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Saturday, July 1, 2006

HAZAH!!!!!!!!! My e-cards and wallpaper finally uploaded!!!! ^_________^ After what, 36 hours finally!! For a few days there, I thought I was a Otaku Neophyte (MyO user that can't submit fan works, but can still comment and browse around). Also, I've been working on the layouts, all I need is to edit the colors, buttons, avi's and HTML stuff like that. Really annoying... >.< Anways, today seemed like a pretty slow day on MyO, in my view anyways. Not alot of my friends updated or commented... Let's start from the beginning of the day and this may turn into a long post.

I woke up at noon (since I went to bed at four) and actually got out of bed at around one-ish... XP I finished my chores and the drying machine was taking so long to dry the clothes. I put them in for an hour and yet they are still wet so my mom told me to hang them on the line outside. And it still wet... I give up, I'll do that chore later. Since I had the laundry basket out I played with it again and apparently, my mom thinks I make a good basketball player. Then again, she dosen' know that much about that game... -___- My sister wanted to play and she was hogging the ball, ggrrr.... I won it back and my mom got made since we should learn how to share!!

My dad came back from work and took my sister to WalMart to get something. Apperantly, she got an iPod nano!!!!!!!! >.< When I heard that on the phone, I WAS SO PISSED!! But, my dad got me a DVD Player in place of that. Plus, for my b-day he's getting me a iPod Video. Which is better in my friends opinions, nano or video??My dinner ended up being McDonals!!! YUM!!!! ^_^ If you get a chance, please stop by my freewebs HTML help site (link on the left) and sign my guestbook there!! Thanks!! Well, it looks like a shorter post... hehe Anyways, thanks for the comments yesterday!!!
*PS HAPPY 07/01/06!!*

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Friday, June 30, 2006

Well, I'm kinda pissed off that none of my e-cards or wallpapers uploaded to the server. It said to wait up to 48 hours so if I din't see them by tommorow, I'll just upload them again!! =P Today was a .... unique day. I woke up late and rushed to the car before my mom drove off. lol She won't really drive off, she just started up the car. It was gonna rain so that's wy she did that. We went to the store and when I got back, I got around to commenting!! I commented on everyone's site today!! ^_^ I offically posted 200 comments on works!!! YEAH!!! My mom and dad had a minor fight, nothing major. I also got around to making some more e-cards and when the one's I sent already uploaded, then I'll upload the new one's I made!! Yeah, that was confusing.... XP Anyways, for anyone that has visited my Freewebs HTML Help site before, I was wondering if you could sign my guestbook there. I finally figured out how to get one there and if you've been there before, I'd appreciate it if you'd sign it!! Thanks!! ^_^ Anyways, thanks for the comments yesterday!!
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hi there, thanks for the twenty comments yesterday!! I'm back in that area of comments again!! Today was a relaly active day on MyO and TheO. I made a few more e-cards for anyone's opinion. I got my e-card lust back. I just made like 14 e-cards and a great wallpaper!! They won't upload to the server for a while though. Last night I went to bed somewhere around two and woke up at noon!! =P I now have a big empty for where my tooth was in. It still hurt today. It was very raining today so I played basketball indoors. The laundry basket as the hoop and the basketball as well the b-ball. XP I played soccer with it too but it started to run out of air at one point -_- I always whopped my sister at sports. ^_^ I got around to commenting on more works today!! I offically made six new layouts that are all MyO compatable. I still will keep this one up until after the 4th of July. My freewebs is fixed!!! Hazah!! It's much better than MyO at recovering from HTML errors!!! Well, this is a short post for a change!! Anyways, thanks for the comments yesterday!! ^_^
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, thanks for the comments yesterday!! Even though I got a tooth pulled out, I made it to all sites!! ^_^ Let's start from two days ago. This may turn into a long post. Two days ago, I was doing chores, commenting and the basic stuff. Yesterday was a REAL UGH day. I went to bed at eleven and didn't fall asleep until 3am... =/ My dad woke me up at ten am so I donly had seven hous of sleep. The appointment was at noon. I ate some breakfast, brushed my teeth and was dressed at 11:40am. We got there fifthteen minutes early and from there diaster came.

The dentist saw me early by five minutes. He put some gel thingy in my mouth and it set in for a few minutes. When he was getting the novacane needle ready and about to put in my mouth, I closed it and won't open it. He tried again and again, but I ended up not getting the needle in >_> He reffered me to another dentist in the same building for an appt at two the same day. Me and my dad went to Wendy's for some lunch and went back for my appt. The dentist was at lunch so we broswed around for some time. =P When I finally got to this dentist, she was a lot nicer!! Yes, a nice FEMALE DENTIST!! I have nothing wrong with them, it's just my first experience with a lady dentist was really bad... long story. Anyways, she put in the gel thingy again and once the novacane needle came in, hell broke loose.

I was jiggling again and held onto my dad's hand every so tightly. She got the needle in along with three other doses, in the end, I had four doses in my mouth!! It's still a bit numb!! When she pulled out that tooth though, God, I almost saw the light, =P, literally. It hurt so much that I was screaming (not that loudly) and slightly crying. Yeah, yeah, don't mock me!! Try taknig a tooth out that's stuck between your braced teeth!!!! VERY PAINFUL!!! That was the first tooth I took out that I cried with, not for braces or my root canal, but damn that hurt!!

It was slightly raining which made my throat sorta dry and I couldn't drink anything and I had to swallow some of my blood and slavia since I couldn't spit it out!! YUCKY!! Alot of people as me, what's cloting?To clot, means to stop something form bleeding or leaking. Like, the area in my mouth where I pulled out the tooth had to be clotted because it was bleeding so much. I clotted while I was commenting and posting. =P I made some e-cards and I hope they uplaod to the server fast!! Anyways, I think this is a long post again and I do apologize for that!! Thanks for commenting yesterday!!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well, I'm back and in pain. Yesterday, was a day full of chores and getting ready for today. This will probabbly be a short post since I need to clot alot. It was really painful, even with the novacane. I'll get to commenting later, but I need to clot!! =P I'll write a longer psot in detail about the evill tooth extraction tomorrow!!
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Well, right now I'm pissed!!! Today was a good and bad day!! Let's start from the beginning. My dad woke me at at ten and I went to bed at four. I was prety mad in the morning, but I got over it. He brougt me some McDonalds and it was raining!! I felt better after that. My grandparents came back and we visited them in the afternoon. My grandma had something wrong with her heel of her foot, but that old lady still keeps on going. My grandpa was asleep so I didn't get to say that much to him. She brought back a graduation bear for my sister and some cash for me! ^_^ I also made a few e-cards today. You know, Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest and yet, alot more people seem to comment on this Sunday instead of last weeks. That day I only got like eight comments, XP. You are all wondering about the days news here it is:

1. My dad is taking my sister's computer to the shop so it can get repaired. Apparently, the virus was so bad, he couldn't fix it by himself. She is using the laptop now and I can't watch my DVD's!!!

2. My mom was driving the car and there was this one girl who was in my school, I just saw her in the halls once and my mom started to make conversion with the mom and all that stuff. God, I was so embrassed. I got over it though. I can't stay mad at my mom.

3. At about two to four, my dad made us watch these two boring, but "teachful" films. For the first time in my life, I almost fell asleep during a movie!!!

4. My dad brought PHOTOSHOP VERISON SEVEN, but it doesn't work on my computer!!! O_O I was like what? But the CD wasn't working, so close to finally getting photoshop, s**t. Sorry about that

5. You know my freewebs HTML Help site, I got f****d up!! Sorry about that, really!! I tried to add my button URL to it to make things easier for people to addd my button, and when I use the DUN, DUN, DUN, TEXTAREA!! code, it screwed up the site. UGH!! Oh well, getting a new freewebs will be easy compared to getting a new MyO. Don't worry, I'm staying with this site. No more textarea unless I am 115% sure about it not messing up my site.

Anyways, I think this is another long post and I'm sorry about that. I got to most sites yesterday and if I didn't get to yours, I do apologize in advance. I comment on people who do and don't XP. Also, I'll try to get to more works today!! Thanks for the comments yesterday and hope I do better today!!!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well, for starters, sorry I didn't make it to some sites today. I made it to everyone's who commented on mine though, excpet for a few people. Sorry about that. =P Let's start from the beginning of the day. As most of you noticed or not any of you, I comment at many different times and I just got to some sites ^^"". I woke up at idk what time, I think ten or eleven. No one/thing woke me up this time!! ^_^ It was really dark outside, looking very about to rain kinda look. My mom and dad were asleep until one and I got to like five sites when they were asleep, ^_^"". My sister wanted me to play Scrabble with her and I was rude to her -_- I need to aplogize, yes apologize to her. WAH! I hate feel gulity!! When my mom woke up, we went out to Taco Bell and got some tacos. Me and my sister started to fight and my mom was tellnig us to stop, as usual. We shopped for some groceries and it look really stormy outside, but the rain didn't break for a while. We stopped by my grandma's house (they are out of town and coming back tomorrow) to check up on the mail and their birds.

I got the mail and they have two locks on the door. It took me, my mom and my sister twenty minutes to open the door. XP The keys were so confusing and the door won't open!! We ended up laughing about it though =D Inside her house was SO HOT !! LIKE ONE HUNDRED DEGREESSS!!! We just checked everything and left. Damn, it was hot!! After we left and came home, it started to rain. Man, it rained hard. I had to take off my computer for a few hours so that was also a problem about the commenting. -_- I didn't get to make any e-cards today or comment on any works.

Also, on the 27'th I'll have one of my teeth pulled out on the lower left on the side. This one will hurt compared to the other ones because it's shaped and browing in such an odd way. So, I'll post on the 26th, not post on the 27th, but may get around to commentinga nd on the 28th, things will be back to normal. ^_^ If you are wondering why I'm not gonna post its because on the 27th, I'll wake up early since the pullout will be at noon. Great, I'll have to eat a LARGE dinner. Anyways, this looks like a long post so sorry about that!! Thanks for the comments yesterday!! Comments please!!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well today was a normal/boring/unique day. Let's start from the beginning. I went to bed at three or two and woke up at ten. I didn't get out of bed though until eleven. =P I woke up with a sore throat and took some medication. I'm better now. Plus, most of the time, I've got a sore throat in the mornings and it goes away during the day. Allergies, >.< I had some chick peas for lunch, not that much. I got around to commenting to everyone who commented on my site and a few works. I also made a few more e-cards!! ^_^ Probabbly tomorrow will be a more busier day because I've got to clean the backroom and my room. It got dirter when my dad brought me more stuff, XP. When my dad came back from work, he took me to some pharmical center to get my mom's prescriptions. I was wearing a pair of pants that was so loose around my waist, that I had to keep on walking slowly so it won't fall down. I need to wear a belt with that pants. The line was so long. I ended up standing in line for twenties minutes since all fo the chairs were filled. Afterwards, when I got home, I played around on fanfiction for a while, reading some more DBZ fanfics. My stomache was growling so hard due to the fact that lunch wasn't that much, so we ordered from the chicken place again!! ^_^ My dad was mad that we ordered though. XP The food was great this time, but during dinner, we had a show.
There was a lizard in the living room and my sister was afraid of it. I ended up chasing the lizard outside and almost wacking my sister on the head with the broom. =P I got around to reading more fanfics and commenting after that. I watched parts of Kangaroo Jack on Nick, but not all of it. I look forward to Toonami today!! ^_^ Anyways, this looks like a shorter post, so thanks for the comments yesterday!! Comments please!!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Well, before you continue reading, this may turn into another long post so get ready!! For starters, my grandpa, ONCE AGAIN!!!!!, moved the grass in the MORNING WHEN I WAS SLEEPING!!!! >.< You could imagine how mad I was. The last time it happened I was about to yell threw the window some harsh language, which I won't type, so I walk out of bed with my small blanket and I didn't even know what time it was, =P. When I opened the door and I look across and there's my sister's friend, so I say hi and walk to my mom's room to try to get some sleep. As most of you guessed, I get VERY cranky in the mornings, espiecally (sp) on school days, XP. Well, my mom offered to order pizza and when the guy came, he was complaining about it being to far from the place (only one mile), so my mom just took the pizza and gave him no tip and closed the door in his face. =) She would've cursed him out, since this is the second time, but my sister's friend was over and she wanted to be polite in front of a guest. I know my mom, she would've told that guy off so badly though. After the pizza, I was forced to play a game of Monopoly with my sister and her friend. Int he beginnig, I was rich, but in the end, I lost all of my wealth XP. I need to work on my expenses on properties. Afterwards, I got around to commenting some people and on some works. I have now posted 173 comments!!! ^_^ Once I hit six months on MyO, I'll definely be a Senior Otaku!! =) My goal is 500, but that's over the rest of the year (on MyO). Plus, it's hard to get a whole day of just commenting without distractions.

In other news, me and my mom had a huge sotra minor fight about something. We made up, I can never stay mad at my mom for some reason. At about five, I played chess with my sister's friend twice and won!!! ^_^ When I played my sister though, =/, I lost. While playing my sister, I went through tweleve of those candies my dad brought back, so I was hyper. For dinner, I had some great rice and meat!!! And Coke!!!! My sister's friend also brought her iPod and she has all of my favorite songs on it. I want one!!! =\ I also edited my freewebs a bit for anyone who's visited it. I got no time today to work on the layout due to today's busy day. I also got around to commenting on more sites later on yesterday. Sorry if I didn't get to yours, but I got to everyone's who commented before 11:15pm. Anyways, this looks like a shorter post than yesterday. Thanks for the comments yesterday and hoping for more today!!!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well today was a VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY!!!! ^_^ Let's start from the beginning and this may turn into a long post, so get some drinks and food close at hand ^^. Ok, I got to some people who post at midnight and went to bed at two. I started to work up and finsih up on some layouts. I have about seven or eight done and two working on, so don't worry about seeing a layout change. I'll change the theme in two weeks though, since I just put up this one!! ^_^ I found these two great sites with layouts, Northernlite and Daydreamgraphics. My dad finally unpacked all of his luggages today. Man, he brought back ALOT OF STUFF!! I MEAN, A LOT!! He brought alot of clothes for my mom which she really loved and jewerly for her. He brought me two pair of jeans and four t-shirts!! My cousins there got me an early headstart on B-day gifts!!!! My sister got more shirts than me, but I got better pants. He also brought me back a few skirts, =/, not really my thing. I ended up giving them to my sister since she likes them, =P. I love the jeans though, they are very tomboyish!!! ^_^ Along with the shirts. He also brought me back some CD's like 2004 Hard Rock!!! It rocks!! It hs Linkin Park, Nickelback, Metallica and bands like that!! ^_^ All on one CD!!!

My grandma on my mom's side went to New York today to visit my cousin and uncle there!! So lucky, if you remember from a few posts back, I wanted to go to New York with my grandparents. My family there is rich!!! I mean rich!! My grandma called a few hours ago and my uncle's house is three stories!! And it has a garage and everything!! My grandparents love it there, but I want them back. There coming back in a few days, around the weekend.

After all of the morning's excitment and gifts, I had a long hour of bordom on the computer. I commented on almost all of my friends works, from e-cards, fanart, or wallpapers. Check your Comment Manager and you should see one comment from dbzfreak93 on something!! I mean when I checked my profile before I commented, I had 122 comments and I went to 150 something comments!! I seriously got around commenting and I may get around to more commenting today. Sorry if I didn't get to some sites though since after the works, I had to help pack up all of the stuff my dad brought.
Well, sorry for making all fo your read this long post, thanks for the comments yesterday!!

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