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Thursday, December 1, 2005

hey everyone. Its december. and what does that mean? ADVENT CALANDERS!!! w00t!!

fer those of you who might be slightly clueless about advent calanders, essentially what they consist of is an A4 size thing that sits on the wall and has little doors on it. Behind every door is a little chocolate, and sometimes a lil pic or message. There are normally 24 doors (and therefore, 24 chocolates ^^) for the run up to XMAS. and these days companies often like to put in 32 days, so all of december, and new years day too. Advent calanders are often themed. This year I got a Star Wars one. heh. I like Star Wars, but havnt thought too much of the recent ones. (the prequels)

ne hoo, im back! (in case you hadnt noticed yet)
The workshop was teh coolest thing ever. Everyone had a great time, and my team were the Dons. we were the best team there, we worked together brilliantly and won alot of the mini competitions. We also learnt alot about malaysia and what its gonna be like when we get out there. Oop, that reminds me, i gotta pay my flights today.

The only bad thing about the last few days was that the sleeping arrangements were terrible. ^^; the first night we were inside, but on lil camper beds which were damned uncomfortable, and the second night we were under a tarpaulin strung between to trees. My team consisted of nine people, so you woulda thought our combined body heat woulda kept us warm, but nooo. it was freeezing cold. and I had to get up in the middle of the night to pee. I had to climb over 3 ppl in oreder to get out. good job im flexible. ^^
the food wasnt great either, but when your cold and hungry, you'll eat almost anything.

But all in all, I had a fantastic time. It was actually quite refreshing to "unplug" myself and take a few days without DVD players and computers and internet. Its amazing how much fun you can have playing silly physical games with ppl you barely know, yet like anyway. it was all very friendly and relaxed. teh cool.

I gotta go up london today and get my last innoculation (w00t!)
and i might pick up the december Newtype mag if its available. Ive also got cadets tonight.

have a great december y'all.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

last one till i think of some more folks!


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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   Why am i in such a good mood? (despite the fact i didnt wake up till midday today ^^;;; )

Well, partly cuz i did so well in Lucifer's Wife's lil lateral thinking quiz and she made me tonnes of banners and stuff. now i gotta figure out how to put em on my page. and to have enought space in my intro for em. ^^;; anyone got any ideas?

The other reason is that I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!


Its only as a temp kitchen hand at the hospital where my mum works, but the pays is good, and its only for christmas so it shouldnt drive me TOO insane. ^^;

Im pretty close to reaching my fundraising target for my Raleigh Trip to Malaysia. Im about 600 pounds short. Unfortunatly the money has to be in on Wednesday. So my parents said they'll field the last bit and ill have to pay em back or something when i get the money.

Speaking of Malaysia, im going to be away over the next three days (monday-wednesday) cuz i have to go on a Challenge Workshop to prepare for the trip. I get to meet everyone else who will be on the trip also. so it could be fun (tho we're gonna be sleeping under the stars and trust me, ITS COLD HERE! so that probably wont be too much fun. but we'll see.)

ne hoo, thats my update for today. I might be able to post on wednesday, depends on how I feel.

i leave you with this.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


and also, i made this up last night. Its kind of a cover if i ever decided to put my CDDs into a book. enjoy.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and with that, I bid you adieu. (till wednesday or thursday ne how)

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Thursday, November 24, 2005



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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it
I dont personally celebrate Thanksgiving (its just something we Brits dont do) but in the spirit of the occasion, i thought Id sick up a list of things im thankful for.

1: All my friends, as few as they are these days. Mostly consist of you guys ^^;

2: Anime and Manga (^^)

3: The internet

4: My DVD player and my laptop

5: Luna! ^^

6: As much as they annoy the hell out of me, my parents, cuz in reality, they do a hell of a lot for me.

7: Little bits of beauty in the world. Like waterfalls. And butterflies. and slow sunsets where the sky goes from deep blue to pale blue to green ever so slightly and then to pink and red. and clear blue skies.

8: Im thankful for the opportunities presented to me, and the chance to grasp those opportunities with both hands.

9: Im thankful for God, who made me and gave me my abilities. And giving me the capacity to thankful. and for his everlasting grace.

10: Im thankful for my muse, who gives me waay to many ideas. ^^;

11: Im thankful for my guardian angel who covers my ass way too many times.

12: Im thankful for Jen's poetry, Ambers madness, Chrissys goofiness, Mindys crazy groping (dont ask), Kyrie's ongoing questions, Yukina's l337n355, Living Dolls cosplay, and onee-sama's guidance and wisdom. Im thankful for your valued friendship guys. and those guys i didnt mention, im thankful for you too.

13: Im thankful for each day of life (tho sometimes i dont feel like it ^^; ) and what each new day brings.

uhm...thats all i can think of off the top of my head. ^^;

ok, here's what you really came to see...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Luna is thankful for chibi Darke's l337 n3k1d 5k1ll5. ph34r.

ne hoo, have a wonderful thanksgiving and remember: be thankful for something. Even if its just a little thing.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cuz its all right, to be little bitty, in a little home town or a big ole city...
howdy folks.
Im just really posting today to say have a happy THANKSGIVING to all my american friends (which is most of you) May your Turkeys be well stuffed and your pumpkin bread be seedless...

in other news, im still jobless and broke. The weather is freezing cold here. Luna has finally been fixed (w00t!) and um...yeah...

I was gonna have a bunch of Chii Darke days up for ya, but since a lot of you are going to be on a break starting today or tomorrow, I didnt manage to get them drawn in time.

So you guys are gonna have to make do with a DOS instead.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i did this lil thing to commemorate the release of the Bottle Fairy anime on DVD this month. Bottle Fairy is about these four wee sprites about the same size and Chibi Darke (3 inches) who are learning about life and culture of Japan with the eventual goal of becoming human. aww. I liked the concept of the anime, and it reminded me alot of Chibi Darke in some respects, so this is my lil homage. Its not really funny, but i have some funny stuff coming up. stay tuned!

until next time my friends.

Ja ne.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   Simultaneously bummed and elated...
which is a very weird feeling.

Im not goona go into depth today. But

elated becaue: Im finally wireless. w00t! which means i have a broadband connection and i can access it from my bedroom instead o having to go down and connect to the broadband modem. the signal can be a bit dodgy, but otherwise it works perfectly. w00tage! PH34R MY L337 N3K1D W1R3L355 5K1LL5!!!

Bummed because: I still have to raise £2400 by december 2nd in order to go to malaysia. I STILL dont have a job. I have no money left (damn my impulse buying!) and it looks like my only option left is to go back to the supermarkets. I reallyreallyREALLYREALLY


dont want to go back to the supermarkets. *sigh* it looks like i have no options left. excuse me while i scream...


*a-hem* thank you.

no chibi darkester but now Midori is all wireless and stuff i can scan a new strip almost directly online now. rather then having to faff about with internect connections and stuff.

okies, see you guys later.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ah, its been a long coupla days since i last posted...
First off, thanks to everyone who read my article and commented. I appreciate all the feedback Ive been getting.

Wow ive been busy. I went up to London last week to get some more jabs and in the meantime i popped into Forbidden Planet. They had a Chaos Gundam and Impulse Gundam plushy. soo cool. but i didnt buy. I did get the original Gundam Novel though. Its quite good. Ive read bits of it. (MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD) Amuro Ray dies at the end of this book!!! OMG!! eh, i never liked him anyway. (END SPOILER)
I also bought a lil Panda Z model. Dont know what Panda Z is? *slaps you* look it up.

On saturday I had a Quiz Evening to attend and sort out. That was tonnes of fun. And it raised a bit more money for me to go to Malaysia.

On Sunday I had to get up Uber early (7 am!!! ON A SUNDAY!!!) cuz i had to take part in a Rememberance Parade. It went ok though. All worked out. Only two ppl in my band dropped their sticks.
I also chatted to Flueky on MSN and discussed our world domination plans. I get the SW quarter. (if you look at a map and take the bottom left quarter, thats mine after we take over the world.) shh. top secret.

Monday It was my brothers birthday. I got him a coupla books and a lil figurine. I also speant most of the day painting a wall. The wall in my front room. Its really smelly now. and red. And i still got a third of it to do. *sigh*

Today my mum forced me to go driving. She wanted to go to a Garden Centre, and i need the practise driving. I really should learn to stop at stop signs. ^^;
Its hard driving. Especially with a manual gear box. You guys with your mostly automatic gear boxes dont understand. *huff* JK im kidding. still, it is hard with a manual gear box. especially in my brothers car...

I also had a scary dream last night. I dreamt that I had to gone back to work for TESCOS. NOOOOOOOOOOO0000OO0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0OO00OO0OOO0O!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so freakin real. i had to convince myself it was only a dream... phew...

eh. Thats it from me today. I dont have any CDDs to how you. sorry!

so have a random quote instead and ill see you all next time.

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."- Robin Williams


EDIT: ARRGGH! How could have i forgot that!!?? I also went to see Howls Moving Castle last week too. (FINALLY!) That is such an awesome anime. And its based on an english book. I might try to get the book. But yah, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

oki, going now...

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

...this is why i don't read film reviews...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

“The idea seems to offer a meditation on virtual experience but, as such, it is virtually incomprehensible…For geek philosophers and computing theorists only.” Daily Mail

“You can’t help but be seduced by the glow of Mamoru Oshii’s cutting edge visuals- even if the exasperating, Morpheus-style pseuding about free-will and humanity overloads the patience portals”-Metro

Now I don’t claim to say that “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence” is a better film than its predecessor, the original Ghost in the Shell movie by award winning Director Mamoru Oshii based on the highly acclaimed manga by Masamune Shirow, and indeed, I did find “Innocence’s” story a little harder to follow than the original GITS. However, the above reviews released in two English newspapers have got me, an avid British Anime fan, outraged.

It’s not so much that they imply that this film is for “geek philosophers and computer theorists only”. Granted I feel insulted at being called a geek-who doesn’t? But it’s the comments like “the exasperating, Morpheus-style pseuding about free-will and humanity overloads the patience portals” that get me really steamed. Firstly, that’s the whole point of the film. The comments about our free will. About our humanity. And how the human race might lose those in an increasingly cyberized society.
Second: “Morpheus-style”? Look, just because “The Matrix” trilogy was released first, doesn’t mean it’s the be-all and end-all of humanity introspection in a digital age. If I recall correctly, “GITS” came first. Then came the Matrix (which, I might venture an opinion, became a poor excuse for a trilogy after the first movie), which probably wouldn’t have even come about if not for anime movies like GITS and Akira.

But the thing that really annoys me, as a true anime otaku, is the notion that because you can’t understand and fully comprehend the movie, it automatically becomes rubbish. I understand that the Critic is thinking of Joe Average and trying to suggest to him that he probably wouldn’t like the movie, but you CANNOT slate a movie just because it throws in a few Milton references and generally takes its discussion above your level of thinking.

I think this is the reason that anime hasn’t taken off so much in this country (UK). I mean, it’s big, but not as big as the US. People…just don’t understand it. Anime humour is completely different from average humour. Anime musings are different from average musings. If I showed a group of average human beings “End of Evangelion”, they’d probably say something along the lines of “WTF was that?” Whereas If I showed them something similar, but oh so westernised like “The Matrix” (sorry for continuing to use this reference, but it’s the best one out there) they’d be like. “That was cool. Lots of gun fighting-sh*t and some interesting thoughts on identity and reality.”
Which is fine, I guess. Each to his own. But don’t knock something just because you don’t understand it.
In the January 2005 Issue of Newtype USA, they alluded to the fact that Oshii frequently asserts that “films shouldn’t be understood but vaguely felt.” And I think this is the mark of a true anime.
I didn’t fully understand “End of Evangelion”. I didn’t fully comprehend “GITS2: Innocence”. Did that stop me from enjoying it any less? No. Granted the awesome visuals did help somewhat, but still. If you’re told everything, told what to think, have everything in the film explained to you, where’s the fun in that? I don’t know Milton. I am unfamiliar with the religious references involved in “Eva”. But why should I? I'm not a scholar. But that doesn’t stop me from finding out. Getting off my backside and doing a little research. Understanding what they meant AFTER I watched the film adds to the enjoyment. It prolongs the fun I get from the film.
Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I'm one of the few true otaku, before anime became popular. Perhaps I’ll still be an otaku after it disappears into obscurity again. There’s nothing wrong with anime you can watch and get instantly. But don’t let that be the limiting factor on your enjoyment. Anime that pushes boundaries. Anime that makes you think. Anime that you ENJOY even though you’re not quite sure why. That is true anime.
That is why I spend money on new manga and new DVDs even though I clearly can’t afford to. That is why I spend hours in front of my TV watching and re-watching anime classics. That is why I spend so much time online.
This is something that few people will understand. True Anime isn’t to be understood. Just “felt”. Just enjoyed. People say this makes me a geek? Fine. I don’t expect them to understand. It is beyond them. Perhaps I shouldn’t get angry, but just take the view of the teacher with a difficult student. Is that arrogant of me? Perhaps.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

i really dont like autumn.
for starters, its wet, windy and all my mates have buggered off to uni, so im bored as heck. i STILL dont have a job. Halloween round here sucks anus. and thats just for starters.

today i was heading out over to Bluewater, a huge out-of-town shopping mall. I had barely left the local area when some woman in her car sideswiped me. I BLATANTLY had the right of way and she pulled out and we collided. I think her car got off with a few scratches but i have to freakin replace a whole panel now. Its all cracked and splintered. my poor Luna. arrgh!!! that woman is payin for it though. I got her details. HA! shes gonna pay for Luna's new body work. I havnt quite figured out what its gonna cost, but im hoping its relativley expensive.

so yeah. life has been pretty sucky recently. SO i decided to post this again. Most of you guys probably missed this the first time i posted it. its a tad long, but a good read. trust me.


What you will need:
1: A Slice of Bread (preferably White, but brown will do)
2: A toaster
3: Butter (or margarine IF YOU MUST!)
4: The ability to stand on your head if need be.

1: Lightly toast the bread until it is golden brown, or until it is at the optimum temperature for melting the butter.
2: Spread the butter on the toast so that it is absorbed into the toast. Ensure that the toast still has some butter on the surface.
3: Wait until butter has been fully absorbed, but ensure that the toast does not cool down. The whole process from removing toast from toaster to the toast being ready should take between thirty to fifty seconds.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1: Depression Stage One: Mild Depression a.k.a “Down in the Dumps”
Cure: Eat toast upside down. (see fig. 1)

2: Depression Stage Two: Severe or Chronic Depression
Cure: Eat Toast upside down whilst standing on your head. (Fig. 2)
Please note that the butter side of the toast should be facing the ceiling/ sky/your feet.

3: Depression Stage Three: Manic Depression, or “if everything else fails…”
NOTE: This should really be used if all other cures have failed. Please note that this cure is extremely dangerous and should only be used as a last resort.

Cure: Eat toast at 90 degree angle whilst standing on your head and quoting Shakespeare OR humming your National Anthem (but please, for your own safety NOT BOTH!) (see fig. 3)

Annex to the Above Cures: The common misconception about the above methods is that the cure is the actual eating of the toast upside down. It is not. Te cure lies in the patient’s belief that upside down toast will actually cure them of depression. It prompts them to question: “How does something as small and insignificant like eating buttered toast upside down cure something as big and major as Depression, which affects 87% of the Earth’s population?” This leads the patient to consider the bigger problems that can’t be cured by toast. Like War. Plague. Famine…well, maybe famine can be cured by toast. And then they realise that their problems aren’t as big and bad as they originally thought. And they feel better because of that. It also tends to help if they like toast.

For Manic Depression, the eating of toast at a ninety degree angle whilst standing on their head involves intense concentration, so much so that it diverts energy from the A-10 neuron cluster in the brain that is concerned with depression-stimulation. The quotation of Shakespeare/National Anthem diverts the attention from this fact so that when the energy depression levels in the frontal lobes are reduced, the “depression compared to other problems” logic kicks in, curing depression.

I do not recommend the use of Jam/Preserves, seedless or otherwise, with this cure. One, it detracts from the simplicity of the cure and two; it makes a big splat on the floor when gravity gets the better of it.

All research into these cures was undertaken by Darke Angel. To fund further research and ensure depression is completely eradicated from the Earth, please consider making a donation to Darke Angel’s Anti Depression Cure Utilising Inverted Carbonated Wheat Extract And Processed Cow Juice Research and Development Fund. (D.A.A.D.C.U.I.C.W.E.A.P.C.J.R.D.F). All donations to the D.A.A.D.C.U.I.C.W.E.A.P.C.J.R.D.F are gratefully received. (But please do not send toast in the mail as it gets all squishy and unusable during transportation)

If unsatisfied with this cure please return unused portion for a full refund. D.A.A.D.C.U.I.C.W.E.A.P.C.J.R.D.F is a registered trademark of Darke Angel. Any attempts to emulate this cure will result in consequences. The strawberry cows know where you live.



in fact the only good thing thats happened recently is that Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence just got released in certain cinemas here. I went to see it with my best friend Nick at this really posh cinema. it was fantastic. No trailers, straight into the movie and enjoy its awesomness in all its glory. GITS2: INNOCENCE is a true work of anime art. beautiful.

ne hoo thats enough for now. see ya again.

QUOTE: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who cant teach, teach gym."

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hmmm...i really oughta stop buying stuff that i cannae afford.
dang it. i went and bought Midori Days vol 2 manga, Saikano vol 6 manga, Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence Prequel Novel (not manga: NOVEL!) starring Batou and Mobile Suit Gundam: Chars Counterattack. I almost got Trigun vol 5 too, but that would have put me waaaayyy overbudget, considering i STILL dont have an income.

Ive also bought (in the last few weeks) Akira (finally) A Gundam Seed art book, Voices of a Distant Star manga (untranslated...why did i buy a manga thats still in Japanese?) and a book that teaches Kanji. *sigh*

i also went to see "Corpse Bride" yesterday, which i thouroughly enjoyed, and i also saw "Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit". I like Wallace and Gromit. I saw the original stuff, and this was pure gold. i really enjoyed it.

my brother's GF is staying with us for a week. She's from America. She's actually strarring in the US national tour of "Cats" at the mo, but she got a week off (for good behaviour) and so shes crashin at our place. Which means i cant walk round the house n3k1d for a week. darn.

im still looking for a job, tho i did get an offer the other day for Pizza Hut delivery. unfortunatly the pay is 5h17 and the hours are cr4p. c'est la vie. if nothing turns up soon...

ah, i guess thats it for now. sorry to have bored j00. ill make it up to you...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

k? coolio.

hip hip here we go, pip pip cheerio ill be be back soon!! toodles!

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