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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hi there, I get to post during the week, yay!! ^__^ It's odd for me to post on a weekend since I usually post on the weekends, but our teacher let us have some free time on the computer in the library!! ^_^

This week so far has been super busy!! I was counting superlative ballots for the yearbook for "Most Humorous" and two of my friends are in the league. I usually count the ballots alone since everyone else is doing another category. >.> I've got NO projects to do so far which is a good thing other than some usual homework and it's the end of the first semester. I'm not sure of my grades since they've changed from before but it should be all A's... hopefully. Well, that's all for today, nothing major happened and if I got more into detail, it will be the longest post ever! XD

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Day...

For starters, sorry if I didn't get to all sites, I was busy today and Ia just changed my avatar because before it won't for some reason... :P I got some homework done and of course, more to do and I've got to finish reading my book, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Good book, just starting to read it though. I'm on chapter six and I need to get to eight by tomorrow... XP Well, it's an midnight update and thing's are pretty quiet over here and I'm pretty tired myself. Thanks for the comments about the new layout and alot of people like the music!!! ^__^ Night to All! :D
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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Well, finally, the new layout is up!!! At Last!!!! So what's the new opinion?? Do you guys like it? It took me a while to experiment with the coding and to align the pictures just right, but it should look good under any screen resolution. What about the graphic and the way it's set up!! ^_^ It took a while to get rid of the archives link, but I figured it out and I also had troblue with the tables and they should be fine now. >.>

What's going around my school... oh joy...

O___O God, where to begin... I suppose Monday, but I won't go directly in chronological order. I had a math test, got a B on it and a science test and a perfect 100 on it!! ^___^ On Tuesday, I took a vocab. test, A on that and in Yearbook we counted Surperlatives.

Surperlatives are votes for "Most Humorous" and "Most Athletic" and the yearbook has to count them. It's hard to count them since they are all from different students in the eighth grade and they're 900 eighth graders. >.> IT was so stressful and no one really voted for me for anything, but I wasn't really into that. My friends and I also had to had out pictures to everyone in the school and walking all the way out to portables in the Hot Florida Sun at 11am isn't that much fun either!! >.>

One of the days, Dr. Karp came to our school and was "Principal of the Day" so he stopped by the Yearbook class, answered some questions and took a picture and left. Not that interesting, but he is a very respected man in the area. In Lanuage, I've got a exact 3.5 in that class and that's an A on the dot. On Thursday, we went to Barnes and Noble for a CLUB REaD meeting from 5-6pm. You read a book, discuss it and get two A's for doing that (extra credit for your english class). It was rainy outside so try fitting 150 students into a B&N, not easy.

In US History, it is extremely boring in that class and we had a subsitute two days in a row. >.> Grades are due in this week and my grades so far are:
Math - 3.77 (A)
Yearbook - 3.36 (B+)
Language - 3.5 (A-)
Science - 3.84 (A+)
Office - 4.0 (A+)
and US History - 3.4 (B+)
My math and science grades are good and I need to work on my US History and Yearbook grades. I want to make straight A's this marking period and my langauge grade is almost a B!! >.> Her class is the hardest.


I guess the school section was the longest XD Sorry about that, alot of things happened this week and I didn't even include the most important things, I'll put that in tomorrow. As for today, I just washed my hair and I'm waiting for it to dry and now I'm cold. XP No surprise there and I've got to start my homework and of course, projects. >.> Well, I'll be sure to comment though!! ^__^

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Saturday, October 7, 2006

O_O Wow, where do I begin???...

For starters, my language arts teacher gave us three projects to do and two tests to study for her class, along with two already being turned in this week. >.> She is nice, but gives WWWAAYY too much work for us. We finished the unit on Greek Mythology now and we've moved onto Grammar and Puncuation (sp). I've got two lab reports to do for science, a math test to study for, a US History Project, a question booklet for Yearbook and to learn how to use copy machines in the main office. But other than that, I've been busy with stuff around the house like chores and whatnot. XD

Man, THIS WAS ONE BUSY WEEK! Still, I got around to really working on the layout, it's almost done. It'll probabbly be up tomorrow or so. I really have to get my studying time in and time to finish these assignments. In other news, our county started the semester with using the grading scale with A+, A-, B+, B and it count for a different value Ex: B+ - 3.4 --OR-- A- - 3.5. The school district board decided to back to the regular grading scale like A B C D F instead of the plus's and minus's. My average grades in my classes will all increase since I've got A-'s and B-'s. ^^ Well, that's all for now and I've got to get some of these things done! I'll be sure to comment though!! ^__^

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Monday, October 2, 2006

Hey guys, today's a busy day. I left most of my studying and reading for today >.> Smart of me. I need to finish reading No More Dead Dogs By Gordon Korman (or something like that) and study for my science test. It's really hard, I always get at least 91's on them, and that's an A- which is OK is my book!! ^_^ I also still need to work on my alliterations for Greek deities and it's hard to find describing words with a "Q". Other than that, I didn't get much time to work on the layout, but a little time to edit it. If you didn't yesterday...

What song would you like on my next new theme?
Dairy of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Crawling - Linkin Park
-OR- Move Along - All American Rejects

Please vote and thanks if you already did yesterday. I'll be sure to comment today!! ^_^

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

I finally get to post again!! =O For starters, sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a really busy day working on homework and stuff. Got more of it done though. In lanuage, we've got ANOTHER project on Deities Alliterations. Ex:
Athena achieved academically and acciqured Athens.

We've also got to write another essay, but anyways, can't worry about everything in her class. I took a test on the French and Indian War in my US History class and I'm pretty sure I didn't do that well on it >> She told us to study the wrong material again! But, she made us do an essay for a grade so I got an A+ on that and that should balance out my test grade. In science, we're starting our "Science Fair" projects, oh joy, a great big science project to work on. I love science and all, but not the projects.

In yearbook, my teacher's dad died so we did nothing the week he was gone (he left for a week to go to his dad's funeral). I mean, literally nothing, the teacher gave us barely any classwork, so I worked on my homework in class. ^^;; I hope he's ok and returns on Tuesday. Tomorrow is no school for us since it's teacer's planning day and Yom Kippur. Happy Holidays to any Jewish MyOtakuian's out there!! ^^

Other than schoolwork, my health is alot better than the last time I posted. Some medications really work wonders on me. ^^ Plus, I got really, really far into the new layout coming up. I'll try to get it up by next week if I can =/ It's really cool and took me a WHILE to figure out.

What song would you like on my next new theme?
Dairy of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Crawling - Linkin Park
-OR- Move Along - All American Rejects

Please vote and thanks for reading this long post. I'll be sure to comment today!! ^_^

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well, today was a pretty interestingday... Well, for starters, I get to post at midnight which I only get to do once a regular week!! ^^ I experimented some more with my layout today and it's coming out pretty well, I've got the codes in and I need to put in the links and all of that stuff. I had some mild errors today though >.>, but I found out the problem(s). One of my friends, Dany (Sw33tz) posted the longest post in history and my comment was so long XD It's good to hear from people you haven't heard from in a while. I also finished up my projects today which is a good thing and just need to do some more studying!! XP I also need to clean out my room, I haven't cleaned under my bed for three months or so, so today I'll get around to that!

I also updated my iTunes thing to 7.0 and it's pretty cool, with some new features and stuff. Also, there's an iPod nano with 8GB out that can hold videos and has a brighter screen. The "new" iPod shuffle is about the size of half your palm, making it the world's smallest mp3 player (that's what it said on apple.com). The video one can now hold 80GB which is more than three times the average computer!! Well, I've got to get some sleep now, night or morning or evening to all!! ^^

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hi Guys and Girls!! ^_^ Well, yesterday was a ok day. In math, I took a quiz and I think I aced it, it was really easy for an Algebra quiz. In yearbook, since I'm a business manager, I learned how to write receipts and what copies I keep like the blue ones. In language, I turned in one of my projects to her, and I've got two more to work on! >.> In science, I don't have that much homework excpet to study for my exam in a few weeks. The office was pretty busy since today is a Jewish holiday and most Jewish mom's were picking up their sons and daughters to help with the festivies. In US History, I learned about the "Indians" and man, it was so boring!! I almost fell asleep twice!! XD

Well, in other news, I got started on the new layout and I'm experimenting with the coding. I've got the graphics, just need to find where each exact coding goes like div codes and stuff like that. >.> MyO format is harder than others by far! Also, I found out some great new codes for some twists on my site!! ^_^ I'll be sure to get around to commenting today (providing my homework doesn't increase :P)!!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, I'm posting on a Thursday because today in my school district, it's an early release day, meaning middle schoolers get out at 1:30pm instead of the usual 3:40pm. My mom let me stay home because no one could pick me up and it's a great day to catch up on some of my schoolwork!! Literally!! In my language arts class, I've got THREE SEPERATE PROJECTS TO DO!! One is due tomorrow, the other one is due on Monday and a book report due next Friday!! Along with that (still about her class), I've got a test tomorrow on Hercules (the greek myth story) and a vocab. test on Tuesday! Man, her class is the hardest class so far, not even my high-school credited honors classes are that hard!!

Sorry about the rant, just ... natural XP Well, in other news, in my yearbook class, I got a F- on one test and an A+ on the other one, but an F- still, in my overall grades... >.> It just gets to me because the people around me were just talking and talking about boys, the "hot new teacher" (which I still think isn't that good-looking) and I just couldn't focus. I despise people like that and the majority of the class thinks the yearbook is all about running around with cameras taking pictures of everyone, which is true, but there's the tests and real work!! Well, in math, I've got all A's which is a good thing and I took a science exam on Chap.2 and I passed that one, since that's the most important one. Other than that, my week's been full of test and projects and nothing majorly important came up! As for the "new layout", I'm trying to work on it between the school work, social life (yes I do have one XD) and other stuff!!

I'll be sure to get to sites today!! ^__^

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wow, I was up so late I didn't even realize it was midnight until I signed on and none of the names were in blue!! XD Very slow of me! Today was a pretty rainy and dark day here in the "Sunshine" state and I haven't even started to work on the new theme yet, >.> I'll get to it eventually, trust me on that! So today, I'm feeling a lot better than I usually do and my dad is blasting some loud, old music on so that's good practice for loud college roommates, right? XP I'm not enjoying it though.

Some people asked me about my new theme, itís using a Halloween-ish texture and Iím editing it with CSS/HTML. Oh, the joy!! :P Today's my grandma's birthday and we're probably going somewhere for lunch since no one wakes up early, XD, and it's a school night and dinner's can last longer than lunches. Not sure where weíre going though, we need to ask my grandma, sheís gonna be 64. My dad was also complaining that my room was too messy and that I should clean it up.

I do clean it up, but I always preferred a messy room than a clean one. Yes, Iím weird like that, well, thatís basically all about my day and tomorrow, Iíll be the "runner" for picture day which is good since I get to miss first period (but I still love math, but I prefer the running XD) Thatís all and I think this is a shorter post as compared to the previous ones!! ^_^

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