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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Hi there, this is a quick post. Today is my 13th b-day!! ^______^ HAZAH! I may or may not get to all sites today because today's gonna be a real busy day for me. Have a great day! ^^
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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Hey guys, thanks for the 22 comments yesterday. I didn't get that many in a while!! ^_^ Also, three new people signed my guestbook in the last 2 days which is alot for me! :P


I seem to wake up with a scathy throat when I don't get eight hours of sleep for some reason. o.O My mom made some great lunch though!! ^_^ Her cooking always seems to make me feel better. I got around to finally finishing up my layout. It should be up on the 3rd since tomorrow is my b-day!! ^^ I also made a lot more e-cards!! hehe ^___________^ I just need to make some wallpapers now ^^'' Thanks to the people that vistied my sister's site. She has a MyO too, her sn is raisha. Some of you already know her.

The Domino Match

At 8pm, we (me and my sister) went over to my grandma's house for the Domino Match. YES! I won my uncle, cousin and grandpa three tiems while my couson won 4 times, uncle 4 times and grandpa 5 times. >.> I was shocked that he'd win. My sister didn't play. I also got to say hi to my aunt. btw I live right across the street from my grandparents, only four doors down. After that, I bought my DS from my cousin. Most of you asked why I didn't get a discount because of my birthday It was originally gonna be 100 but he threw out 20 bucks and including a Mario game!! hehe I didn't post at midnight because I was tired and I still am XD

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Hey there, sorry about the absence yesterday. ^^'' I'm not making it a habit to post every other day.

What Happened Yesterday

My internet was a bit 50/50 and I was working on my layout. I found this site from my sister that lets you test all of your HTML!! You copy and past all of your coding, HTML/CSS and it shows you how it looks like!! ^^ Click here to check it out. It opens in a new window. Right now, my sister, she's made alot of layouts. If anyone's interested in table/iFrame layouts, click here to view them. See's not great, but they're pretty good!! ^^ In other news, I woke up late today (woops) and hurried up my chores. The night before that when I was gonna post and comment, my computer went on and off, so I didn't use it that time.

My Boring Day

Today, in general, was boring. But two days ago, the secptic system in our house overflowed... -__________- Not exactly a walk in the park. My dad lifted up something heavy to the roof to unclog the tiolet. The secptic system is better now. It's a good thing that the water you use from the sink or take a bath with dosen't interfear with the septic tanks so I could go around my usualy day. My cousin offered to sell my his Nintendo DS and a few DS games for $80 as an early b-day gift. That nut! XD I'm gonna by it for him. My b-day is on the 2nd!! ^__^ School starts in 12 days from my b-day though, not that good of a sign.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Warning:Mabye Long Post

The Day before yesterday

I didn't update yesterday since I was very busy. The day before that I was really sick in the afternoon with some throat infection. I took alot of medication and I'm starting to feel alot better now. Yesterday I didn't udpdate because I went to bed at 11pm (the previous day) and woke up at 7am (yesterday). I went with my mom to the doctors because I couldn't stay home alone and my family were out to some mall.

The Doctor's

My mom goes to a health center for her medications and check-ups. My sister also went us. Only one person is allowed in the doctor's room (some dumb rule >.>) so I waited outside. I was feeling sleepy and a bit sick at that time still. My mom came out like an hour later and she got some medication and stuff like that. We're going back this Friday morning because she's checking her eyes. She wears glasses and contacts so she's gonna have her eyes checked. After that, we stopped by a McDonald's to finally get some breakfast. ^^

After The Doctor's

When we got home, I finished up eating my Mc breakfast and changed my clothes and jumped into bed. I was totally tired. I slept for about two hours. I woke up feeling a bit better and took some more medication. When I was about to go to my computer, I saw something by the mouse. I lifted up my mouse and there was a lizard under there. I wasn't freaked out of anything, I was just waiting for it to move. It was just there so I pretended to put back the mouse and it moved, now, it's somewhere out or in of my room. XD

Other News

Today so far's, been wet and dark outside and it's almost one. I was originally gonna buy my iPod Video today, but I'm waiting for the weather to clear up and I feel much better!! ^___^ I've almost got the layout done, I still need to edit it though. >.> Tomorrow, we (refering to my family) may go somewhere, but I don't really want to go. =/ I'll be sure or try to get to everyone's site today!! ^^

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today was ok.

The Late Morning/Early Afternoon

My grandparents and great grandma on my dad's side left for NYC today. I forgot to mention that!! ^^ Their flight left at noon so my dad took them to the airport at nine. I was really tired since i went to bed at three and woke up at nine so I just fell asleep in my mom's bed. =P At noon, I woke up and my mom was saying to get out of bed. I was like HUH?? I started to complete my chores and I had a few more today since my mom was feeling a bit sick today. A few hours later and she's fine. My aunt (cousin's mom) flew in yesterday morning (2am). She was also sick too, with the headache, fever, the usual. Both of them feel better now!! ^_^

Later On...

Most of you are wondering how a 80 year old grandma can travel to NYC?? I hope she makes it there ok. Family's flying in and out XP I got around to making some more e-cards and most of them were never sent! =( I also got around to everyone's site today!! HAZAH! Usually I miss a person or too, but I didn't! I also got around to commenting on my friends wallpapers, fanart and e-cards, not that many, but some. My layout is coming out great!! ^^ I just hope it comes out good on MyO format.. -_- Today, all I ate was mainly rice. Yes, rice. i ate barely any meat and no cereal. I'm starting ot turn Japanese :P j/k There wasn't that much food today anyways. We need more groceries. I've gotta go tobed now. I've gotta wake up early tomorrow!! NOOO!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well, today was a pretty cool day.

My Early Morning

I woke up at nine am today (not that bad compared to my usualy noon wake up time), and my mom is on the phone with my grandma. My cousin is coming over in the afternoon to play!! ^_^ They are going out for breakfast and they invited us, but we (mainly my and my sister) were too tired. XP I finally got out of bed at 9:30 and my dad left early today for some thing at the job. I got dressed and ready about ten, most of the time I think I was sleep-walking. XP I then got around to some early sites then. I also made a few e-cards today, I'm also making a few more in a few minutes, I need to make some wallpapers though. I'm still waiting for my dad to get Photoshop into my computer. >.>

The Later Day

My mom made some great lunch!! My sister's iPod nano broke, so she went with my dad to get a new one. My cousin came over and he taught me and my sister how to play Domino's. It's fun!! We played like 15 times, my sister won nine of those times... :P I also played chess with my cousin and he won too, so I wasn't on Lady Luck's good side today. Today we are battlnig it out in Dominoes and mabye chess. Nothing else happened today. It was reallyhot here, not sure, somewhere in the 100's though, mabye 102-103-ish. I'm starting to get the hang of my layout so far, I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely. XP Also, I joined GOAG, click here to find out more information about the club. ^^

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today was a bit odd and unique.

My early Morning

I went bed at four am and woke up at six am. My throat was very scrathy (sp) so I went to the kitchen to get some water. My throat felt a bit better. I went to bed at woke up at eleven. I took some medication and felt a bit better. It was really hot today, like 101 degrees or something like that. Our house has alot of windows so it was hotter. >.> I feel alot better though.

Yesterday's News

Yesterday or the day before yesterday, I watched Miss Universe 2006 Puerto Rico won!! Japan came in second, she was pretty and smart compared to the other ones. Miss USA was a tomboy!! =O I was shocked at that!! I started to watch it with my mom during the swinsuit part... o.O My cosuin and uncle over at my grandma's house were having a hay day over that. XD The evening nightgown part was really 50/50 since the gowns were expensive, but they were too flashy. Miss Paraguay's dress was wow, really casual compared to the other ones. Well, that's all for now!!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Well, yesterday was a long day!! [Warning: Mabye Long Post]

The Morning

Today, I woke up at 10:30am and I'm starting to wake up early to get ready for school I ate some cereal and did my chores. I saved most of my files back to my computer and I started to work on my own layout. I'm slowly getting there! XP I need to install some more programs like Windows Media Player 10 and Adobe. I still need Photoshop!! >.> My sister took long in the bathroom so that was a problem.

The Afternoon

My lunch was great!! ^__^ My grandma also brought over alto of food, like three trays of chessecake and rice and meat and all that stuff!! I didn't eat much of it, but my grandma got it from one of her friends parties. I got around to a few sites (sorry if I didn't get to yours). I started to work on the div codes again and sorta got some of it right. :P My cousin, grandma (mom's side) and uncle came over. Apparently, my grandpa thinks he's dying (as a humorous way) and he's got half the family in a funny and worried state. XD My cousin came over to use my GBA and we were trading Pokemon over so we can complete out Pokedex's!! ^^ Yes, I love Pokemon!! Some people asked me what's FPL? FPL is Florida Power And Light, Florida's electrcity provider (or at least in this area)

The Later Evening

After we finished trading, I went over to my grandma's house (where my cousin and uncle are staying) and it looks like it's about to rain. I stay there for about five minutes. They got cable there!! ^_^ Finally, my grandparents said it was expensive before XP We played some soccer and my mom came to get me since it was about to rain (btw we live like five doors down and a street in between) I got back home and it started to rain and basically I got totally drained in rain!! I couldn't get onmy computer since the internet was out for a while. Crap, well, sorry this post is a bit long!! ^^;;

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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Sorry about not visiting sites yesterday!! After I commented on some sites, my computer got a huge virus!!! My computer just got fixed. I still have most of my codes back, but remember the new layout I was working on... I figured out the codes for it, but I didn't save it. I lost it =( Back to sqaure 1!!

A Few Other Notes

I'll try to get to everyone's site today, but my cousin and uncle are here and they're staying until school starts!!! =) I'll try to get to everyone's sites, but if I can't please forgive me!! The lgihts when out two times yesterday due to the hard rain and an electric wire fell in your back yard. >.> FPL sucks!! Every time there's rain, the lights go out! XP Well, right now, I'm getting around to commenting and finsih reading my summer reading books...

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yesterday was a slow day on MyO. Did any one notice that your popularity ranking is Unavailable What's up with that? Well, I managed to get to all sites and I've signed GOAG's gb. It's a club, click here to find out more. Hey, DBGT is on. Yes, DBGT is kinda lame to end the Dragonball series, but still, something's better than nothing!! ^^ I just walked away for a few hours and now it's two!! >.> Woops! As for the layout I'm trying to make on my own, I'm slowly getting there! Evantually!! XP Well, after my grandparents house, nothing much happened today. It was rainy and the internet was pratically down!!
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