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Thursday, December 7, 2006

hey this day is umm....oh i dont know its a day thats all. =)

Tomorrow i have that other field trip and its going to be cold. but i dont care i love the cold, i worship it, i bath in it. o.O yeah ok to far right. lol.

oh last night when i got home from work i found a ring bow sitting on my bed. and i picked it up and it was my class ring that i ordered. i looks awsome and i love it. this means that well i got my ring before anyone else and at a cheaper price. so hahahahaha beat that stupid school.

*sigh* i dont have much to post about today...hmm well than i guess i will go. take care everyone and have a lovely and dark day. *muahahahahaha* wait what was that o.O


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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

OmG im BACK everyone. o.O

Ha i am soo hyper and well i just got back from our field trip and it was so much fun, me and the elf at the mall didnt have to sneak to go shopping at the mall, the teacher let us go and do what we wanted and met up like 45 minutes later. i got books and a cappachino (it was soo good) and a box of freshly made cinnimon rolls. yeah me and Leigh are soo freaken hyper right now that we both cant sit still. oh and my books i got more Death Note and Loveless, and Leigh got her Saiyuke movie thing and and and ummm gah i give up on thinking heehee. its just to bad that he (the teach) wouldnt let us in the gift shop at the temple place. oh it was neat at the temple, it was also a school conected to it, and we got to see the Torah and i touched one "safe" area on it that they said was ok to touch. it was made from some kind of animal skin and it felt weird. =)

me and Leigh have decided that well our lovely friends have never seen us both when we get realy hyper so one day we are going to have a party and we are geting hyper just for them, to freak them out. <3 yes yes yes it will be oh so much fun i tell you just so much fun! *big smile*

plus i have to woek tonight so the guys i work with will have to see me all hyper and crazier than normal. at least until i wear-down and want to just fall over and sleep. lol. wow i cant wait till friday now.

for my jewelry class we are going ot the Botanical Gardens, and even though its not the mall or anything like that, i still like it. Ozzy will be coming with me to and its going to be cold but i dont care. ive been there before when i was younger and i always chased the geese and i almost fell into the lake once. heehee.

wow well i will take this remanding time i have left to go visit my lovely buddies (shh thats you guys) <3

so take care you all and i will be back tomorrow in full force.


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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Doobie Doobie Doo....i see dead people too o.O

oh boy tomorrow me and the elf wont be here because we are going on a field trip to a jewish temple in St. Louis. its for our World Religions class. then we are going to the mall to eat. but me and Leigh are going to try to sneak away and go to Hot Topic of Borders heehee. and then Friday i wont be here again for another field trip for my Jewelry class, i forget where we are going but hey it gets me out of class. *shrugs*

last night Ozzy came and picked me up to go to Rckys house, and his girlfriend Rachel was there too. we all played vidio games and me and Rach played with her ring-tones too. the games we all mainly played was Mortal Kombat. i kept losing but i blame the controler...it was a bit loose and i couldnt get my fighter to do the things i wanted. oh well it was still fun. and then when we had to leave, Ozzys car started sliding and he put it in third gear and was still sliding. i told him that i wasnt getting out to push. but Ricky found these plastic-bar shelf things to put in front of his wheels and yes it worked, but we kept sliding all the way down from Rickys drive way, i thought it was just hilarious.

anyways...gah what is it with people and hitting my head. is my head that amusing to you all huh huh huh, is it. well geez i guess they are hitting my head because i told them that my bruises need to heel up first before they all hit me again and well my head is the only place my hurt so yeah thats it. *sigh* im so abused.

anywho the elf is making me draw her stuff, but of course whats new she always wants me to draw her stuff. ^_^ and im always glad to do it because i love to draw.

well i think i shall take the door and walk. so i will see you all Thursday. ta ta my little ones. be good while im out. o.O


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Monday, December 4, 2006

Dont hurt me please dont hurt me...ouch.

Im back my little ones.

As it turned out me and the elf had a snow day friday and its wasnt that great. it was icy and Leigh said that she was stuck at her moms all weekend because her dads truck broke or something and her road was all iced up, plus if you havent heard it from Lordsesshomaru, we had a power-outage. i lost my power like 4 in the morning friday and i didnt get it back till yesterday morning. it sucked and i still feel dirty from not taking a shower for so long. but hey i didnt have to worry about staying warm because i have a wood burning stove and mommy could still make hot food or at least heat stuff up becuase she would just but a pan on top of the stove and presto! we have food! =) and for the freezer food, we just put the food outside because hell it was cold enough to do that. now today the ice and snow are melting but its still cold.

oh this morning i had a fight a weiner dog. i woke up hearing dog barks and i knew it wasnt coming from my dog Simon. so i run outside in my pjs and mommys flip-flops and i see this fisty little ankle-bitter. i call for Simon and the weiner dog runs up to me and bits my foot (its wasnt bad, just a little scratch) and so i kick it and run inside my garage pulling Simon with me and close the door. well the dog was trying to get thought the doggie-door (but he was to short to get up through it) so i hit it on the nose and it backs off and then i take my moms shoe and open the door and chase it away. yeah it was just peachy for a morning. and to think its only monday too.

other than that dog, this lovely snowy wekkend off school was boring and slow. and at work Sunday morning was horrible because the other McDonals was closed so all their damn customers came to us and hello we are busy enough with out them all. *sigh* but hey i survived so thats all good.

wow in my 1st hour the guys were horny or something and now in my 7th hour, those same guys that were talking about picking their noses are now talking about satan and shoving watermellons up their butts. wow i think this week is going to just be interesting. yep thats what i have decided here.

gah everyone is talking about getting christmas gifts and stuff and im here thinking, hello there has never been a time that i ever got any of my friend gifts, it was only cards or something, this is going ot agitate me, and Ozzy and the elf have already got my gifts and its annoying me because i dont know what to get them and i dont know what they got me. but mommy suggested that since Ozzy wears earings that thats what i should get him...*not a bad idea* but hello i dont have enough money for gifts when mommy said i have to make my car payment again and i need my lunch money and gas money, im starting to hate money, why cant we all just go back to paying with chickens or something. GAH!......

oh Antiworld thanks for the cookie. i love you! ^_^

Uncle bunraku, im sorry if i sound like a b**** i dont mean to i never used to be like this and and and well god i hate this! *crys*

anyways i got some new bruises to care for and i told people that as much pain it'll be to not fight for a while but we all have to stop fighting each other so that my bruises can get better, then i can continue. ^^ so i just hope i dont have to wait long, i like fighting, it toughens me up.

well i think i will go now and look around the great community of MyO, so bu bye fot today.


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Thursday, November 30, 2006

-beep beep beep- now for the News bulletin on the Weather.
Today as i woke up it was raining and cold as pluto, they say it suppose to freeze and there will be a snow storm, (kinda like a thunder storm just with out the rain its snow) so expect no school tomorrow. or thats what everyones hoping for -No School- and every other school around my area closed but no we had to have school but we are getting out 4 hours early, which is kind of neat. and i have to work tonight. btw i pulled off last night with out getting caught, mommy took the lie and work took it too. *ha their all sapps* so now work one of the girls i work with called work and the manager said that they have been slow and they've been just sending people home, so i think we might close early or something.

oh crap we leave now so bye!


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

*stares off into space*

Yesterday me and the elf went to Barnes and Nobles and got 5 books each. i got Death Note 5 & 6 and Loveless, Q-Ko-Chan, and X-Kai. Leigh got her Saiyuke ones and Kamui 5. Plus it was in rush hour so it felt like i was driving forever, then we went to McDonalds to get a shake and a hot fudge sunday. *yummm* Now today we are going to Leigh's grandmas to see her uncle and in order for me to get away with doing that i called off work for tonight too. =) Oh im guessing that my parents will be back hopefully late tonight like after midnight would be nice. and my story incase mommy calls and askes what i am doing at least till i lie and tell her im at work at 5, its that (if she calls the house phone and i dont answer) is that i was outside and didnt hear it, and if she says that she has been calling me for like the past hour then i will tell her that i was in the bathroom and then when it gets to 3pm then i could just tell her i went into work early, yes that will work. <3 Im such a bad girl. once tomorrow come everything goes back to normal, and i go back to being the obedient little child.

Um im in my Digital Photography class and a group of guys are talking about picking their noses and flicking it at people. All i can say to that is wow. these guys are such dorks.

oh snap my friend Kat has me playing with these games on addictinggames.com. oh well i love it anyways so im going to go now and play! <3


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

   Um the dead is on brake right now, can i take a message.

ok as you see that im here it means that i havent gone to Michigan with my parents to the funeral. why? because i was driving mommy crazy last night about deciding to go or not and so we argued and mommy said that i can just stay then and watch the house. and im not allowed to go anywhere but to school and work but since i feel like being a bad child i am taking the elf over to my house to spend the night and then we might go to the book store or something and then tomorrow i am calling-in to not go to work and going with leigh to visit her uncle. so there mommy take that in the a**! *sticks out tongue*

anyways gah i have a cough here and its driving me crazy. i seem to have the cough that makes you feel like you need to use the johnny. o.O yeah. oh snap i finally have money so ha now i dont need Antiworlds pitty with his pennies. (grr) im a big girl now.

mmmk the elf is going to help me with my grades and stuff, like in our Web Design class and in World Religions class. i hope we both can get our grades up. *sigh*

well i think i will take this time that i have still and use it to visit all my little kiddies and oldies. ^^

take care everyboody lol.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pray for the dead and the dead will pray for you!

omg this week started out ok but now its just horrible. thanksgiving was fine, i ate to much (my aunt and uncle never came). and saturday me and Ozzy helped Ricky move in. and Ozzy made me some ramen, it was good. sunday i worked and when i got home mommy told me that my great-grandpa died! omg not him please not grandpa! i love him he was so cool in his weird way. and its was a odd thing to died like he did, mommy said that he must of had a heart-attack on his trip to the bathroom and that morning my grandma woke up and found him dead on the floor of the bathroom. its just horrible! his name is Robert (bob) Doty and he was the most interesting 90+ year old guy you could ever meet. he had energy like a teenager and he never talked but when he did his words always ment something. the last time i saw him was when he was giving me a $20 and he whispered in my ear saying something like "this is your step to buying your life" and he winked at me and told me not to tell. then he went quiet. i mean i didnt see him all that much or really talked to him either because my great-grandparents live so far and i rarely see them. but now tomorrow and wednesday i want be here because i will be in Michigan for his funeral. my first funeral and its for my bobby! *sigh*

on a better note....wait i cant thing on any better thing that has occured yet. grrr oh i think i know, today i will be over at the elfs so i can meet her uncle and hopefully we all can pick a good time for us all to go to London! obviously leigh has been talking about me to her family and they all want to meet me, lol im just that cool. =)

gah im getting sick or something because i got a cough now and yesterday my throut hurt realy bad and i almost lost my voice. plus im bruised all over and i have one bruise on my thigh that is as big as my hand and its swollen too. grr its all rickys fault, no really it is hes the one that hit me that hard when i was lying on his bed watching Naruto. oh and Ozzys not here today, i think hes skipping the bad boy. and saturday when he picked me up he was all hugging me and stuff saying he missed me, and i told him that he was being a dork becuase its only been 3 days till i saw him and now it will be another 3 days till i see him again since i wont be here. oh and tomorrow it will be our one month anniversary of being together, but i wont be here with his so hes just going to have to be a good little boy and wait for his master...ME! =)

anyways i think i will go now so i can listen to my teachers saying that they have no grades to put in for my since i havent been doing my work and now i wont be able to make up anything because report cards are suppose to be done and ready to send today and i wont be here tomorrow and i refuse to stay after school to work because i hate this school and i just give up so there nay! *sticks out tongue* then *i hit antiworld in the stomach for being mean* muahahahaha to you too! <3

take care and have a nicer day and week then what im having m'critters!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


everyone i wont be here again till monday so i tell you all now, happy turkey day...or ham day. ^^ poor ricky wont be having a turkey day because he will be moving into his new house so hes just gonna have pizza and soda. poor guy. i just hope that he can find a pizza place that will still be opened tomorrow.

im gonna try to go over to the elfs house and spend the night so i can finally watch her saiyuke and south park thing shes been wanting me to see. and concerning my aunt and uncle i find out if their coming or not tonight. i hope they go, but then again that means they take my room and i take the little closet sized room for myself, because they wont just be staying for the holidays but living with us until they can find a job down here because they are moving here soon.

oh i have to work tonight and it will either be extremely slow and boring or busy as hell because people will be traveling and stuff and they get hungry when they travel. *sigh* i need a new job badly!

today is early release and well it doesnt feel like it, its moving by way to slow, i want it to be tomorrow already because i wanna eat! i still dont have any money for lunch and i dont have Ozzy in my lunch shift to get me anything, but i have the elf. *evil laugh* food lovely foooood! *drools* ok im done heehee.

well i will stop now and wish you all a happy and safe thanksgiving my critters!


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Im going to eat your heart out.

wah everyone today is calling me a freakin prep! gah im not a prep, just because im wearing this white jacket thing instead of my black they get all mean. grr. just wait till tomorrow, which by the way is early release so i dont know if i will be on then.

oh this morning these stupid little guys were standing up on the balcony of our school shooting their red laser thing at me and my friends sam and ashley (the elf wasnt there yet) and at first i just ignored them but then they kept doing it so i looked up at them and yelled "you better knock that off you f-cencored- and they just look at me and kinda hide. then i asked Ozzy if he would let me beat the hell out of them and he told me sure but not to kill anyone yet. but that ment that i had to get up and walk up stairs which i dont like stairs so i blew it off. but maybe tomorrow or when i get back from thanksgiving break i will go after them. ^^

Yeah i actually got some lunch today, i bugged Ozzy till he took my hand and led my to the lunch line and took his money out and asked me how much i needed. yeah so ha mr antiworld i dont need your worthless money now, but im keeping the pennies. ^^ so there nay...again. *sticks out tongue*

anyways i thank you all who gave the advise for my uncle and stuff but well i think he will get it. hes a big boy, i just hope he and kel can get down here soon. I Love my Uncle and Auntie!!!

ok im dont know, well i have to well get some work done before the end of tomorrow for final grade, i just hope that the teachers love me so much that they just give me an A...ha fat chance!
well i have to go and try to work. *sigh* i will do my best.


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