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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


[mood: determined determined]
[track:it might be you;m.y.m.p]

my myO scares me to death...

it does, doesn't it? maaAnn..i check mm myO and den the song is so loud..hahaha...i think AG501 said that on my last post...=)...i think i gotta change it...but on the other hand, nah..too lazy.. =p! so, so far so good..i think.. bah! got tons of project..i got a book to read and answer questions that goes with it, a poem anthology, a "greek civilization" budget of work, a math test tomorrow, and yeah dats it..and ofcourse! math scrapbook...and oh! the enlargement thingy for options...it's killing me..but, way back when i was in philippines, projects were alot worse...test were alot harder..especially on math..ur not allowed to usre calculators...uu have to do it all by hand...yea yea..watever...

so skewl today was a bit..annoying..we have this grade 7 kid tailing us the whole time... we had some "friendly" fight..hahaha...it was pretty funny...but yet annoying! that's all i can about skewl today..the rest's pretty fine..ne wayz, i need advice...criticism...suggestions on this header that i made for my livejournal..yes, i finally decided to use it =P...i've been making graphics for nearly a year but i still consider my self a "graphic noob".

so wat d'u think? pretty? so so?grotesque? no artistic touch at all? hehe..well it's one of my fav actress..if u watch harry potter, she's dat female bff of harry, hermione...well yeah...i think it ends here for now..

p.s: finally some naruto ep..filler tho..but who cares? i rily need to watch naruto..luv the new opening..same song but some changes on the scene..lol..and the next ep, i think it'll be awsome..im outt! for real!


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