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Monday, May 14, 2007


today is a good day, and over the weekend i didnt get to go to Bryans uncles house cuz they werent home but i still got to go over there and then i didnt do anything for mothers day...i just stayed in my room.

althought tonight after school i will be going to the movies to see Spiderman 3 since i didnt do it over the weekend, so thats exciting, i cant wait.


i just cleaned out my buddy list because i figured that i have all these people on here and i dont even talk to them so i have the one that i talk to and see there site on a regular basis. so if you are no longer on my list sorry just pm me so i know oks.

anyways im pretty mellow right now i mean im not energetic like i usually am. im weird like always but in a mellow way...(is that even possible) o.O i guess so.

i would get into more stuff with my posts but i find that my posts are being mean and not letting me but to much here so i have to keep to a limit. (glares at computer) how rude


(hey im not that old) and yes i hurt... my back isnt really feeling right but that could be because im a sloucher...yeah that could have something to do with it. and this morning (um its still morning) my right arm and sholder blade is hurting like its stiff or something. gah i want it to stop! and well i think thats all for me. and now time for a hug (gah no not a hug) oh yeah i forgot i dont like hugs... or did that change. o.O

well i have to go the hells bels are gonna ring (class bell) so i shall follow its call into the library (my next class...the library aid) so bu byes now and i will talk/type you all laters.


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Friday, May 11, 2007

Hmm i just put up a post and it completely messed up so well i deleted it. and there was so much stuff i talked about and everything. and i dont want to type it all again so i will leave out all the freaken details just to make my computer happy. (pm for details and see if that works.

-the assembly was boring though i won cardinals tickets for the august 10th game.
-i have a twin at work named Jeanette.
-this weekend i will be going to Bryans uncles house and then going to see Spiderman 3.
-im working tonight and then i have a break till wednesday.
-south county high school kids are touring our school.
-i have brownies that Bryan made me.
-im not that sick anymore just have a cough.

there now how can the computer not be happy with this lame post here. o.O

take care and enjoy your weekend.
-Tunevec (sticks tongue out at computer)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

wow i rally havent been to anyones site lately and im sorry about that but i never have time to do much anymore and the posts i do put up are the same ones i have in my deviantart one. plus early release in tomorrow and we have an assambly which is ok and then theres 2 or so weeks left till schools out and then i wont be able to get on till i start college in august...i will sincerely miss all of you guys. i wish i had a computer al home or something. mommy said that if i get enough money from graduation that i can get a laptop! cool!

well bu bye for now i need to go the librarians need me to run things all over to these other teachers today.

fishy kisses!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

this sucks...

i feel like crap, im all stuffed up and im sore and im freezing even though its hot out. now what is up with that. bryan thinks that i have a cold and im taking medicine. grr the cold on a hot day!

anyways this weekend im planing on going swimming at bryans uncles house, which will be fun since bryan told me that his uncles got a big house and pool with a slide so well we will see. wow look i made one big sentence here.

so um yeah lately i havent much to say...maybe just because im sick and all. oh last night mommys tummy was hurting her and dad took her to the hospital though they came back before they made it because she was feeling better but oh well we shall see if shes really better or not, she has to go to surgery on the 30th. its for the pains, the docs have to take a look at her insides and figure out whats up. daddy said something about her acid reflex or something like that.

ah for lunch i had apple juice and this apple pie thing that was really good. now i just have to get home and eat some more...wow for once i am actually eating...isnt that great!

well gtg now i love you all!

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Reading: my mind
Watching: people walking
Eating: the air

wow i am so sore from prom and the after party i think im gonna die. well not now anyways but i only had 4 hours of sleep this weekend and thats not good. at the after party there was food and prizes and rock climbing, boxing, and lazor tag. it was fun, and these was a cash cage and air brush tatoos and swimming. i want to go back now...^^

anyways well i just realize that i have 3 different web site pages...this is one then MyOtaku and then Kaneva. yep i keep busy on the computer...even though i only go to the first 2.

gah i forgot about lunch and im starving. oh well i will just wait 2 more hours to eat at home. oh and Bryans going to bring me cookies tomarrow, cant wait food drives me crazy when im hungry.

well i have to go now.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Listening to: the metal detector for the library
Reading: my mind
Watching: people walking
Eating: the air

Good afternoon...ish.

Work has been easy and just not to bad like it usually is. Plus i am only working 3 days this week because prom is coming up which im excited about. i know its going to be fun and stuff, expecially the after party.

Wow im getting a headache again because here in the library at school the alarm (EM) keeps messing up and going off. -gah- come on fixer dude fix it already. o.O

Hm...in creative writting class im working on a play and its about Wolfs Rain (like fanfiction) and i have the 1st scene done and working on the 2nd one. Its good, im really enjoying making the play. If you guys want i could post up the scenes here for you all to see. how does that sound huh? lordsesshomaru or someone needs to give me a code for a scroll so i can post it easyer with out taking up to much space.

Ok its lunch time so i will go now so enjoy your day everyone.

take care and peace out.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Listening to: a class in the library
Reading: my own words
Watching: the screen
Playing: lets see how fast i can type haha

Good morning peoples. My weekend was ok all i did was go to my boyfriends house and I watched Jack Frost: the Killer Snowman and Killer Klowns from Outer Space which was pretty cool. Yeah almost as good as The Attack of Killer Tomatoes. Yep those are some strange and old movies. Bryan loves movies like that, though dont worry he likes the new stuff too.

Now Sunday I usually work an 8 hour shift but we were so slow and the labor was high so I got off 3 hours early, which was cool even though it was freakin hot out. And I dont like that heat. It makes me crazy, I tell ya I'm gonna live in Alaska or some thing just to get away from the heat.

Anyways I have a 2 page scene for a play I have to create thats due tomorrow and well it was suppose to be due today but I talked my teacher into letting me turn it in late.

Well its time for lunch so i will take my leave now.


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Friday, April 27, 2007


deviantart.com is working good for me and its fun. the people are nice and well...theres lots of great pictures to look at. woot woot!

anyways school has been good to me lately the art museum field trip was fun.

gah i just got two oatmeal cookies from the librarians! there soo good! yummie yummie yum!
ok all gone, i want some more since i didnt eat lunch...but at least i had a Vanilla Latte Muffin this morning.

me and bryan are doing fine, (no theres no gutter) we havent seen each other for a long time because or school and stuff but we still talk on the phone and email. its all good today is the first day we are actually seeing each other this week and i think it will stay that way for a while now.

anyways i just found a word that i just realized that i say every now and then...its 'rents. short for parents. o.O yeah ok

well i have too much stuff to do here on the computer so i will go now (busy busy) and i will see you all lovelys monday.

peace out...dont bite.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


today havent been good. i mean its just me, im not feeling that great. im all stuffed up and i just cant breath and well it sucks, plus monday i bit my tongue really bad were it was bleeding and it still hurts. im not not feeling well at all.

last night me and mommy went up to JeffCo to put my schedule together so not i will be taking in the fall semester: graphic design, drawing 1, basic math and english (since i forgot a lot of things) and then a class were its basicly just leting me know whats due what i need for whatever and how to do stuff and i guess its like a study hall. and i will have my classes Monday thru Thrusday so i will get a 3 day weekend, which is cool. and im sure im missing something but i cant remember. plus i will be living in the dorms too. now that will be fun! o.O

now next saturday is prom and i just cant wait because the after party is at River Chase in Fenton. i love that place its so much fun.

and then graduation will be the 24th of May. and mommy said that if i get lots of money from my relatives then i can get a laptop. Woot Woot! im excited there!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

well its time for lunch and well i have been eating a lot and my shomach has been hurting really bad. everyone teases me saying im pregnant. o.O doubt its true. (bad Evone)

ok well i will go now kiddies.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


ok so im not THAT excited its thursday though tomorrow i will be on a field trip for my Pottery class to the Art Museum. yes i think that will be fun, yes it will.

and then either this saturday or the next me and my brother and mommy and Bryan are going to the ITT tech open house (they have free food) o.O and well im not going there, thats my brothers thing but im just going for the food and just for the entertainment i guess.

ok i finally got my new deviantart site made, though still in process. so um yeah for those who have it too just visit me, im Tunevec. (go figure) ^^ so just help me maybe if you can and well i think i should go now.

the fans are still on today and i have a headache again so i will leave and move far away from them as possible. -oh my head-


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