they're even watching a game. My mom is alot better today so that's a good sign and both the bathrooms are offically fixed!! ^_^ I just signed the THAT guestbook. I'm gonna join that cult club. Once I get approval, the link and banner is coming up!! ^^ Well, other than that, pretty boring day.

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    Saturday, August 5, 2006

    I'm glad alot of people like this layout!! ^____^ The main bg picture takes a while for some people with dial-up to see it though =/ I'll see if there's anything I can do about that. ^^ I think I got to everyone's site's today. I'm preety sure of that. I was messing around with some codes tryin' to figure out more HMTL. I got some school supplies today.

    I was very dark cloudly today, but no rai nadn still heat -____-' I wish this heatwave would end! Some places are starting to get 120 degrees! Later on, at nine, I went over to my grandparents house to play Domino's. I won eight games, my cousin ten, uncle six, grandpa three and grandma once!! Sometimes my grandma and uncle would switch postitions [only 4 at a time]. I playeed from nine to eleven. Yes, two hurs of Dominos! Well, not much other that that happened today.

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    Friday, August 4, 2006

    TA DA!!!! ^_______^ The New Original Dbzfreak93 layout is up!! ^^ Also, I added Bon Jovi's It's My Life. I hope most of you like that song!! ^^ The texture is great, I found it from OfTheSky. Click on the links in the credits and there's some great textures for you to use to!! ^^ I'm also not gonna block right-clicking since I don't want to and plus, it dosen't make sense to directly use any one of your friends layouts. :P Comments are below this post box.

    Also, I added some more friends buttons and links on the top. I edited my HTML Help site a bit, barely anything, but something. My iPod is working greatly I love it!! ^_^ I guess the commenting problem is finally fixed on MyO which is a good thing! Sorry if I didn't make it to all sites yesterday, I went to bed early because today my mom went again to the doctor's like last Friday.

    The doctor said that my mom needs to stop eating sugary foods and stuff like that. I didn't listen that much since I was sleepy and listening mainly to my iPod. ^^ I got 28 songs on it!! =D I'm still bummed that school is gonna starting in a few days, the 14h =/ Not really lookin' forward to more homework and waking up early -__-' Well, that's what happend so far today! I hope you like the new layout!!! ^_______^

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    Thursday, August 3, 2006

    For Starters [Warning Long Post Mabye]

    Sorry for the extremly short comments on some of your sites. I was in a hurry and I do apologize for that. I like to not leave short comments for some reason. Also, I'm sorry if I didn't get to all sites. I was really busy and stuff [read below]. I do appreicate the comments though!! ^_^

    My Morning

    Well, I woke up to my mom and dad and sister yelling Happy Birthday! =D I was shorta feeling light-headed after that... Then I quickly commented and posted. I didn't get a chance to make e-cards today. ^^"" Two days ago, I went to Best Buy to buy my iPod. I boguht something else called a Zen instead and it didn't work on my computer for some reason so I went back today with my dad and got an iPod nano 1gb!! ^___________^ I'm listening to it right now, it rocks, except it takes a whiel to recharge the battery. I only have 21 songs on it so far. My sister taught me how to get songs to it!

    Later On...

    At Best Buy, the Zen was $320!! O_O The iPod was only $150 so the extra money was used to get a DIGITAL CAMERA!!! SCORE!!! ^______^ I learnt how to use it!! I need to download the softward to my computer though. I also took pictures on the memory card! My family came over (grandparents and cousin and uncle, etc.) and I cut the chocolate cake!! YYUUMMM!!!! That was one good tasting cake!! ^___^ We played Domino's later on and I stunk completly. I didn't win even once =( Ah well, I got an iPod, digi camera and $240 money! I'm just gonna save it though. Not worth spending over.

    Other Important News

    Although this day was great, my mom was sick through it all. That was the only bad part. =( Well, she's alot better now. One of her medications gave her alot of side effects today. Most prescription medications tend to do that. Also, today is Lorssesshomaru's Third Year Anniversary!! ^_^ Wow, alto of my friends seem to be here that long or two years. Me, only six months. I made a 3-year card for LS, click here to see it. It was made on Paint on Windows so it's not that great, but something's better than nothing! Well, that's all for now folks! Sorry about the loong post. Told ya it was a long day!

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