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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


well yesterday the school was having a kinda field trip to the cardnals game and like more than half the school was going and they were letting kids sign out and stuff. so i decided that it wasnt worth staying at school the rest of the day so i signed me and Bryan out after 4th hour and we went to his house (his parents were gone) well as i found out later that mommy somehow knew that we signed out with out her permission and so now im grounded from my car and the calling friends. then this morning i find out that the Beeping and Beeping some more idiot Chris told my mom on me and so its his fault why this happend. and of course Bryan wont let me at him he said that he will deal with him, but to me thats not good enough i want to Beeping push that damn cripped kid down the stairs and brake his other arm (since his left one is already) and cut his tongue out and shove it in someplace where he will cry and then think twice before he gets involved with me and what i do again. HE WILL PAY IN BLOOD! Bryan better make it worth while so i wont have to do much.

anyways on good terms i didnt get yelled at really like i usually do (and bruises) because mommy is known to hit sometimes. i mean i love my mommy but i will always and forever fear her when its time for punishment. and im not like grounded in my room i just cant have my car and i cant talk to any friends on my phone, so its really no biggy but it still sucks.
i just hope that she will still let me go over to his house saturday at least.

geez in the library here there are about 8 or so power fans in here and they are so loud its giving me a headache. -gah- make it stop help me!

ok im done now so i will go and eat lunch...maybe or i wil just wait like i always do.

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Monday, April 16, 2007


well my last post i forgot to tell you the username Bryan settled on and it is Perverted Bastard. yeah i know hilarious!

anyways last night at work we had a 3 hour rush and we had all new people but me the manager and this other guy, thats it and it sucked bad. im still sore from that 8 hour shift i worked. -whew-

i went to get my prom dress saturday thought when i tryed it on the chest padding was to thick for me so we had to leave it there til this night so the lady can put in other smaller ones in. but other than that the hemming was perfect and the tighening on the straps was good. so i just cant wait til prom which is May 5th and theres an after party til 6:30 am. so it will be fun, im just sick of waiting so long.

last night mommy made one graduation announcement to see how it turned out and i likes it so then she will make more and then we can put together a list of people to come to the gradutation and then another list for people to come to the party afterwards. and then me, Leigh and Bryan will be graduating May 25th. and then at least for me i wont be around here because i dont have internet at home though once i get into Jeffco and into my dorm i will have internet to get to but that wont be til august i think. so i will miss you ALL in that time i leave but i will come back because well how can you keep me away from this huh.

well i think i will go now im still doing some stuff to Bryans page so i will talk...i mean type you later.

Dont be your own bully.

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Friday, April 13, 2007


--thank you all who answered Jasmin's question for me.
--Bryan is still desiding what he wants his username to be. (slowpoke)

Btw Bryan is wearing this new colagne and now i keep smelling him ever hour. i know he likes it. haha

well i stayed up last night to finish some touch ups on my comic and as it turns out that the teacher wasnt in so she changed the due date to monday. -gah- i stayed up for nothing. wahhhh! ok all better at least i got it done, its so cute and funny.


wow Leigh just came in and told me she had soda and that her mommy was here to pick her up. yeah she was hyper...very hyper the elf actually jumped up and down she was so hyper. that i havent seen in a long time. wow.

well for the lovely friday the 13th i will be working and then i will drive over to Bryan's house Saturday but i will have to pick up my prom dress because the lady is down with hemming it up and stuff. woot woot!

oh and my little 4th graders were playing Teacher in class today where the real teacher mrs. Page does either her own stuff or just act like a student herself, and then the kids will spend like 5 or 10 minutes being the teacher and when i walked in they wanted me to teach and i told them i didnt know what to teach them so we tryed doing the YMCA song thing and then we tryed the song with our initials which was fun to watch. to bad i didnt have a camera, i really need to take pictures. oh and the reason why i takes me so long to get pictures and stuff on here is because im unable to do stuff like that so i the elf do it but lately shes been busy with school work and all so i have to wait to find a good time that she can do it. i know i know im slow and horrible but what can you do huh.

well Bryan finally settles on his stuff so time to create his page. ^^

take care my kiddies.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

well its early release today...

hey i have a question that i would love to find the answer to. my friend Jasmin was talking about her boyfriend and then she looks over at me and asks "if i get kisses by a guy but i dont kiss him back, is that still considered cheating on my boyfriend?" and i honestly couldnt think of an answer. so im asking you guys to see what you think about it. i mean does that even count or are there like these unwritten rules about cheating and are some stuff an exception. -gah- i dont know help me so it would bug me to know the answer anymore. -gah-

anyways my comic for creative writting is due tomarrow and i havent even started it so im just going to have to work really hard and fast since i have to work again tonight and i wont have time to do much. thank god its an early out so i have from 12-4 to work on it. not back at all. ^^

oh my boyfriend Bryan wants to get a MyOtaku page also so eventually when he settles on a username he will be here too and i will help him with stuff and then all of you can meet him (or at least his personality) o.O
so i think i will try to work on it to get his set up now.

take care my kiddies.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

well isnt that something...i get told that every day and not just from my parents but friends and such-in-such hahaha...

How evil are you?

everyone have a LOVELY and um a WONDERFUL day and week and um yeah i just got hyper the last second because this guy just gave me chocolate heehee. i love chocolate expecially when its forbiden since i always get hyper from it. -shifty eyes- no its mine mine i tell you.

yep im insane, no questions asked.

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Monday, April 9, 2007


well my kiddies i am over at my boyfriends house today and thats why am here and i have him making me eggs for breakfast (yum).

so how was everyones easter? i hope it was good. mine well i worked sunday and it was really slow so i ended up getting off early so now since i dont celebrate easter at my house im here. heehee.

i was looking at some of my lovelys sites and say that some of you are leaving us for a long while and as saddly as that is we ALL will miss you in the world and to please come back to us when ever possible. We Love You!!!

well my eggs and toast are dont so i will leave for now and will be back tomorrow. i just got on to say hello and to see how the holidays were treating you all.

bu byes.

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

well today is the end of testing for the underlings so all our schedules are back to normal whcich is good. and for easter i wont be back on till tuesday so i will miss you guys, i dont celebrate easter. and i work that morning too.

on the good note of things (but what was bad?) me and Bryan are going back out again. im giving him a second chance since he told me that when he broke up with me he regretted it later because he was just mad and he took it out on me but oh well thats ok so im giving him the chance.

wow i actually commented on everyones site that undated today...wow i dont think i ever dont that before so thats cool. im showing my love for you lovely ones out there. =waves=

tonight i took off work so that i can go to this open house at the Jefferson College that their having for A+ students so im going to that since i will be there anyways. and i hopefully will get it free as long as i get my 50 hours in for my A+ class. woohoo go me. right now i have 29 hours in and i found my lounge sheet from last semester that i never turned in so thats more hours for me heehee.

well i got to go because the blasted bell every child answers to is going to ring so i will be back and so take care my children of the night.

Dont be your own bully, its not fun to be one.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


well all this week the underlings have MAP testing and its boring as hell. us seniors dont do anything but walk around and be bored. god when will it be over.

well besides it being boring mommy let me borrow her book that she got. its called Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs and its about vampires and werewolfs and a shapeshifter. its awsome so far. but of course anything with with vamps and werewolfs are good i think.

my hotmail isnt working right so for now i have to use my phone to get to it. its a good thing that i pay my own bills or mommy would have a fit. -cat roar-

oh i was starting to write my own songs but i only got to make 2 1/2 before i got bored and started other stuff. oh well i tryed and it was fun but its just a 'be in the mood' kinda thing. yep thats it...-sigh-

What song describes your life? [[With lyrics!]]

These Walls by Teddy Geiger. You've seen life at its worst, and at its best. You are just recovering from a broken heart, even if you don't know it. You know how to enjoy the good things in life, and hate the bad things. You live life to the fullest even though sometimes theres something holding you back.I can't believe what is in front of meThe water's rising up to my kneesAnd I can't figure outHow the hell I wound up hereEverything seemed okay when I started out the other dayThen the rain came pouring downAnd now I'm drowning in my fearsAnd as I watch the setting sunI wonder if I'm the only one[Chorus]Cause everybody tries to put some love on the lineAnd everybody feels a broken heart sometimesAnd even when I'm scared I have to try to flySometimes I fallBut I've seen it done beforeI gotta step outside these wallsI've got no master plan to help me outOr make me stand up forAll the things that I really wantYou had me too afraid to askAnd as I look ahead of meI cry and pray for sanity[Chorus]These walls can't be my havenThese walls can't keep me safe hereAnd now I guess I gotta let them downCause everybody tries to put some love on the lineAnd everybody feels a broken heart sometimes, yeahEven when I'm scared I have to try to flySometimes I fallBut I've seen it done beforeI got to break out...I got to break out...I got to step outside these wallsLove outside these wallsI feel my heart breakingBut its a brand new dayI'm going downI'm stepping outI'm stepping outsideThese walls(I've seen it done before.. I'm walking on, I'll walk it off, oh I'm moving on)
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Friday, March 30, 2007


well today its raining but not to bad and i missed the bus this morning so i had to wait for my dad to get back home from work to get my car. so i was about 15 minutes late to my 1st hour class. but its friday so the administrators didnt care to badly.

oh im in the library right now and this child development class are hiding easter eggs all over the library for the little ones to get. aw their so cute. ^^

oh and my little 4th graders i tutor for, when they all say me when i walked into the room, they jumped me. they havent seen me since monday so they didnt know about my hair and they ran to me and hugged me. they wouldnt let me go and they wouldnt do their work so the teacher decided to just have it as visiting time for me and the kids. but i cant help it if they love me.

well tomarrow is my big brother Davids birthday, and he with be 20. though he keeps calling me because he doesnt know what he wants to do. so he might have a friend or 2 come over to the house and have a bomb fire or sometthing.

well the little kids are here and its time for lunch so i think i will go now. the kids make me feel all soft inside. heehee ^^

dont be your own bully.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


well im alone today because the elf is on a field trip to the art museum and well yeah that means im alone. -sigh- and i dont like being alone.

oh i ate some granola bars today and then this guy Tony gave me his muffin (chocolate) it was good. so im not hungry today but that doesnt mean that i will stop for the day either...i have to work tonight so i will be eating there. and like i say everyday for work...i hate my job.

i have been writting my own songs and well i just have 2 good ones but that might change as i keep at it. now i just need music for them.

Leigh let me borrow her sisters Shaman King 1-65 episodes. though she failed to tell me that its all in japanese with english subtitles. its a good thing i know pretty well the whole story because just reading what their saying isnt good enough. oh well and i have a new game Okami which is cool i like it...daddy thinks im a dork (but thats everyday) because when i play it i just go around barking at the aminals and people because i finished going what i had to in the game. i love my craziness. ^^

well anyways...i have no body to sit with at lunch so i might just get some snacks from the snack machine and thats it.

next week all the under classmen have to take the MAP test haha i wonder what we seniors are going to do, besides be bored out of our minds.

well i will stop now because im looking at pictures...since it will be a while till i get mine on here...its tinypic.com

Dont be your own bully.

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