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Thursday, October 4, 2007

here i am again...

well college is very difficult i mean its hard to stay kept up with the classes and well i havent been doing good on the tests. expecially in math, which is no real surprise for me. though the highest grade i can seem to manage is a 69% and lower. now that sucks really bad!

thought i am doing well in my art classes : drawing, design, and graphic design. and i just love the things we do in the classes too. and right now in graphic design we are making our own version of road signs for emotions like: confused, angry, hungry and stuff like that. i think mind are cute though i just need to print them off and rubber cement then on black boards.

also my birthday is Saturday which is awsome and i just cant wait!! my parents and bryan and me will be traveling around St. Louis on a train since i never been on one and then for dinner we go to Hooters. (i know thats weird but they have good food) and then shopping and maybe going to the race track.

then theres me and bryan we have been going to the movies and such...the last one we saw was Resident Evil: Extinction and that was neat as you can see i have a new backround and then we have been playing the game Resident Evil 4.

oh and soon i will have a picture or at least a site to go to so you guys can see my ring and the wedding band that i will get that connects to the ring. gah i cant wait.

well now i have 5 minutes left in this 2 and a half hours of class. (i know its a long class) so im glad i finally got on here again but i have to leave yet again. i love you guys.


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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

this is whats been happening with me...

last week i got my ring resized so it would fit better. and bryans dad is trying to brake us up and its very annoying...he yells and argues with him only when im over and i hate that. i can never deal with people who sit there and yell. but im not letting him get to me (hes just pissed because he cant control me) hes just going to regret it later when he never hears or sees bryan again, since bryan cant stand him and wants him dead. but for so long as he keeps trying to brake our engagement...it just means that hes just loosing the battle. because when it involves the love of my life, nothing stands in the way. yes that means that i would KILL if i must to keep my man. (evil laugh)

then well college is just horible! i mean one class all she has us do is talk in class then do the work online. it sucks since i dont use mommys computer and i dont have time to stay on campus to do it so its very fusterating. other then that its ok. i have a math class that the professor is foreign so i have no idea what hes saying so i just work my own way and just copy whatever he writes down...at least he writes in english. >_<

and now me and mommy are planning to redecorate my room but we cant decide on a color...i need help. right now its purple. i want green but mommy hates green and shes thinking of blue or some pastelly white.. oh well we will figure it out. (i mean we are both crazy) ^_^

well im here on bryans computer waiting for his dad to quite nagging on his parking, since he thinks that he cant park in the garage, even though i told him that he parks better than i do (giggles) well i think i heard them get back in so i will stop for now...

it was good to get on again and ill get back here as soon as i can. i love you guys.


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Monday, August 13, 2007

Omg omg!

Ok saturday morning me and bryan went to the Ronnies 20 movie theatre and before the movie, thats when he proposed to me! of coarse i said YES and the ring is absolutly beautiful!
and yes 2 years is when we are going to wait for an accualy wedding and stuff because i kinda wont this set up like my parent, they have been married for 23 years. they went out for 2 years and didnt have me and my brother for 3 years so thats what i told bryan and hes ok with that. i mean he respects me so he will wait for me to be ready and sure we are young still but to have a love now is something that can grow thicker right. since i dont believe in divorce and neither do my parents so it will be great.

Now as for college everything is going good though i agreed with my dad to wait just a little longer on my laptop till after school since i mainly have art classes. and today me and mommy got the schedule for when the pool opens and we can both start swimming again since we both love to swim. though im not that great a swimmer, its just being in the water that i like.

so any other news..um oh the heat isnt subsiding at all its staying in the 100s all week and its just crazy. mother earth wants us to suffer doesnt she.

well other than the ring and college and heat everythings a-o-k.

love you all.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

tomorrow might be the big day for me and dont worry i dont want to get married yet until 2009. wish me luck! =D

gah my stomach isnt acting right, everytime i eat i have a queazy felling though i have stomach pills for that i just wish it would work faster. i hate pills. pills are like the devils hidden in little capsols that jump out at you inside and beat up your insides. when i was younger (like 2 years ago) i had trouble swollowing pills so i always took the liquid medicine. aw nightquil i actually like that taste. *blinks*

sunday is suppost to be 103 degrees which is horible since i cant handle heat that well and i work in a hot place so that will kill me.

my lovely chickens are panting like dogs its funny to see. plus our little baby chicks are growing up quickly and i think we have an even 2 hens and 2 roosters out of them.

well i got my books though it got to hot out to wonder in surch for my classes so i will just have to leave home early to find them on monday the 20th.
oh and i got mommy interested in some of Jefferson Colleges classes and stuff. i think she wants to go to college. haha its cute.

well i dont have anything else to add at the moment, im just relaxing back into my environment on this otaku world that i missed so much.

talk to you all later maybe, i love you!

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Monday, August 6, 2007

hellos everyone

well mommys letting me on to her computer for a while so now im here.
well how has everyone been i miss you guys so much! me im just being lazy and seeing movies and working...nothing really special.

im still with Bryan and unless his sister is lying which i hope not then i will be soon engaged to him. (happy dance)

um what wlse is there...oh me and leigh arent talking much...im actually starting to get annoyed with her (i doutb that she nows that) so i dont think of her as my friend anymore so all i have to hang with is my mommy and Bryan. though im not complaining.

college will be starting soon and im as nervous as hell because i dont know if mom got the classes paid yet and i cant even remember what im taking and i dont have my books so im going to be the worst freshmen there since i have no idea whats going on... and im hating it!

today at 3pm i had a dentist appointment and that sucked, i hate it when they use those mean pointing sticks to scratch my teeth. they make my gums bleed so bad. but other than that it was ok. and they said my bottom wisdom teeth are showing and that if they move my teeth around anymore than i have to get them pulled...oh goodie

well thats all i can think of to say at the moment though i doutb i will be on again for another long while...and my laptop-buying-day is getting closer so thats when i will come back here.

i miss everyone and again till i get on i will return so bu bye for now.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

i just quickly came to here to say to everyone that im well and happy and having a good summer so far and i havent got a laptop but im close and i will talk to you all later.
i love you kiddies!!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


well as it is wednesday, it is the last day that you guys will hear from me for a long time. thomorrow me and the elf...and bryan will be graduating so well those two will stay but i wont be able to connect for a long while unless i go to bryans house or i get my laptop. i will miss you guys SO much and i will return when i can.
plus i am having a party at my house saturday which will be fun and then my uncle rick will be coloring my hair. its going back to being blue-black. ^^ and then i might be getting another tattoo. hopefully anyways. o.O im hopeing for either more butterflys next to the one i already have or maybe a little cute scorpion on my belly. i live them little guys. -sees people back away- hey i cant help it i think their cute...even though usually people think puppies are cute. you guys already know im weird.

the saturday is im party with friends and relatives so that will be fun too. gah i cant wait anymore i want it all over! well even though the fact that im graduting and will never come back hasnt hit me yet...it will and i know it will be a shock.

ah i have those 100 grand bars and omg i almost forgot how good they are. i havent had an actuall candy bar in forever. wow...chocolate...

hey i hear music...oh in the cafeteria the teachers are playing music for us (the senior) and the fact that tomorrows are graduation...and their playing a video or prom. cool.

well it is time for lunch and i need to eat...oh last night i had pork and potatoes and corn and um cappachino too. it all was good. anyways...lunch right i will go now.

i love you all and i will miss you so much!!!

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Monday, May 21, 2007


man i feel like crap. i have to sleep on my futon now since my aunt kelley and uncle rick are here. though once i slept on it my left shoulder up my neck to the back of my ear is hurting. and theres a huge knot there also. it really really really hurts you guys, enough that i would cry if i had any tears. and well ibprofan works for the pain but it still doesnt help. and then the nurse today gave me Icy-Hot rub but that didnt do anything at all. and this is the 2nd day that ive been hurting. so if i hurt again tomorrow i will ask my mommy to make an appointment for the chiropractor to see whats up. -gah its cancer- no its not! o.O

anyways graduation is this thursday and you all know what that means...i will be leaving soon but im not deleting my account because i know that eventually i will return and that will hopefully be soon. maybe when i go to bryans house i can come on and visit you guys. but just know that i will return so nobody forget me ok. i love you all you know!

so then now its time for lunch and just so you know that i have been eating well and like a normal person now. and you thought i was bad with not eating for over a week or so. its all bryans fault he has me eating al the time but hey im not complaining. ^^

well i will go eat now, i love you all and my last day im able to get on here is wednesday, because graduation is thursday woot woot!


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Thursday, May 17, 2007


aw how sweet the librarians just gave me a SUBWAY Party with a footlong sandwich, cheetos, cookies, and soda of your choice. and then they all bought be this box that has their own diploma, kisses, and coupons to basken robins, and the lid of the box is also a picture holder. its awsome and beautiful. i cant believe they did that its so sweet. i just love the librarians.

also tomorrow (friday) is my last day with my 4th graders for A+ class so the teacher is giving me a Goodbye party. man they were right when they say that seniors get the most fun out of the year. im having a blast. plus graduation party is next saturday so that will be fun. and then college in september.


saturday im going to have Bryan come over and hes going to cook my family dinner. also my aunt kelly and uncle rick are coming down from Michigan till the 29th so that will be fun too. cuz me and kelly are like this -crosses fingers- we are so much alike that sometimes my dad accidently gets our names confused. heehee its funny watching him try to think of our names so he doesnt say it wrong. (dork)


Bryan had an interview last night with Kmart and now he officially has a job there...hes a little kmart boy now. -tickles his chin-

just think one more week to go and i will be a graduate of Hillsboro High School! and then college... gah i cant wait im just soo excited. gah my excitement is making me need to use the water bowl. o.O


mommys doing better today, she wasnt in pain and she asked the doctor if it was ok to go to work and she got the ok so shes fine. as long as she continues taking her medicine then she will pass the stones easier.

and well with my little pains and soreness im ok my knees been hurting me a lot recently though i can deal with it. i think its just the excitement and then working and stuff is just erritating (gah need spell check on this thing) it a bit.

well now im trying for an IQ test so i will talk to you all laters.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


ok well i have to work tonight and i know its gonna feel weird since i havent been at work since Friday. so yeah its been a while but no biggy really.


mommy got home from the hospital and as it turns out she has kidney stones again. and she was in pain too. i had nothing better to do that night so i just got into bed with her and stayed there till i had to go to bed. and i even got my book i was reading and told her about it and then read some of it to her. yeah she liked it.

well i know this is a short post today but its time for lunch now and well be happy for me because i have been eating normally now. yay for me right?

i love you all

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