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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sw33tness in Seattle...
well, in London...

HOLY OVERUSED CLICHE BTAMAN!! Im posting again! after just one day of being away! what is the world coming to?

well, there's two reasons im here. 1, is cuz i got a 3 FREAKIN HOUR ENGLISH LIT EXAM IN THE FREAKIN HOT WEATHER, but i had a bit of time so i figured id use the schools free net to say hi.

the second reason im posting today is because I got SAIKANO DVD VOL 3 THRU THE POST TODAY!!! i know, i know, you guys are probably sick and tired of me goingon about this series, but now it means I have the entire anime series on DVD. sw33t. and this was the best DVD by far!! I had to watch it as soon as I got it. and ill stand up and admit it like a man...

it made me cry.

...well, not cry as such, but i defintley shed a few tears at the episode entitled "Akemi". sue me, im sensitive. :p



anime/manga series EVER!

so there.

have a fun week whatever you are doing. toodles.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I was going to buy a copy of The Power of Positive Thinking, and then I thought: What the hell good would that do?"- Ronnie Shakes


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Sunday, June 19, 2005

   Its too darn hot…it’s too darn hot…id like to call on my baby tonight, give my all to my baby tonight, but I cant play ball with my baby tonight, cuz its too darn hot…
“Too darn Hot” from the Broadway show “Kiss me Kate”

As you may have guessed from the title, it’s FREAKIN HOT over here. Dayum. Supposedly it’s the hottest day of the year so far. I'm in shorts. Yes, that’s how hot it is, I'm in SHORTS. 0.o;

How is everyone since I last visited? Ill try to check your sites and stuff, but I feel like I'm missing out on tonnes.

Things are going okay here I guess. I'm half way through my exams. I got four more to do. My first four went okay, though, I screwed up on of my music papers. I won’t go into details, but basically I spent way too long on one question and ran out of time.

I handed in my notice at work the other day. w00t! I finish at TESCOs on the 2nd of July. HUZZAH! ^^

I'm still kinda busy at cadets. The awards evening went well. I didn’t get promoted, but I'm not that bothered. I still got the drill competition on Thursday to do. Hopefully it won’t be as hot as it is today. ^^;;; uber sweat.

I'm gonna order in the last two vols of Azumanga Daioh on DVD soon. Then that will be it for me and anime till I get another job. ^^; I bought another Gundam model the other day though. ^^; I couldn’t resist. The shop had had a new shipment in and there was so much to choose from.

Phew. I could do with a b33r. It’s that time of year where the people of Britain have barbeques. We had one last night. ^^ I love barbeque food. ^^ mum made up some homemade BBQ sauce. I'm not quite sure what was in it but I have a feeling that tomato ketchup and mustard were primary ingredients. 0.o;

I have a comic strip for you guys! (yay!) it’s not Chibi Darke, but I figured you’d get a kick out of it anyway…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

For future reference… ^^

Have a great time you guys and I will see ya soon, okies? Toodles.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Chibi Darke, a smart blonde and Santa Claus are in a lift. They spot a billion pounds (dollars, euros, yen, whatever) on the floor. Which one picks it up?

Answer: Chibi Darke. The other two don’t exist. ^^


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Thursday, June 9, 2005

   yes its me again!
well who were you expecting? it is my site y'know.

its nice n sunny here today. and im sitting in the library. ^^; seriously though, it is nice weather here, and im enjoying it.

my life is kinda hectic at the mo. i got exams in a week, so im studying (kinda ^^; ) and i've also just had a driving lesson. Ive got to arrange sponsorship for the sponsored walk im doing shortly. and in cadets, ugh. I got awards evening next monday, drill competition shortly, Civic Parade that we have to do and a buncha other stuff that you didnt come here to read about...

instead, let me make a recommendation to you: SAIKANO.
ive made this recommendation before, and im gonna do it again, especially after just reading vol 4 of the manga.

I love Saikano. which is weird cuz I picked it up on a hunch after seeing it in the bookshop with no previous knowledge of the story or the manga-ka behind it.

Its sad, its romantic and its brilliantly drawn. it does have its funny points and light hearted moments too. Its a story about love and war. its one of my fav mangas of all time.

Volume 4 had me laughing out loud. im probably one of the only people in the world who would find it funny, but there we go. ^^; I was kinda puzzled when it came to me shrinkwrapped with a Parents Advisory sticker on the front, but its no more mature than the other volumes. (btw...it IS for mature audiences) but i enjoyed it so much i literally yelled out "NO!!!" when i came to the end. *sigh* now I have to wait for vol 5 to come out. Hopefully my vol 3 DVD will be over from the states soon.

I would soo totally recommend that you read vol 4 of Saikano. Of course, that means you would have to read vols 1-3 to get whats going on, but tough cookies. its a great manga. isnt that why we are here, to discuss manga (and my lame excuse for a life?)

oh well. Have fun with whatever you are doing this week guys. I havnt got a comic, but i will try to draw one up for next time I am here. i will also try to visit some of you, but i am kinda on a time limit here.

Toodles. ^^

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Friday, June 3, 2005

hiya, im back again for a brief update. im currently in an internet-teaching centre, where i have to pay to use the net, but the librarys computers where all booked and i couldn't be 4553d to wait.

went to france on wednesday, which was fun. i like going on the EuroTunnel.

i've also been busy purchasing stuff again. I got vol 10 of Gundam SEED the other day. The end of the series!! woot!! i love it. I also got the last two volumes of Gundam: 08TH MS Team. I liked that alot too.

Ive also FINALLY got vol 9 of the Evangelion manga. the manga takes AGES to be released, so i've been waiting for this for a long long long long LONG LONG TIME! its sitting in front of me as we speak. im also waiting for Midori No Hibi to come through, as well as vol 4 of Saikano manga.

the Eva manga also recommends a short novel by Mark Twain that fans of Kaworu might enjoy. UIts entitled "The Mysterious Stranger" and its legally available to read here:


hope everyone is having fun. I gotta go and revise some more for my exams, and book in Luna for a service too.

Have a great week! till next time...


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Monday, May 30, 2005

well, no not really. I got a bit of time, so i thought id update. Im addicted to this site, remember? Don't expect me to go cold turkey as simply as that.

Christ my feet hurt. I kinda volunteered to do a 15 mile walk with my cadet troop. Damn. 15 miles aint what it used to be. i got huge sore blisters on my feet. it was a bit of a laugh though, and I had fun. I just walk funny at the mo.

I told myself after I bought the BubbleGum Crisis boz set that i wouldn't treat myself anymore this month. But i couldn't help it. I had to go and buy Trigun vol 3 and Getbackers vol 3 DVDS. I could feel them calling out to me from across the hills and I had to obey its siren like song. So yah. ^^; But, according to the previews on the Trigun disc, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO IS COMING TO FREAKIN ENGLAND!!! w00t!!! I cant wait. it had better be here soon.

Thank You so much for the comments on my "last post". Aww. You guys rock.

so, until next time my friends: KEEP ON OTAKUING!!!


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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hi there and welcome to “Darke”. We got a lot planned for you on the show today, or least we will have till my muse gives up, so please bare with us. If you don’t have the time to read this now, please copy and paste and read it later, as it is very important.

First off we have the news. Over to you Chibi Darke:

CHIBI DARKE: Thank you Darke Angel. And now the headlines:

Two men were reported to have robbed a bank yesterday. Witnesses described the robbers as one about 7 foot 3 inches and the other 3 foot 1 inch. Police are looking high and low for these two men.

In an unrelated event, Darkeangel will be cancelling his regular broadcasts fro henceforth. The popular MyO journalist is having his internet time drastically reduced due to his end of term in High School Prison. He will try to update at least weekly when possible, but we will be seeing less of this reporter.

And in sports, the goalkeeper of MyO United Soccer team has been having problems. He doesn’t seem to be able to stop the ball from rolling into the goal. When asked why he wasn’t attempting to stop the ball, he replied: “Isn’t that what the net is for?”

And that’s the news. Back to you Darke.

DARKE: Thank you Chibi Darke. Do you realise its Chibi Appreciation Day soon?

CHIBI DARKE: I do indeed. What are you getting me?

DARKE: Close your eyes.

CHIBI DARKE: *closes eyes*

DARKE: What do you see?

C.D: Nothing.

DARKE: That’s what I'm getting you. Now we have Book Corner with Rose. Good day Rose.

ROSE: Good day Darke. I would like today to talk about Shakespeare. What can you tell me about Shakespeare Darke?

DARKE: um…he’s dead?

ROSE: -_-; Forget Shakespeare then.

DARKE: Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve been practising for the last 5 years.

ROSE: Instead, let’s give some recommended books. Here are a list of titles and their authors:

EASY MONEY by Robin Banks
THE FOREST by Theresa Green
THE ART OF WAR by R. Tillery
LONG WALK by Miss. D Bus
EXECUTION by Hugo First

Another recommendation is that you go over to Lucifers Wife’s site and read some of her poetry. Its damn good.

DARKE: Thank You Rose. By the way Rose, did I ever tell you the story about the broken pencil?

ROSE: I don’t believe you have. Will you tell me now?

DARKE: There’s no point to it. And now I’d like to do the Foreign Cultures Section. Next week I'm embarking on a one day trip to France. As you know France is a place of culture that, in a recent survey, is found to be the most disliked country in Europe. Seriously folks, when asked the people of Germany, Spain, UK, Italy and several other countries said that they disliked France for several various reasons. However, in a saving grace, they do have cheap booze and cheap olive oil, which is the purpose of next weeks trip. ^^ We might stop off in a French Restaurant to sample the fine Cuisine.

CHIBI DARKE: Hey Darke, have you ever had Frogs Legs?

DARKE: No, this pair works fine. ^^

And now we have a special guest on the show to talk about our viewers medical problems. Please welcome Dr. Phil!

DR. PHIL: Hi everybody!


D.P: Darke, thank you for having me on your show. You look familiar though, have I seen your face somewhere else?

DARKE: No it’s always been here between my ears.

D.P: Right… okay, do we have a caller on the line?

CALLER 1: Doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains!

D.P: Pull yourself together woman! Next!

CALLER 2: Doctor, I keep seeing spots in front of my eyes!

D.P: Have you seen an optician?

CALLER 2: No, just spots…

D.P: >.< NEXT!

CALLER 3: I have this sore leg.

D.P: Probably just age pains.

CALLER 3: But my other leg is the same age and that doesn’t hurt! I want a second opinion!

DARKE: Okay, you’re ugly as well. Thank you Dr. Phil, its been a pleasure. Oh, by the way, can you help? My assistant swallowed my pen.

DR. PHIL: Use a pencil.

DARKE: yes, well, thank you. If you want some real expert advice, I would recommend either Flueky, who works in a rehab centre or Cee-Kari and Mitzy who are trained psychiatrists. Not much in the way of drivers though. Speaking of driving, after the break we will have traffic and weather. Stay Tuned.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

DARKE: Hi, we’re back. Now we go straight to Luna who has the Traffic and Travel report for us.

LUNA: Thank You Darke. Yes, its hell out there today. Be careful in the SE Region of England today, Darke is having a driving lesson. Oh, by the way, Darke are my indicators working?

DARKE: yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes….

LUNA: thanks. Trains should be running smoothly today…

DARKE: How long will the next train be?

LUNA: About 6 coaches long.

DARKE: Thank You Luna. We move over to Laura now who has a weather report for us.

LAURA: Thank You Darke. Initially its going to be light during the day, and it’s gonna get dark at night. The weather is going to be hot and 5hitty, with a crappy pissy weather front coming down from the north. Basically its gonna be hotter then the desert. As well it should, its summer after all. Watch out for sudden rain falls however. Don’t underestimate that British Weather!

DARKE: I'll say Laura. It looks like its raining cats and dogs out there!

LAURA: It is, I've just stepped in a poodle.

DARKE: By the way, you look awfully wet there. No shelter from the rain?

LAURA: Well, I did bring this umbrella, but it doesn’t seem to be keeping me dry.

DARKE: Have you tried opening it?

LAURA: …Oh yeah.

DARKE: How stupid can you get?

LAURA: That wasn’t very nice!

ROSE: Yeah, tell her you’re sorry Darke.

DARKE: Fine. I'm sorry you’re stupid. I tell you what isn’t stupid though. Going over to Sailor Firestar’s site. Always entertaining, and she always had a good word for you.
Right, back to business. We will have a short advertising break, and then we’ll finish up.


Darke Angel…we all love him. But there’s only one of him…UNTIL NOW!

Yes, presenting for the first time nowhere, DARKE ANGEL ACTION FIGURES!

Each one of these fifteen centimetre high figures comes with its own unique feature!
There’s glomping Darke, with real glomping action, high Darke with Red Bull Swigging action and electronic Darke with motor scooter. Press the button and hear him say one of several road rage phrases, including: “OH, THE SPEED!!”, “OUTTA MY WAY ASSHOLE!”, “C’MON, YOU COULD FIT A DOUBLE DECKER BUS THROUGH THERE!” and “EAT MY DUST, LOSERS!”.

And now, for a limited time only, there’s the ultimate Darke Angel toy: DARKE ANGEL ELCTRONIC DELUXE PLUSHIE!!!

This 12’’ Plushie comes with scale size Red Bull can and Upside Down Toast.
Press his stomach and hear him say one of two trillion phrases!! Put him in front an anime or manga and he will comment on it! Put Red Bull in his hand and he will say “Oh yeah, that’s the stuff,” or “Damn, Im high.” Put upside down toast in his hand and he will say “Man, am I depressed.” Put him on his head with the toast and he will quote Shakespeare!
Other phrases include Quotes from his Manga “See No Evil, Speak No Evil,”, unique thoughts for the week, Checkout philosophy, bitching about work and cadets, funny random phrases and much, much more! Here’s a selection:
“Ha-HA-ha. That makes me laugh.”
“C’mere y’all and gimme a hug,”
“When there’s trouble, you know who to call: Darke Angel! *ringing sound* Hullo? You’re in trouble? BWA-HA-HA-HA! *hangs up*”
“Life is that annoying period between naps.”
“I wanna cookie!”
“I wish I had a Gundam,”
“Wear sunscreen,”
“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but a bullet to the head would kill me.”
“Life is like a Ferrari. It goes too fast. But that’s okay. You can’t afford it anyway.”
“I hate Mondays. And Tuesdays. And all the other days…”
And more!!

ALSO: Darke Angel is fully interactive with other electronic toys. Example: Put him front of a Furbie ™ and the following might ensue:

Furbie: ME WUV YOU!
Darke: Fuck off, Foo’! Im trying to look cool!

Or with a Poo-chi:
Poo-Chi: Woof!
Darke: Piss off Mutt. Do I look like a fucking fire Hydrant to you?

Put two Darke DX plushies together and they talk to each other!! They also sing a duet of a number of original songs, including “High on Life,” and the highly acclaimed “I talk to myself, that’s why they put me away,”

Darke Angel DX Plushie also comes with a number of different clothes! Put him in his full length Leather Jacket and he’ll say, “Oh yeah, looking good!”
Put him in his Sleeve-less T-shirt and he’ll say, “Its gonna be a hot one!”
Put him in his cadet uniform and he’ll yell out commands!
Put him in his Work Uniform and he’ll complain endlessly and randomly sprout out interesting thoughts!
Or put him in nothing at all, and he’ll say: “hey, whatever floats your boat baby!” or “what are you, gay?”

Darke Angel DX Plushie is not available anywhere, for any price, because he does not exist! Order Now and you’ll get laughed at down the phone! Pay by Credit Card and you’ll receive large bills every month as I steal your money!

Darke Angel Action Figures and Darke Angel Deluxe Electronic Plushie, bringing unique entertainment to your life.

This advert was brought to you by Darke Angel at MyOtaku.com, the same twisted random freak of nature that brought you “Upside Down Toast depression cure,” “Project H,” “See No Evil, Speak No Evil,” The news, Hurricane Ivan and death warmed up.
Darke Angel “an otaku for the people, from the pits of hell. Vote Darke Angel today!”

DARKE: And that’s all there is from me. No seriously, that’s it. Its been great here on MyO, I’ve made many friends that I’ll never forget, and had many experiences here. I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I have. I will honestly try to update weekly, but there will be times when that isn’t possible. I would like to thank the following:

AISLINN: I know you haven’t been on recently and probably will never read this, but thank you for being a great friend.

CHOCOBO GENE: You get my English jokes. Cheers mate.

CHIE: You the best Chie. Never forget that. You work way too hard and always put me to shame. I wish you the best.

CHAINED ANGEL: *flicks ear*

DEMON MESSIAH: Keep trying mate. You’ll get her someday. ^^

PRINCESS OOKUMAE: Hey, I did the news thing again! LOL. I ain’t that sexeh though.

NUMBER 5: Your art is cool. Keep it up!

RED TIGRESS: You cool. I dig that. MyProcrastinator Club was inspired from your comments. Thank You.

MOURGHAN, OTEMBA, USAGIXSENJO: You guys are cool people too. Don’t forget that.

PURPLEPENGUINS: You just…crack me up. Thanks.

FOX RESSURECTED: keep those random people at bay, eh?

KAGOMEINUYASHASIT: Thanks for the PM conversation. It was interesting.

PURGATORY: You…what can I say? *hugs* Life will get better, I promise. Keep living. I always enjoy hearing from you.

MEMAKI: Cheer up! Life ain’t that bad! LOL. Stay cool.

WATASEFAN: Hey, we share the same birthday! Cool. You must be my long lost sister!!! ARRGH!! LOL.

VAMP2004: Don’t cut ya self, kay? There are better ways. You rock.

YUKINA: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: You are the coolest person I have ever met. This one loves the way you “speak” online. PL3454NT W4V35.

WEAVER: Someone else who gets my English Humour. You totally rock dude. Take Care of Amber! I wish the two of you happiness.

SNOW ANGEL: AZUMANGA DAIOH ROCKS!!!!! Runa humour will last forever!

29: Its okay, it gets easier. Trust Me. LOL.

ONOKIJ: Someone else who will never see this, but I have to thank you for introducing me to Midori No Hibi. That Manga changed my life and also inspired me to write “See No Evil, Speak No Evil”. Thank You.

MITZY: keep up the fan fiction! Its great, I love it!

TAROKUN: Don’t know if you’re gonna see this, but you were the first person to EVER comment on my site. Cheers.

SAIEJIMA MAMIMI, TEPOCOORA, CHICKEN BURGER AND BLACK PEARL: Don’t know if you guys are gonna see this either, But you guys have been great, thanks for being my friends.

MEW WEM: I love your dry sense of humour! HUZZAH for New Zealanders (or should that be Kiwis?) Seriously, it’s been great knowing you. Keep in touch.

LIVING DOLL: Your Cosplay costumes are the GREATEST!!! I love your Rei Costume. You have got serious skill. Someone who shares my Rei Obsession. LOL.

LUCIFERS WIFE: You are the BEST poet EVER. Email me when you publish your first poetry book, I will buy a copy. And don’t worry about your family; once you get into the real world, you never have to see your brother again. Take Care Jen.

CLAIR CHANTEUR: LIL SISTER!!! I'm gonna miss you. Take Care, and look after that singing voice. I might pop over one day to hear it!

SAILOR FIRESTAR: ONEE-SAMA!! Someone who shares my passion for Gundam. A great friend and someday soon, a great teacher. A proper teacher I mean, not just helping out. Thank You for everything. *HUGS*

FLUEKY: Amber, you rock. I know I’ve said that a lot, but you R0X0R5 MY B0X0R5 to heaven and back. You’re one of the most awesomest (ph34r my un-l337 grammar 5kill5!) people I know. Stay in touch, kay? Oh and why did the tomato turn red? Cuz it saw the salad dressing!!!! (just had to do that one last time. ^^ )

Finally, CEE-KARI: Chrissy, what can I say? You’re probably the longest running visitor to my site. You always comment on my art. You included me in your fic (which is awesome BTW. You and Mitzy keep it up, kay?) and you’ve added me as one of your buttoned friends on your site (I love the button by the way), which is the only one who isn’t a member of your group of real life friends! That means a lot to me. Hopefully I'll be dropping by your neck of the woods this summer, so stay posted, eh? You’re the greatest. Stay in touch.

ANYONE WHO I’VE FORGOTTEN: You guys cool too. Sorry I didn’t mention you. ^^;

If any of you guys know somebody who I may have mentioned, could you please give them the Heads Up about this post so that they can read it? Cheers.

THANK YOU ALL. If I never get the chance to post again, I hope you will remember me.

ROSE: Aww, Darke, I’ll remember you.

DARKE: Will you remember me in a Month?

ROSE: Yes.

DARKE: Will you remember me in a year?

ROSE: Yes.

DARKE: Will you remember me in five years?

ROSE: Of course.

DARKE: Knock, Knock.

ROSE: Who’s there?

DARKE: SEE, you’ve forgotten me already!

And at that last piece of cringe worthy piece of British Humour, I bid you all adieu. The site will remain active until the end of the year definitely. After that, I can only speculate. Take Care My Friends. And remember: EVERY JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP.

Chibi Darke: Unless you’re in a wheelchair. ^^


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Logic cant make us understand you know, all those things that our hearts want to have...
"Y'Know" Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 theme.

hiya everyone. gosh, is it wednesday already? doesn't time fly eh?

I went out yesterday and purchased the Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 box set. All 6 DVDs in one box. Im already on disc 4. ^^ BC:T2040 is one of the coolest animes Ive ever seen.

I have officially got TWO days of school left. Tomorrow and friday, and friday is only a half day. then I got half-term, which is a weeks break. Then I got my A2 exams which finish around the end of June. and thats my education period of life OVER. ^^

just thought id let you guys know.

heck, i got nothing left to say.

heres what you guys have been waiting for:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


that game is funny to play when you're drunk.


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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   "Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts, thats all we're leaving behind, it doesn't matter what we're losing, only matters what we're going to find,"
"A kiss is a terrible thing to waste" Meatloaf, also appears in the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical: "Whistle Down the Wind,"

Hiya everyone.

Im stuck in school at the mo, but as soon as i finish making my rounds here online, thats gonna change cuz my ONLY lesson today was cancelled due to a stupid GCSE exam. pff. so im currently in the school library, then im gonna bugger off somewhere.

We've changed rooms for my English classes. we used to have it in this crappy old hut, now we've moved into what used to be a physics room, but is now the new english department. they've devided up this one room into three, so what used to be one huge room is now two small rooms and an access corridor. its really weird.

the funniest thing happened to me yesterday. I was coming home from school and I had pulled up to some traffic lights. Suddenly this guy on a huge motorcycle came up beside me. His engine was LOUD. it drown out Luna's lil 4-stroke with little effort, thats for sure. Anyway, we waited for the lights to go green. When they changed, he revved up his engine, released the break...and stalled. I sailed away on Luna-chan laughing my head off. It was must have been a major wound to his ego, to stall and be beaten off the line by a small scooter. LOL LOL LOL. ^^

eh, i guess you had to be there.

I did have a Chibi Darke Strip to show you guys, but i left it at home. D'OH! *slaps forehead* i will try to get it for tomorrow. Gomen. heh heh. ^^;

so instead, you guys have to make do with a random Quote:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends." -Japanese Proverb


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Monday, May 23, 2005

All of this time, i can't belive i couldn't see, trapped in the dark, but you were there in front of me..
Bring me to Life: Evanesence.

quik update, im kinda limited on time here.

not much happened over the weekend. i did manage to get a picture drawn that i had wanted to do for a while. its on my DA account.

this week i have a bunch of things i have to organise, mainly Luna's 6 month service and a sponsor form for an even im doing. I also gotta post my application for handgliding. otherwise, my week is fairly quiet, so i might be able to get some chibi darke done (w00t). I wanna experiment with some things anyway...

i wrote some more "Daily Circumstance" too, but it a ways from me putting up the next chapter. Im having trouble with the current characters. this may take a while.
I've also had some inspiration for a side-story to my Gundam SCROLL fiction series. I might write it up when i have more time (id like to get a bit further on D.C and the main story line for SCROLL first. ^^; )

t'otherwise, that be it from me. i got paid on friday so i might go snooping for anime some point this week. depends on stuff.

have a great week, i'll see ya when i see ya.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I am prepared to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter."- Winston Churchill.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

I hope you dont mind, I hope you dont mind, that I put down in words...how wonderful life is, now you're in the world...
"Your Song" Elton John.

actually my friend made a good point about that. It seems if you say you like to listen to Elton John or George Michael or Michael Jackson, people seem to think you're gay or a child molstor or something. I would like to set the record straight: Whilst i do not condone what Michael Jackson has allegedly done, it doesnt change the fact he made some f*cking awesome songs. Same with Elton John and, to a lesser extent, George Michael (i only like one or two of his songs).

neway, thats off my chest...

wow, i guess i didnt expect the reaction i got from yesterdays post. wow. you guys feel really strongly about it huh? cool.

i havnt got much to talk about today. *sigh* boring friday...

last night at cadets I was helping this Corporal who was trying to find this form he needed. He had been searching for weeks and had turned the Admin Office upside down trying to find it. I asked what he was looking for, and he showed me a blank example sheet, he was looking for one that was filled in. I went to his tray where we keep all our NCO documents and found it at the bottom. He just looked at me when I told him when I found it, then glomped me! im like 0.0 okay dude, its not that big a deal (!)

ne way, fun and games.

I answer to Vamp's question, there tends to be no actual connection between Gundam series. Gundam SEED and the soon to be released Gundam SEED Destiny are linked and all the UC series (War in the pocket, 08th Ms Team, F91 etc) are all from the same time line and series like G Gundam and Gundam Wing are stand alone series with no link to any other.

okay, thats all from me today. No random piccy unfortunatly. I do have some stuff I wanna do, and if I get the chance this weekend, Ill draw it and scan it for monday.

have a great weekend y'all.

DEFINITON OF STRESS: That confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living 5h17 out of some 455hole who desperately needs it.



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