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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Friday was wierd! Saturday was 0_o
HI haha..today is sunday...sucks! coz tomorrow is monday! ergh..well ne wayz Friday was indeed weird...lol..i dunno but me and my siblings started playing catch-this-ball game!no..dats not really the name of the game..kinda made that up..so anywayz..the whole point is to catch the ball(im weird)..it was a very wierd ball..can't explain how weird it is so ya...you know why i call it weird? coz it was the first time me and my siblings played a game together in 6 years i think dat was fun(ofcourse! we can get to hit each other with that ball and saying it was just an accident ^_^ to avoid getting in trouble with our parents)...haha...well..that was it..its weird for me..akward too..

so SATURDAY was.....umm...well i woke up 6 am dat day..go on the computer start making stuffs with my psp X...got bored so i started browsing my photobucket and found another this inuyasha vc sesshoumaru animation that i did long time ago
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then i got up the computer 6:00 pm..yes! 6am-6pm straight! then i sat on the floor..and started playing blade warriors on ps2 til 12 am!! hahaha..i wasn't supposed to stop yet but my fingers really hurt..*yan* chirstmas is almost here! so excited...i wonder wat im going to give to the person i picked...we're having this secret santa thing...lol..ne wayz..i made x-mas banners/greetings for some of my my0 fwends!! almost done..so far i only made 3..lol..and i think i didn't messed them up!! thnk goodness..lol...wel im off..ttyl!

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