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Friday, January 5, 2007

Grr and an Argg...

geez this new year isnt working out for me is it. last night mommy came home from the hospital. shes feeling better and then i find out that my Aunt Max died too. (and in a creepy way) my dad told me that my uncle Rick and her were riding their motorcycle and then my aunt told Rick that she wasnt feeling good and they pull over and then once Max gets off the bike, she just drops dead. creepy right and they still are trying to figure out how the hell a healthy woman like she was can just die like that with no explaination. so anyways her funeral will be Monday and my Grandparents are coming down from Tenneessee and staying with us for the funeral. its strange i never been to a funeral and nobody ever died until the last few months. it started with my grandpa on my dads side almost dying (but better now) then my great-grandpa dies. then my mom has trouble with her surgery (also got better) now my awesome Aunt Max dies like that. grr death seems to have a nice tight grip on my family here. what did i ever do to diserve this huh.

anyways for school troubles as some of you might now already the elf messed up the school system. they thought she was gone already (graduated early) so she wasnt in the records. so now the councilors have to make a new schedule for her. and i dropped my pyscology class for my A+.

well i have to go eat lunch now...wait since when do i eat lunch at school. oh yeah i do that sometimes heehee.

well i take the door and open it to leave. o.O


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Thursday, January 4, 2007


hey im back from well from home heehee and wow i just got a hyper-active jolt here.

oh man mommy had trouble with her surgery and last night she had to rush to the hospital at noon and she had to spend the night. she was in pain and crying plus she was sick and throwing up all the meds that my dad gave her. it was horrible and i never in my life seen my mom cry like she did. shes a strong lady and crying (like me) isnt an option. but i actually talked to her this morning shes doing a little better but she told me that she wasnt leaving the hospital until all the little shones are gone. *sigh* poor mommy, and poor daddy for having to stay up woth her and losing sleep.

anyways today and tomorrow are crazy because of all the people who want a schedule change (me included) and i like my classes even though none of my friends are in them and i want to drop my pychology class but then i dont because it sounds fun (and hard) but i need to do my A+ thing again because i didnt get enough hours in last semester. but oh well i will see whats what soon. maybe.

oh about christmas i didnt get much but i did get a faerie blacket and figurine. some candy and a MP3-player which was neat. plus mommy took me and my brother shopping and i got a new game -Shadow of the Colossus- its awesome and my brother just got one of his Soul Caliber games i think it was the 3rd one. and then for new years me and my dad just stayed up and watched the new year celebration stuff, i watched Ryhanna and Fergie sing. it was ok.

oh boy i think i worked more this break then celebrate anything, plus with mommy all hospitalized and stuff. i think i might have time to visit her after school today since i get out early now (i get to leave after my 6th hour) and i dont have to go to work till 5 anyways so i will at lease have 5 or so hours to spare. but i will have to call my dad to get directions to the hospital since i dont know how to get there. ummmm......yeah.

geez its raining now and i think thats funny since school is on again. it means the students arent really excited to be back here. but hey thats ok its not like i have to worry about anything. i have all my credits that i need and so even if i fail all my classes (dont worry i wont try to fail) i still can graduate. i just want this rest of the year to be over so i can have time to move out and then college. which by the way i still dont know what i want to do with my life yet. all thw ideas that people are giving me is an artist or something to do with reading, like an editor or something. but i think i can do better than that. hopefully because i dont want to be working at McDonals all my life. oh and McDs put more cameras aroung the place because the employees were supposably stealing food or something. well crap i have to go now and i will see you all tomorrow.


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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gah sour and sweet till the..end no the begining.

well today is me and the elfs last day at school for christmas break. i dont know about Leigh but i wont be here till January 4th or something. i will miss you all and hope you have a very lovely time for these holidays.

the elf has given me my present and its the NewType mag and DeathNote #8. woop woop! thank you sissy! and well thats the only gift i got today. *tear tear* nobody cares for me. ok i lie they do they just dont show it.

oh in pottery class i got my pot that i disigned as a cracked pottery piece and my frog one is still cooling off but at the end of the day i will go back to get it so i can take it home and then i will bring it back next year so i can glaze it since i will have pottery II class. i love that class its fun and i get to make things. ^^ oh and my friend Daphanee make a figurine that looks like a hand and the arm part looks like a trunk of a tree, its awsome looking. or at least it was because it was cracked in the wrist area and when she went to pick it up to take in home with her it snaped off and broke, all the thingers fell off. it was funny but sad to because it was neat looking, and freaky at the same time too.

man my ribs hurt today. i dont know why i mean i wasnt in any fights today and last night at work nothing REALLY bad happened, i just got thrown over this guys shoulder and dropped into a trash can (gross). so i dont know at least i dont have to work tonight because McDonals is haveing a christmas party somewhere and well i dont know if i want ot go. i dont know where it is and well i dont like some of the people that are going. plus mommy is having her surgery today. but last night she said that its ok if i want to go but i dont know if i should leave her alone. but i think i will stay home with her, we could watch movies tonight or something since daddy is working tonight. hmm that reminds me, my brother is coming over to spend the night christmas eve. and then i have a party to go to for new years eve at Richys house (it was a sleep over party but mommy said i cant sleep over) wahh! oh well i can take it.

*sigh* i still have an hour in this class (digital photography) and im bored and well im bored and lets leave it at that.

...guns fire...swords slash...music plays...people go insane if they havent already...screaming...srying...confused looks...ouch...ummm...dark elves running around...spiders are jumping...me faerie-kin are taking kids presents...blah...i found a thinger...Abel Nightroad is crying and laughing...Edward is rocking back and forth...shiny paper is falling everywhere...Kenshin is eating something...slurp...Light Yagami is staring...Inuyasha is poking the ground...i am typing nonsence...confused...yeah me too...cough...sniffle...blowing nose...hey...o.O

ok im done with that heehee that was fun and well i guess nobody lies when they say im weird.

oh righty then i think my insanity needs a break form the confusion and go eat something...foood...ah stop it, *pushes other personallitys away* ok i take my leaves 4 times over o.O and well oh Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

wow i am in a very merry christmas mood. and well to make it better i have been freezing my body to pieces all day and i like it. this childs heart is made of ice my pressious.

well Ozzy isnt talking to me but oh well thats fine with me if he wants to act like that. anyways i wont be able to get anyone gifts till after new years because i am sadly still poor and my paycheck friday is going to other things. *sigh* why oh why must this money problem always be near me and now.

well theres 5 minutes till lunch and then tomorrow is early release and then mommy has her surgery and then i wont be on again till like the 4th so...

i shall go now. oh and look below and leave a gift for me! i love you all.


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well this was unexpected...

this morning Ozzy and i broke up and well dont worry we are still friends and last night he never came over. the brat-it was his sisters fault but oh well. now im free again o.O at least from guys but not from the elf of money stealing haha.

anyways i think i will go over to leighs today and i will make her mommy have pitty for me and do what i please muahahahahaha so there. hmm i want cake...o.O

ok well last night me and mommy watched The Omen and i liked it, not as creepy as The Ring or The Grudge but still good none the less. and then i watched the hockey game with my dad when he got back from bowling. yeah the red wings rule hehe.

gah im so hungry and i wanna eat now but i have to wait and and i dont have that much money again until friday when i get my paycheck. and i cant wait till christmas because every day when i get home and see my presents under the tree im thinking "god i wish i knew what they were" but no i have to wait to see them. grrr.

well i have to go see your sites now since i wasnt able to very well yesterday so im off into the oblivioun.-oops i think i spelt that wrong o.O oh well at least i try.


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Monday, December 18, 2006

*yawn* im tired, i almost woke up late today but thankfully i drove and so that ment i could speed and make it on time, which i did. o.O

oh bother...im very confused and a bit worried about Ozzy. it seems that he is being distant from me and well when we walk together we dont hold hands he just talks wiht his friends and i jsut walk ahead of them, and then when he leaves for class he just tooks at me and says hes going and runs off. and lately he keeps saying that he cant wait to leave for the air-force next year. i honestly think that i shouldnt worry about it but just in case, im gaving him come over tonight so i can talk to him about it without his friends around to interfer. hm maybe its just a faze hes going through...but i thought that guys only have them when their younger...or am i mistaken.

yeah Leigh is gonna take me to see Eragon woop woop! i cant wait, and i cant wait till chirstmas because my parents got me 5 or 6 presents already and i wanna know what they are!!!! gah i cant wait! hmmm i want rum too. i have been craving some rum for a while now and i want it. the elf said that her mommy has jamacan rum and i think i would like that kind, hey its rum none-the-less so i want rum! yes i do rum rum rum rum rum rum rum rum rum rum rum....yummm.

i got 2 new bruises on my arms, one from a guy that hit me and another from me running into the bun rack at work. yeah i showed everyone the bruises and they all freaked out because when i bruise its never a small one, they get big and nasty looking. oh and last hour i ran into the desk in my pottery class and hit my hip, yeha thats gonna bruise up too, but right now its just red.

the final today was ok and easy because it was in my jewelry class, it took me like 10 minutes to do it and we had to stay in class until 9:30 and the class started at 7:36 it sucked but hey i survived. tomorrow i will have finals for my world religions class and my A+ class i have to write a letter to the teacher that i was in class with. so that will be ok. then thursday we have early release and then mommy goes to the hospital for her surgery and then you guys wont see me again till....the 4th i think, but then i dont know if i will be able to get on the computer as much because im changing my classes around to get mainly art classes, like drawing class, ill keep my pottery class, and i think i will have my 5th hour as a library helper so i can get on then. yeah that will work. ^^

anywho i think i will stop here so i can visit my little critters (thats you all) ^_^ so bye for now.


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Friday, December 15, 2006

ummm....peanut butter!

gah i just got done with my essay and well its not 5 pages exactly, its more like 4 and a half. ^^ and i am not done with all my work...i think. and now finals are monday grr.

oh i have been watching videos at vidiac.com its awsome and theres this funny one with kenshin and hes avioding this girl whos trying to beat him up, its hilarious! mmmk my friend just showed me a bunch of these comics about Kingdom Hearts and tampons o.O omg interesting.

anyways other than work and school nothing realy has been going on and well that sucks becuase doesnt that mean that i dont have a life...

well i will go and continue watching my video thingys...i will be back monday and well have a good weekend i guess.

oh i got to go beat the hell out of these girls that i dont even know because they were talking bad about me and ozzy so i think they are going to be dead the next day. hm its been a while since i had the pleasure seeing other peoples blood. o.O


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Halt and be counted for you dogs.

wow my anger meter has gone up a lot in the past few minutes. first Ozzy wasnt acting normal and being the girl i am i didnt ask what was wrong because i know that if it was really something i could help with then he would talk to me about it. but all he said to me was that he wanted to beat the hell out of something, so i left him alone. and eventually his mood swung to happy and normal again. then Chris (my dog-boy slave) had a camera and was sneaking pictures of me and i got mad and at lunch i chased him to get the camera away form him, it worked because i was sneaky right back and grabbed it out of his hands, but the damn principals were near and made us stop and took the camera away from me and back with Chris. i was pissed at that because they had no business to interfere with me and i was tempted to take that camera and chuck it at her face. i dont care if the things i do get me in trouble, its what i do and its nobodys business unless i make it theirs. gah! plus Bryan (my ferret boy) started saying that he could she me in prison or something and in a straight-jacket clawing my way out or chewing my way. and well i agreed with him, when i get that look in my eyes that everyone sooner or later sees (even the elf has seen it) know better than to get in my way of what im doing. sheesh i only keep myself semi-good at least so that my mom can actually have a good child that she doesnt have to worry over so much. im not saying my brother is bad but he has so many problems that it drives mommy crazy. besides as long as i act like that fragile child where mommy teases the crap out of me and -flash back- paints my nails pink as i sleep, then i dont have a problem and i get more out of life. *nods head* yep.

oh last night i had a dream, though i dont remember what it was about but i know it was bad because when i woke-up this morning, i was crying or at least i was somehow crying in my sleep. i opened my eyes and my face and pillow was wet with tears. i swear my dreaming problems are getting weirder and weirder by the year. i mean come on, first i used to sleep-walk. then i start eating myself (i woke up once with blood on my hands and my mouth from me biting my hand) and now im crying in my sleep too. whats next huh, do i start talking, since i havent done that yet. o.O O.o

oh im playing this neat little game called "Shadow of rhe Warrior" and its on addictinggames.com. its fun and you have 4 choices of what kind of character you can be and you fight other character and and well i like it so there *sends out the elfs octupus at you* haha sorry about that he was hungry. ^^

um mmmk now i think i should get started on my essay that i need done friday and tomorrow me and the wlf have early release so yeah and i have a doctors appointment tomorrow too so lets just see how that goes.

ta ta my little slave creatures.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Penny for your Head...o.O

Well i just got a call from my mommy saying that our DishTV was messing up (daddy probably touched it) so mommy called the people and just canceled out TV so for today we have so TV whatsoever, because at my house (i live in a earth-home) i dont get a signal for regular TV so omg we dont have TV! i dont like this, i need my TV Tuesdays are ususally my recording day and now i cant record. i am going to be bored out of my mind! wait i stand corrected me and the elf will be bored out of our minds since shes coming over. all i have left are movies and my games and come on those can only last for a while until your stomach brings you back to reality (i dont like reality)! *sigh* what am i going to do...besides get started on the essay for WR class. hmm maybe i can talk mommy into letting me go online at home since now we have this thing called "people pc" and well i dont know how it works but i can just do what i always do and that press all the little buttons and see what they do. o.O yep.

Wow i just saw that i hit over 150 signings today! WOOT WOOT thats great guys i just have to say that i thank you all for the love and friendship you all have shown me. and the new members that have joined us in our quest to taking over the world...oops you werent suppose to know that...gah Magnus send your spiders out to search the brains of the pitiful people who would dare tell the world our secret. mmmk anywho were was i...oh yes thank you. *nods head*

oh i have a questing for all you lovely humans and masters of evil.
If you could meet someone in the world, who would it be and for what reason would you want to meet them for?
i will think of that question myself and tell you tomorrow. oh i just remembered that me and the elf have early release Thursday. heehee and i have a doctors appointment that day too. and then sometime next week my mommy is going in for her kidney surgery. poor mommy.

gha last night my mom thought that this commucial for this show or something was funny because this worm thing and this kid were talking to each other and this is what happened:
kid: you should of went to collage.
worm thing: i did i got my masters.
kid: masters of what.
worm: masters of evil!!! *evil laugh*
and well later that night mommy came up to me and i cant remember all of it but i asked her if she even went to collage and she said "yeah i got my masters, masters of evil that is" and then she hits me in the head. grr how dare she violate my poor head. hm people seem to be doing that a lot to me, no wonder i cant think, people are beating my brain cells out of me. *picks up a stick and starts to poke people with it* muahahahahahahaha!!! im so mean arent i. *flinches and looks for AntiWorld* good im safe. o.O ummm yeah.

well i think i will go and umm run away... oh wait i cant run well in these big boots of mine that im wearing right now.

oh well,

~one of the Dark Children~

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Monday, December 11, 2006

*Penny for your thoughts*

Oh boy itís snowing on my site. *watches snow fall down for an hour* ah I just love snow. Oh anyways the field trip Friday was fun, and cold but after a half hour went by I just couldnít feel my body so the cold didnít matter anymore o.O and I got to chase the ducks haha. Then well when we left the Botanical Gardens to go eat, the way to the food plaza as I call it (an area were there are lots of restaurants together) we all wanted to go to Taco Bell but surprisingly, it was closed so we all just went to Burger King. And then back on the bus. I slept on Ozzy, oh btw he broke off a bamboo stick and these seeds that look like balls with a hair curling out. And he also picked me a flower, which I latter gave to my friend Jesse. (Since Iím not a flower person) and I got to mess with the Venus Fly Traps, heehee they really didnít move but I kept poking them anyways.

Oh snap this girl just called me out of class a second ago and asked me ďDo you want to do something fun, or just have your picture taken?Ē I was confused and a little creped out because I didnít know what she was taking about so I just said that I would just have my picture taken *whew* I think it was for something for the year book but I never had that happen to me before. But since Iím not getting a year book this year I didnít was to deal with that.

Well I have to go, but I donít want to. *cries with an automatic crying machine* and I have to work on my pot for pottery class. Iím making a frog pot with the lid piece being its head, I think I will eventually show you a picture of it when itís done. Crap and I have an essay due Friday for World Religions class. Oh well looks like I will be busy. I got my report card Saturday and I have 2 Fís and 2 Dís which sucks really bad and that means I really need to work to get my grade better and I need to study for a test in WR class for tomorrow. Gah this is too much for me, Iím to lazy for this.

Well I shall take my leave so I can continue me and Antiworlds war with each otherÖheehee its fun. Dark Elfs Rule!


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