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Saturday, December 10, 2005

OMG! changed the theme...kinda crappy tho..O_o..dn't lyk it =(...i'll try to make more changes later to make it look alot better!!!coz ryt now, im so darn lazy to do ne thing xcept updating...hahahahaha..and it's 12:00 am!!! im alive! and baking cookies..hahaha...weird huh?! 12 am and im baking cookies..well ya..dats me..ne wayz, i didn't do much yesterday. about my phys ed teacher who cried, i think he got over it..hahaha...well, my french teacher's nose was bleeding during class...but she manage to sing a french song which i didn't rily understand but it sound funny...lots of wierd stuffs happen to my teachers lately 0_o...oh well..watelse?! i dunno...gonna add more later...i have to sleep first..hehe..i'll wake up about 3:00 am which is insane just to chat w/ my frends in philippines!! so, bababoosh for now!ttyl
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