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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hey hey Kids!
How is everyone? feelin fine? good.

so its wednesday. (yay! not) and its non-uniform day (yay!) and im doing the black thing. y'know. Black roll neck. Balck jeans. Black fingerless leather gloves. Hey, im called Darke Angel for a reason. just dont ask me what that reason is...

the weather is all topsy turvey here. It can be torrential rain one moment, then bright warm sunshine the next. its the kinda weather where you're not sure what to wear cuz it will turn out to be inappropriate at least at one point during the day.

i dont have a lot to say today. theres no Chibi Darke today either, although, if you do want to see a bit of the lil guy, i did post something up on deviantart (link up top). i didnt think it was really appropraite for here though.

so instead, i got the next chapter of my current project "Daily Circumstance" up. you can either read it here, read it at my fictionpress account (link up top) or skip to the bottom where i will say something immature and stupid.

* * *

I was so freakin’ late! I can’t believe I overslept again this morning. That’s what I get for living alone apart from a small kitty called Eva. No one to wake me up in the mornings. I dodged through the streets, trying to make it to work on time. As I ran, I reflected on the incident. I can’t believe I knocked over a cop! What a klutz I was. The cop looked tired, frustrated, so I guess I was lucky to get off with a warning. She looked quite severe, with her short black hair and immaculate uniform. I turned into a side street and into a small park. It was still quite early, so the park was quiet, but it wouldn’t be long now till the morning rush hour. I had to get to the café in time for the breakfast customers.
I paused at a crossing whilst one of the JSDF Giant robots came stomping by. It was over 25 meters tall and in a dark green livery. The ground shook as it passed, heading towards Tokyo bay. Probably another monster alert. This time of year they usually got two or three a week.
I waited until it was clear and then clattered across the street and straight into the café.
“Morning Akemi-chan!” Chihiro Kato, my best friend since high school greeted me from across the café. She was shorter than I was and her hair was a dirty blonde and short in length. She was already in her uniform, cleaning the tables in preparation for opening time.
“Morning Chihiro. Where’s the boss?”
“He’s out at the moment. You’re lucky he’s not here; otherwise you would have got the third degree. I can’t believe you’re late again, especially after the other day,”
“I know, I know, I'm sorry. I need to get a new alarm clock.” I moved into the employee changing room and started to change into my uniform, a white blouse with a dark skirt and an apron over the top.
“The problem is not your alarm clock.” Chihiro leaned against the door frame. “The problem is that you don’t get up when it goes off!” I rolled my eyes. “And it doesn’t help that you stay out all hours of the night.”
“Thank you mum. I can’t help it if those match-making sessions last until gone midnight.”
“You shouldn’t go on match-making sessions when you have the morning shift the next day!”
“I know.” I moaned. “It was my 12th session last night and still no luck. Will I ever find the right guy?”
“If we all knew the answer to that, the world would be a much better place.” Chihiro laughed and we went back out into the restaurant. Already the smells of breakfast were drifting from the kitchen. Chihiro went and unlocked the door, and the restaurant was officially open for another day. It would still be quiet for a while, but the morning rush wasn’t far off. While I waited for the first customers, I turned my attention to the television. The news was on and there were images of a giant lizard breaking from the waves of Tokyo Bay.
“Didn’t they get rid of that thing last week?” Chihiro commented as she cleaned a table.
“They tried, but I think the army only succeeded in pushing it back into the water. It disappeared.”
“The army are no good. I think that their robot, what’s it called? Sentinel? I think it’s no good. I prefer that Super Heroine, um…Solaris. She’s cool.”
“No way, Sentinel is way cooler. I saw it pass by just before I got here.”
“I know it did, the vibrations made the plates rattle. How can you say Sentinel is cooler? Solaris can fly and she has solar beams that can slice through anything. Sentinel is just a machine. Everyone knows about it, there’s nothing special about it. It’s little more than a walking tank. Solaris is a real person, whose real identity no one knows.”
I didn’t reply. On the screen the robot that had passed me out on the street had appeared on the scene. It was just about to engage the lizard that had emerged from the scene when suddenly a streak of light shot from the horizon.
“That’s her, that’s her!!!” Chihiro was grabbing my shoulders, leaning over to see the TV. As the camera zoomed in, I could see a small female figure floating above the monster. Her costume was based on the Japanese flag, her face hidden by a visor, but her hair was allowed to flow freely, long and black. She held a small staff. Her voice could be heard on screen.
“Foul beast, you are disrupting the peace! In the name of justice, I will banish you!”
“Ooh, she’s about to do her special move! She is soooo cool!!!”
Solaris pointed her staff at the monster and a beam of fiery energy blasted the monster back into the ocean. It struggled to rise, but Solaris shot a beam through its chest. The giant creature fell, writhed and then fell silent. Solaris saluted the camera, and then flew off, leaving Sentinel looking bewildered as it stood in the bay, monster blood staining the water.
“Solaris butting in on another military operation?”
“Yes.” It suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t recognise the voice and turned to see young male with short dark hair leaning on the counter.
“Oh, excuse me!” I bowed. “Welcome to “Kitsune”. May I take your order Sir?”
“Yeah, a coffee to go, I'm in a rush.”
As I turned to operate the coffee machine he continued.
“I'm gonna be busy in the office this morning. There’s going to be a tonne of paper work over that whole incident.”
“Is Sir in the military?”
“No, but my company part owns the Sentinel. We have to deal with all the insurance and risk assessments. You know. The boring stuff.”
“Oh,” A wage slave, I thought. Pity. He was kinda cute.
“Why can’t Solaris just leave off military operations? Make my life easier. Besides, Sentinel is just plain cooler.”
“I agree.” I set the coffee down in front of him. “That will be 300 Yen.”
He dug out some money and placed it on the counter.
“Thanks miss.” He left and headed away in a hurry.
“Flirting with customers are we?” Chihiro spoke in my ear. I jumped in surprise; I hadn’t heard her come up behind me. I turned on her.
“I was NOT.” I insisted, feeling my cheeks burn. “We were just talking about the Sentinel and Solaris.”
“Talking about Solaris again?” We turned to find the third waitress of the shift standing in the doorway. She was about a year younger then Chihiro and me, but was probably more mature then we were.
“Solaris is way cooler than you’ll ever be. Anyway, where have you been Aso-chan? You’re late.” Chihiro accused.
“Sorry. The bus got caught up in traffic, what with the Bay incident.”
“Don’t you live in Akihabara? Why would you be caught up in bay traffic?”
“Um…it’s really packed out there.” She seemed to be sweating lightly. I glanced out the window. The roads seemed fairly clear. I gave her a funny look.
“Perhaps you’d better catch a train next time.” Chihiro waved her off.
Aso-chan nodded and went to get changed, her long black hair waving behind her.
By the time she was ready, the first customers of the morning rush were arriving and I started to busy myself in my shift.

* * *

did you just skip to the bottom?

he he. I said bottom. ^^;

hey, i said it would be immature and stupid. Darke always keeps his promises.

ciao guys. see ya tomorrow. probably.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Thoughtless" by Korn, but i prefer the Evanescence version.

so here I am posting again. *sigh* cant get enuff of this wonderful stuff.

not a lot has been happening to me recently. just existing in the limbo between holidays and exams. pff.

im gonna learn how to drive soon. I've talked to a friend of mine who is a driving instructor and he's gonna take me for lessons. why am i learning how to drive when I have a scooter i hear you ask?
well, Luna-chan is fine for my current needs, but when i get back from Malaysia next year im gonna need to have something that can take me on long distances, which Luna really isnt good at. chances are i will be needing to lug alot of stuff around with me too, which i cant really do easily on a motorbike. so ergo, a car. besides, its a useful skill to have, so i may as well learn.

weather is being a bit weird again. rain and sun in equal measures. fun. was quite a pleasant moonlight night last night though. and there I was trying to figure out the feasability of gigantic orbiting space colonies in orbit around the earth. ive been watching too much Gundam...

need to get past my current funk and get back to work. *sigh* i havent even done any more story recently. i really should get some done. maybe tonight.

no DOS or CDD strips today. didnt have time last night.

ive been watching trailers for the new anime by Makoto Shinkai, the one I told you guys about a couple of post back? it looks really good.

thats it from me. meah. toodles.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

mornig all. hope you had a great weekend.

mine was okay. sucked in the fact i hadda go work, but one of my packages came thru from amazon, so im happy in that.

sods law innit tho. pisses down with rain all week, sunny all weekend (when im at freakin work!) and then starts to piss down with rain again for another week. oh well, at least the London Marathon runners had decent weather yesterday.

WAI~ Azumanga Daioh DVD vol 4 IS THE BEST! seriously, it made me laugh so hard. and its got Chiyo-penguin in it!!! so...cute...!!!

i also got Gundam SEED best of CD, which hgas got all the themes and stuff on it, and the remixes too. teh cool. and i got ASTRAY-R manga too, which is cool, but i think i prefer the original ASTRAY.

dentist didn't go too bad. he poked at my mouth a bit then cleaned up. my teeth are pretty darn healthy, so i dont have to worry about fillings and stuff.

i might not be on that much this week. Between English and Music I have a whole tonne of stuff to do. i might be on a couple of times, but not a lot. busy busy busy...

oh well.

heres todays strip.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

if you dont know, Imjustme (a deviantartist) is also my best mate here in merry old england. hes also my art critic. ^^

its his 18th birthday on wednesday. I was gonna do some art for his birthday, but i ended up doing this instead. ^^;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


ne hoo, have a great week y'all. Ill see ya when i next see ya. maybe wednesday, maybe tomorrow. who knows?


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Friday, April 15, 2005

"Feel Good Inc." Gorillaz. i dont normally like their stuff, but the video for this one really caught my eye.

TGIF!!! TFIF!!! well, no not really. its friday. big phat hairy deal. *shrugs*

gotta go to the dentist after school today. time for my bi-annual checkup.

been looking around on the net today. It seems that Makoto Shinkai, the guy behind "Voices of a Distant Star" (a.k.a "Hoshi No Koe") has released another publication. Entitled "The place promised in our early days" or "Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho", it has a larger production staff than Voices did, yet still retains beautiful surreal artwork and the awesome music by Tenmon, one of fav composers next to Yoko Kanno. There isn't an English version yet, but it probably wont be long forth coming. check out Makoto's Homesite for more details.

the school wouldnt let me do anything for non uniform day. ^^; so i wont be wearing a kilt. If I can get my mitts on one however, i might get a photo, just for you guys. ^^

Thats it from me today. short huh?

oh well.

Have a great weekend.

see ya on Monday.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and I leave you with this:

"Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese." - G. K. Chesterton


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Thursday, April 14, 2005

He's a Pirate...
Listening to: Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack...

hiya everyone. I actually went home at lunch yesterday (huzzah for Luna!!) to get the essay and DOS that the stupid floppy disk munched up. But by the time I got back the MyO server had taken a nose-dive and I couldnt access any MyO stuff! oh, well, its working now, so ill post the bits up later. I got the very first part of my latest story too, which you can either skip or go straight to now. its not very long, but then, its only the first part.

so here we are again on anonther boring thursday. just me and the internet... somebody please take my cash cards away from me. I ordered Azumanga Daioh vol 4 DVD, Gundam Seed Astray R vol 1 manga and the Gundam Seed OST from Amazon. i really shouldnt be buying things online... -_-; oh well.
my bank statement came last night. i've spent a lot of money over the past month. of course, i earned quite a bit too, so its not too bad. It took me ages to update my records though. ugh.

I also signed myself (or will soon) to this thing thats happening here soon. "Great Walk" its a series of 10K walks starting at John O'Groats (right at the northen most point of Scotland) going all the way down to Lands End (the southern most point of England). Im gonna do the London one in Hyde Park in September, and all money raised will go to my eventual fundraising target for Raleigh International. I just hope im fit enough to do 10k ^^;

hmm. over-whelming responce to the whole kilt thing yesterday...you guys are weird... ^^

okay, thats it from me today. i leave you with the DOS, a random quote, then if you're interested, the first part of my story.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

QUOTE: "See, we're like artists. And this is how we screw ourselves." Jane, from "Daria"

and heres the story. skip to the bottom to comment if you dont wanna read it.


Ever wonder about the lives of those small chars in anime/manga that maybe get one or two lines that vaguely affect the story line? The cop who gives the hero a ticket or the waitress who takes the heroine's order? Ever wonder about the rest of their lives? What they do during the rest of the day? No? Well Tough Cookies. Cuz I'm gonna their story anyway. The time: the near future, where giant robots and super heroes are not uncommon. The Place: Tokyo, Japan. Five People living their lives as people do. This is their story.

The alarm rasped rudely in my ear. I turned over on my futon and slammed my palm down on the clock. It fell silent, neon green numbers telling me it 5:00 AM and I turned over again, wishing I could get a few more hours sleep. I sighed, then reluctantly dragged myself out of bed. My sister, Ai, was already up. She was making breakfast in the small kitchen of the apartment we shared.
“Morning ‘nee-chan.” She called cheerily over, whilst lighting a cigarette.
“How can you be so bright and cheerful this time of the morning? And at your age too.”
“I ain’t much older than you y’know. I'm 31, you’re 29. Not that much different. Besides, you’re the one who should be full of energy.”
“What’s the point? It’s just going to be another day patrolling the streets, dealing with punks and vandalism. Same as it has been for the past five years. When will the chief give me a big case?”
“Oh don’t start that again.”
“It’s true though.” I rummaged in the cupboard for some tea. “I’ve been in the force longer than Mitsubishi has and he’s got to do murders and stuff. What does he have that I don’t?”
“A penis?”
“Excuse me?”
“If I know the boss like I think I do, he’s giving all the big cases to the guys in the force. He’s a chauvinist.”
“Then what about Ikeda-san, my partner?”
“What about him?” Ai put the breakfast at the table and we began to eat.
“Well, he’s a man. And he’s been in the force three years longer than I have. He’s never been given a big job.”
“That’s cuz Ikeda-kun has always managed to piss the chief off one way or another. He’s a maverick cop. Always has been. No wonder he’s missed the opportunity for promotion five times already.” Ai took a gulp of tea, then clapped her hands together in thanks for the meal.
“I think the chief put him with you just to keep him out the way.”
I did the same and stood up, heading towards the bathroom.
“And what about you Ms. I’ve-been-in-the-force-seven-years-and-still-only-doing-traffic-duty?”
“At least I get to be out in the sun all day. Office work was never my thing.” She grabbed her hat and made for the door.
“I'm on an early shift today so I’ll probably get back before you do. Want me to pick you anything up for dinner?”
I poked my head back out the bathroom, toothbrush in mouth.
“No. Ikeda-san and I have to do a double shift. I won’t be back till late.”
“Don’t come home drunk.” She laughed as she closed the door behind her.
I huffed as I looked at my reflection in the mirror.
“Who are you, my mother?” I spoke aloud. I brushed and combed my hair, and put on my uniform. I glanced at the clock. 6:45 AM. I had to get going. I shut and locked the door and made my way down to ground level. Ai and I lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building in Shinjuku. As I walked out onto the street, I felt the cold air assault my skin. It was going to be a bright sunny day if the skies remained as clear as they were. I kind of envied Ai, standing out in the warm sun most of the day. I grimaced. I’d rather do a tonne of paper work than be a Traffic Cop however. I turned the corner and ran into a young woman who was clattering along in heels, obviously in a hurry. We both fell to the ground from the impact. I looked up to see the woman sitting looking dazed. She had blond hair done up in loose bun, and she was wearing glasses. We both stood up.
“You should watch where you are going miss.”
“Gomen Nasai. I’m really late.” She bowed in apology, then took off down the street. I watched her for a second, then was snapped back to reality by a car horn. I turned to find Atsushi Ikeda leaning out of his patrol car, cigarette in mouth, smiling at me.
“Need a ride?”
I didn’t dignify him with a response but pulled open the passenger door and got in.
“Have a little accident there did we?”
“People should be more careful when running about. Probably an air-head.”
“Meow. Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” He pulled out onto the main street and headed towards Head Quarters. I could tell already that it was going to be a long day.

I was so freakin’ late! I can’t believe I overslept again this morning. That’s what I get for living alone apart from a small kitty called Eva. No one to wake me up in the mornings. I dodged through the streets, trying to make it to work on time. As I ran, I reflected on the incident. I can’t believe I knocked over a cop! What a klutz I was. The cop looked tired, frustrated, so I guess I was lucky to get off with a warning. She looked quite severe, with her short black hair and immaculate uniform. I turned into a side street and into a small park. It was still quite early, so the park was quiet, but it wouldn’t be long now till the morning rush hour. I had to get to the café in time for the breakfast customers.

* * *

et voila. thats all i've done so far. much more to come. ciao.

EDIT: SEROIUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY, SOMEBODY TAKE MY CARDS AWAY FROM ME!!!!!! i just wne t and purchased 3 more manga novels online. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!
i just purchased Evangelion vol 9 manga (which I've been waiting freaking AGES for!!) and Saikano vol 4 (have a mentioned how much I love this manga?) and because I couldnt resist, I pre-ordered Midori no Hibi (Midori's Days) vol 1. I have loved that manga ever since i saw it on Onokij's Myo Site (which sadly is no longer active) and now its finally become available!!! *sigh* i have an anime addiction. i need help...

EDIT 2: QU1ZZ35!!!


You are a Samurai.
You are full of honour and value respect. You
are not really the stereotypical hero, but you
do fight for good. Just in your own way. For
you, it is most certainly okay to kill an evil
person, if it is for justice and peace. You
also don't belive in mourning all the time and
think that once you've hit a bad stage in life
you just have to get up again. It's pointless
to concentrate on emotional pain and better to
just get on with everything. You also are a
down to earth type of person and think before
you act. Impulsive people may annoy you

Main weapon: Sword
Quote: "Always do the right thing.
This will gratify some people and astonish the
rest" -Mark Twain
Facial expression: Small smile

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
brought to you by Quizilla

Water element
Your element is Water. You have a calm aura around
you and are in tune with the world around. You
observe it but rarely interfere. Because of
your shy and timid nature you will not have so
many friends in your life. But then again,
large crowds aren't your thing anyway. You are
comfortable on your own and are reserved to
others who you don't know or know very little
of. You know everyone out there does not want
to be your friend, and knowing that is good.
However, people who don't know you that well
thinks that you are cold and distant since you
don't want to talk to them. Although you mean
no harm, you can't always be perfectly
understood in the world. No one can. Life in
general are you quite serene with even if there
are some things you don't like. Your love-life
is not so full of boys/girls, but if you
flirted more with the ones you were interested
in I'm sure something would happen. The hobbies
you choose are calmer ones, you are no party
girl that likes to drink and make-out with
three or more guys/girls in one night. Reading
a book or swimming is more your thing. Rate and

What is your element? [with pics + 7 outcomes + detailed answeres!]
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Life is good and bad. You know it can never be
perfect and that it never have been, and you're
fine with that. You still feel it's important
to live life since it can end any day and not
sulk because of some little failure in life.
You are often a happy person, still you don't
laugh all the time. You have a somewhat calm
aura and most people feel comfortable around

How do you see life? .::minor update::.
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

cookie-munching goodiness...
okay. that was random.

hiya everyone!

its raining here. bleah. fun to watch, not so fun to drive in.

Next week our school is having a non-uniform day. I figured i might try to get sponsored to dress up silly or something. I gotta start fundraising for Raleigh International somehow. My mum suggested i dress up in a kilt! i wasnt too sure, but it could be fun. everyone knows its the hard-45535 who wear kilts. ^^

i brought in my essay (which is uncomplete) but my stupid disk chewed it up. *sigh* same with todays DOS, so you're gonna have to wait until tomorrow for that. Gomen Nasai.

I was trawling through my archives yesterday (i was bored) and found tonnes of good stuff. The whole "Upside Down Toast Depression Cure" and "Darke Plushie" advert. Reading some of that stuff made me laugh. ^^
In addition to that I want to award Cee-kari a cookie for being one of the longest running visitors to the site. back when i got maybe three comments on a post (if I was LUCKY!) cheers for hanging around Cee-chan!

i got nothing else to say, other than thanks to all the people who visit my site.
Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Flueky. ^^


So "slim chance" and "fat chance" mean the same thing?

Can we surgically remove that part of the brain that plays the same snippet of music over and over and over?

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"Kayleigh" by Marrilion

gut morgen. or good day or what ever it is at the time of reading.

in answer to some questions, yes i will be posting the story up when ive done bits of it and no, i dont own the entire series of Trigun and Get Backers. just the first two volumes of both series.

had two beers last night. sang my head off all the way home. ^^;
oh yeah, aslo at cadets last night, we found a pigeon nesting under the covered area where we have break. We accidently scared it off when my friend tried to take a picture of it, and we found an egg in its nest! we left it, and hoped that the pigeon would come back to hatch out the egg. that would be so cool. ^^

the weather is reasonable here today. its been quite nice these past few days. I took the opportunity to give Luna a wash on Sunday. she all squeaky clean now. ^^

i also got the other piccies i wanted to show you from my hols.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

on the crazy mini golf course. ^^
damn club was too small.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a lioness. here kitty kitty kitty!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a cookie to ANYONE who can find the horizon. seriously. I was there and i couldn't tell the difference between the sea and the sky. British Weather, huh? ^^

thats it from me for now. i might post more stuff later if i think of anything or i take a quiz or something.

here todays strip. its a DOS: Darke One Shot strip, which is composed of one panel, which is quicker and easier to draw than a whole strip.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Random thought for the day:

"and now for something completely different."

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Monday, April 11, 2005

*a faint whistling sound can be heard*
*falls from sky*




Hope all your spring/easter/last fortnight went well.

i been a busy wee bugger. more info on that stuff in a mo. Ive mostly been busy cuz of the stupid english coursework. *growls at coursework* of course, it would help if I had read the crit for it, but the crit runs to about 200 pages or so, and the essay is only 3000 words, so i think i might blag it. i might also skip english today on Ph34r of D34th.

nehoo, its been a fun break. as you may know, i've been in devon for a week, then last week i was...busy...yeah... ^^;

seriously though, I was doing stuff last week. I went to see Constantine at the cinema (which is a cool film) and did some research. I gotta figure out how to raise £3000 by december...

I also purchased a 1/100 scale Aegis Gundam, but when i got it home, i found there were NO INSTRUCTIONS! i was kinda pissed, but i went back to the shop and managed to swop it for Buster Gundam instead. I still want to get Aegis though. I also bought Chrono Crusade vol 1 and Trigun vol 2 on DVD though. its very good. heres my current DVD collectors list.
Chrono Crusade
Get Backers
Cowboy Bebop
Love Hina
and Ive heard that Chobits will be released soon, so ill be collecting that too. Im seriously running out of shelf space though.
Also, My brother called me the other night saying he had found Saikano vol 3 DVD in a Borders near where he lives (Manhatten) so hes gonna send it to me. YAY! i will finally own the whole Saikano anime saga. Saikano, i decided, is the best manga I have ever read. probably. Midori no Hibi comes pretty damn close.

i also had an idea for a story. my last two ideas didnt take off much, but this idea seems to be pretty good.
Ever wondered about the small side characters in an anime/manga? the ones that effect the story line very little, maybe have one or two lines in a single episode? the police officer who puts a ticket on the heros car or the waitress who takes the heroines order? ever wonder what they do with the rest of their day? what their lives are like? no? *shrugs* tough cookies, im gonna tell their story anyway.
Its gonna be set in tokyo, the tokyo that regularly suffers giant monster attacks and Giant Robots/super heroes type stuff. There are 5 characters whose story im going to tell. a police woman, a waitress, an office worker, a shop keeper and a teacher. They meet with each other through various times in the story, but its nothing more than a passing glance, they dont know each other. and its just a day in the life of the "normal" people in anime.

i need to do a little resaerch before I get started (not to mention I have to finish off some...stuff...yeah...) but i think this is gonna be a good one.

okay, enuff chatting. Piccies!!!

umm...i did have quite a few, but my stupid disk chewed em up. so you will have to make do with these ones for now...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

t3h sheer lack of room in my...room. this is the bedroom that i had to share with my lil bro for the week. the walls were as thin as paper and the bed was too short for my 6 ft 2 inch frame. oh well. thats static caravans for you.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
you can take the anime away from the otaku, but you cant take the otaku away from the anime. i was suffering from anime withdrawal, so i sand-sculpted a Gundam Head. BWA-HA-HA!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
perdy sunset

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

even purdy-ier sunset. ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
a giraffe. ^^ the only animal in the world with a longer reach than mine. ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a rhino. ^^ Rhinos are cool.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a flutter-by. ^^

and i will post up the others when i get the chance.

Now i have to go and reply to EVERYONE who signed my GB whilst I was away. and finish going thru the 65 deviations in my message box on DA. and catch up with all my comics. so much to do, so little time to do it.

heres todays comic.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

*there is nothing to be seen except a large mound of paper and a hand holding a note*

im being buried alive under all this coursework.

Darke Angel will return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. thanks for your patience.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

from the new series of Doctor Who. ^^

okay, so im back ever so briefly. ^^; cant get enuff of this wonderful stuff! im a myo addict...

so its Easter Sunday! w00t! i got loadsa choccie eggs. im gonna munch on em later.

the main reason im here is cuz my dad mangaed to hook Midori-chan to the internet! (Midori-chan is my laptop for those of you who dont know. you think im sad cuz i name inanimate objects and im 18? STFU. ) so im sitting on my bed with my laptop typing this. its cool!

I also popped down to the shops the other day. I got GetBackers vol 2 and Trigun vol 1 on DVD. Trigun is so funny, it cracks me up. I also popped into KitKrazy which is this well cool model shop nearby that sells Gundam Models, among other things that are hard to come by in the UK. I mangaged to purchase a 1/100 Blitz Gundam model! Blitz Gundam is my fav Gundam from SEED. They also had Buster Gundam, Aegis Gundam and Aile and Launcher Strike Gundam kits. teh awesomeness!!

i really should be packing right about now, we're off to Devon tomorrow, and ill be home on saturday, so the next update will be either sunday or some day during the week. I've also got to lose this procrastinating bug and start my friggin english coursework. and Luna needs a wash too... *sigh*

no comic today, didnt realise id get online... so i leave you with this...

how i survive, i really dont know,
talk about my weakness, totally addicted to MyO!

ciao for now. see ya when i get back from holiday.

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