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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

look what i found (well i made Bryan find it for me last night)


Lizzie Borden took an ax
And gave her mother forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.

isnt that creepy...murder makes me giggle. anyways i just thought i should show you all this because i was thinking about it last night and i was on the phone with Bryan and i told him to look it up for me. my mom told me about that little rhyme that she used to sing when she was younger. for further information if your interested look here: http://www.lizzieandrewborden.com/CrimeLibrary.htm

anyways last night i watched American Idol. im just not getting into it this year but i like that Chris guy if anyone watches it too.

well last night i got my senoir pictures done by this guy named Felix. all i can say about him is that hes weird...and he didnt just take my picture in different poses but he had me go all over the place. it was kinda fun and he used up 2 and a half rolls of film on me. and it took 3 hours to do. and mommy is going back there because he told us that the pictures will be done today. so i get them right away and then i will give them to my friends and have the elf scan one or 2 and put it on here for all of you to see...and plus they are my first pictures since sophmore year of me and i know some of you remember the last picture of me here. it was old. i dont look like that now. god i cant wait now im excited!

well its time for lunch so i will go and eat...something so i will see you later.

dont be your own bully.

oh yeah i made a quiz down below please take it.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

look i have toes...

well my appendix isnt hurting at all today. as it turned out i just wasnt drinking enough water or something. but now last night (well really in the morning) at work i stubbed my toe really bad and its all swollen but it looks ok besides that but it hurts really bad when i move it a little, though i can left it up (its my big toe btw) but when i try to move it down i cant with out it hurting. geez you all are probibly thinking to your selfs -god this girl just cant have a day with out pain- and yes well it seems like that doesnt it now. and after that i was so annoyed about my toe that this guy i work with chris kept bugging me so i had my violent act and dug my nails into his arm and i ended up braking one into his arm (yes there was blood) whew talk about evil huh.

when i got home after work i watched the Oscar awards but really i didnt reconize any one but Ellen and Beyonce...and just a few others that i cant spell.

oh when i watched Trinity Blood i was so sad because Abel Nightroad dies. and and well he dies! i cant believe the people killed him off. how rude.

well i ran out of major things to type about and its lunch time anyways so i will cya all laters.

dont be your own bully.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

oh my bloody god!

this morning my right side was hurting EXTREMELY bad (still is a little) and i found out that its my appendix thats hurting. and oh course i dont feel any better when Bryan tells me that i could die from it or something. gah i hate this im getting to old and i dont wanna die. but of course im to stubborn (hey like the elf is) about my pain and im not going to the nurse because what will they do besides try to call my parents and then the hospital or something and im not going to the hospital so there (sticks out tongue and ouch) electric shock...o.O well at least right now when i sit it doesnt hurt but it just feels soar from hurting all day and yesterday it hurt a little too. AH im dying. >.<

well anyways at work yesterday was ok except that everyone annoys me. and i saw a posom by the dumpsters too. at first i thought it was a cat but i got a better look at it so yeah...a posom. and i still have to work tonight and tomorrow. oh goodie.

and today my dads leaving to fly to Michigan to see my grandpa whos in the hospital about his heart. though daddy was throwing up and had a fever last night and i asked him this morning before i left for school how he felt and he said that he was a bit better but hes still worried about flying sick and all. its bad enough that he hates flying but to be sick and all (sheesh) poor daddy. every thing is going wrong with this family...physically anyways i mean we were already mentally sick. haha.

oh i just lifted 12 stacks or 3 of printing paper. it was fun but of course i probibly shouldnt lift anything since im hurting now. umm oh well i can tough it out...i mean all day ive just been gripping my side and saying ow (and made funny hurt faces) o.O yeah im strong.

well i think that was the bell for lunch so i will type to you later my little puppets. ^_^

dont be your own bully (physically or mentally)

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

cough um omg...

well my 3 day weekend was good at least at the end it was. as it turns out yesterday was me and bryans 1 month anniversity and guess what. he gave me this beautiful ring and a little red bear. i love them both. im wearing the ring right now and i will never take it off...well except like when i shower or working because at the moment its a bit loose on my thinger so i need to get it sized right. now isnt that sweet. ^_^ hugs myself, and bryan of course.

anyways how is everyone today and did anything happen while i was gone? i missed you all oh and from my last post about me hurting like crazy, well im all better from that and as it turned out it was just a soarness in my wrist (probibly from working out to much) and for my back it seems that i have a slight pinch in a nerve at the bottom of my back. but other than that im ok. and i found out that one of my wisdom teeth is coming in on my right side. and the dentist said that its coming in straight so i dont have to get them pulled. yep thats good.

oh boy now lets see umm....what now...oh i had a baked potatoe for lunch today it was smoking good. yum. i want another. i love potatoes. well at least now since i ate something good for lunch i dont have to eat again for a while because usually i eat right when i get home which is at 1:45 since i am a senior and leave early everyday. well the days i have my car and drove to school.

ok i will go now.
dont be your own bully.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

oh ouch gah the pain...

im in pain right now. last night at work i found that my right wrist was swelling up and hurting like hell. and this morning my knee hurts too. so today as we speak im in hellish pain and its driving me crazy. (bonkers here) im in need of a medic here, help somebody help.

um yeah my little 4th graders brought all this candy and stuff for there party today (since we had 2 snow days if you didnt read the elfs post yet) and of course they were planning it later in the day but they promised to save me all the stuff. yum candy...and soda...and um cards.
*switch ow my back* god im getting old. o.O

anyways over the snow days i didnt do anything but sit there and be bored and then my mom said that she was bored too and that we should have a party, with jello shots. though we didnt really have a party, just wishful thinking on our part. god i want rum give me rum. i wont get drunk ive never been drunk in my life.

wow i just went to lunch and sat with these dumb ass girls with high pitch voices, they were skiping their class and they kept bumping into me and i get pissy around poeple and stuff so Bryan had to keep me calm since the elf has a different lunch shift now. gah i really really hate people and it doesnt help when im in pain like this.

well i should go and picture my little poptart that i still have to eat, its cookie dough poptart today. yum.

Dont be your own bully.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

everything is just peachy.

well its monday again and its closer to V-day. i dont have anything planned that day because of school and im working that day too.
i wanna teddy bear....and i found out that Bryan got me something else besides the ring for V-day. hmm i wonder what it is. (brain fart) ow.

oh for creative writing class i have 20 poems to make up and its due wednesday. and then in for my A+ my little 4th graders are planning a V-day party. yay! Candy!

oh i dont want to go but i have to i ran out of time!


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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

in a daze so stop me if i make sence...

there comes a time in life where you stop everything and consider your way of life and end up freaking out everyone because they have never seen the quiet thinking you before. or at least not a lot for one days worth. now why do you ask am i getting all loopy here well i think that its just that being 18 and it being close to graduation has finally hit a nerve (not the main one that could of killed me thankfully) so thats why im here now and in my thinking cap. hmmm so the question is what does life mean to you and how are you living it? plus is it even a good way to live your life and if not then what do you think you should improve on at this time? i mean because us high schoolers have a routine that we all go through every single day (except weekends hopefully) o.O and its running our lives and probibly dont realize it yet. we all do the same things each day over and over and over again and that will be in play until the day we all die. now what the hell do you think of that huh?

ok now i have to come back from my daze because for one i smell food from the librarians and its making me hungry so i think i will go eat lunch now. back laters.

ok lunch was good and well the elf wasnt there so i guess she went home. and now i have those sympathy pains that she calls them, that i get when shes not feeling good...hmm

well the teacher is staring at me again so i guess i should go now (damn those teachers).
and tomorrow i have early realease so i might get on, maybe.


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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

ok now its all situated!

my problems are in order and well the "i dont care" methed has worked for me my whole life so i will just stick to it.

anyways i found out that Bryan will be getting me a ring for valintines day. now i love rings (i wear 5 of them like the elf too) so i have no problem with that but he said that it was either that or a car and he needs a car. but hey if he thinks he needs to get that ring more than anything then go ahead because really i win anyways. =) muahahahahahahaaa *cough*

ah the librarians have cookies (home made delicious ones) and i already ate 5 of them and i still want more. COOKIES!!!! ok cookie monster get back to sesame street...o.O

in creative writing class we are doing poetry for this week. i love peotry im very good at it. yep just blabbering now...

oh last night i finally watched Heros for the first time and i liked it. i see that it almost reminds me of that show, what was it The 4400 or 1400 or some number like that were all these people were ubducted and then returned with supernatural powers. i liked that show too. then of course there is Smallville is another supernatural show that i watch. wow realistic crap is obviouly over-rated now. dont you think.

well i will leave now because i want to play my games from addictinggames.com called Mahjongg i love that games i dont know why yet. hmm

well bu bye kiddies.
dont be your own bully.

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Friday, February 2, 2007

Omg im a bad girl...

this morning started out ok. it was snowing again and yesterday was a snow day which was cool, but it didnt get me out of work last night. (sigh) and well hurray its friday!

oh for my A+ class i leave to go to my 4th grade class and well i started working with 3 of them (my favorite little ones) and well they were fusterating me with throwing their pencils and not doing there work and i accidently said "damn you" and i realized what i said afterwards and started freaking out and telling them that they cant tell any one what i said. and monday if i see that they didnt say anything then i told them i will give them some candy. (gah im such a bad girl) but i will not dwell on that.

ah the elf has her hair as she likes it now but i still need to get mine done too. she has the black and blue colors but i want the black and purple for my hair (mommy!?) gah i want to get rid of this nastly blonde already. though that color is faiding and my brown is making it look redish which i like. =) so then....

oh i am just loved this year arent i. because i told some of you all that i went out with Justing for 4 days and broke it off so i could go out with Bryan. but now Justing keeps writing me notes, which i dont mind about till now and well hes getting all serious on me and asked me that he loves me and everything and i told Bryan about it (and no help at all) he just said to me "well what do you feel" amd o dont know i love Bryan and well i hate being mean to guys that i want to keep as friends, because i can think of only one thing to say and well that something like "get over me" but thats too mean and i just dont know what to do. he wrote in a note this question "this guy i know (he was talking about himself i knew) is in love with this girl (he means me) and she has someone else but if he told her he loves her, will she love him back, because hes scared to ask because of this situation shes in." now what the hell am i suppose to make of that, sure i like him as a friend and he knows this but he says that he loves me and well Bryan and i are making plans together and stuff. plus everyone says that when Justin gets really depressed he goes emo and tries to kill himself. they said that he atempted to kill himself before. geez i dealt with a suicidal before but it was my friend and i stayed with her the whole day and after school she was fine, but i never dealt with this before, i mean i never had this problem with "love" and stuff before Ozzy. (keeping up Yensid) im just confused and well the elf isnt much help so grr i need help guys. what should i do??

anyways enough about that (wow my hands are shaking) so anyways i have to go now and eat lunch and so i will leave you all to Figure Out My Little/Big Problem.!.!.!.!.!

thank you all

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

this is an important post....

yesterday as some of you know i was hyper and couldnt get my head on straight. i know thats not a good excuse for the comment i left for our lovely Magnus, who is haveing difficulties in her life as we know. so this post is to apoligize to her and anyone else who felt shocked about the nonsence that i typed. (thanks Bunraku for telling me this) i know that i am one of the many weird critters out here and we all get hyper or strange but thats no excuse. i feel back because Magnus was trying to tell others of what shes going through and i was stupid enough to blow it off with out any notion to read and come back to it later and comment instead of what i did. though i did today go back to her site and apoligized about my rudeness and hope she and others can forgive my nosence. i just needed to tell you all this and let you all know. this whole week has been whizzing by and i havent been registering whats around me lately. so i say again sorry magnus and i love you and hope you get better and have your lovely happy side of you come back that i miss. (kisses)

so now that i got that out of my system which was a lot and now i feel a bit lighter for it. (again sorry) now i will update you all on whats been going on (yensid you need to keep up girly). im going out with Bryan now and i think there is an anime party thats going to take place at the elfs house so me and him will go there.
school is going good and well i cant exactly tell you what all has been happening because i have walked into lala land and it wont let me leave it. so now i am just living this blur as it zips around me.
i havent even talked to the elf much or anyone for that matter and i dont understand it really. im unconected now and well i need back in so i have to try a little harder if i want this last little life in high school to go great, then it will be college.

so now i need to go so i can eat lunch or something but i will get back to all of you very soon.
i love you all kiddies.


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