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Monday, December 19, 2005

this made me laugh so hard


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Sunday, December 18, 2005

definitely feeling teh xmas creeping up on me.
We have a tree.

a christmas tree. yay.


uhm...i honestly had stuff I wanted to say...

uh..oh yeah. Luna reached 5 thousand miles on her milometer yesterday on the way home from work. and cuz im a little ball of weird, i decided to do a piccy!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Interesting factoid: the scooter they are sitting on is a Honda Lead SCV 100 which is exactly the same model as Luna is. SWOOOKKYKYYY!!

dentist went ok. i got shiney clean teeth now.

going round Nick's place on Wednesday. I like Nick. He makes me laugh.

Cadet xmas party tomorrow. not going. teh l4m493.

oh yeah...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my little crimbo tree in my room. Too much tinsel and its falling to bits. And i made that little angel on top when i was like...three or something. I wanted to colour the wings but they stopped me. Thats why one of the wings has a bit of green on it. LOL. it goes so well with my GITS poster, dontcha think?

i downloaded this program the other day that is kinda like Kazaa or similar programs. Ive been using it to download MP3s that ive wanted for ages, like the Full Length versions of Anime themes. I got "one second refrain" and "Hurricane of tears" from Getbackers, "Limitless Answer" from Dirty Pair Flash (ive been wanting that for sooooo loong!!!) and some stuff from Bubblegum Crisis tokyo 2040. It made me very happy. ^^;

i also had THE officially weirdest dream of 2005. it started with me wanting to go somewhere at night in a car (tho i dont have a liscense) so i drove there in my brothers car, then i drove to a Territorial Army centre. As I got out the car, the Prince of Wales walked by and I saluted him. He told me not to salute him, explained why and walked off. Then it gets fuzzy. The next thing I know is that 3 people who i used to go to school with were trying to break into the centre, but they were caught by Canadian Women. and i had to go with them. Then we were at some sort of laboratory. My friends had disappeared, and been replaced with Yzack, Dearka, Nicol and Kira from Gundam SEED, and the scientists had taken their hearts out to examine them. and Kira was like "Hello, im not with Zaft(!)"
whilst one of the canadian women was saying how coordinators werent that special and a scientist was asking her if she wanted the battle between the Dual and Strike Gundams to go first.
Then it gets fuzzy again and Im walking through some woods and its sunny. Suddenly theres a rockslide infront of me. But then it goes away and i keep walking and meet up with Eliot from "Scrubs". And we walk and talk a while and then we meet up with J.D from the same show. And you can hear his thoughts (like in the show) and he's wondering about how friends can be lovers or something. Then those two start to walk off and I wake up.

BIZZARE! and there was someone with me the whole time. I don't know who, but i could feel them there.

oh welp, heres a CDD. enjoy it while it lasts. ^^;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bath Sharks...how the hell do i come up with this stuff?

nehoo, ciao for now. remember folks...ONE WEEK TILL XMAS!!! MUST SHOP NOW!!!!!!!!!

*runs away screaming*

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Friday, December 16, 2005

ah dammit. According to work, because I started there last tuesday, I havnt done a full two weeks work, and thusly wont get paid till next week. shit. this essentially means i cant afford to go xmas shopping (i maxed out my credit card paying for flights)

dammit. >.<

oh, and the reason i havnt had a pay slip since July (see two posts ago, or one post ago or something) is beacuase ive been unemployed since then. ^^; i started aa new job last tuesday (the 6th dec)

*sigh* gotta go to the dentist in a minute.

sorry no cdd today. i havnt had the time.


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Thursday, December 15, 2005

and now....a brief interlude...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

* * *

We said nothing for a bit. Then Benny broke the silence.

“Do you know why I go out on scavenger missions?”

“No. Is it for the fun and adventure?”

“No. Its because I want to see the sun.”

I looked at her. At her glassy green eyes. She nodded.

“Yup. Something as simple and as selfish as that. I'm sick and tired of being stuck in the darkness. I want to see a clear colony day again. I want to see Blue skies and white clouds. But I can’t do that by myself. I can’t fix the mirrors. I can’t power the generators. We need to be free of the HCA and get this colony fixed. Or we need to be able to move out. But we cant do that stuck here. We need people like you willing to fight on behalf of us. To fight for peace.”

I thought of the orphans at Eden, and the Solar Swashbucklers, fighting so that others didn’t have to. Fighting so that we could experience a lazy peaceful day again. There was nothing wrong with that was there? Some might even have called it a noble cause.

“If I had a suit like this, I’d probably use it to fight. I might get killed, or I might put this colony at risk.” She looked off into the distance “But if at the end of it, I could spend one day here in the sun, then I’d put it all on the line. For something as selfish as that.”

I took a long hard look at her. This girl, about the same age as I, more willing to go out to fight for a simple thing such as daylight, than I was willing to risk my life for peace in the whole Earth Sphere because I was scared of getting hurt again.

“But…” She said, looking back at me. “I don’t have a suit. I don’t have a means to fight. I just have to do the best I can.”

I knew she wanted to ask me if I could fight for her, for her colony, for her dream. But she didn’t. She just stared off into the night sky, a shell of the confidant tomboy I had met hours earlier.

“I’d do anything just to see the blue sky again. Maybe all you can do is fight. But sometimes, that’s all that is needed.
Someone willing to fight. And something worth fighting for.”

We sat in silence for a long time.

“You’re awfully strong Benny.” I said eventually. When I did not receive a reply, I turned to look at her. Her head was drooping. Eventually she fell, her head hitting my shoulder. I sighed and pulled the towel around her shoulders.

“Perhaps I should be stronger too.”

* * *

Extracted from "Gundam SCROLL: Interlude", part of an ongoing fiction by Darkeangel.

Gundam SCROLL, and the characters and Mechs found within (c) Darkeangel



Got a day off today. im going to see if i have been paid (for the first time since June) and then i might go x-mas shopping. ^^

Im also going to this thing this afternoon where i go back to my old school and pick up the certificates for te examination, and might see my old friends again. which could be cool.

and Tonight i have cadets. I have to help plan and set up the cadet xmas party which is on Monday. I aint gonna go to the party tho, cuz its normally 5H17 and boring. Even when we do plan fun stuff, it normally turns out L4M3.

ooh well, enuff from me today. Ive had a few ideas for new Chibi Darke Days so stay tuned folks. ciao.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

i just found out my work rota for the next two weeks.

I get Thursday and Sunday off this week.

And Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Therefore, by process of elimination:

im working christmas day.


Well, i guess it cant be helped. It is a hospital after all. Patients are gonna want their meals on xmas too. and i will be getting paid double time too. £12 an hour. £84 for the day.

Mum has said that once i start getting paid, she will be taking money off of me for housekeeping purposes. to cover food and electricity i use and stuff. she does it for my older brother too, so its only fair.

My older brother has gone out to New York until xmas too. well, he's actually in Ireland at the mo. His flight got diverted. ^^; But he should be in new york city for a few days and then he's going to meet up with his GF whose out there. I've biven him a wihlist for stuff that you cant get here in England. Unfortunatly the Saikano OAV ("Another love song") and Gundam SEED Destiny dont come out till spring. oh well. I asked him to pick up vol 1 of GITS: SAC 2nd Gig for me. ^^

I've just finished writing a short story as part of grand Gundam SCROLL project. It addresses some stuff that I didn't cover in the earlier fictions. Im currently now on part 4 with a side story being written too. And seeing how each part keeps getting longer and longer (eg: part 3: 84 pages at size twelve font. 33,660 words.)
and the end no where near in sight, im going to be busy over the next...couple of years? i dunno. i want to get the side story finished before i go malaysia. But it was nice just writing a short story. If you REALLY REALLY REALLY want, i might post it on my fanfiction site, or even on here, but it is 28 pages long (and trust me, for me, that is short.)

ne hoo, thats enough for me. Toodles folks.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

dun dun dunnn....
i updated yesterday...

go take a gander, a shufti, or nice long look....

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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my Pirate Flag. Ph34r t3h J0lly R093r!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My Ghost in the Shell Poster. she has nipples. bwa-ha-ha!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is me trying to stack all my anime dvds in one pile and all my manga in another...as you can see, Im having a little difficulty.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Couldnt quite do it in the end...just too much manga and anime related stuff.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

its a long way down...

manga on the left, anime on the right. with the exception of Akira and GITS:SAC box set on the manga pile.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and thats the rest that i couldnt fit on top of the first pile...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

thats all of em...i think.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is how they fit on my shelves. for your convienience, I have put a red box around the manga/anime section. This also includes my Eva art book and Newtype magazines.

so thats my manga/anime collection. Thats 137 anime pieces (box sets count as one piece) and 73 manga pieces. 210 pieces in all...not inclusing my eva art book, newtype magazines, and other paraphanalia...just the manga and anime.


oki, enough boasting.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thank you Cee Kari for giving me the idea for this, even if you didnt mean to. LOL

toodles mein freunds et mon amis.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

feel proud of me.
Darkeangel. Endured 7 years of secondary school. Was awarded with 10 GCSEs, 4 A-Levels and a BTEC in aviation studies. Is going to Malaysia in February to help the local community and save the environment.

and what did i do today?

Got taught how to mop floors by a spanish gentleman.

welcome to my world ladies and gentlemen.

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Monday, December 5, 2005

morning folks. yes, im updating again. woo.
hi everyone.

I start work tomorrow! woo! except i have to get up early and be at the hospital by 8:45 for a seven hour shift...yay i think...oh well. it will be worth it when i get paid. ^^

um...thats all i really gotta say. read yesterdays post if you wanna know more about my strange substitute for a life.

oh yeah, i put up my newly aquired Ghost in The Shell poster up yesterday. I was gonna put it on the ceiling, but it kept ripping the paint off and falling down, so i had to find somewhere to put it up on one of my walls. Im gonna also try to put up my Jolly Roger flag today too. ^^

okies, i thought of another one...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

idea for this one came from my dad of all places. i was making toast yesterday, and he said something similar to Laura in panels 3 and 4. ^^

ne hoo, toodles.

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

i dink ib god a cold

Not feelig too peachy today. I had a bit of a headache on thursday and its developed into a full blown cold. Probably didnt help that i sleapt under the stars on tuesday evening.

I got my last innoculation done though, and ive mangaged to get all my stuff paid of, so its official. In february, Im going to Malaysia!!! w00t!!! its gonna be a tough few months but i know the experience will be worth it. Ill be thinking of you guys. I might even get a chance to update during the changeover period (a coupla days between one project and another). cool. ^^

I also had a blood test the other day for this job im hopefully gonna start soon. blood tests hurt. ^^;

i also purchased a few things on wednesday too. Mainly a December issue of Newtype USA, a lil GITS: SAC figure of Major Katuragi and a Tachikoma, a MSIA Chaos Gundam and I've finally got round to completing my Evangelion DVD collection! w00t! I dunno what it is with me. It takes me forever to complete my fav anime series (ive been collecting eva for over 3 or 4 years now) but when it comes to other series i like, but not my fav, i complete them ASAP. its bizzare. Ive yet to complete my Nadesico collection, and my Gundam Wing collection, and those were some of the first animes i ever got into!!! *sighs* oh well.

No Chibi Darke today. Ive had a few ideas but nothing put down on paper yet. heh. gomen.

Oh yeah, one other thing: TEH SECRET PROJECT BEGINS TODAY!!! well...yesterday. For those of you who i've asked about the secret project, it should be arriving within the next week or two *fingers crossed* and those of you who i havnt asked, you're gonna have to wait about 20 or so days. But it starts now! bwa ha ha ha!! what is my secret project? It wouldnt be much of a secret if i told you now, would it?!!!

*wanders off*

*sniff* i need a paracetemol...or a LemSip...

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