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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

I fell in love with some bagels...
thats my mates version of the opening line to "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna (i think). it does honestly sound like she says that!

hiya everyone. ^^

i managed to get the stick back in time (see yesterdays post) but it turns out my mum was late homa anyway. she had to do some shopping. we needed food. ^^;

i took the opportunity to go out anyway. I went and purchased "Cowboy Bebop" vol 4 (w00t) and i found the first volume of Chobits anime. aww. Chi and Sumomo are kawaii. Im still used to calling Sumomo "Plum" however. thats the manga version for you i guess.
I also bought the Two Disc version of "House Of Flying Daggers". i havn't watched it yet. I was gonna watch it tonight, but i may have to put it off. My english teacher wants a final draft of our coursework for Friday. eep!

My dad said he was gonna pay for my driving lessons. I said it was okay, and that i'd pay, but he insisted, cuz my parents paid for my brothers driving lessons. Which is fine, but my parents ALSO paid for my Bike training and for Luna, AND my insurance. Which comes to quite alot. and they want to pay for driving lessons too. okay, so the lessons arnt alot, but still. It does show me how much I really owe my parents, even if they do piss the hell out of me sometimes.

Tomorrow I wont be in, probably. Gotta vote. It will be a DPD: Darke Polling Day. I gotta pick between Labour (dicks) Conservatives (also dicks) and Lib Dems (who dont appear to be dicks, but i have a feeling their hiding something that will screw the UK over moer than Labour and Tories combined) or I could vote for UKIP or the Green Party or the BNP (not a chance in hell) or even the Ravingloony party. (yes, it does exist) whatever. Ill probably ened up going "eeny, meeny, miney, mo" and picking whatever one i land on.
Also tomorrow I gotta get a section ofg my music done, im gonna be doing a recording session, which will be fun. not.

have a great day guys and if i get the chance to stop by tomorrow I will.


Life is like a cookie jar and all the men and women are merely crumbs. I happen to be one of the chocolate chips. ^^

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me, My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating, Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me, 'Til then I walk alone
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Green Day.

Hey everyone. sorry for the lack of proper update yesterday. As I said, I forgot it was a bank Holiday yesterday, so i could only get online at home, so i was limited in what I could do.

Thanks again to FoxRessurected for her entertaining comments. PH34R US CR4ZY 0N35!!! we make life...interesting. LOL.

As I said in my short post on friday, I got my Gundam DVDs on Friday. I spent all weekend watching them. Gundam SEED= T3H COOL!!! ^^ it was sooooooo awesome!!!

My brother and parents went out yesterday to a garden center and brought me home a venus flytrap. ^^ well, seeds for one anyway. when it grows it should help control the fly population in our house come summer. ^^ my brother also bought himself a bonsai plant. its kinda cool. it will look better when it grows a little bit and is clipped and trimmed.

i took the opportunity to write some letters to trust funds yesterday. hopefully they will give me money for my trip to malaysia!! I also began writing the third part of my fiction "Gundam SCROLL 3" (Onee-sama knows about this) which NONE of you will ever lay your eyes on cuz its lame. but i enjoy writing it anyway.

This week I have to finish my music project, decide who im gonna vote for in the general election and sort out a date for Luna's service, as its six months since her last one. she could probably do with it too. ^^;

its nice and sunny here! w00t.

im borrowing my mums memory stick to move some AMVS from the schools computers to my laptop at home. unfortunatly Ive just remembered that mum gets home early today, and i didnt ask if I could borrow it. hopefully i can get it home before she gets home so i wont get scolded. ive "borrowed" it before, and i really cant risk getting caught again. especially since its got her college stuff on it!!!!!!
so im gonna bug out of school early and return it before she gets home.

hey, i know i said you wouldnt see this lil guy again any time soon, but i didnt have a proper post yesterday or friday, AND im gonna be away on Thusday, as the music room is closed for polling day. so here is a Chibi Darke Days strip as a sorry for being a lame 455 in posting recently.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com



Q: Why were we put on this Earth?
A: To make others happy.
Q: What were others put here for?

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Monday, May 2, 2005

"Daily Cicumstance" part 3. enjoy
I walked out of the café and turned on to the street that led to the Shinjuku train station, where I would catch a train to central Tokyo. I waited on the platform, sipping my coffee and reading the newspaper. The biggest news story was the civilian owned Giant Robot that was being brought into action. The army were complaining that civilians should not be put in charge of such powerful weaponry. The new robot hadn’t been given a name yet, and the newspaper was running a competition to name the mecha. The winner would get the opportunity to ride in it. I had entered, but wasn’t very hopeful. I had tried to join the army to become a robot pilot, but I didn’t have what it took. You needed to have some super I.Q to be a robot pilot. I never took much notice of my studies at school. Too busy practising my Manga skills. Fat lot of good that did me. I had submitted several pieces to a publisher, all had been rejected. I needed an idea, something unique and lasting. I had nothing.
The train pulled into the station and I got on. It was busy, but not packed. The train shuddered forwards and then moved steadily out of the station. I scratched my chin. I had shaved this morning, but it was already growing back, itching as the hairs broke through the skin. But it had to be shaved, as my boss didn’t approve of stubble, and I never had the time to grow it out.
I had took the job with the Akation Company, who part owned the Sentinel mech, because I thought I would get to be directly involved with the robot itself. Instead, I sat in an office all day, filling in documents to do with the robots missions and dreaming of becoming a real manga-ka or robot pilot.
As the train pulled through the city, I looked up out the window to see the Sentinel striding through the city. If it was possible for a robot to look dejected, the Sentinel did. As if it knew that it had competition with the new robot coming into service, and if that wasn’t enough, it had been humiliated on national television by Solaris.
I thought back to the chick in the café. She looked kinda hot. I had considered asking her out, but my nerve gave out. Ever since I was in high school I had never been good with girls. I could talk to them okay, but anything more than that and my mind went to mush. I sighed. Here I was, 23 years old, and never had a single girlfriend. Unless you count Keiko, my next door neighbour when I was 6 years old, growing up in the outskirts of the city. But that really was no more than a very good friendship, I guess.
The train pulled into the station and I squeezed off and made my way to the street. The tower block where Akation were located rose from ground like a monument to the gods shining in the morning sunshine.
Hmm. That would make a good opening line for a manga. I scribbled a note on the top of my newspaper, reminding me to type up a concept based on that thought on my laptop later. As I entered the lobby and made my way to the elevators, I reflected on the concepts I already had. I knew that if I had a good concept where I could visualise parts of the story, I would be well on my way to a good manga. I had that one about an assassin who had lost her memory or that one set in the future with the robot A.I who falls in love with her pilot. There was that really good one I thought up a few weeks ago about a blind guy and a mute girl who have this powerful bond where they complement each others disabilities. All I needed was to draw up a sample chapter. I really felt that it had potential.
The lift sighed to a stop and I disembarked. I walked down the hall and into the office where I spent my days.
Even at this time in the morning it was hectic, with phones ringing off the hook and the sound of keyboards being hammered in a complex and chaotic rhythm. The place seemed a mess, but was in fact perfectly choreographed, everyone working together to ensure that when Sentinel took off, it was covered and legally protected from anything it might encounter, and that any weapon or gadget used was within the budget and not used without good cause.
It was the most boring job on Earth.
My best friend and room mate, Shinichi Maki, waved at me to come over. He had being doing the late shift last night which was why he hadn’t come home last night, but I was surprised to see him still here.
“Hey Shinichi. You still here? And whilst I'm on the subject, why is everyone else here? I know I'm on the early shift today, but why is everyone else here?”
“You saw the news this morning didn’t you? Solaris butted in on another operation.”
“Yeah, I saw but it doesn’t normally warrant this many people.”
“It seems Solaris’ energy beam clipped the Sentinel. The company want to file a law suit. Do you know how hard it is to file a law suit against someone with a secret identity? I haven’t had a wink of sleep for the last 24 hours. I'm ready to pack it in and go home.”
He rubbed his hand through his short black hair and looked at me, bags under his eyes. I sympathised with the fella. He and I had been the best of friends ever since we met in high school. However, we were both slackers and loafers and thus really got what we deserved when we couldn’t get any job other than the one we had now.
“By the way, did you remember?”
“Its Friday Shin. This week it was your turn to bring the cakes for everyone.”
My eyes widened as I remembered. I had totally forgotten about it.
“Keep your voice down,” I hissed. I looked round the office. Nobody was paying us much attention. I checked my watch. It was 7:00AM. The boss came in early on a Friday so he could finish early, but even he wouldn’t be in much before 7:30 at the earliest.
“I know a place near by. I can go at get them now, and still be back before the boss gets here.”
“You’d better hurry,” Shinichi called after me as I rushed back out the door and down to street level.
It had become a tradition in our office for one of the workers to bring small treats for his co-workers on a Friday. It had started off as a treat, but now it seemed to be part of the routine that was our office life. In fact, it seemed to be expected of us. I was half certain that my pay would be docked if I didn’t bring in the cakes.
I found the store quickly and went in. I found some reasonably inexpensive cakes and checked the price. A thousand yen, if I were to get enough for the whole office. Dammit! I had enough money but I also have to pay for a train ticket, and I don’t get paid for another two weeks. It would mean I would be having beef bowls for dinner yet again! I sighed and bought the cakes anyway. This would mean I wouldn’t be able to go to one of those matchmaking sessions Shinichi told me about. I couldn’t afford it. I sighed as I put my order up on the counter.
“What’s the matter son?” The old shop keeper inquired as he put through my order. “Women trouble?”
“You could say that I guess. In that I can’t seem to get one.”
“Heh. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. That’s what I say.” I paid him and left the store.
I made it back to the office quickly where I was pounced upon by my co-workers. The bag was left empty within seconds. I had the foresight to save a cake for myself as I came up in the lift and opened it with a sigh.
“Hmm. These are reasonable I guess. For you Hiragi-kun.”
I swung round on my seat to find Yuji Inaba staring down at me.
“What do you want?”
“Nothing. Just commenting on your cheap cakes.” The comment was knife to my pride, seeing as they were all I could afford, but I wasn’t going to give Inaba-san the pleasure of seeing how her words hit. She wandered off when I gave her no reply.
“Damn her. She’s just saying that because she can afford the expensive cakes from the bakery.” I muttered. How could she afford to do that? Sure she was my senior, but her pay couldn’t have been more than mine. Unless she has a rich partner or something. I wouldn’t have put it past her. She was pretty good looking and very nice if you got to know her, or so the others say. Unfortunately I possessed a stand-off type attitude around women that I had had ever since my first rejection at high school. I could never seem to let women get close to me, always pushing them away either through rudeness or my ice cold personality around them. I leant back in my chair, painfully aware that I still had a pile of paperwork to plough through. I really wanted a girlfriend. Someone to confide in. Someone to have fun with. Someone just to be ME with.
I recalled the old shopkeeper’s words.
“Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. That’s what I say,”
I laughed out loud.
“Old coot. Probably never had any experience with women.”

* * *

hey sorry for the lack of real update today. i fuhgot it was a bank hoiday today. ^^; ill post proper tomorrow.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Lady Evil, Evil! Shes a mystical magical woman...
"Lady Evil" Black Sabbath

short post today. net is being a bitch. deleted my last post. cant be arsed to write all out again so you get shorthand version...

Got Gundam SEED DVDs this morning

got drunk last night. said good bye to friend who is going into army.

English teacher being a bitch. im lying low.

Ill try to visit everyone. dount count on it.

have a great weekend.


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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Às armas! Às armas! Sobre a terra e sobre o mar! Às armas! Às armas! Pela Pátria lutar! Contra os canhões marchar, marchar!
The Portugese national anthem (chorus) Talk about random, ne?

thank you to Fox Ressurected on her long and entertaining comment yesterday regarding the dinner i was cooking last night. this is what she wrote...

"uh... um... beef latice? *scratches head* i have no idea what that is... i'm a vegetarian, so i doubt that i'd eat it... (the kinda suggests a cow-ness to it ^^) nevertheless, i think i could explode it if i really tried.

random person: why would you explode his beef latice? did it ever occur to you that he might actually want to eat it?

me: hey! who asked you?!?!

random person: no one, really, i just felt like sticking my two cents in

me: *muttering* i could tell you where you could stick your two cents... *starts saying a few choice words*

random person: you are a real loser. you're having an argument with a random person in your mind and you're LOSING.


random person: no, you're just a loser


wow... i can't believe i had a whole conversation with a random person inside my mind... am i really that lame?

random person: yes

me: *whips out frying pan* BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING!!! *starts whacking the bejesus outta the random person*

...see? i'm at it again!! perhaps i should seek help? look what beef latice does to me!!! gyahhh!!! *rips out hair*

random person: just cause you're a lame crazy person, it doesn't mean you have to be a BALD lame crazy person...

me: are you IMMORTAL? i could've SWORN i knocked the bejeseus outta you!! in theory, you should have no bejesus left, rendering you useless and unable to lower my self-esteem!!! gyahhhh!!!!!! *runs around in circles crying*

random person: lame, crazy, bald, and CRYING...

me: SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!!! SHUT U- *passes out from frustration*

random person: *skillfully kicks my unconscious body aside* that takes care of the whackjob, ne? as for me, well, i have a fetish for beef latice... ESPECIALLY over crunchies and peas...

me: *in the background, slowly gaining back consciousness* what are crunchies? could i explode them?

random person: did it eve occur to you that he might actually want to eat them?!?!

me: talk about deja vu!


what a completely long and utterly pointless comment!! it had very little to do with your post, actually ^^ but it kept me entertained. i still hate that random person, though... -_-# but if it enlightened you for even a second, i've done my job!

random person: don't you think he has a life? perhaps he wishes to do something with it better than read your pointless comment?

me: where DO you come from?!?! *sigh* well, it's been great... *glomps you* cya around ^_^ "

* * *

yeah... ^^; you crazy. I like you. ^^

one thing though. It turned out to be Sausage Plait, not beef lattice. Its kinda the same thing though, just with a different meat, and the pastry is set out different.

i ahvnt been to a lesson ALL week. except for my music lessons. Which is where i am now. i'll probably turn up to classs tomorrow though.

Tonight im off to my mates farewell party! w00t. PH34R MY N33D PH0R B33R!!! he's probably gonn get egged and flour bombed etc too, so its gonna be messy! of course, we'll have to catch him first. it will take cunning, stratedgy and large amount of rope...

thats all from me today. no piccy today, so ill leave you with...


I had this dream last night, which resulted in me oversleeping and being late for school:

I was riding to school on Luna (like I do) and when i got to school, i didnt want to park where the scooters are normally parked, cuz its on the other side of the school from where I have form room. so i decide to park next to our new science block. As I park up, some random P.E teacher who i dont know comes up to me and says: "You can't park here! Why are you trying to park here?" and I reply "Cuz its a F*cking long-ass walk from the parking spot to my form room, alright?" He walks away and is replaced by Mr. Wait (Head of Sixth Form and ANOTHER blockhead PE teacher) and he says "Did you just swear at one of my staff? I wont stand for it!"
and I reply "I didn't insult him, I just said it was a f*cking long walk from the bike park to my form room, so im parking closer,"
and he says "Thats not the point, you swore,"
By this time theres a crowd gathering. I say "Look, whats the big deal? F*CK F*CK F*CK! Do you see anyone writhing in agony? no? thats cuz its just a word."
and then we had some major row and I woke up.
See. Even in my dreams, my school sucks and the PE teachers are d1ckw33d5.

oh well. toodles.

EDIT: okies, for those of you who dont read the whole post, the stuff in BOLD was a comment i recieved yesterday from Foxressurected.
I do not hear voices in my head, because there is a strict no talking policy in my head.

thank you.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

excuse me...EXCUSE ME...i have to be direct...
Daria theme. ^^

Hey everyone. this is gonna be an uber short post today, cuz i have nothing to say and im bored. Im skipping lessons so I can do some Music Tech stuff.

next thurs I have to vote. we're selecting a new prime minister! or not, if Labour gets back in and you guys will be stuck with Tony Blair for the next half-decade.

i have to cook again tonight. Beef Latice, oven crunchies and peas.


instead of Chibi Darke, we have RANDOM PICCIES!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Buster and Blitz say buy these CDs!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my set up in my bedroom. Midori-chan, my laptop and my new scanner. ^^


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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

We dont need no education, we dont need no thought control...
Pink Floyd, "We dont need no education" check out the video for this song if you can, it will blow your mind.

so how has everyone been in the last 24 hrs since i was online?

my brother texted me this web address last night. For those of you who know my real name (Phil Weston for those of you who want to know) check out this link:
Kicking and Screaming Movie

whats funny about it is that I HATE SOCCER! not too fond of Will Farrell either.


on my wanderings through the World Wide Web yesterday, i stumbled across this site: Dog Blog
do you like dogs? then this is the site for you. This guy has gone round the Mission in San Francisco and whenever he encounters dogs tied to things, he takes their picture, and offer them up to the world with whatever commentary springs to mind. some of it is funny, some of it praises dogs, some puts down dogs (of a certain breed) all of it is good natured. there are over 170 pictures to date, so if you love dogs, then you will like Dog Blog.

i had to go to cadets last night. ive been taked with starting up the band again in time for a parade in may/june time. *fingers crossed* heres hoping I can do it in time.

also, my friend, Dan Howard, is leaving cadets on thursday. He is off to join the Army as a weapons Technician. We're gonna have a party on Thurs with B33R and pranks and stuff. its gonna be a great laugh, Dan is quite a character.

My lil brother asked a favour of me last night. He asked if I could do a CD cover for him. so here we go...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Musitoot is the popular music band my brother is a part of. He plays the flute. The band is woodwind only, saxaphones, clarinets and flutes, as well as paino and bass back-up, and they play swing music, jazz music, well known popular stuff. Personally i think they suck, mostly cuz you cant do that type of music with just woodwind instruments. its too soft, you need something a little harder in there, like brass instruments. but as an artist i am detached from such perosnal opinions, so i did the above CD cover for him. I like the girl in the glasses playing the clarinet. I cant draw instruments that good though. T.T

thats it from me today. i might go and purchase ALL of the available Gundam SEED DVDs online. ^^

here is todays comic strip.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a parody of the Carslberg adverts we have here. "Probably the best beer in the world".
i wouldnt know. As long as it has the word "Beer" on the side, id probably drink it.

say goodbye to chibi darke for a while. ill try to get some more up, but dont count on it any time soon.


Random Thought:
Person A: Hey Person B, do you know how to piss?
Person B: Yes.
Person A: Then piss off.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

I dig giant robots...
I watched both parts of the Megas XLR episode "Rearview mirror,mirror", the one where Coop travels to an alternate dimension and ends up teaming up with the Glorft to fight an evil version of himself! I have to say that that was the best Megas Episode EVER! The mech battle at the end ROCKED!!!

otherwise, my weekend was fairly slow. I organised driving lessons and worked my 455 off at work. I didnt get to chat to the boss lady about extended leave, but i got her shift times, so ill call her when i get home.
most of the afternoon was spent doing some drawing and storywriting. Im finding less and less time to do the things i want. guess thats the curse of A Levels. oh well.

oh and thanks for the offer Fox Ressurected. although, how you blew up a cookie is beyond me.
and thanks for saying im fairly youthful. i guess thats a complement. ^^ i guess its because I watch too much anime. although there is no such thing as "too much" when it comes to anime. ^^

i did a bit more of "Daily Circumstance" but i havnt finished the section im doing yet, so im going to wait before I post that bit up.

INSTEAD! im going to post up a Chibi Darke Days comic strip. ive got two, one for today, one for tomorrow, and that will be IT! at least until i get a break from work and fundraising and school and stuff.

this is a parody of the MasterCard adverts that they show here in the UK.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

aww. Poor Luna. Its tough being a chibi cyber angel.

have a great week guys. see ya tomorrow!!

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Friday, April 22, 2005

"Don't Bother None" Cowboy Bebop OST

hiya everyone, and thanks for commenting yesterday. one thing though, to kagomeinuyashasit: i sincerely hope you were joking when you said to tell work i was pregnant and get maternity leave. im a guy you know. dont think that will work somehow. ^^;

and to onee-sama, you're right. i had forgotten that i might be doing travelling this summer with my bro. to be honest, im surpised anyone remembered, seeing as I forgot!! of course, the whole travelling thing depends on what my brother is doing this summer too. he might get a job or something, so it really all depends on what his life involves. thanks for reminding me though.

w00t. i managed to cook dinner last night without being reminded and without screwing anything up! it was only meatballs and pasta, which is really easy, but still, im learning how to cook! might come in handy when im stuck in the middle of Malaysia. ^^

its friday again. tomorrow i gotta work. i also got to talk to my bosses and see if they will let me have unpaid leave for the gliding scholarship. fun (not). i've also really got to sit down and write up some letters for fundraising too. and tonight i gotta arrange some driving lessons. and i gotta wade through a bunch political documents, as I have to vote this year. well, i dont HAVE to vote, but im eligable, and it gives me the right to b1tch about whoever gets in if i didnt vote for them.
*sigh* why do i feel like my life has just got really complicated? enjoy your youth kids. trust me, it gets harder before it gets better.

my friend Nick showed us what he got for his birthday yesterday. He got this really nice silver pocket watch. it looked really expensive. i asked him who it was from and he said it was from his girlfriend!!!! im like "WTF!?" man, the things people do for love. when it was her birthday, my mate painted her a picture, which cost him next to nothing, apart from time and oil paints. still, it was a brilliant pic, with a lot of love and attention gone into it, so i suppose it was just as valuable, but in a different way.

no comics today, I been kinda busy. heh heh. Gomen.

Random pics:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
from the new anime im obsessing about, "The promise we made in our early days"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Punk-Rock post it note.

Bunny (c) Lem. Bunny Comics

have a great weekend y'all. see ya on Monday.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

t3h b0r3d0m.
nothing to do. dont want to do work. bleah.

last night i was trying to sort out my gliding scholarship with cadets. I did a bit january last year, but due to crappy weather i never finished it and i never heard back from them. it took me ages to find the form i needed for it! i had to turn my dump of a room uspide down to find it. I contacted the guy who's in charge of glidng for our region, and he said he might be able to fit me in on the weekend courses at Odiham. which is fine, but it could take several weeks, which means i wont be able to work. as much as i hate my job, it does keep me quite nicely in the dough so to speak, with enough to buy petrol, b33r and maybe a model or a DVD or two, with enough left over to put into my savings account. no work means no pay. im fairly certain that TESCO wont let me have 4-8 weeks off as paid leave so i can do a gliding scholarship. i dont really want to move my hours around cuz i cant do weekdays. i may have to quit work, and then get a new job after i finish the scholarship. of course, being 18 now means im more employable then the first time i tried to get a job. the only other thing im bothered about is the fact that Odiham is quite a way away, and if they dont allow us to stay over night during the weekend (which they should, it would be pretty stupid if they didnt) then i may have a transport problem, i.e my parents probably dont want to do the 60 mile journey four times a weekend for however long it takes. oh well. we'll see.

i might alos go on the cadet summer camp this year. we're going down to RAF St. Mawgan in cornwall where they keep the big-455 yellow search and rescue helicopters. if the weather is nice, it could be a good trip. ill have to see who else is going first, but it will be my last chance to do a cadet camp, so i might go for it.

i've chatted enuff.

heres random pics:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

SUGOI! you can get SD Strike Gundam with all the weapons packs? cool!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aww. Chibi Aegis!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

KAWAII!!! Chibi Red, Blue and Gold Frame ASTRAY Gundams!!!!

ciao ^^

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