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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Well, I'm back for the weekend or so I hope... :P I do apologize for not being around lately since last weekend, I was really sick and of course, I could never post during the week due to school and stuff like that.

Sunday - I was feeling a bit better, but still sick, so I don't think I posted and I barely finished my homework for the weekend to top it off. >.> The doctor gave me some great medication though and it really helps!! ^_^
Monday -Went to school, had Algebra homework, read some more Greek myths (it's pretty interesting once you memorize the stories and names of them), and for yearbook, we started a fluff assignment, yes a fluff assignment. It's funny if you say it outloud. It's a survey where you make up five questions on a topic and have 50 people survey it you record the results. 50 people isn't a lot though since I just walked around the class and asked everyone to take it XD
Tuesday - Vocabulary Myth Test, we did a lab in science on water and water densities (1 g/cc), and studied for the US History test
Wednesday - Took the US History test and got a C on it (She told us to study the WRONG MATERIAL!! >.>), got a A on the Myth Test, studied for the science chapter two exam
Thursday - Took the math test, got a A- on it ^__^, read some more new myths and studied for another myth test on Friday and the science exam
Friday - Took the science test, got a 92 on it! ^_^, myth test = B+, lab report due Monday, mini US History project due Monday, book report due next Friday and business letter due Monday. >.>''

So many things due Monday, but it's a lighter load than last week though. Well in other news, some of you are wondering about the new layout coming up. Personally, the current layout is getting really boring on me and I will change it soon or over this weekend if I get the time. The iPod them is over though and I'm moving onto one for Halloween!! ^__^ Not really into it, but I found a great graphic for it! I'll be sure to get to sites and thanks for reading this long post!! ^^

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

[Warning: Long Post]
Hey Guys!! ^__^ Wow, this week went by fast and slow and I had so much homework!! :P You could read the little box if you want, it summarizes my hectic week and below it is today's real post.

On Wednesday, I made up a math quiz and got a 89 on it!! ^^ We started to study Greek and Roman Mythology in Language Arts, but mainly the Greek gods. I learned about Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite and other gods and goddesses like that. Man, they're a lot of them, I get confused sometimes at what they do XD In math, I'm one of the smartest students there!! ^^ Yes, I love math, sue me! XP In US History, we did a mini skit for Colonial Times and we've got a test on Wednesday. >.> I won a raffle drawing in her class and I got a free admission pass to see the preview for a movie called... Gridiron Gang. ^___^ It's on Wednesday at 7:30pm in the theaters, I hope I'll be able to make it.

In science, I've got a 3.65 GPA in that class which is really, really good. A mid-average A in that class in like getting all A's in my other classes. I really love science and math though, now, we're studying the earth's core, mantle, crust, stuff like that and the atmosphere, that area. For my yearbook class, we (the students) were supposed to go to Open House on Sept. 8th and I didn't want to go since it was the Dolphin's VS. Stealers (Stealers won!! ^^) football game was on.

I have to go to cover the event and interview people and take pictures, stuff like that!! I didn't end up going though since no one was able to take me! >.> I had to make it up in another assignment. I'm doing an extra credit essay for a scholarship contest to all Florida students for a free 4-year scholarship to any Florida college! Something that's really good, I doubt I'll win, but it's also extra credit in my US History class, so that's a plus. About the math club though... I didn't join because I forgot about the meeting >.>

Overall, I finished my math homework, I need to read more myth stories, I'm almost finished reading my book for Hispanic Heritage Month, work on my essay, study for tests and comment on people's sites, not that much. Today I went to the doctor's since I was feeling bad and something is wrong with my nose and I have to stop swallowing my mucus :P I'm taking some Flonase for two weeks and if my mucus clears up, I should be back to my normal healthy self!! ^__^

Thanks to the people who read my entire post, this was the longest one I've ever written. XD Sorry about that ^^;;

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Well, I'm posting at one in the afternoon today because I stayed home from school today. I wasn't feeling that well and the weather is still pretty bad so I stayed home. My nose is a bit stuffy and I've got a mild headache. I was running around in the rain for an hour yesterday so that's probabbly the cause XP Anyways, I checked out my teachers websites (they actually have one posting homework and stuff like that) and I've got another mini project to do!! >.> Question: Does high school give alot of projects?? Or do they mainly give tests and reports and stuff like that!! Well, at least I can get a headstart since I'm home. ^^ I'll be sure to get to everyone's site today!! ^__^

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Monday, September 4, 2006

Well, I was up until one in the morning trying to finish up a US History flip book thingy due tomorrow. I would've posted at midnight, but I was too tired and the internet for some reason didn't work at that time anyways. O.o I updated my iPod with some new songs and my mom got a new cell phone with a camera in it!! ^^ We were taking random pictures of everything XD Also, it's raining alot over here for the last three days, probabbly the after rain of Ernesto. There's a new tropical depression in the Atlantic, far though, like by Suriname. O_O Well, not much happened but...


If you don't live in the United States, still a great day to you too.

** If Labor Day is about being in workforce labor, then why is everyone off of school or work watching the tv or staying home instead of laboring?? Not complianing, just stating, another day off for me!!! ^_^

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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Well, for starters, I'd like to aplogize for not getting to some sites yesterday, MyO wasn't up or something since I couldn't even log in. >.> I just loged in today and so far it was a normal day. My dad is fixing the sink int he kitchen so we were out of water for a few hours and that's not a probabbly since it's raining like crazy outside. There's not a single strand of sunlight outside. :P Anyways, short post beucase today wasn't that evenful =/
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Saturday, September 2, 2006

.__. Wow, I haven't posted at midnight in a while... :P Anyways, I am able to post tonight at midnight since my dad is asleep, my mom and sister are on the couch and I just decided to stay up late for the fun of it. ^^;; Today was one busy day. For starters, my math teacher is really cool and he gave us NO HOMEWORK over the break and my yearbook teacher said my cover for the yearbook is great (although it needs copyright approval >.>''). One of my friends and her "boyfriend" broke up in second period and no offense to anyone, but dating at 13, not much sense or is it just me???? Anyways, language arts was a real boredom center, did an easy A test and got a book - The Crossing By: Gary Paulsen. I've read the first five pages so far and nothing has caght my eye yet.

In science, we had a "pop quiz", but it was really easy, although I'm probabbly the smartest girl in that class... yeah, sue me for paying attention XP Also, on my first exam a few days ago, I barely passed with a 91 [A-]. hehehe I got confused with the variables and stuff. >.> In the office, alot of parents were picking up their kids (probabbly for the holiday) and the filled the wrong page and the P.A. system wasn't working so I had to run class to class getting students to the main office. Do you know how big my school is??? 22 portables, 100 classrooms, 20 new classrooms and two floors with four stairways = Not a good equation, but a good jog (I honestly think I lost like an inch off my waist line running up and down the school XD) It was a good thing I wore good shoes!! ^_^

Well, other than that, I've got a few projects to due and some minor tests to study for, but my weekend is not as busy as last weekend, with four tests/projects. The new layout may be put on hold for a while longer since schoolwork is just keep on coming in. I'll try to get it up sometime within a few weekends from now, yea, that's a while away, but hey, I can argue with the school system. Well, night everyone or morning! :P

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Well, the tropical storm was kinda wimpy, not much damage at all over here, the lights didn't even go on and off. I thought some avocados from the front tree would fall off like the Fourth of July and only a few fell off. Well, the good new is that, there's no school today!! ^_^ I already finished all of my homework and I'm pretty sure I got to all sites yesterday. I didn't get around to working on my layout, my dad kept on saying "take off the computer" and there wasn't even any lightning. There was only alot of wind and some rain. I'm glad it wasn't another Wilma, we had no power for twelve days.

In other news, did you guys hear about the Nike shoes that work with your iPod nano? I was on the iPod.com site and they have a shoe that connects with your iPod nano so you can listen to music, jog and it'll record it for you or something like that. The shoes are at least $75, though and you've got ot get software for it, I think. Also, the iPod U2 is back!! ^_^ It's the black and red one, I wish I had that one instead of a nano, but, somethings are better than nothing, right?

Well, I'll be sure to get to sites today!! ^^

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why am I posting on a school day at 11am?

It's because Miami-Dade County public schools are closed for today and tommorrow because of Tropical Storm Ernesto!! ^___^ I'm not happy about it coming to destroy anything, happy because we get two days more off of school! ^^ Finally, I can start to catch up on some things around MyO. Did you guys know the TheO tee is out? Wow, I wish I could by one, but my dad would probabbly say 30 dollars is too much for a t-shirt. =/ I sorta agree on that. Anyways, about the tropical storm. Yesterday, when I was in my English class, my teacher gets a phone call stating that schools are closed for today and tomorrow, I was about to fly off my chair! =0

People during my office class, came pickin' up their kids for doctor appts and sick meeting left and right to get them early. Already, people are fightning over gas and supplies are running short. I understand being ready for a TS, but relax, it's not the end of the world. My dad also just brought in some gas for the generator, like ten gallons since last year, during Hurricane Wilma, he always had to run back and forth, so he bought all now. I just charged my iPod and the storm looks like it's coming in about three hours since it's starting to look dark outside or cloudy. Anyways, I'll be sure to get around to commenting if the lights don't go off!! :P

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hey guys, well, I just finished my family tree and I need to pretty it up and stuff like that. I went to bed really late last night and I had to wake up early today. >.> Not happy about that. My science book comes on a CD-ROM now, incase I forgot to tell you and I've got a science test tomorrow so I need to study that. Man, during summer I used to get like twenty some comments and now, I only get like nine!! :P I guess alot more people are on during summer than school days.

As for the new layout, I'll have to work on that in some later time since I've got to make a layout cover for the Yearbook! 0_0 Pretty cool and hard, I need to find the perfect picutres and everything, plus I already finsihed the research homework, so that's out of the way. Well, these posts just get shorter and shorter, don't they? XP

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well, another weekend post. :P Sorry about being gone the entire week again, I'm bambarded with projects, essays and tests all due next week!! >.> I've got a family tree due on Monday, a yearbook cover design on Tuesday and a research thingy for Yearbook due on Friday and my tests are on Earth/Space chapter 1, a short story and my vocabulary words; to topt ht off, essays are on a narrrative we wrote and one for a contest due by Monday and 9/12! :P I finished the first essay and I need to complete the other one. Man, middle school gives eighth graders alot of work and tests, sheesh! Sometimes during the week, I'll comment on some sites and not post if it's late to even things out a bit. Was the popularity ranking working since it said it's down again??

In other news, I'm joining the math club every Monday and Wednesday until 4:30pm. Yes, I'm a math geek! =) I wonder how hard the math is gonna be, I'm only in Algebra and some of the students there are already taking Geometry. ^^;; I'm very competative so that'll help me alot. Well, I'll try to make some e-cards, if I can and also, I'll try to work on that layout. Yes, alot on my hands and don't worry, I'll be sure to get around to commenting!! ^^

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