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Monday, January 29, 2007

wow look at the hyper crazy girl in that corner...yes i am hyper and well well i just tyed up justin with his own hoodie and it was fun.

oh byran is going to get me a ring and i just cant wait. and and and and and and and um um um im hyper did i mention that. so maybe i shouldnt be here typing when i dont make sence and um um um um.

i win. ha yes that made sence yes it did.

ok i will stop now before your brains all fall out. yep.


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bored out of my minds...

well today all the underclassmen have to take a test for all 4 of our hours so me and bryan (the elf is sick today so she wasnt here) just sat in the theater and watched the movie Radio that was broght in and some other movie called Antwon Fisher which is something i didnt care for though. anyways so that is my day and then i leave after my next hour which is pottery II class. yep this is one EaSy day plus i am going to go over to Bryans house tonight since im not working so that will be fun.

yeah thats all that this day will hold so, i would usually type more but from sitting bored for 4 hours has put me in a very lazy mood and i dont feel like typing much today so i will stop now and maybe fall asleep (which isnt good because im a library aid and sleeping will be bad on the job.

so toodles (omg i said toodles) o.O i ment to say bu bye.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Omg this weekend and this day is just filled...

well saturday i got my dress and its beautiful (black and purple) and im like i cant remember the size right now but yensid i think your right at your guess. (dont hate me because im skinny) i just always have problems with gaining weight, thats just it i cant gain, i lose it more than i gain. high matabalisom or something. anyways so i also got shoes and a shaw for it. both are beautiful. i will try to get the elf to use my pictures that i will take of it and put it up here, but that wont be till i think the first week of may.

anways im sorry to say that i broke up with Justin this morning but for a good cause. me and him are still going to be good friends and i asked out my ferret boy bryan and he said yes hes also my date for prom. so yeah i think im am getting a bit girly than i usually am. (slaps myself) ok im better. =)

yesterday at work, the morning was very slow so some of the guys took the trays and used them as sleds on the hill we have behind the restaurant, it was fun to watch them (their all goofs) anyways and i was suppose to leave work at 5 but 4 other people called-in and so there was only me 2 managers and this guy left and i was suppose to leave but i told the managers that i will stay till they find someone to work that night. eventually they did and i left at 7:30ish which means that i worked 10 hours worth that day. so yeah you can just imagine how tired i was and still a bit today but because i was late again getting up and i had a rush of energy to have to hurry to get ready in like 5 minutes flat. *whew*

well i have to go now.


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Friday, January 19, 2007

OMG someone killed chucky...ME!

grr i have this annoying sinus pressure all over the left side of my head and it hurts and its affecting my eye too. its all blurry. wah this little faerie-kin just wants to lay down.

anyways guess what happened to me after lunch. i got this note from a buddy (Justin) and he asked me out in the note. of course i said yes to him because i always thought he looked an interesting guy to know. now i can know him on a more personal level. though the funny thing is, well hes 2 years younger than me. and of course hes taller than me (who isnt in this school)

oh man the librarians jsut brought in some yummy looking and smelling chinese food in and chili too. oh so hungry must eat all food...hmm maybe they will share with me.
oh tomorrow is this sale thing for used prom dresses and there are a few here already that the librarians are holding and i got to see them. and well there is maybe one that i like but i doesnt have sleeves and i kinda want something with sleeves because im not a fan of my shoulders. and i think i should figure out my dress size first because i dont know it, how do you figure something like that out anyways. is it like if your shirt size is whatever than thats your dress size too or something. well i will get it tomorrow when i come up here with my mommy.

well i think i should stop typing now, my hands are shaking like crazy because im so hungry.

lifes not like a dressing room.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Death Note:
Light- um evone i have a question about that.
me- hm what the hell are you talking about.
Light- well um thats what i mean i dont know.
me- ok.

anyways sorry about that, hes on drugs or something. (Light- sigh) so today has been going nice and well i think i will get through this last year with the letter E. ok just kidding, i thihk im just hungry and i have been typing all day. i get weird when that happens.

oh this morning i woke up extremely late (6:50am) so that ment the bus was long gone, so i jump out of bed and ruch to get ready because my dad gets home around 7 so i only had 10 minutes to get ready. but of course dad took his dandy-old-time and didnt get home till 7:45 so i was missing my 1st hour class (creative writing) plus he told me that i had to get gas in it and i asked him why he didnt put gas in it before he got home and he just shrugged his shoulders. so i got the damn gas and that took me forever and i got to school at 8:05am yeah so i missed half the class but thats ok because the class just works on projects the teacher assigns, which right now is an autobiograph of a memorable time in our life. yeah so thats not hard. its not math like the elf has.

well i have to go eat lunch now, i think i will get the honey bun (the only sweet/sugary thing here). so i will ccyalater (ha i did a Ce Ces pizza thing) o.O

Lifes not a dressing room.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


In a Daze...

wow today is going by smoothly and easily (well you have all easy classes) i know that. and well last night while i was playing my game i learned a new trick with my tongue (is that even possible) um yes it is because i learned a new trick i tell ya. well you know how some people can fold their tongue into an O. (yeah you can too) shutup. i learned to swist my tongue upside down. (thats it) grrr. i think its cool and well odd but thats just my nature. (you can say that again) you know your annoying me and my buddies! (i dont care) well you should now be nice. (ok) sorry about that my other half is a bit hyper this morning. (sigh) um yeah anyways...

oh last night i talked mommy into taking me to a book store for this weekend, yay i cant wait. books books books i love books (quiet will ya) ... no.

i realized something. if you all noticed that some of us are very dedicated myO members and some just post rarely but enough to keep us interested. i mean i know some of us dont have the time to type posts and only visit each others sites, but some that i see on my buddy list arent ever one that much. but of course i wouldnt think about deleting them off because just having them on keeps me interested enought to want to wait patiently for their return. =)

ok well there is a class coming in the library so i have to get off so i wont get in trouble with these kids. and its also lunch time so i will go and return to you beautys tomorrow.

bows, Tunevec

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


haha im in a penguin mood today. oh now that poem is just a poem nothing else i wouldnt be that stupid for myself to try to hurt myself. i just like to make poems like that. death and pain make me giggle.

now as for me and my fellow St. Louis children. the weather has been a COLD struggle and for those who dont have a warm place to stay...well i do so come on over kiddies! and then we all can play my little game. muahahahahaaa *cough*

anyways yesterday me and mommy did some shopping and i got a new game, a movie and a cd, and my NewType mag. the game is called Radiatta Stories and its like final fantasy but not.
heres a picture and the main character that you play is on the far right(the boy)


plus the character names Jake when you try to find objects or items you have to kick things and people to get them and somethings kicking everything and everyone gets you into fights but that just the fun of it, is it now. and the movie i got is E's Otherwise, and the cd is the new Evanescence. mommy likes her music too. then we went to St. Louis Bread Company for lunch and i had chincken noodle soup, chicken salad sandwich on a croissant and a carmel capachino. yummy it was all good and while we ate we sat by the fire place and it started snowing too. it was nice. i didnt want to leave but had to.

oh today for my A+ class the teacher switched my grade that i tutor from 6th grade to 3rd grade and i love these little kids better, their all so happy and loving and talkative. right when i walked into their classroom they all looked at me and said hi there or hi lady, it was so cute and i played a game with them and a speed math test (which i zipped through) and simon-says it was fun. and the teacher their is funny too.

well i think i shall go now because i honestly cant wait to leave to go play my game. i only have my 6th hour left then i can leave. yeah!

TTFN, Tunevec

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Friday, January 12, 2007

blink flutter and sigh.

this is my lifes window,
my window with lines.

im gonna draw a picture
a picture with a twist
im gonna draw a picture
a picture on my wrist
the pictures of a fountain
a fountain of wine
the picture of the fountain
is the end of this time.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Early Release day!

Well guess what last night i had the elf over and we started wresling and well i won the first few and then we tyed and the the elf started using her martial arts on me and we had to stop because she was turning my arms purple, and her mom was there to pick her up. o.O yeah so we both won even times and it was fun. i want to do it again sometime. heehee.

Oh and after the elf went home mommy asked me again if i wanted to go to prom (you think she would of stoped wondering after she asked last year) and i said no again but theis time you know what she told me.
Mom: if you go to prom, then i will give you $100 for your books Evone.
Me: O.O What!!!?
Mom: you heard me i will give you $100 if you go to prom.
Me: OMG!!!! really you mean it OMG i i i i YES give me the money i will go!
Mom: *smiles* good ill get the money ready.
So yeah now it seems i am going to prom and i have to ask a guy to go with me (that was the deal too). but of course the prom is a good time away so i dont have to deal with it yet.

As you know i am changing my back-ground and stuff around so if you think that you keep goingto a different site. you didnt its just a different picture you see. Muahahahaha no its not im just trying to take over your minds thats all. o.O

now i must leave the last bell will sound soon and i have to use the porcelin-express before i leave school. (yeah like you really wanted to know that)

bu bye children i will post again tomorrow when i have more time.


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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

well well well...

im back and well the funeral was ok. my mom was telling me that my great grandpa Doty's funeral in Michigan was better. but my dear Aunt Max was berried in Jefferson Barricks (i think thats the place) but wow i didnt realize how many weird relatives that i have on just my moms side of the family, and that wasnt even all of them...oh and my aunt Max was really my great aunt. plus i have 7 other aunts who are my grandpa lee's sisters. geez i guess having only one or 2 kids werent enough for them huh. and i met my moms cousins and i love them there cool and her cousin Larry pranked me by putting snickers on the bottom of my cars door handles. he was trying to get my mommy but i got to the car first o.O oh and my aunt Evenel. mom says shes memtal and that she convinced herseft that shes full-blood indian. (haha) and she makes up storys that in her head she thinks are real and true. and the bad thing is that she found out where we live now. but i got cousin larrys email address from mom so i think i will start talking to him now. and i also met for the first time my cousin David and wow he looks like my uncle Robbie and he acts like him too but well hes better. i hope that cousin David will be the one that i get to see more often because i like him too.

well anyways im back in school and i swear it feels like a monday to me since i wasnt here yesterday.
oh Yensid you changed your back-ground and it looks awesome *you have one of my kin on your site* =)
grr i dont have my car today because its at the shop. the check engine light came on and dad said that it wont hurt to just check it since my brothers car broke down last week (its a piece of crap) but i should get it back tonight and its free of charge because my parents know the guys that work there and they said that we give them good business so ha thats good.

well its time for lunch and the elfs luch was changed so i have to see to the others. munch munch for now lovelys!


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