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Friday, August 12, 2005

Contrary to popular belief, im not dead, just...um...yeah...
hey everyone! sorry i aint posted in a while but out here in East Tennesse, my communication options are limited. ^^; Im actually currently in Flueky's home right now, using her puter to update.

I had tonnes of fun in New York. My parents actually came out and surprised me and my brother on the saturday morning. damn parents. can never leave me alone. LOL. so yah. my bros birthday was fun. we went out to a British Resturant as well. I had Steak and Kidney pie. yum. ^^

ne hoo, i then made my way out here to tenessee. ^^ Met up with Mitzy, Britt, Flueky and Cee Kari. and Cee-Kari's lil sister. ^^; im a commodity out here, i keep getting passed around and fed and stuff. ^^ but it really is nice out here in tennesse (i keep spelling it wrong, sue me). it actually reminds me alot of home. Not that im home sick or anything.

we went down to a lake yesterday and fed koi karp. man that was awesome. they were like all crowding in a mass. The ducks could like walk on them, they were so packed together. Awesome.

hopefully we're all gonnna see a movie or something tonight. ^^ Me and Flueky have just been to a chinese resturant, and now shes cooking lasagne. Its a conspiracy i tell you!!! they;re trying to fatten me up!!

LOL. neway, im having a great time, and hope you guys are too. sorry Vamp if you were planning to come out to NY, im long gone. Gomen. still go anyway, its a heck of a town. LOL

ciao fer now my friends...

Thought of the week: Phil did it... (special people will get this)

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Monday, August 1, 2005

yes, im updating again. and its half past one in the morning. and i dont care. ;p

yesterday went okay. I bought TM Revolutions new CD (the artist who did Invoke for Gundam SEED as well as several other Gundam SEED music tracks) i also bought Appleseed. Tis awesome. The art is brilliant and the story line is intriging. the CG/3D/animation style is brilliant. i thoroughly enjoyed it, slouched on the couch, with a packet of Cheetos in one hand and a glass of Orange Soda in t'other.

i uploaded some new art on Deviantart if any of you are bothered.

i also went to see Sky High yesterday. It was predictable, but entertaining. a good hour and half escapism.

i wanna get the Haibane Renmei OST and the Azumanga Daioh OST, but i cant find them anywhere!! i might look on amazon.

okay, im gonna go and watch Constantine now. Why? cuz i can. the beauty of living (more or less) on your own. bwa ha ha!!!

toodles my friends. stay safe and dont give in to temptation. And stay in school. yeah...

EDIT: oh yah. happy august my friends. damn. my brothers birthday is on saturday. gotta get him something...

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

WO-oah, im an alien, im a legal alien, im an englishman in new york...goo goo gjoob...
Goodo Morninghu to j00 my friends.

Things have been going pretty good here since i last posted. I've been to see "War of the Worlds" which was okay, and "Stealth" which was awesome.

The other day I decided I was only going to do things on an oriental theme. Therefore, I went down to Chinatown! did a bit of browsing there, which was fun. i stopped in this shop that had tonnes of weapons and stuff. Awesome.

Then i dedicated the rest of my day to things of a Japanese nature. I bought some pocky (yum) and this weird Japanese drink in a glass bottle. Then I had lunch at Yoshinoya. I had a beef bowl, which was beef strips on rice with soem other stuff. It was delicious and uber fast too! quicker than any McDonalds.

Then i popped uptown and bought some Cream Puffs. They were SOOOOO munch! absolutely brilliant! yum!!!

The day after that I went down to see the Sony Tech Labs, but they were booked for the day so I ended up wandering around 5th and 6th avenues. I eventually bought Haibane Renmei vol 1 and Samurai Champloo vol 1 on DVD as well as Newtype USA August edition. thouroughly enjoyed all three.

yesterday i woke up late and went down to the south street seaport, and browsed around there. its quite enjoyable. I watched some proffesional buskers. One guy juggled stuff, and threw this Chinese Yo Yo higher than a building! and this other guy was a contortionist and did weird stuff with his body.

Today im off CD hunting. Theres one or two CDs i wanna try and find. Ill let you guys know how that goes.

One other significant point of mention is that my brother (who im staying with) has gone to surprise his girlfriend...in Los Angeles. Which means im alone in NYC until wednesday. Well...i am sharing the appartment with his other roommates, but i try to avoid them cuz I feel weird and out of place normally around them. But otherwise, its just me. yay! or nay. whatever. we'll see.

Have a great week you guys and see y'all again soon.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lah lah lah Laundry day!!! my boxers flew away! they came back the other day!! said theyd been on holiday!!! I shouted Hooray!! lah lah lah laundry day!!
Hiya!!! *waves frantically* how is everyone?

as you MIGHT (and i mean might) have guessed, im in a good mood today. dunno why. perhaps it was the brownies and their sweet chocolately goodiness. yum!

today was LAUNDRY DAY!!! fwee. luckily the Laundromat is right next to the apartment building so i didnt have to go far. just watching the laundry go round and round and round and round...

yesterday I went to see Batman Beyond in the sony IMAX theatre. You walk into the theatre and are confronted by a screen thats like five stories tall or something. you're like 0.0 woah.... and the movie was cool too. best way to watch a movie is IMAX. unless you have a dvd/projector machine. then you point it at the ceiling and watch anime in bed. w00t!

over the last couple of days ive just been going into bookstores and reading their manga. bookstores here arent like bookstores in England. well. not all of em anyway. Waterstones is normaly pretty good if you wanna sit and read. they just dont have cafes in em...

EDIT: Funny things ive seen around New York:

(on Manhole cover) New York Sewers. Made in China. (me: how did they get it all on one boat?)

Professional Public School (me: that would make the rest of them what? amateurs?)

(on washing machine) Do Not Put Person In Washing Machine (me: well doi)

oh well, thats me for today. see ya when i next update. see ya!!!

RANDOM QUOTE: "Humor is always based on a modicum of truth. Have you ever heard a joke about a father-in-law?"-Dick Clark

read my other post V only two people commented! spread the happiness people!!!

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

part 3: end of week 1
well HELLO my friends. ^^

phew. has been a busy couple o days. i've been buying alot of anime and manga. ^^;

first off i went to Jim Henleys Universe on 35th street and Broadway and bought Saikano Manga vol 5, Gundam Astray R vol 3 and Patlabor vol 2. Then i stopped off in Borders again and bought Gundam 0083: StarDust Memories box set. (all thirteen episodes in one set).

Then yesterday I popped down to the Virgin store in Union Square and got "The Place Promised In Our Early Days" which is by the same guy who did Voices of a Distant Star. Ie been waiting for this anime for sooooo long and when i found it I think I blew a happiness fuse...more about that later...

Afterthat I popped down to Forbidden Planet which is just behind virgin on 13th and Broadway. In there they had tonnes of stuff. They had anime bags and anime t shirts. I contented myself with The Days of Midori (Midori no Hibi) anime vols 1 and 2, Cowboy Bebop movie OST (w00t!) and an amusing lil manga called Yotsuba&, which is from the same guy who did Azumanga Daioh. This is more like a manga than Azumanga's four panel gag strip format, but it retains its comicy humor. It focuses on this lil Girl called Yotsuba who is...weird...and her friends she makes when she moves into town. I quite enjoyed it.

back to "Place Promised", i was soo freakin happy when i found it. You know the feeling you get when its a beautiful day, you know your off to do something brilliant, then you discover you won the lottery as well...it was that kinda feeling. I was almost shaking with excitement. And with good reason. The art in this anime is the best anywhere. it is beyond beautiful. The story is a little confusing, but understandable. The music is by the almighty Tenmon (who did the music for Voices too) and its just...words cant describe. When I watched it, i wanted to be in the anime. it was like my happy place on DVD.

however, after i watched it, i got kinda depressed. I think i used up all my happiness or, as I said "blew a happy fuse" me and my brother had an argument later that night too. but we sorted it all out.

also this week I went to the Intrepid Air/Space/Sea museum. which was fun. i got to see Avenue Q which is a really funny musical, and i had been wanting to watch for a while, so that was nice.

Today im taking it easy. Tomorrow i think im gonna have to do the Laundry. ^^;

and thats it from me fer now. take care my friends. see ya later!!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

NYC part 2 (of god knows how many)
Hiya everyone. Hope y'all doing okay. ^^

so, whats been happening the last couple of days?
lessee...sunday i speant all day chatting to ARC and Flueky online. well, pretty much all day. LOL. stopping only to pee and have lunch. In the evening i met up with my brother and we went to see Fantastic Four! Another brilliant film by Marvel. They've been kinda missing with films like Daredevil, Hulk, Electra etc, but this one has got them back on track. *nods*

uh, what else? yesterday I went downtown to have lunch with my bro and then we went over to Pier 59 and the sports recreational centre the have there. We went bowling. Stephen won both times, but i manged to surprise him with a double strike. (two X's in a row). Then we chilled in a park for a bit cuz it was overwhelmingly hot.
Then we came back to his appartment and watched "The Incredibles" on DVD. LOL
We went across the street to a lil Irish pub for dinner. I had a chicken and fries basket. Munch.

And thats more or less it. Today we're going to hang around 34th Street for a while, then perhaps go and watch the musical "Avenue Q" i really really want to see that. ^^

One other thing, I know you guys havnt see alot of the Chibi Darkester much recently, but i've had an idea for a mini-comic strip. Its still gonna be Chibi Darke, but it will run over several comics and actually involve plot!!!! It all revolves around a mysterious hero. This hereos name? ...."El Tumbleweedo"!!!! LOL more details soon on this mysterious crime fighter and his involvement with the chibi darke crew.

so until next time:


a female MP: Mr. Churchill, you are drunk!!!

Churchill: and you madam are ugly. But i will be sober in the morning...

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

   And now we go to our NYC correspondent...
Yes, im here, live, in the Big Apple. Free Interweb dontcha know. so i thought id give you guys a wee update, let you know how things went...

Flight was okay. had to queue alot. The movies and stuff were crap, so I ended up listening to Japan Radio all the way here (7 hours). stupid Continental Airlines. Food was pretty good though, i guess. I always seem to be sitting in the back of aiplanes. I wanna sit in the front one day. preferably in First Class. LOL. oh well. my budget only extends to econmy. d'oh! *shrugs*

So, anyway, after I got here, i had to get a freakin bus from Newark to Port Authority Bus Terminal. Not fun. plus there was alot of traffic. darn.

Oh, BTW, if anyone here lives in relatively close to NYC and wants me to pop over and say hi, just say the word. im here till the 9th August.

After I met up with my bro and dropped my bags at his appartment, we went to see a movie. Thats 10pm local time. 3 AM in England time, which is what my body clock is still set to. LOL. I wasnt that tired though. Tired wnough to fall asleep quite happily on my bros couch though. The movie we went to see was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". It is a work of sheer genius. i totally recommend it. J.Depp is fantastic as Willy Wonka and the whole story is well thought-out with dark undertones, but fantastic humour all the way through. Brilliant.
There are also some movies coming out that I wanna see. "Corpse Bride" (by the same guy who did "Nightmare Before Christmas" and this other one about some guy who falls in love with a ghost seems pretty cool too.

Its been pretty nice here so far. I've only been here one day and already ive bought Gundam F90 on DVD and a Manga called Amazing Agent Luna. Its pretty good. I guess Im missing my Luna more than i thought i would. ^^;

special congrats to Mew Wem who has mangaed to get a job in Central Park. No, not the park in Manhatten, an anime store in New Zealand. well done Mew Wem!

nehoo, lots of things to do, but ill try to keep you updated as long as im in New York.

see ya round my friends.

RANDOM THOUGHT: "Evil" spelt backwards is "Live" (as in to Live)

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The grand Darke Tour of the USA begins tomorrow. So i wont be around for a while. dont have too much fun without me!!


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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hmmm.. that real life thingy is going to be more of a pain then i thought...
sorry i aint been on for ages you guys. lotsa stuff been happening.

ill try to keep it short. LOL.

um. okay, first off, I've FINALLY QUIT TESCOS!! im am now currently unemployed. w00t. which is nice. bad thing is, my MOBILE PHONE GOT FSKING NICKED ON MY LAST DAY!!! my lil Washu-chan got stolen. i was well pissed off. i giota new phone now, but its not the point. >.< one thing i cant stand in this world is thieves.

what else have I done? um, i went to an art exhibition at the school that my best friend was in. he does uber good stuff. we all went out to the pub afterwards and i ended up asleep on his bedroom floor. thats the first time ive slept round his in ages. LOL.

um, i went up to London last week to book flights and stuff, and i bought some Manga. Gundam SEED Astray R vol 2 and the Gundam Movie part 1 on DVD. they're also releasing Gundam SEED in England too! i cant belive it. especially after i imported the entire series. >.< ah well, who cares? I also found this cool comic shop with tonnes of hard to get stuff. I bought me a lil Force Impulse Gundam action figure. Sw33t.

The day after was the day all the terroist bombings and 5h17 took place, so i guess I was kinda lucky there. ^^;;

Last weekend I went all on my lonesome to Wales to do a 13 mile walk over the Brecon Beacons. (a buncha really steep tall hills, almost mountains) It was hot and darn hard...and that was just the journey up there! the actual walk was hard but I was with a bunch of Liverpool residfents in my team, which was great fun, and we took it easy. It was still bl00dy hard though. i also drank alot of b33r that weekend. LOL.

We're also getting new windows fitted in our house. It means Ive had to rearrange my bedroom so the people can GET to my window, and they'll be here for a few days. *sigh*

Last but not least, Im off to America on FRIDAY!!! w00t!!! all by my lonesome. Im going to New York first to stay with my brother until around his birthday. Then im stopping in Tenessee, to say hi to my bestest online friends. (sorry Onee-sama, i was gonna go florida, but my budget wouldnt stretcgh that far. ^^;)
then im going to L.A to meet back up with my brother and we might head off to Las Vegas briefly too. then im coming home whilst my bro goes to Oz. That will take me about 6 weeks all in all.

thats it folks. I will see you all anon hopefully. it might take me a while, so just sing Humdeehum whilst you're waiting for this english weirdo to return.

Toodles. ^^

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

tis a song. ^^


i have finished all my exams, and now I am a free man!! ph34r m3!

of course now comes the hard part more commonly known as the "real world" comes into play. darn.

but no worries. summer vacation first. other stuff later. and I can vacate with the best of them. ^^;

oh, also, i got the last two volumes of Azumanga Daioh DVD yesterday. I love Azumanga Daioh. ^^ i think its the only anime i own that leaves me feeling good about myself. I own anime that makes me happy and stuff when i watch it, but Azumanga Daioh is the only anime I own that actually leaves me with a felling of well- being. its my happy anime. ^^

oh well, enough from me. its cooled down a bit since i last was on here. Its no longer sweaty hot, just warm with the occasional thunder storm. ^^

see ya round my friends.

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