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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hey, sorry for not posting in, what a few days or so? =[ I need to be more organized! This week is so busy for me, even though yesterday was a day off. I'm here, in the library, during my lunch. The lunch here sucks so the internet is my way out of there! I will try to comment on as many sites as I can. Wish me luck! =]
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Damn, the second semester is about three weeks in and the work is pretty okay. I thought that this semester would be more work since finals are in seven weeks, but anyways, leave it to the educational system to confuse you more.

This is a long weekend which means I can post more and finish up all of my homework for the upcoming week. =] Sadly, next Saturday I have to go to the Fire Department to be CPR certified. I need a CPR certificate to pass my Life Management Skills course. But as for this weekend, I have no plans except to sleep, do homework and go on the internet! =]

Man, this week went by so fast for me. I had four tests, of which I think I failed, and no projects or essays. I have never had that in middle or high school! Thereís a pep rally in a few hours which I cannot and do not want to attend. The gym is small and all the football players and band will be thereónot fun in my opinion. A few of my friends are going since itís mainly for the upperclass students.

I will try to visit sites. =] Try!!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

My on and off commenting seemes to be a pattern which I really don't like. =[

I'm sorry to my friends and people who signed my guestbook for not posting or responding to messages in a while. High school that starts at 7:15 is not an easy task. Luckily, the first semester is over and I did amazing! I got all "A's" and one "B." My GPA is 4.5 because I'm in four honors courses and taking two online.

This semester seems lighter so I may be around more often. Posting during lunch one or twice a week is a blessing! In middle school, the internet was only for "research." I hope to get around to site. I only have half and hour. That may seem like a lot, but in reality, it isn't with over a hundred students in the library at once sometimes.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Hey, happy Friday the 13th!! I don't understand why everyone makes it such a big deal, though. My day has been going good so far. I read the newspaper, and ate lunch. xD

I've been busy on my laptop laterly since I'm actually working on another layout. Instead of it being based on an anime, I'm making it based on a mythological creature. Can anyone guess what it is?? ;[] I've already got most of the links and stuff working, and it should be up by my birthday, the second of August! =]

I'll be 14, and allowed to get a part time job. I'll probabbly end up working with my mom until I hit 16, and can drive to and from work. For the last two days, there hasn't been much happening to me... yea, my summer's just boring.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hey there everyone! Sorry for the quick absence. I wasn't feeling well and I just got my braces tighened yesterday so they hurt a lot, especially with the rubber bands on... >>. My laptop is working great and I just need to upload some more files to it and it'll officially be all mine! =]

In preparation for high school, I've decided to get some books, yes, of all the things to get for high school, books. Why? Because this year, I'm taking courses a year or two ahead of my "normal" classes. I just wanna get in all of my credits so I can graduate in three years. Plus, I'm starting to like reading more with every day. ^_^ Overstock.com rocks, it really has a variety of books. I prefer it over Amazon, but not over eBay.

Other than that, the last two days haven't been real interesting...

P.S. SamuraiPanda is having a contest and asked if I could spread it around. She said to read her post for details...

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy 07/07/07!! May your day be filled with luck and happiness!! =] My day is going great so far on my laptop. It's a Gateway and moves super fast as compared to my computer. I hope it doesn't rain... again... It's raining a lot here and we're still under drought. =/

In other news, thanks for the oomments yesterday. I didn't get to comment everyone since it was my uncle's birtdday and he's in town for the weekend. I'll still be able to comment today! =]

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Hey everyone!! I'm on my new laptop in my room. My mom has my old computer and this one rocks! Sorry for the on and off posting, but now, that should be a thing of the past! I'll try to get around to comment today and stuff. I'vereached more than 1550 hits! =] Thanks everyone!!
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hey, another quick post, I'm on my dad's computer while he's fixing mine. I'm apparently getting a laptop sohe's fixing myold computer to give it to my mom. She needs it more than me. I'll try to comment! =]
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hey, quick post. My computer got a virus and trying to comment on people's sites. It NOW returned on so I can sorta comment. Trying to. I'll type more later.
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Date: June 9th, 2007 - Sometime in the morning

The NEW Layout!

Edgy and interesting, this layout should load normally (if not, refresh the page). What do you think of it and be honest. I added the Fanlistings section because it looked like it had too much space on the right and this is also my first layout with it! =]

I hope the music didn't scare you when you clicked on my site. Yes, I know, Ozzy's loud in the beginning. I wanted to change the layout because it was getting old, plus a lot of people didn't view it due to me not posting in a while so...

I'm Back for the Moment

School officially ended last Wednesday, making this my first week of summer. I plan on doing nothing major except, mabye, having another tooth extracted. I don't really feel like going anywhere since this year was the busiest year of all. My final grades are all "A's," except for one "B" in language arts.

In Other News...

I officially hold the title of being a Senior Otaku!!!! I feel so important! =] I made some more e-cards, like six or so, and I plan on having 500 before the summer is over since I can't work on it during the school year. I also made a new wallpaper!

When I start school on the 20th of August, woah, that will be a heavy courseload on my shoulders. I have to maintain a HIGHER GPA this upcoming year than lasts' since I want to transfer to an academy for my sophmore year, long story, don't ask, I'll explain later. My GPA was 3.67!!! Anywho, I'll try to get around to commenting hopefully!

P.S. I just updated my HTML Help Site!
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