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Thursday, December 8, 2005

i walked pass our house
well well well..its been a while...for real..lol...nothing much about me lately..skewls fine and a couple of interesting stuffs happened..hehehe..first, yesterday, we did an experiment to prove if "blueberries", exercise and drinking water can really smarten you! well i guess..no..lol...our teacher gave us a math test before we did the eating,drinking and xcerising...lol..i answered half of the questions for a minute then after we eat drink exercise, it didn't improve O_o...wakoko...dats all about the so-calledexperiment..lol..today was sort of shocking...coz we have this phys ed teacher who is really strict..then a used-to-be classmate of mine, came to him and right at his face, she said "YOU'RE THE WORST TEACHER EVER...I HOPE YOU GET FIRED"..and that was waaaay too harsh..i think..so this pe theacher cried...some ask y...well it does hurt..im sure it does..hehehe..
right now, im doing some crazy animation..lol...omg i luv animation....hahahaha...crazie..lol..so ne wayz..i was walking home! freaking cold! the windchill is crazzie..so my head is bow because i dn't wnt ne snow gets in my eyes...but i think i overdo it coz when i raised my head i just notice that i pass our house..hehehehe...so i have to go back...hehehe...dats insane..omgawd..i think im off for now...gotta do my project which is due tomorrow..bababoosh! ttyl!

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